Insane Anti-Trump Protester goes BERSERK on Crowder! | Change My Mind

At the latest 'Trump is Not a Racist: Change My Mind' event, Steven Crowder deals with an insane, violent protester who calls himself "Jesus Christ."
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  1. StevenCrowder


    10 dager siden

    What do you think is the best way to handle aggressive people like this? And what do you think of his talking points?

    • Jakku


      10 dager siden

      BRO YOU MISSED OUT ON THE BRUCE ALMIGHTY QUIP AHHH. This was very entertaining thank you very much i love the channel. #mugclub

    • Ecendriel


      10 dager siden

      B Carpenter 😂😂 I like you !

    • Bacon Pig

      Bacon Pig

      10 dager siden

      Some people can’t be reasoned with so its best just ignore them I guess

    • First name Last name

      First name Last name

      10 dager siden


    • Doug Tye

      Doug Tye

      10 dager siden

      Personally I'd point out that being louder doesn't make you right. If they claim to be Jesus. Well, what would Jesus do? Points? We don't need no stinking points!!! I guess I should have said that louder 😁

  2. OnlyEpicOnSunday


    Time siden

    Meth is a hell of a drug

  3. IwilldowhatImustdo


    Time siden

    Racist? Maybe. However, to me he is a dishonest, moronic, narcissistic, clownish, buffoon of the highest order. How can people not see this and not be appalled by his obvious abundant idiocy? I love your content, keep up the good work.

  4. Moviesman8


    Time siden

    Just for the record Jesus isn't like that

  5. Julz XD

    Julz XD

    Time siden

    I love the Dutch lady. Speaks the truth, she hates Hilary Clinton and remains calm and coherent. Awesome lady, God bless her 🙏❤️💖❤️💖💜🤗🤗🤗😇😇😇

  6. Kiliai Aulava

    Kiliai Aulava

    Time siden

    Did anyone else feel a little bit of Michael Scott @2:26?

  7. Alexander Smith

    Alexander Smith

    2 timer siden

    That guy literally put his tip jar down before he sits down. I just think he was freaking out because he hasn’t had his fix for the day...the only thing “the Jesus” proved was he is crazy. Idk how he kept his cool. Jesus never said “he shit fuck ass, eat my but”

  8. Mark Mcgrath

    Mark Mcgrath

    2 timer siden

    Hate to say this but actually even if its your chair and he said he would leave you still cant touch him. It is public and not private (yours) land. May be your chair but you did give him permission to use it. Might want to watch that next time.

  9. oldschool1987


    4 timer siden

    What a soyboy

  10. Pheo Smith

    Pheo Smith

    5 timer siden

    Democrats sick people,wow we voting Trump 💪

  11. Cirezel



  12. Jasmine Frederick

    Jasmine Frederick

    7 timer siden

    I hollered when he dumped him out of the chair 😂😂😂😭😭

  13. Gay Fish

    Gay Fish

    7 timer siden

    Steven lookin buff but tight jeans bad for your balls

  14. TheFenriZzWolF


    9 timer siden

    10:52 *Jesus* *Christ* Gotta love that pun

  15. Chad Sanborn

    Chad Sanborn

    9 timer siden

    So many people on the left are uneducated and ignorant. Exactly the way the Dems like their voters.

  16. Adam Fisher

    Adam Fisher

    10 timer siden

    Putting brown people in cages is racist? Obama built them cages and trump inherited them. And what about Mexico’s cages holding black Haitians in squalor. If that makes them racist why would you want them coming into the country.

  17. Adam Fisher

    Adam Fisher

    10 timer siden

    This guy is showing his own motive. He’s trying to stop trump getting elected again and is calling him a racist to try stop that happening.

  18. J P

    J P

    10 timer siden

    That Bruce is the oldest looking kid I have ever seen

  19. Jennyun


    10 timer siden

    Soooo many reasons, including this one, is why I didn't stay in the Left for long.

  20. Brian Cuddy

    Brian Cuddy

    11 timer siden

    That old man is lost. And should shut the Hell up. Using God's name in vain. And abomination of desolation.

  21. Jackson Williams

    Jackson Williams

    11 timer siden

    The website on this dude's shirt is interesting. Can someone explain this to me lol

  22. Jimmy Houston

    Jimmy Houston

    11 timer siden here is that gay libtard ranting again. He must live close to Trumps house.

  23. PvP Herthen

    PvP Herthen

    11 timer siden

    Maybe bring a timer with you to these events and suggest each of you have 1 minute to make your point before the other starts a minute. Then go back and forth like this. Maybe this will stop Bruce's useless rambling saying the same sentence over and over.

  24. Jim Helton

    Jim Helton

    12 timer siden

    I'm going after my stuff you tool. Lmao

  25. Anime Manga

    Anime Manga

    13 timer siden

    Joe Biden is the world biggest liar ever and a pedo as well he said there has never been a u.s president as openly racist as trump. He might want to fact check himself.

