Funny Vines June 2019 (Part 1) TBT Clean Vine

New TBT Vine with the Best Clean Vines of May
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  1. Manuel Leon Guerrero

    Manuel Leon Guerrero

    5 dager siden

    Does that mean drama queen girls speak 14,000 words

  2. Ruan Delgado

    Ruan Delgado

    13 dager siden

    it says it’s clean but it says bad words in the names and THERE SO DIRTY BOI!!!

  3. Todobakudeku4Life _hi

    Todobakudeku4Life _hi

    25 dager siden

    0:49 I CANT BREATH

  4. Lady Liberty

    Lady Liberty

    Måned siden

    17:36. HEART OF COURAGE?! Two Steps From Hell gets even more epically awesome!

  5. Mikayla Curnow

    Mikayla Curnow

    Måned siden

    i only liked it because 17:10 vine

  6. Angela Jenkins

    Angela Jenkins

    Måned siden

    this is so funny!!!!

  7. Nightwing 03

    Nightwing 03

    Måned siden

    1:59 who else felt the pain

  8. Renee the boss

    Renee the boss

    2 måneder siden

    8;58 hits hard

  9. Tommy John

    Tommy John

    2 måneder siden


  10. Diane Noren

    Diane Noren

    2 måneder siden

    11:20 it is funny

  11. Cardin Vuong

    Cardin Vuong

    3 måneder siden

    Iron Juan vs iron YEET

  12. J M

    J M

    4 måneder siden

    18:16😱😱😱😱 can 't stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣

  13. CNP


    4 måneder siden


  14. gaby castillo

    gaby castillo

    5 måneder siden

    13:52 it feels weird when someone says your name

  15. Rudyolf Schiermeister

    Rudyolf Schiermeister

    6 måneder siden

    Imagin if sombody had the nickname vine Guy :opens vine "Dude didnt you hear vine is dead" Guy "wait VINE DIED nobody told me "

  16. Arianna Reed

    Arianna Reed

    6 måneder siden

    49-52 lol funny

  17. Hilal Adem

    Hilal Adem

    6 måneder siden

    👇🏻 ❗️🍗

  18. C C

    C C

    7 måneder siden


  19. Tigermations


    7 måneder siden

    3:56 has anyone else notice that his floaty somehow starts to fall off as if it doesn't have a back? Just me? Ok

  20. Darianne Rayne

    Darianne Rayne

    7 måneder siden

    1:28 is not accurate for me if you're luck you'll probably get at least 10 words out of me an hour. I'm kinda not an average almost teen girl.

  21. Thando Nhlapo

    Thando Nhlapo

    7 måneder siden

    The chicken one was funny 😂

  22. Awesome Vids

    Awesome Vids

    7 måneder siden


  23. Kitty Cat Roxx

    Kitty Cat Roxx

    7 måneder siden

    my viner ringtone would be "Still a piece of gar-bage!"

  24. hotcake8


    7 måneder siden

    Tf vine been dead 3 years ago

  25. Tracy Ventimiglio

    Tracy Ventimiglio

    7 måneder siden

    14:47 i am the neighbor with the pool...lol...

  26. Deysi Estela Diaz Ramirez

    Deysi Estela Diaz Ramirez

    7 måneder siden

    3:19 Esa soy yo con mis compañeros de clase XD •~•

  27. Noah Durling

    Noah Durling

    7 måneder siden

    to bad vines dead

  28. XxGalaxyWolfxX Woof :3

    XxGalaxyWolfxX Woof :3

    8 måneder siden


  29. 唯一可愛的小狗


    8 måneder siden

    Vines back!!

