Mystery Riddles To Test Your Street Smarts w/ Azzyland

Azzyland and I are back testing our logic and doing some riddles together! Time to solve some brain teasers and see if we can survive out in these rough streets! Not sure if we have the IQ for this.
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  1. wolves random

    wolves random

    45 minutter siden

    But azzy your bamboo straws saves turtles but.. It kills the pandas

  2. Evey Gaming

    Evey Gaming

    47 minutter siden

    What did she say about the game

  3. Clock Work

    Clock Work

    2 timer siden

    Look at the top left corner of the thumbnail Me:OH MAH GAWD ITS SUPERMAN TO SAVE LE DAY!

  4. Jejkidughyr1 gaming

    Jejkidughyr1 gaming

    3 timer siden

    Who noticed kassie was in kwebbelkops set up?

  5. Amanda Budney

    Amanda Budney

    4 timer siden

    Kid:how are boys different from girls Me:let’s avoid that Conversation

  6. Amanda Budney

    Amanda Budney

    4 timer siden

    I LOVE old people

  7. Regina Balse

    Regina Balse

    5 timer siden

    you know there's a song called "where do babies came from?"

  8. Lars Rohtla

    Lars Rohtla

    9 timer siden

    What are you doing in jordi's recording room?

  9. Yonghui Zhang

    Yonghui Zhang

    12 timer siden

    The door

  10. Yue Li

    Yue Li

    14 timer siden

    Wait is Jack was reading a book while it was happening then how did he know it was happening

  11. Nicole Rae Vitug

    Nicole Rae Vitug

    16 timer siden

    Mommy I’ve got a question mommy I want to know where do babies come from do they come from angels and love mommy mommy tell me please where do babies come from really they come from boys who like to sit on there as* Who likes this song well especially Gacha life Tuber’s

  12. Lorena Garza

    Lorena Garza

    17 timer siden

    It's Mrs. Bailey because she said she was at a party and when the defective asked her about it she said she herd the dog but she couldn,t have herd it because she was at the party.

  13. Jaygotgames 2

    Jaygotgames 2

    18 timer siden

    Why are you sitting in jordi's chair

  14. Wolfy Gacha

    Wolfy Gacha

    18 timer siden

    Path a just put on your space suit

  15. Wolfy Gacha

    Wolfy Gacha

    18 timer siden

    You open the door for your parents first

  16. Emmalynn Powell

    Emmalynn Powell

    18 timer siden

    That banboo stick was a pencil

  17. Joseph Rosario

    Joseph Rosario

    19 timer siden

    You open the door

  18. Electron Duh

    Electron Duh

    19 timer siden

    That’s called a air pocket azzy

  19. Altin Lange

    Altin Lange

    19 timer siden


  20. America Uresti

    America Uresti

    19 timer siden

    The door

  21. Nora Leková

    Nora Leková

    19 timer siden

    9:14 i know this riddle, ive heard it or saw it soooooooooo many times 😁

  22. Mia Greathead

    Mia Greathead

    20 timer siden

    He uses the umbrella to push the button and non rainy day the person presses the button

  23. Savannah Moya

    Savannah Moya

    20 timer siden

    Did anyone else notice the spider kid from spider man into the spiderverse

  24. Mia Greathead

    Mia Greathead

    20 timer siden

    Open the fricken door for parents

  25. Mia Greathead

    Mia Greathead

    20 timer siden

    I is so dumb

  26. Giovanni Arredondo

    Giovanni Arredondo

    21 time siden


  27. Luna


    21 time siden

    "ThEse AliEnS ArE NOt NicE PEoPle." -Kassie 2019

  28. Daisy Merchan

    Daisy Merchan

    22 timer siden


  29. Ciaran Alexander McKenzie

    Ciaran Alexander McKenzie

    22 timer siden

    Sksksksksksksksksk VSCO girls be like 8:16

  30. Dragon queen Crystal

    Dragon queen Crystal

    22 timer siden


  31. Dragon queen Crystal

    Dragon queen Crystal

    22 timer siden


  32. youtube Pro

    youtube Pro

    Dag siden

    I have liked

  33. albert bravo

    albert bravo

    Dag siden


  34. Marlena Smith

    Marlena Smith

    Dag siden


  35. Lucas Uribe

    Lucas Uribe

    Dag siden

    Hey you have Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse I see it in the backround lol



    Dag siden




    Dag siden




    Dag siden


  39. MrkLs Sgra

    MrkLs Sgra

    Dag siden

    I actually found another one

  40. Tiktok u know

    Tiktok u know

    Dag siden

    🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴Norway gang -------->

  41. Leah Greenhalgh

    Leah Greenhalgh

    Dag siden

    9:25 I said if it’s raining he can use his umbrella to hit the button but if it’s sunny he can ask someone else to do it for him because he doesn’t have an umbrella and is to small

  42. Andrew Starkey

    Andrew Starkey

    Dag siden

    Mermaid is B cause mermaids are cannibals so yeah sharp teeth

  43. BTS A.R.M.Y

    BTS A.R.M.Y

    Dag siden

    Video:what do you open first? Me: **yells** DA DOORRR

  44. Jaimy Kathleen

    Jaimy Kathleen

    Dag siden

    A and b

  45. Wayne Hitchcock

    Wayne Hitchcock

    Dag siden

    "You're so beautiful, I want to turn you into a marble statue and decorate my home with you." Hmmmm.... I've never tried that pick-up line. Wonder if it works.

  46. Blitz Gacha Life

    Blitz Gacha Life

    Dag siden

    azzy would be called the turtle

  47. Aemie Nicole Alcera

    Aemie Nicole Alcera

    Dag siden

    Do you guys live together?

  48. Tj hrhr mom Schmidt

    Tj hrhr mom Schmidt

    Dag siden

    Riddle:what do you open first? Me:your eyes

  49. Tina rock Dj

    Tina rock Dj

    Dag siden

    My name is Tina and there is my name in this riddle.

  50. Analicia Merchant

    Analicia Merchant

    Dag siden

    On the right is a mermaid

  51. Kesar Sharma

    Kesar Sharma

    Dag siden

    i love ur videos so much😍😗🤪

  52. kittylove610 gaming

    kittylove610 gaming

    Dag siden

    My mum used to say Frankenstein was under my bed and was going to protect me if anything bad happened lol. Gotta love her🙂

  53. Akumu Ryuu

    Akumu Ryuu

    Dag siden

    "Using no types of equipment", but isn't glass an equipment?

  54. Lunatica XL

    Lunatica XL

    Dag siden

    The 2nd



    Dag siden

    LOVE it

  56. Hilda Martinez

    Hilda Martinez

    Dag siden

    The breakfast one

  57. Hilda Martinez

    Hilda Martinez

    Dag siden

    I got the door question right

  58. Madara Moretz

    Madara Moretz

    Dag siden

    Flora is my name...I subscribe and like ❤❤❤😁😁😁🥰🥰🥰👌🍩🍪🍕👌

  59. Michael Hayward

    Michael Hayward

    Dag siden

    I think it’s A

  60. Jazzy Jazz Taylor

    Jazzy Jazz Taylor

    Dag siden

    Has anybody noticed the Spiderman thing on Cassies Shell.