Michelin Starred Restaurant Takes On A Family Run Restaurant | Gordon Ramsay's Best Restaurant

In this episode of Ramsay's Best Restaurant, a Michelin starred restaurant goes against a family-run restaurant in a battle to be Ramsay's Best Restaurant.
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Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit - po.st/REpVfP
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  1. Ian Speight

    Ian Speight

    13 timer siden

    Chinese dude with a Lanky accent. love it.

  2. Sacred Ointment

    Sacred Ointment

    15 timer siden

    Do you guys think Gordon's family gets excited on holidays because they know they are about to get some good food

  3. Cat Lover

    Cat Lover

    17 timer siden


  4. Joseph Koechling

    Joseph Koechling

    17 timer siden

    28:25 Why the Closed Caption guy do him like that?

  5. akertak


    Dag siden

    That was the most ruthless 'fucking hell' I've ever heard 6:14

  6. cathy cooper

    cathy cooper

    Dag siden

    I love Charlie

  7. Aggerwal


    2 dager siden

    4:20 Love that bob and bangs haircut

  8. Pep S

    Pep S

    2 dager siden

    Love it when Ramsay takes charge

  9. rebym


    2 dager siden

    Taking a bunch of white people to a "Chinese" restaurant to judge the food...interesting. Also, I thought Ramsay would know a little about Hong Kong having a restaurant there. Everyone in Hong Kong yells, it's just part of the culture. And the owner is obviously correct, it's not Chinese to have individual dishes, dishes are served one at a time when they're ready, even in Michelin starred restaurants. Why would this show make them do it "western" style and why is the food they served not Chinese food? For the second restaurant, they cook Cantonese food, the style of Cantonese food is fresh ingredients seasoned lightly or not at all. Throwing soy sauce on everything, omfg. This whole episode is laughable, it's so obvious that Brits don't know Chinese food at all and that seemingly includes Gordon Ramsay.

  10. Karina San

    Karina San

    3 dager siden

    I thought the other team would win. I wanted to see more of their creations but so touched by the Yu's reaction.

  11. Crystal sanchez

    Crystal sanchez

    3 dager siden

    idk why but with Chinese they think that the American people have the skill of waiting for long hours on end and have endless patience pfft, yeah right no way with the American it's always on the go

  12. OzzyCoop


    3 dager siden

    So just give them their food for free, if it isn't tasty. That is the lesson here.

  13. T Z

    T Z

    3 dager siden

    We waited two hours for f****** pizza at a Pizza Hut once. They said all we had to pay for was the drinks as a inconvenience after 30 minutes. Not sure why we kept waiting it was more of would we ever get it?

  14. Queen Glory Gacha

    Queen Glory Gacha

    4 dager siden

    I remember this one time one of my favorite Chinese restaurants got a new owner and it turned upside down after that and our waiter forgot to get my dads order but said that my dad didn’t “confirm it” and then another guy came and asked if everything was alright and my dad so no and the guys was like ok ok

  15. 망고


    5 dager siden

    how are u gonna order a soup and be suprised when its liquid wtf

  16. WildDisease


    5 dager siden

    Damn millennials suck at working...

  17. Unelected Bureaucrat

    Unelected Bureaucrat

    5 dager siden

    If it's under seasoned put some fucking salt on it!

  18. Lulu Seatown Getdown

    Lulu Seatown Getdown

    6 dager siden

    Yu and you are awesome 👏🏼

  19. C Spike

    C Spike

    6 dager siden

    HELP. where are the rest of the episodes? i'd love to start from the beginning and watch the whole series in order. the 1st one i saw was a semifinal, and i only came across this by accident.

  20. AS


    6 dager siden

    I've worked in hospitality for 5 years now and it never, ever needs to be this stressful. As long as the prep is done and there is enough staff there shouldn't be any issues no matter how busy it gets.

  21. Quanvoodoo


    6 dager siden

    Everyone talking about how Gordon is saying they yell too loud, but secretly he didnt want to lose his title as loudest yeller

  22. Elvinci Vicci

    Elvinci Vicci

    6 dager siden

    i hate those chefs who get angry at servers for reminding them that customers need their food soon! it's very hard to work with those kind of chefs.. which some customers might not know and give servers bad tips for delivering food too slow =/

  23. Tyler Barbour

    Tyler Barbour

    6 dager siden

    Some parts were feeling more like kitchen nightmares...

  24. jp Scooby

    jp Scooby

    6 dager siden

    Chef Gordon is right-- why would you send 1 plate to a table while the other 3 just watch -- BAD START

  25. linsay ross

    linsay ross

    6 dager siden

    Bland Cantonese cooking ... blah it always needs something

  26. Quincy


    6 dager siden

    “Is it always this crazy?” - Gordon Ramsay , the god of chaos

  27. Jack Li

    Jack Li

    6 dager siden

    Western Chinese food.

  28. Choki Loki

    Choki Loki

    6 dager siden

    Gordon full Ramsay Episode

  29. Phil Gd

    Phil Gd

    6 dager siden

    The asian gordon ramsay

  30. Motion HD

    Motion HD

    6 dager siden

    Anyone know the song at 1:50

  31. -Sovereign- ////

    -Sovereign- ////

    7 dager siden

    6:15 ‘fakaumen. Aiyaa “😂😂

  32. -Sovereign- ////

    -Sovereign- ////

    7 dager siden

    @5:21 bro cooked it (right side)

  33. Alexandra Campbell

    Alexandra Campbell

    7 dager siden

    Yu is only 10 mins away from me!

