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  1. Roger Fenyö

    Roger Fenyö

    2 timer siden

    That yacht is slightly bigger than my Crescent 425



    Dag siden

    Awesome will be ther in November 😊🙌🏼 this is definitely the GYM we need to go 💪🏼💪🏼 my Girlfriend is a professional athlete 🙌🏼 Let’s figure out something together to geet in shape 😊? ✌🏼 Thank you



      Dag siden

      cjeck out our instagram @stoni_23 @jessatsoc 😊

  3. travis Alsobrook

    travis Alsobrook

    Dag siden

    Rickard should videos of the yacht build

  4. Arze


    Dag siden

    Oh My God so coooooool👍👍🤩🤩

  5. Fortnite Tv

    Fortnite Tv

    3 dager siden

    When are you getting a yacht

  6. chris Esterhuysen

    chris Esterhuysen

    4 dager siden

    Awesome vlog guys!!! We need benni back!!!

  7. Actionbastard


    5 dager siden

    This shit is fucking unwatchable. Please stop recommending so much stupid shit to me that i don't want to watch. This shit is getting fucking ridiculous.

  8. Guenther Michaels

    Guenther Michaels

    5 dager siden

    Jon, have you seen this? Mercedes yacht. noplayer.info/show/S0tkbjdaTmRMcms.html

  9. ML3745


    6 dager siden

    Your boat--> visby class corvette

  10. The Netherlands

    The Netherlands

    6 dager siden


  11. Baqar Khan

    Baqar Khan

    6 dager siden


  12. ken petersen

    ken petersen

    7 dager siden

    just a FYI........english boat terms...kitchen = galley, bedroom = berth, toilet = head, front of boat = bow, rear of boat = stern, right side of boat = starboard, left side of boat = port, lifting arm = crane, floor = deck

  13. Felix Lind-Forsmark APEL04a

    Felix Lind-Forsmark APEL04a

    7 dager siden


  14. Joe King

    Joe King

    7 dager siden

    21:51 Why did you draw him a tampon?

  15. RTheBruce


    7 dager siden

    Sunseekers are amazing boats!

  16. kung NeXon

    kung NeXon

    7 dager siden

    Nice med att ni snacka lite svenska 👍😊

  17. D&M company.

    D&M company.

    7 dager siden

    park your car anywhere even on a bend..

  18. zuldo


    7 dager siden

    Wtf guys.. White-gray-black for sure Gray-gray-black is gonna look drab AF.

  19. jamjoe01


    8 dager siden

    Who is the yacht builder? Nice looking

  20. Navid Pradhan

    Navid Pradhan

    8 dager siden

    Wow what a lifestyle. I love it. Rickard is such a humble dude. Congratulations on your baby.

  21. Joe Scalisc

    Joe Scalisc

    8 dager siden

    Jon should get Mercedes amg gt 63s

  22. Sahir Miyanji

    Sahir Miyanji

    8 dager siden

    the """FAMILY'S""" boat

  23. Tino Mayer

    Tino Mayer

    8 dager siden

    You'll know someone's truly swedish when the first thing he/she buys in another country are cinnamon rolls xDD

  24. Xtreme props

    Xtreme props

    9 dager siden

    Check it out!! noplayer.info/show/ek9uVGgtVVcwOG8.html

  25. Victor Gripestam

    Victor Gripestam

    9 dager siden

    Inte göra en svensk vlogg? 😊

  26. Sascha Kuhn

    Sascha Kuhn

    9 dager siden

    I dont get over it how ugly Rickards Cayenne is😱

  27. Mike Wilson

    Mike Wilson

    9 dager siden

    "A few years later, and a bit of hard work, and he has one." Fuck. You. This guy has institutional level wealth, and a "bit of hard work" doesn't get you a boat like this. Entrenched wealth gets you a boat like this.

  28. Steve Wooley

    Steve Wooley

    9 dager siden

    Since you're back in Marbella, what does the former camo house look like now?

  29. Sayaka Kobayashi

    Sayaka Kobayashi

    9 dager siden


  30. callmepokey1


    9 dager siden

    Jon better think twice before playing credit card roulette for fuel on the Sunseeker...it may cost him his Lombok home if he loses...

  31. Michael Hill

    Michael Hill

    9 dager siden

    The cost to operate a yacht yearly is roughly 10% of the purchase of the yacht, ex $43m, it cost $4.3 m a year to maintain with crews included. Love your video blogs, keep up the good work!

