Conor McGregor did a miscalculation by agreeing to fight Donald Cerrone at 170lbs,Zhang Weili

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  1. Bill Sye

    Bill Sye

    15 timer siden

    Seems like you know shit

  2. Connor Marion

    Connor Marion

    6 dager siden




    9 dager siden

    Miscalculation, huh?

  4. crimescene25


    11 dager siden

    Tony would get mangled.

  5. crimescene25


    11 dager siden

    Tony would get mangled.

  6. Trey Dyer

    Trey Dyer

    13 dager siden

    Tony is the type of guy to relasticly either of done it or is undeniably capable to do majority of the the Tony is type of guy jokes. As reality they are not jokes just comentary upon his mindset Fight iQ fighter his true kill or die will and approach to all his fight. Talented as arguably any of the all time legends. definitely but add Tony is a Tony type of guy stuff started because he is that metal pole kicking allow others hit him hundred times only to gauge they reach amazing truly his record so great . He fought killers and always on their terms we thought cause took nasty damages only to destroy them sub em and explain was game plan. He was little crazy as fact is Tony can easily of got wins with little or no damages if choose to just seek a victory lucky for UFC MMA in general and us fans he actually likes to fight not usually good career path in MMA train all but just bang it out . How many times I listened to his corners yelling winning calls but Tony stays standing and traded .

  7. Ben Galindo

    Ben Galindo

    15 dager siden

    Tony Ferguson : "I hate to refer to my self in the third person.... but me and Tony are gonna beat Khabib. "....😂😂😂

  8. Bgyvcc Ggn

    Bgyvcc Ggn

    16 dager siden

    Gleison was on roids...

  9. tony gonzales

    tony gonzales

    17 dager siden

    that last clip tho.....lmao

  10. kristopher slaght

    kristopher slaght

    17 dager siden

    So fucking beatable. Use bacon deodorant and bacon cologne

  11. j lindell

    j lindell

    17 dager siden

    tony ferguson is the tommy lee jones of mma world

  12. Abdullaah Bin Feisal

    Abdullaah Bin Feisal

    18 dager siden

    Why is everyone saying that if Conor beats Cowboy he's getting a shot at the LW title & NO ONE is saying that if Cowboy beats Conor, Cowboy gets a shot at the title...?

  13. Matt Giorgio

    Matt Giorgio

    19 dager siden

    Weidman has to stop checking punches with his chin and start checking kicks with his knee again

  14. Jim Clawley

    Jim Clawley

    20 dager siden

    Conor will starch Cerrone. Tony will beat Khabib too

  15. Angami Accent

    Angami Accent

    21 dag siden

    To be fair Which fighter will admit on air his chin is weak

  16. Dead Street

    Dead Street

    21 dag siden

    So if conor wins he beat an old guy coming out of his prime.. if he wins he beat and old guy coming out of his prime.... errrrr either way it's not that great is it... joanna shut up u silly slag no one likes u because u were a bully that got smashed and now try to play a nice guy...

  17. Dead Street

    Dead Street

    21 dag siden

    What round did khabib lose in the ufc?

  18. Scott Meikle

    Scott Meikle

    21 dag siden

    people forget conor fought nate at 170 who is taller and has a longer reach than cowboy.

  19. Brandon


    21 dag siden

    Who is this bisping?

  20. Uzzi-EL


    21 dag siden

    I got tony winning easy

  21. Dsharp Shotz

    Dsharp Shotz

    21 dag siden

    ok mystic meg!

  22. Berti Fekete

    Berti Fekete

    22 dager siden

    Lol did Bisping just say he has 2 good eyes?

  23. Prophet Ayatollah POWER-TITS Butt-tinopener STI

    Prophet Ayatollah POWER-TITS Butt-tinopener STI

    22 dager siden

    donald cerrone has enough too " do the do "with conor mc gregor fighting skills wise , a veteran but no pushover as he showed against tony ferguson ,forced to retire because of a cut eye,........tony ,........who is to fight khabib in april, should walk all over khabib he has the skills ,..if mc gregor catches cowboy with his left hand ,he may a have a chance against cowboy,.....( fight verdict!),.......cowboy too rodeo the leprachaun lip out the shelieghly!

  24. Alex Cruz

    Alex Cruz

    22 dager siden

    That end 😂😂😂

  25. Denni The Kid

    Denni The Kid

    22 dager siden

    Weidman vs rockhold for det BCB!

  26. Denni The Kid

    Denni The Kid

    22 dager siden

    Pleas Tony, tale off those glasses😂

    • Detailing Shed

      Detailing Shed

      21 dag siden

      Once upon a time a bunch of crude oil and other natural materials were gathered up and thrown into a huge sedimentation tank, after extracting out the some of the raw materials at a fairly even consistency: the polymerization process began & resulted in a close-to-pure polymer resin. This resin was then sold & subsequently shipped off to a Ray-Ban factory where it was moulded into a very nice pair of sunglasses. The sunglasses were packaged up and sent over a shop in Michigan. Three days later, Tony Ferguson walked in to the aforementioned retail outlet & was handed the sunglasses by a kind man named Ali Adelaziz who had just purchased them & decided they would look better on Tony.

  27. Max O'Faolain

    Max O'Faolain

    22 dager siden

    Bisping is talking shit, now he just said that mcgregor is too big, can’t make his mind up

  28. Jeff Linnell

    Jeff Linnell

    22 dager siden

    One single fight Tony brings to reference .gleison is just like everyone else , he has good night's and bad nights .tony may have gotten him on a bad night and vice versa but isn't that the fight khabib got like 1000 takedowns in ?