  30. Athena Buckingham

    Athena Buckingham

    8 måneder siden

    This vid is not clean!!😡😡😡😡😡 I give 0 out of 10

    • Co-Pilot


      7 måneder siden

      I agree, this isn't the definition of clean

  31. Nostalgicdisc 31

    Nostalgicdisc 31

    8 måneder siden


  32. Nunung NauliSiregar

    Nunung NauliSiregar

    8 måneder siden

    Y Yo You Your Your v Your vi Your vid Your vid i Your vid is Your vid is s Your vid is so Your vid is so f Your vid is so fu Your vid is so fun Your vid is so funn Your vid is so funny 11:12 ok fake ABC

  33. Throwing cats Productions

    Throwing cats Productions

    8 måneder siden


  34. Annelise Galindo

    Annelise Galindo

    8 måneder siden

    6:34 real Mexicans

  35. Gaming with K

    Gaming with K

    8 måneder siden

    All these vines are old #RIP vines

  36. Maverick Versus Everything

    Maverick Versus Everything

    8 måneder siden

    "Most of these compilations are the same vines"

  37. Dominick Niebla

    Dominick Niebla

    8 måneder siden

    15:53 ITS A ME... WA WA WALUIGI!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Cat Noir

    Cat Noir

    8 måneder siden

    Is anyone else wondering why it said "clean vine" and the guy literally mentioned having s*x on the third vine. Wow. So clean.😡 and then all the bad words in the captions.

    • Cat Noir

      Cat Noir

      8 måneder siden

      @chantelle spencer of all the people who announced that this video is unclean, you decide to crap on MY day?

    • chantelle spencer

      chantelle spencer

      8 måneder siden

      Shut up

  39. Horse


    8 måneder siden

    Clean?? I think not

  40. sofija jurisic

    sofija jurisic

    8 måneder siden


  41. BeaToonz


    8 måneder siden

    I miss vine so much.

  42. MartinLange1989


    8 måneder siden

    these werenøt funny

  43. Kennedy Low

    Kennedy Low

    8 måneder siden

    Subscribe to Kyla B

  44. Daniel Sawyer

    Daniel Sawyer

    8 måneder siden

    The dog's are so cute🐶😌

  45. Daniel Sawyer

    Daniel Sawyer

    8 måneder siden


  46. Lukas Kucharski

    Lukas Kucharski

    8 måneder siden

    6:24 Cheater chasssss

    • desconocido. fan de azul

      desconocido. fan de azul

      8 måneder siden

      MknkkKzwLLíkqaiíkw21eñjajakaujññaiii A .a.a Aoctrtk¡¡makmmq39kmmmommñ0o00000owqsdg55oikk1oikk8op7779q98poqñ)!(¿01?*u9oooo8pñ8ñqq Kkjjjjjjkjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj. Swammmkn

  47. Brianna Garcia

    Brianna Garcia

    8 måneder siden


  48. Tweetie the budgerigar

    Tweetie the budgerigar

    8 måneder siden

    Why are they even called vines in the first place when there's no swear words it's like NOplayer but it's endlessly child-friendly and they ignore every single thing that people are telling them to undo

  49. matthew worthen

    matthew worthen

    8 måneder siden

    gabby should get naked, i know im not the only one

    • Gamer Shawn

      Gamer Shawn

      8 måneder siden

      Your not hehehe Do it gabby

  50. Emmaslick Killer

    Emmaslick Killer

    8 måneder siden

    Nice 👍🏻

  51. Stupidity Arise

    Stupidity Arise

    8 måneder siden

    3:00 hello fellow mukbanger

  52. Kudgy 209

    Kudgy 209

    8 måneder siden

    ThESe ArE oLd ViNes! I SaW evErY SinGLe oNE LasT YeAr.

  53. Natty - Nat

    Natty - Nat

    8 måneder siden

    Cool, I’m enjoy your video. Thanks for sharing.

  54. Kermit the frog And friends

    Kermit the frog And friends

    8 måneder siden

    0:50 it reminds me of oobi

  55. Ella Heck

    Ella Heck

    8 måneder siden

    Hello cool vines.☺☺

  56. amelky Corporan

    amelky Corporan

    8 måneder siden

    that so funny

    • esho khoshaba

      esho khoshaba

      Måned siden


    • esho khoshaba

      esho khoshaba

      Måned siden


  57. techno wizard

    techno wizard

    8 måneder siden

    Not all of them are new but there still funny

  58. Teddy bear Games!

    Teddy bear Games!

    8 måneder siden

    Wow 😉

  59. Ethan Fenderson

    Ethan Fenderson

    8 måneder siden

    4:05 "yes" WHAT! WHHAATT! You called my name 3 times and you kept asking me!!!!

  60. Female Midoriya

    Female Midoriya

    8 måneder siden

    Some vines are funny some are not