He Challenged ME To Play The HARDEST Bassline EVER

I went on Fiverr and paid bass players to create the HARDEST Bass Riffs Ever...
The challenge? I had to play them all.
Who did the best job?! Leave a comment NOW
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  1. Davie504


    10 dager siden

    *Slap* like or I will steal and delete your minecraft account... and then *SLAP* you

    • Into the Polaris

      Into the Polaris

      7 dager siden

      Everyone call the police!!

    • Shwan Anwer Ali

      Shwan Anwer Ali

      7 dager siden

      I don’t have Minecraft at all so boom and I give you a SLAP👋

    • wiz oz

      wiz oz

      7 dager siden

      1 former 69 $ guy (Antonio Romero), 2 Davie, 3 pro guy number 10. Pro guy is the hardest but without the groove of Davie and Former 69 $ guy

    • Tariq Stringer

      Tariq Stringer

      7 dager siden

      oompa loompa lookin ass ur copying mr beast, just shuttup

    • Tom Brady

      Tom Brady

      7 dager siden

      I slapped it twice just for you

  2. Get Lifted

    Get Lifted

    5 timer siden

    #3 was great. But I’m still watching

  3. Get Lifted

    Get Lifted

    5 timer siden

    This dude is amazing in many ways

  4. Wilmer Waarbroek

    Wilmer Waarbroek

    5 timer siden

    I guess you'll need glasses soon.. LOL!!!

  5. thecrazy8888


    5 timer siden

    Your video effects are like the cheese on an epic pizza! Hell yeah!

  6. Wolf Eye

    Wolf Eye

    5 timer siden


  7. Kryptkeeper


    5 timer siden

    Davie can you play Charles berthold response to your challenge?

  8. Flipy-Flopy Spin-age

    Flipy-Flopy Spin-age

    6 timer siden


  9. Viktor Pedrova

    Viktor Pedrova

    6 timer siden

    I'm so tempted to make a bass riff of you talking in this video. I don't own a bass, but I could use MIDI. I notice that at least some sections would sound pretty good.

  10. Yeah that’s pretty gay Son

    Yeah that’s pretty gay Son

    6 timer siden

    basist 3 sounded great

  11. websterm57


    7 timer siden

    Well NOplayer. Well done. No interest in bass..but this guy is funny..and I hate/admire him for making a fortune on NOplayer for this shit..not even impressive editing, but addicting. Bravo.

  12. Hunterboy 1115

    Hunterboy 1115

    7 timer siden

    𝔻𝕒𝕞𝕟 𝕕𝕒𝕧𝕚𝕖 𝕪𝕠𝕚 𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕝𝕝𝕪 𝕒𝕣𝕖 𝕤𝕝𝕒𝕡𝕡𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕓𝕒𝕤𝕤

  13. Sir Glutinous Bread of The Oven

    Sir Glutinous Bread of The Oven

    7 timer siden

    That omg was the most emotion I've ever seen him show

  14. Sir Glutinous Bread of The Oven

    Sir Glutinous Bread of The Oven

    7 timer siden

    The third one sounded really nice I feel like it would be a nice cage the elephant song

  15. dbsummit


    8 timer siden

    I dont play minecraft Ha

  16. Soinas Doyi

    Soinas Doyi

    9 timer siden

    The 3rd guy imo.more melody than any of the others.

  17. Matheus Menezes

    Matheus Menezes

    9 timer siden

    This is the only channel that I look 5 times in a row to see if I slapped like already

    • Soinas Doyi

      Soinas Doyi

      9 timer siden

      number 3 was the best sounding, number 10 was the hardest :p

  18. \lakey/


    9 timer siden

    please sleep with me

  19. Thomas Solera

    Thomas Solera

    10 timer siden

    Please, take a look at junior bass groovador

  20. C4RN4G3 666

    C4RN4G3 666

    10 timer siden

    Davie504 , every time I watch your videos, it’s impossible to continue having a bad day. Making people’s day one at a time! Keep it up man! Cheers!

  21. Josephkerr101


    10 timer siden

    *Slaps F*

  22. paul pride

    paul pride

    11 timer siden

    I will be your 4 millionth sub im waiting for to get to 3,999.999 and I will sub;)

  23. Dvasia


    11 timer siden


  24. paul pride

    paul pride

    11 timer siden

    I cant believe you almost have 4 million subs you have gotten almost a million in one month thats Cray Cray bro bro

  25. Protik Sayed

    Protik Sayed

    12 timer siden


  26. Kevin


    12 timer siden

    Take a shot every time Davie says "NOW". Warning: You might die.

