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Experience the legendary story of Bastian Schweinsteiger
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The life of Bastian Schweinsteiger from the boy who had to decide between skiing and playing football to world champion and treble winner - powered by 442oons. He has seen many places in his career and played alongside many stars. Now the former FC Bayern München midfielder has announced his retirement and will end his active career at Chicago Fire, leaving behind many beautiful memories. Which Bastian Schweinsteiger moment was your favourite? Let us know in the comments!
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  1. Elite_Opas


    Dag siden

    oliver kahn

  2. Brian Cook

    Brian Cook

    2 dager siden

    Hope they do Oliver Khan or jen lehman

  3. Rory Blessington

    Rory Blessington

    4 dager siden

    A better player than Bastian???? Franz Beckanbauer?

  4. luisxindria


    5 dager siden

    still can't wait for the Phillip Lahm story

  5. Kelsey Parry

    Kelsey Parry

    6 dager siden

    One like = 1 vote for swienstiger to be the next Bayern manager

  6. Matthew Roche

    Matthew Roche

    6 dager siden


  7. Julia Walko

    Julia Walko

    8 dager siden

    Łukas podolski is polish and not german

  8. Soccer JJ 10

    Soccer JJ 10

    9 dager siden

    I think I know one legend..... What about Beckenbauer

  9. KaneQ GachaTuber

    KaneQ GachaTuber

    10 dager siden

    In my carrier in FIFA 20 I buy the Bastian to the Legia

  10. ######


    10 dager siden

    Please do the Lukas Piszczek story

  11. Ahsan Iqbal

    Ahsan Iqbal

    21 dag siden

    Oliver Kahn and Juergen Klopp

  12. Jorge Jaimes

    Jorge Jaimes

    22 dager siden

    As a Fire fan, I’m beyond grateful that such a classy and legendary player like Basti played for my club. We seriously didn’t deserve him yet he decided to stay with us for 3 years, even though our coach/upper management is the worst of all time! I genuinely feel bad that he couldn’t win any silverware (again thanks to the shitshow that is our coach/upper management) to give him a proper sendoff but I’m still thankful that he gave the final years of his career to us. Ein vielen dank für alles, Servus Basti! 🔴⚪️🚒⚽️🇩🇪

  13. Mulinge Lewy

    Mulinge Lewy

    24 dager siden

    I moved to Chicago to play for the fire🤔

  14. korvenDavid


    28 dager siden

    Klose Müller

  15. YEETBoy37


    29 dager siden

    Thomas muller is a bigger legend of german football

  16. Theou


    Måned siden


  17. Cong Ly Hien Minh

    Cong Ly Hien Minh

    Måned siden


  18. GIanluca Der Burger

    GIanluca Der Burger

    Måned siden

    Bay bay schweinsteiger

  19. Kamil Demir

    Kamil Demir

    Måned siden


  20. The Oncorming Storm The Bringer Of Darkness

    The Oncorming Storm The Bringer Of Darkness

    Måned siden


  21. ghada1278


    Måned siden

    Reus is better than him

  22. Brian Cook

    Brian Cook

    Måned siden

    Phillip Lahm next for his story with bayern

  23. csgo


    Måned siden

    Das eine Beleidigung Schweinsteiger war bester Fußballer

  24. Joel Durkin

    Joel Durkin

    Måned siden

    Loris Karius

  25. varsha seesurrun

    varsha seesurrun

    Måned siden

    Me thomas me

  26. Lola Rosulu

    Lola Rosulu

    Måned siden

    HiS veri luki in bayen

  27. G-Tripp


    Måned siden

    Ballack. Rudi Völler Beckenbauer, Krankl and Gerd Müller.

  28. Raphael Zimmermann

    Raphael Zimmermann

    Måned siden

    Michael Ballack Story



    Måned siden

    Bastian come back to Bayern’s reserves 😂

  30. szewei85


    Måned siden

    Hahahaha nice

  31. KILLA K


    Måned siden


  32. Omkar Barve

    Omkar Barve

    Måned siden

    Is it Lahm in 0:58?

    • ######


      9 dager siden

      No Lahm is on the bench 0:53

  33. Overcastwaif07


    Måned siden

    karius is better than sweinstiger

  34. Faraz Naqvi

    Faraz Naqvi

    Måned siden

    Yeah... instead of retiring he should go back to the reserves 😂

  35. pablo hernandez

    pablo hernandez

    Måned siden

    no one can name a better lengend than him

    • DMcV


      Måned siden

      I can name heaps

  36. vina da cola

    vina da cola

    Måned siden

    Make the Phillip Lahm history

  37. Louise Hawkins

    Louise Hawkins

    Måned siden

    Franz Beckenbauer is a bigger German Legend then bastian Schweinsteiger

  38. parodia fc

    parodia fc

    Måned siden

    Story do coutinho

  39. Life As Archie

    Life As Archie

    Måned siden

    He still plays

  40. Thomas gaming

    Thomas gaming

    Måned siden

    uhm OH I KNOW Me! (IDK)

  41. Nick Tsougranis

    Nick Tsougranis

    Måned siden

    matthus and khan and lahm

  42. MSA 25

    MSA 25

    Måned siden

    This Schweinsteiger looks like old Steve Rogers in Endgame. Well, he clearly is a hero. 😉

    • Szydude


      Måned siden

      Hahahaha true!

  43. Zhelwan karkuky

    Zhelwan karkuky

    Måned siden


  44. dawidcharylo


    Måned siden

    Remember sala died

  45. Nirav Shah

    Nirav Shah

    Måned siden

    Oliver Khan

  46. Joshua Coaker

    Joshua Coaker

    Måned siden

    Of course jose is in this video

  47. Die Toillete

    Die Toillete

    Måned siden

    Miroslav Klose is better but Schweinsteiger was a important piece of winning the world Cup too BTW im german

  48. Projjwal Sardar

    Projjwal Sardar

    Måned siden

    Imagine if Muller leaves bundesliga what will happen to this amazing cartoon thomasshole Muller 😭😭😭😭

  49. ПлатоЗЗЗ


    Måned siden

    3:24 Oliver Kahn.

  50. Shirley Dennis

    Shirley Dennis

    Måned siden

    its my birthday

  51. Strunx Z

    Strunx Z

    Måned siden

    PENALTY vs Chelsea in the final CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2011-2012 in Munich? :v

    • Pulisic ist besser als Dembele

      Pulisic ist besser als Dembele

      Måned siden

      it was great

  52. Mamunatu Kanu

    Mamunatu Kanu

    Måned siden

    No,it,no but,no coconut

  53. rinzo


    Måned siden

    If #FIFA ever had an award for the most disciplined player, I guess naming it the Bastian Award would be fitting.

  54. MohammadJavad NasriNahar

    MohammadJavad NasriNahar

    Måned siden

    Bastian is Bayern's hero

  55. Filip Pavle Vukovic

    Filip Pavle Vukovic

    Måned siden

    Bastian you are legend but your time at Man United was short

  56. Supreme meme

    Supreme meme

    Måned siden


  57. Supreme meme

    Supreme meme

    Måned siden

    Kahn, Matthäus

  58. Supreme meme

    Supreme meme

    Måned siden


  59. Mati game

    Mati game

    Måned siden

    Podolski is from a poland

  60. Mateo Blesses

    Mateo Blesses

    Måned siden

    Unsere Legende #MiaSanMia #FußballGott