  29. Chris L.P

    Chris L.P

    22 dager siden

    Imagine if Khabib was a top tier striker aswell that dude would be unbeatable

  30. Marten Dekker

    Marten Dekker

    22 dager siden

    Joanna has the comments of a three year old... She needs to prepare her statements.

  31. Marten Dekker

    Marten Dekker

    22 dager siden

    Florian babbles about a lot of obvious shit, & nonsense. Hopefully he's dropped.

  32. Rex T

    Rex T

    23 dager siden

    Tony talking about tibau....the fck??? in that sense,tony also got fcked by michael jhonson,and yet khabib beat the shit out of michael.😪😪

  33. Dave Bayliss

    Dave Bayliss

    23 dager siden

    Boycotting McGregor



    23 dager siden

    Hi tony you loses for michael johnson, but khabib win for johnson, do you remember

  35. mdowning77


    23 dager siden

    Fuck Connor. I used to be a big fan and I'm very Irish. But he's a dick. Hope cowboy puts the rope around him and reels him in

  36. Alex ZANDER

    Alex ZANDER

    23 dager siden

    what ferguson pulls a 5 second k.o on khabib...or submits khabib in like 25 seconds ..

  37. Manwell Pina

    Manwell Pina

    23 dager siden

    Tony is the type of guy to send the footage of is whole fight camp to khabib .

  38. Jasper


    23 dager siden

    anderson will smash Jan

  39. skunk12


    23 dager siden

    Conor is going in like Jack Dempsey against Jess Willard.

  40. busfahrer09


    23 dager siden

    love it, the first time I saw the chinese chick I knew she's gonna take souls in the ufc, her striking is clean and she fears fookin nothin...she'll end that fookin bitch's career lmao...

  41. Matt Green

    Matt Green

    24 dager siden

    I hope this is connors last fight. He's sucked way too much pee niss to have made the money he has. He is a disgrace.!!

  42. VincentVanGeisha


    24 dager siden

    joanna still looks like an 13 year old

  43. Jim Palmer

    Jim Palmer

    25 dager siden

    The fact that Zhang Weili wants to learn English for her fans makes me want to learn Chinese for her. I really appreciate her being the champion. What a special person 💙💙💙

  44. Immortal Smoke

    Immortal Smoke

    25 dager siden

    The title got me weak

  45. Johns 4Christ

    Johns 4Christ

    25 dager siden

    Poor Joanna about to go out like Apollo in Rocky 4. RIP

    • Johns 4Christ

      Johns 4Christ

      21 dag siden

      She's a great fighter, but weight classes mather.

  46. tomalba7


    25 dager siden

    Conor is nuts....170 lol. Last time he fight at 170 I think he got up to 168... He can't even get up to 170. Cerrone is going to have a huge advantage. Imo

  47. Che Esy

    Che Esy

    25 dager siden

    Tony Ferguson is a BEAST but can he carry khabib on his back with the freaky stamina he possesses ??

  48. Mike Jopson

    Mike Jopson

    25 dager siden

    They all full of shit.ive had too smash 6 .5 foot problem even though I'm 5foot8 .no one likes being hit in The head.stop putting them on a pedestal.

  49. Blue Moon Estate Sales Johnston, Franklin, Nash And Granville Counties

    Blue Moon Estate Sales Johnston, Franklin, Nash And Granville Counties

    25 dager siden

    Chris Weidman won’t be satisfied until he’s feeding through a straw. Knocked out 5 of your last 6 fights and just because you weren’t “out cold” doesn’t make a difference bro. How many times did you see Ali get knocked out cold?? Dana needs to make the decision for him, don’t let him fight again, he’s had a good career. It’s time to retire for your own health, no disrespect.

  50. Donovan Frost

    Donovan Frost

    25 dager siden

    MMA needs to get their shit together! All this stupid hype shit is ridiculous, Connor fighting Cowboy? How are you going to even try and say this is a close match? I would not pay to watch this fight, Dana White and his crew are going the wrong direction. UFC is not only ripping off their fighters, they are turning into WWE wrestling/Don King productions! Used to be called "Real as it gets!" now I call it Fake as it gets! Been a fan since 1994, starting wonder how much longer.

  51. Quoc Nguyen

    Quoc Nguyen

    25 dager siden

    chris weidman gets knockout when he yawns.

  52. Bda Bnd

    Bda Bnd

    25 dager siden

    These hideous are garbage quality editing and music selecting sucks big time..i hate this channel

  53. Russ Loch

    Russ Loch

    26 dager siden

    Beautiful comment from Ferguson. Interesting to see if he has the recipe....

  54. Illusive


    26 dager siden

    Two good eyes... hmm

  55. Ryan Barclay

    Ryan Barclay

    26 dager siden

    mcgregor and cerrone kids should fight on the under card

  56. Jim Miller

    Jim Miller

    26 dager siden

    Tony forgot his fight with Johnson and what Khabib did to him.

    • Andres Barran

      Andres Barran

      23 dager siden

      Tony is delusional, he almost loose every of his fights, so it will be easy night for khabib

  57. Manny Ballin

    Manny Ballin

    26 dager siden

    Just make #Conor gas out like always with the worst cardio then rip him apart. LMAO 😂 🤣😂✨😎👊🏻

  58. Vampire Hunter V

    Vampire Hunter V

    26 dager siden

    Tony Ferguson stuck in a stare down with the guy in the mirror for 10 days saying “You walk away first bitch”, “go, go, GO”!!! 😎

  59. Lukesacha0101 Mitchell

    Lukesacha0101 Mitchell

    26 dager siden

    Yeah and Michael Bisping made a miscalculation when he went up against George St-Pierre LMAO the man chat s***

  60. as g

    as g

    26 dager siden

    Woah McKenzie Dern needs that English teacher