  26. Terry Brown

    Terry Brown

    13 timer siden

    What did she just say? Tf?

  27. Christian Longo

    Christian Longo

    14 timer siden

    this man outta his fucking mind

  28. Doran Maxwell

    Doran Maxwell

    15 timer siden

    LOL.. Crowder.. you glorious ex canadian bastard.. your next 'change my mind' should be........................'If you don't like Trump you don't like America.. change my mind'

  29. Doran Maxwell

    Doran Maxwell

    15 timer siden

    So one race over another should be let into the country is not racist? all those waiting in line legally should be screwed over and go to the back of the line?

  30. Doran Maxwell

    Doran Maxwell

    15 timer siden

    That guy is why closing all the insane asylums was a bad idea.

  31. Waify


    15 timer siden

    i cant even take this shit seriously anymore im dead lmao

  32. Josh Burton

    Josh Burton

    16 timer siden

    How nice of Crowder, letting the crackhead sit down for a chat, only for him to blow up anyway, cause of the crack withdrawal.

  33. Josh Burton

    Josh Burton

    16 timer siden

    The irony is, this guy talking about the chant, Trump condemned them. He condemned his own base. He said that he felt disgusted by it. Uncomfortable I think were his exact words.

  34. 「ダスティ」 Dusty

    「ダスティ」 Dusty

    16 timer siden

    'Later, Jesus sat on the Mount of Olives. His disciples came to him privately and said, “Tell us, when will all this happen? What sign will signal your return and the end of the world? ” Jesus told them, “Don’t let anyone mislead you, for many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah.’ They will deceive many. ' Matthew 24:3-5

  35. Lennox Mate

    Lennox Mate

    17 timer siden

    Cunt needs his jaw taking off

  36. Rider541


    17 timer siden

    I love these

  37. Nic Singleton

    Nic Singleton

    19 timer siden

    Oh no! A "hostile foreign Putin" has been released!

  38. Luke Warren

    Luke Warren

    20 timer siden

    If u look up the site on the crazy dude's chest ( it's just a donation page for Crowder. Well played Steven.

  39. Lon A

    Lon A

    22 timer siden

    Trump Derangement Syndrome Case 101 "He's compromised by Putin!"... INSANITY WHAT THE MSM HAVE PEOPLE BELIEVE!!!!!

  40. Brandon


    Dag siden

    The bandanna dudes style of interruptions remind me of michael scott

  41. Jerico Biermann

    Jerico Biermann

    Dag siden

    And as they were eating, Jesus took bread, and blessed, and brake it; and he gave to the disciples, and said, 'Take, eat; this is my butt.' And he took a cup, and gave thanks, and gave to them, saying, 'Drink ye all of it; for this is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many unto remission of sins.'

  42. Joan Anderson

    Joan Anderson

    Dag siden

    i dont know how you put up with that fool for so long he should have had that megaphone rammed up his ass

  43. Climate Change

    Climate Change

    Dag siden

    “They’re rapists, murderers, drug dealers, I assume some of them are good people” , please explain how that can be anything else but racist

  44. Wallace TheGreat

    Wallace TheGreat

    Dag siden

    LOL that guy is on some serious shit lol think its a combo of meth/acid lol he on that crazy shit

  45. Zach Frost

    Zach Frost

    Dag siden

    Trump is not personally responsible for the rise of racial division in this country, but I would agree that it is a result of his words and actions to a degree, a cause and effect of you will.

  46. Queen D

    Queen D

    Dag siden

    Crowder looks like he's gonna kill Bruce😂😂😂

  47. Narayan Koss

    Narayan Koss

    Dag siden

    Man likes to play on words. Eventually just have to find common ground in small things you agree on. Loosin em up a bit. Then crack em open like an egg! Or hes just a crack head on meth.

  48. Zac Choate

    Zac Choate

    Dag siden

    one valid thing Jesus said was "part of changing your mind is revealing your motives." DK if it applied here, but still insightful.

  49. John Shevchuk

    John Shevchuk

    Dag siden

    Haha i was there in july and i saw that guy

  50. Fluffy Kitten

    Fluffy Kitten

    Dag siden

    16:04 that was the best use of an out-of-context clip I have ever seen in my life

  51. Comic Xans

    Comic Xans

    Dag siden

    This guy was in the women's March video (part 2) by John Doyle... Or at least looks a lot like him. Either way the guy's a lunatic

  52. Jiggles10


    Dag siden

    I ain't a trump supporter but he ain't racist he doesn't want people that aren't legal in the country they don't belong. Illegal immigrants should try to become a citezen

  53. Chase Sambell

    Chase Sambell

    Dag siden

    At 8:55, did she say "I think he tried to take the free phone away."?

  54. pulsar's beam

    pulsar's beam

    Dag siden

    i couldn't hear headband guy.

