Insane Anti-Trump Protester goes BERSERK on Crowder! | Change My Mind

At the latest 'Trump is Not a Racist: Change My Mind' event, Steven Crowder deals with an insane, violent protester who calls himself "Jesus Christ."
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  1. StevenCrowder


    4 måneder siden

    What do you think is the best way to handle aggressive people like this? And what do you think of his talking points?

    • Jakku


      4 måneder siden

      BRO YOU MISSED OUT ON THE BRUCE ALMIGHTY QUIP AHHH. This was very entertaining thank you very much i love the channel. #mugclub

    • diane b

      diane b

      4 måneder siden

      B Carpenter 😂😂 I like you !

    • Bacon Pig

      Bacon Pig

      4 måneder siden

      Some people can’t be reasoned with so its best just ignore them I guess

    • First name Last name

      First name Last name

      4 måneder siden


    • Doug Tye

      Doug Tye

      4 måneder siden

      Personally I'd point out that being louder doesn't make you right. If they claim to be Jesus. Well, what would Jesus do? Points? We don't need no stinking points!!! I guess I should have said that louder 😁

  2. Chris Price

    Chris Price

    Time siden

    The megaphone makes him looks way more stupid

  3. gravy god

    gravy god

    6 timer siden

    No he's not

  4. Mario Lopez

    Mario Lopez

    7 timer siden

    “There’s never been a president more openly racist then Trump” Didn’t Thomas Jefferson have slaves and impregnate some of them

  5. John Knauf

    John Knauf

    8 timer siden

    Best video you made 😂

  6. Gatez OP

    Gatez OP

    9 timer siden

    Путин blyat

  7. Christian H

    Christian H

    10 timer siden

    Secret service guys are loving it, getting a free show

  8. Sam.N


    10 timer siden

    gives this man a medal and steven a dick fat muricans fuck yeah xD weapons and mc donalds

  9. Nickolas McCausland

    Nickolas McCausland

    10 timer siden

    lmao that dude is crazy. This is a great example of irrational liberal logic of people out protesting Trump lol

  10. Switch_ 0168

    Switch_ 0168

    11 timer siden

    17:02 ??? What about Andrew Jackson 😂

  11. Switch_ 0168

    Switch_ 0168

    11 timer siden

    I respect the crap out of you Steven, I would not have had the patience to put up with that guy.

  12. Trevtheninja1734 F

    Trevtheninja1734 F

    13 timer siden

    Steven smokes?

  13. IamFirtyDucker


    13 timer siden

    I don’t think Trump is tiki torch racist but is racist through ignorance. But he’s likely more classist than racist.

  14. selakforn


    14 timer siden

    Black people can't be racist! They can only be rappers, nfl stars or nba players.

  15. Bianca Bass

    Bianca Bass

    15 timer siden

    I've never physically seen Jesus but I know that that ain't it

  16. Adam Lewis

    Adam Lewis

    16 timer siden

    Meth is a hell of a drug.

  17. Pancakes 1259

    Pancakes 1259

    16 timer siden

    TRUMP 2020

  18. James Edwards

    James Edwards

    16 timer siden

    Lol he meant to say "Tweakers Christ"

  19. MaxGaming22


    18 timer siden

    If people don't defend their borders.. Might as well give the whole country to invaders.. Like the philippines controlling the chinese immigrants from taking our jobs,property and lands.. But that is not racism.. Just defending your right from your lands..

  20. Tyler Stanley

    Tyler Stanley

    18 timer siden

    Steven: “Change my mind” *even though I already have my mind made up I have facts to prove it so you can’t change my mind but you’re welcome to sit down and argue with me for my NOplayer channel 🤓

  21. patti fernandez

    patti fernandez

    18 timer siden

    no one in the last 15 yrs has anyone rappers,civil rights leaders and more, ever said President Trump was racist! so if wanting to protect and love your country is racist then im a racist too.

  22. Tyler Stanley

    Tyler Stanley

    18 timer siden

    I liked Steven all the way up until this one. There’s no siding with trump if you do you’re just as much of a cuck as he is. I understand cracking down on illegal immigration but trump is just an idiot have you ever actually heard the man talk? Scroll through his twitter once and you’ll change your mind about him. He’s literally a Zionist wtf crowder you’re better than this.

  23. Quanuck


    20 timer siden

    Racist communist democrat liberals HATE President Trump because he shut down and put to a complete stop the AGENDA of CPUSA (see and!! TRUMP 2020!!

  24. allegro1355


    23 timer siden

    With all due respect arguing and mocking a mentally ill person in public is not OK! By just looking at his behaviour during the entire show one could immediately realize he is not a normal person. Find a real progressive/liberal and have a good debate. By the way, I like what you are doing and I usually watch your videos so take it as feedback from someone who supports your idea.

  25. Jonas Soichy

    Jonas Soichy

    23 timer siden

    We all not crazy we do know what is right and not those people who say president is a racist,thay are a 💯racist

  26. brenballs123


    Dag siden

    14:40 somebody's been practicing their water bending

  27. N P

    N P

    Dag siden

    I like Putin

  28. Borderlands808


    Dag siden

    Old people like him just need to Lol

  29. AJ223


    Dag siden

    Steven Got Faxs 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  30. Cristian is Bloo

    Cristian is Bloo

    Dag siden

    She says that Europe is too weak yet the United States is built by Europeans but excuse me but how does that work ?😂 everyone is an immigrant to the United States except Native Americans lmao

  31. Beefcake Sasquatch

    Beefcake Sasquatch

    Dag siden

    Lmao you handled it just fine.

  32. George Dixon

    George Dixon

    Dag siden

    Steven he's prob just jealous since your twice his size and have twice the common sense. Poor little guy.

  33. Evangline Humphries

    Evangline Humphries

    Dag siden

    Yo I went to the website written on his shirt... it's kinda what I expected 😂

  34. MxEli41


    Dag siden

    “Jesus Christ is my nigga”😂 I ain’t racist.

  35. Ethan Pashka

    Ethan Pashka

    Dag siden

    They like to protest things they have no clue about that why they avoid debates they have no facts

  36. Aart Miedema

    Aart Miedema

    Dag siden

    Respect for the audio engineer

  37. lukomoon


    Dag siden

    the more we watch the left, the more we realize how much mental health problems there are in there small evil cult

  38. Rob Banks

    Rob Banks

    Dag siden

    Steven I think knows by now that u can’t sit down and have a logical conversation with someone like that Imbecile under his umbrella.

  39. Icametoparty


    Dag siden

    Trump 2020

  40. Make:3


    Dag siden

    An hostile foreign Putin appeared!