  32. Gabriel S.

    Gabriel S.

    9 dager siden

    That boats kitchen is bigger then my house's kitchen.

  33. Isak Melvin

    Isak Melvin

    9 dager siden

    Snälla kan inte du komma till gesundaberget i vinter?

  34. Geir Søreid

    Geir Søreid

    9 dager siden

    WOW, awesome :-)

  35. royalexe


    10 dager siden

    Hi, can you please reveal the location where this video has been taken? The town looks amazing. Thanks :)

  36. Stefan B

    Stefan B

    10 dager siden

    how dare you" destroy our world with all your climate damaging lifestyles, SHAME on you and your channel

  37. Debashish Mittra

    Debashish Mittra

    10 dager siden

    Whats the car situation? Its been a long time since we heard about that!

  38. bali alib

    bali alib

    10 dager siden

    top top top

  39. happydollar1982


    10 dager siden

    noplayer.info/show/RExrWDBVSjkwV28.html Fresh non copyright music. Thank me later or not. Lol. Positive vibes...

  40. happydollar1982


    10 dager siden

    noplayer.info/show/VU5Yby1nUzZqSDQ.html Good non copyright music my friend... Keep up the good positive vibes please? ;)

  41. BoggarN


    10 dager siden

    Where do i find that Nike hoodie?

  42. stanley schydlo

    stanley schydlo

    10 dager siden

    Nice yacht

  43. Drotten


    10 dager siden

    Ayyy jag fyller också på kanelbullens dag. Grattis till mig och Rickard!

  44. Alexander Molvik

    Alexander Molvik

    10 dager siden

    Thats not a yacht a yacht is a way more bigger, like a yacht is worth 30-150 million dollars

  45. CGI Norway

    CGI Norway

    10 dager siden

    Congrats on new boat Sunseeker manhattan 84 i know this boat needs alot been on it, if your father in law needs help restoring etc i come down been also looking after another princess for some years ago that had mooring in banus, with same name as Mr Delers old boat Timeout. it was in 2015. And i also took boat certificate for up to 24 mtrs in banus same year. contact me if interested i have had sunseekers my selves also, and are used to challenges an old boat can throw at you :)) Anyway good example that only needs Tlc and some creativity on interior design and wrapping and will look as a young "pamela anderson" again .lol. I am king of probono contact me if interested #kinghoihoi Ps i am not too fond of -degrees so it would be nice with some + degrees regards from neighbour Norway.. Hoi Hoi

  46. Dao H

    Dao H

    10 dager siden

    HI Jon, Sent you a group of emails check them out Chao :)

  47. Lasse


    11 dager siden

    Can you send me one of the jetskis? Because then you have more place for flyboard and so on...

  48. Offroad_ Bros_

    Offroad_ Bros_

    11 dager siden

    nice edit

  49. Rodrigo Ruiz

    Rodrigo Ruiz

    11 dager siden

    How cost a yatch like that ?

  50. Karl Gaming

    Karl Gaming

    11 dager siden

    Are you from sweden

  51. lVXY


    11 dager siden

    జ్ఞ ‌ా

  52. macoy r

    macoy r

    11 dager siden

    can you tell us what happen to benni?

  53. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiu

    11 dager siden

    Rickard looks so vibrant and healthy and happy. He is living the dream.

  54. Dash Living Dudu

    Dash Living Dudu

    11 dager siden

    What do you do for a living except NOplayer? Does anyone know?

  55. Hustler


    11 dager siden

    Maximum positive energy you can get from a video. Thank you Jon

  56. Wallace McDonut

    Wallace McDonut

    11 dager siden

    You're not "starting a vlog". You are making a video.

    • bocoy noiu

      bocoy noiu

      11 dager siden

      Where do you live monaco??

  57. Anonymous Glitch Exe

    Anonymous Glitch Exe

    11 dager siden

    The boat for some reason, I feel sank. The interior is to messed up and weathered to not of been. The exterior sun pads look as if they were never put away. I would second think owning it.

  58. Sammi Trần

    Sammi Trần

    11 dager siden

    Maybe an asian sensation wife lol

  59. Ole Kristian Amdam

    Ole Kristian Amdam

    11 dager siden

    Vi har kjøpt en ny båt. Elsker kanalen den 😀

  60. Mac Mac

    Mac Mac

    11 dager siden

    old manhattan, good luck with that

    • abbsnn cose

      abbsnn cose

      11 dager siden

      And you gonna have a great chaseboat soon😂