  34. Geoff 1993

    Geoff 1993

    7 dager siden

    there is is a difference being a difficult customer and being a total spoilt bitch

  35. Egg walter

    Egg walter

    7 dager siden

    “Chinese food has a complex blend of flavors seen nowhere else in cuisine” Japan, Korea, and Indonesia: *ARE WE A JOKE TO YOU?!*

  36. oakleyducati1


    7 dager siden

    Ramsay: 'Yes, chef!' would be great. :/

    • f7ly


      3 dager siden

      It's cos he called him sir, and in England knights are mostly referred as sirs

  37. Aldwin Payod

    Aldwin Payod

    7 dager siden

    now he know how it feels

  38. Michael Fernandez

    Michael Fernandez

    7 dager siden

    My dude has chopsticks up his sleeves. Damn

  39. Impervious


    7 dager siden

    Kai's downsides were: One confusing menu item Shouting in the kitchen Showmanship of dishes not properly shown off Food (in third challenge) waited a few minutes longer to go out Pumpkin in final dish was undercooked for Gordon Yu and You's downsides were: Repeatedly under-seasoned food Worse service overall. Slow and less professional waiters Unorganized kitchen leading to inconsistent dishes Serving up only one dish, and *insisting* that it go out alone anyway (in third challenge) which is a huge red flag of laziness and lack of care of the final product Their final dish was less interesting and exciting according to Gordon When Kai's restaurant keeps getting criticized over and over by Gordon for the shouting and a single dish being unexpected (although still good) then it doesn't seem like they have any big problems. To me, Yu and You having worse service and bland food is a way bigger deal in my opinion. The final Kai dish having slightly overcooked pumpkin seems like a minor complaint for how extravagant the dish looked, especially since they were better about their consistency with making the dish, despite the difficulty of it. They must have done a *really* bad job of showing all the downsides of Kai, because their problems were so much less significant. Either that, or they wanted the more heart warming story, so they went with the family restaurant. I really don't get what happened here.

  40. Estevan Leal

    Estevan Leal

    7 dager siden

    Fuck that faggot and his drink after 5 minutes it wasn’t ten he said 5.. I’d slap that bitch for overdoing it.

  41. Cheeto 13

    Cheeto 13

    7 dager siden

    I love how ramsay pushes the chefs to be there best not only for themselves but also for the consumer even though he looks like he's being a prick.

  42. Xantho Poulos

    Xantho Poulos

    7 dager siden

    28:25 "I pan seal..."

  43. Kevin Nguyen

    Kevin Nguyen

    7 dager siden

    *too bad gordon didn't get to taste the marvel that is "the shed at dulwich"*

  44. VolT Ra Y

    VolT Ra Y

    7 dager siden

    This is the most wholesome video I've seen and I've been watching a lot of tiktok😂



    7 dager siden


  46. Nate one

    Nate one

    7 dager siden

    Man I hate when I have to wait like 1 hour for a dish and they get it wrong.. I don't eat at fancy restaurants but I know between a good and bad one

  47. jedimann74


    7 dager siden

    Fuk YES!!!!! To the mom and pop!!!!!!!

  48. TheCrayonStealer


    7 dager siden

    ni howdy

  49. Shaun Gunning

    Shaun Gunning

    7 dager siden

    Gordon in the kitchen: why's there so much shouting? Rest of the world: bruh, seriously?!

  50. WhiteWolf CookieMonster

    WhiteWolf CookieMonster

    7 dager siden

    Now kids, what mumma would’ve ordered would’ve been pancakes, mumma don’t care mumma loves pancakes 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  51. Lawrence Martin

    Lawrence Martin

    7 dager siden

    I hate when people are like "Traditional food with a 21st century twist.", because it's no longer traditional!

  52. fxxyrxxy2003


    7 dager siden

    Is this another (online) Gordon show? This man has money coming in from everywhere #winning 😋

  53. Joseph Pellerito

    Joseph Pellerito

    7 dager siden

    Get your fucking hands away from your mouth.

  54. Charly Hitter

    Charly Hitter

    7 dager siden

    So it was the husband who burned down the she shed right?

  55. samurai7411


    7 dager siden

    I understand what Gordon wants. The same great service for every customer, from the Queen to the chimney sweep. But also, people are human and for many of them, working at a restaurant is just a job. Not a passion or a career. They can't forget everything else going on in their lives to bring energy and excitement to work every day...

  56. mamicci2


    7 dager siden

    Gordon: wuutttt? YOU CAN NOT OUTSHOUT ME!!! 🤣🤣

  57. Carl Barrow

    Carl Barrow

    7 dager siden

    These people are just English assholes

  58. Floriansis


    7 dager siden

    Did he say “it’s coming it’s coming, don’t rush the shark.”

  59. roshni r

    roshni r

    7 dager siden

    Everyone in the comments accusing Gordon of shouting in his own shows don't realise that those kitchens aren't the ideals. You wouldn't like your dining experience to be ruined from all the shouting going on in the kitchen goes on to show that they don't know their jobs well and need to be told

  60. wrxsubaru02


    7 dager siden

    26:30 lol "YES!"