  27. Bored


    12 timer siden

    Another thumbs up

  28. Ian Devine

    Ian Devine

    12 timer siden

    Davie got some competition with verified pro, damn.

  29. Diabrad Gaming

    Diabrad Gaming

    12 timer siden

    *slap* f

  30. Brandon Jones

    Brandon Jones

    12 timer siden

    Wait when did you start talking

  31. Bane Nascent

    Bane Nascent

    12 timer siden

    Fiver vids are great! Support the bass community!

  32. RGX - RetroGameXchange

    RGX - RetroGameXchange

    12 timer siden

    $7 for the sheer value

  33. Travis Mans

    Travis Mans

    12 timer siden

    number 3 was the best sounding, number 10 was the hardest :p

  34. Madara Senju

    Madara Senju

    13 timer siden

    Charlesberthoud beter slapper thn davie 504

  35. musiclistsareus


    14 timer siden

    I know he isn't, but he seems like a Sasha Baron Cohen character21

  36. Karl Raad

    Karl Raad

    14 timer siden

    Awesome video Davie504! Thank you =D More fiverr videos please!

  37. シスミックス


    14 timer siden

    $78 was the best

  38. Bruce Vial

    Bruce Vial

    14 timer siden

    Can you do your version of the Addams family for free? And check out Eat1more bass solo

  39. Petr Kvapil

    Petr Kvapil

    14 timer siden

    i just found u...cool vids..finally something different

  40. Sam Bratcher

    Sam Bratcher

    14 timer siden

    where can i find the 3rd riff

  41. seif ferhat

    seif ferhat

    14 timer siden

    Charles berthoud , thank you davie504 for me to discover this Guy hé is amazing

  42. VoOdKa


    15 timer siden

    You actually could not play all the notes at 12:33... Bend the knee!

  43. EL KAZOO


    15 timer siden

    “E P I C” 😂

  44. Deuzafi00


    16 timer siden


  45. Louis Slyfox

    Louis Slyfox

    16 timer siden

    5:53 Have to say... What a amazingly beautiful sound this guy created huh? So peaceful, so calm, beautiful, maaan... My favourite by far

  46. Vladimir Khadyko

    Vladimir Khadyko

    16 timer siden

    Just can't skip that OMG in he end... every time...

  47. HJ GE

    HJ GE

    16 timer siden

    #3 was awesome. #9 was really good as well, though less to my taste. #10 awesome and hard. 10 is probably the best, but #3 is best bang for your buck.

  48. Alex Heap

    Alex Heap

    16 timer siden

    f 69 dollar guy

  49. Kyla Estoya

    Kyla Estoya

    16 timer siden

    thanks for existing, davie

  50. MisterNiles


    16 timer siden

    moar fiver videoZ!

  51. Jhenabie Joy Bravo

    Jhenabie Joy Bravo

    17 timer siden

    I dont know how to play bass but im watching because of how he speaks and it entertains me 😆😍 now i like to play bass haha from Ph😊

  52. A Decent Delinquent

    A Decent Delinquent

    17 timer siden

    32$ no. 1 guy was my favorite. It sounded great, I'd like to hear a full song of that.

  53. Sam Li Jie

    Sam Li Jie

    17 timer siden


  54. Robert Austin

    Robert Austin

    17 timer siden

    Dude u keep saying this is the hardest bass line over and over, so what is the hardest one not who can do it by paying them. Slap like and show me bruh lol

  55. Dominic Velasco

    Dominic Velasco

    17 timer siden

    Very impressive but can it play Crysis?

  56. Amit Kumar Harish

    Amit Kumar Harish

    18 timer siden

    The last two were very difficult as I also tried playing every bass line

  57. jazz bunker

    jazz bunker

    18 timer siden

    Very impressive but can you play, "Top of the world" on the top of the world (Everest)

  58. CuntSlut420


    18 timer siden

    The pro, and quintuple bro are best

  59. Ice Daemon

    Ice Daemon

    18 timer siden

    Slapped like.

  60. Dreyar OG

    Dreyar OG

    18 timer siden

    M feeling sleepy watching your vids. your accent 😴😴😴