  55. Nick Shepherd

    Nick Shepherd

    Dag siden

    If it were not for people like this guy, everyone would forget what it is like to be almost normal. I think my brain may of melted a bit after listening to his rants.



    Dag siden

    No Trump IS NOT RACIST

  57. Corrah Trader

    Corrah Trader

    Dag siden

    I just heard a twit just say "black people can't be racist" what?????? Any person with any color skin can yes be racist. I have actually seen it personally several times unfortunately.

  58. Armistice023


    Dag siden

    "Eat my butt" is my new joke. I've been laughing at it since last week

  59. big jefe

    big jefe

    Dag siden

    I am from Tijuana Mexico. Love your videos. Never stop. You guys have freedom. Mexico illegal to defend yourself. No right to bear arms.

  60. Reverse Turtle

    Reverse Turtle

    Dag siden

    As a Christian I actually feel offended that he thinks he’s Jesus Christ and making fun about the Christian religion, in plus Jesus would never call people racist or cuss anyone out

  61. Daniel Prohonas

    Daniel Prohonas

    Dag siden

    Fruitcake in the black shirt and umbrella is the product of too many bad trips. lol

  62. Thomas McIver

    Thomas McIver

    Dag siden

    guys cant you see he's Jesus Christ come on guys. love the cops in the background smiling. thank you to everyone serving our country from the firefighters to the military. ...Maybe, not the cost guard what do they do really lol.

  63. J Pennington

    J Pennington

    Dag siden

    German Girl: YOU GUYS WANT NAZIS!!! Steven: You guys Started it !!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 UNFILTERED UNAPOLOGETIC TRUTH🕇🇺🇸

  64. low level pushing coc

    low level pushing coc

    Dag siden

    Your a racist No your a racist No your a racist No your a racist No your a racist No your a racist No your a racist

  65. low level pushing coc

    low level pushing coc

    Dag siden

    I think he just wanted attention and wanted to gain negative attention from this wich he got😂

  66. Nathan Freeman

    Nathan Freeman

    Dag siden

    Dudes burnt down from meth, for sure. I've been around people who did meth for years, and they are incapable of listening, or understanding. It's horribly sad, because you can't help them, they just want to be in the authoritative position so bad and don't give a fuck about if you feel comfortable. The worst part is that if you do manage to match their intensity, THEY become noticeably uncomfortable, they shut down, and then you feel bad for being yourself. It's a lose - lose situation, hell for everyone involved.

  67. rene de jong

    rene de jong

    Dag siden

    yes you are in a nazie country , you know ford and other american brands suported ww2 , 20000 nazie rocket scientists went to us and not so united anymore, your nuclear warhead came from a german scientist, and your presedent is liking puttins ass in space capsule. ow and how about argentinia and chilli , dude whe call that south america , what the hell happend over there. if your realy fuckt hilter suvived in your fucking united nazi land

  68. Fleato


    Dag siden

    holy shit, so, i was jsut watching an interview with charles manson. And this guy 100% is speaking in the EXACT same way, Manson did with Diane Sawyer..... Manson went off on a tangent at one point saying this exact line " if you are me and i am you everything you do for you, is for you, is for me to" sounds exactly similar to his ramblings about god does it not? go watch the interview it's about 1 min and 30 seconds into the interview. guy speaks with the same tone and inflection as Manson.

  69. Salt


    Dag siden

    Why does he do this Crowder won the moment he diddnt want to sit down.

  70. Ashley Duchac

    Ashley Duchac

    Dag siden

    I lost so many brain cells watching this

  71. lardyguts2


    Dag siden

    Crowders bodyguard was well out of line he had no right to lay hands on that moron.

  72. Andrew Cook

    Andrew Cook

    Dag siden

    StevenCrowder haven’t watched your show in a min, but buddy looks swole

  73. Luke 03

    Luke 03

    Dag siden

    That man needs to learn to shut the fuck up. Time needs to go back 40 years so he can be bullied at school so he can learn his place in society. Such arrogance from an ignorant moron.

  74. Rachel Friedl

    Rachel Friedl

    Dag siden

    Crazy dude starts to ramble at the police and that officer just peaced out on him 🤣

  75. Xavier Marin

    Xavier Marin

    Dag siden

    SS is having a good time.

  76. Billy


    Dag siden

    Next time if someone tells u that their “Jesus” tell them to name all the sins that you’ve committed

  77. Vall


    Dag siden

    Always makes good television to be able to film a nutjob

  78. phillip christ

    phillip christ

    Dag siden

    That duche bag trying to shout down Crowder is why Trump won and will likely win again. The irony is astounding.

  79. AlphaRomeo-OneFive


    Dag siden

    This the type of person who goes and shoots up places. He seriously needs meds or to be in a mental asylum

  80. Kylar Lee

    Kylar Lee

    Dag siden

    But CNN said he’s confirmed racist.. so what’s Steven talking about?