Nicole Scherzinger - Don't Hold Your Breath (Official Video)

Music video by Nicole Scherzinger performing Don't Hold Your Breath. Get “Don't Hold Your Breath” (C) 2011 Interscope Records
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  1. T H E C H I C H E N

    T H E C H I C H E N

    12 timer siden

    Well, pussycat dolls are back so I ain't holding my breath? 🤣

  2. joshua brashar

    joshua brashar

    Dag siden

    Who’s hear listening in 2019 lol this song is 🔥❤️

  3. Alex Scholz

    Alex Scholz

    2 dager siden

    Oy my goddd So bad The song was produced by. Timbaland with keri hilson and its much Better than with nicole scherzinger. Sorry but ist true

  4. Gary Owens

    Gary Owens

    2 dager siden

    So glad this was num1 in the UK great song

  5. Andrea Fernandes

    Andrea Fernandes

    3 dager siden


  6. Jordan Enix

    Jordan Enix

    3 dager siden

    peircingly gorgeous

  7. Jhona Pedraza

    Jhona Pedraza

    4 dager siden


  8. Zulie Guzman

    Zulie Guzman

    4 dager siden

    Yes she has the whole package but not enough to stay as a solo artist. Sorry!! But we have to recognize our limits and gifts and sometimes when we think we " are the best" humbleness is what makes people go unstoppable

    • the last change

      the last change

      7 timer siden

      Nicole byherself is so boring as hell... I dont know why...maybe she is just mediocre singer. She is not on beyonce level...But she look great with the pussycat dolls.

  9. Nijia Johnson

    Nijia Johnson

    4 dager siden

    Where is the lyric video

  10. Cobbiant Miguel

    Cobbiant Miguel

    4 dager siden

    I loved this song soooooo much

  11. Ira Kopylova

    Ira Kopylova

    4 dager siden


  12. Dimas Dimasovich

    Dimas Dimasovich

    4 dager siden

    Самая Аааахренительнейшая исполнительница в США! Просто торчу от неё!

  13. Jonas Francisco

    Jonas Francisco

    7 dager siden

    December 2019 😍☺️

  14. Małgorzata Woroch

    Małgorzata Woroch

    8 dager siden

    swietny videoclip oraz super piosenka oraz wspaniala nicole scherzinger

  15. stephen morris

    stephen morris

    8 dager siden

    thanks nicole for the x factor performance with the pussycat i know its ok to take my daughter to a strip bar with the smashed all that pc feminist crap with your porn performance.made benny hill look cool again.

  16. Jorge Echegaray

    Jorge Echegaray

    9 dager siden

    Nicole es hermosa, carismática, canta hermoso, baila increíble, tiene un cuerpo increíble. Deberíamos valorar más su trabajo.❤️

  17. Cássius Cosgrove

    Cássius Cosgrove

    9 dager siden

    iconic!!!!! PCD are back!!!!🌍

  18. Valerie Selau

    Valerie Selau

    9 dager siden

    As the 21st century era comes to a end because of this incredible song. So many memories .. December 2019

  19. Luis Alberto Ramirez Araujo

    Luis Alberto Ramirez Araujo

    10 dager siden


  20. Ava Max Serbia

    Ava Max Serbia

    10 dager siden

    No one asked for Pussycat Dolls comeback. We want Nicole’s new music... 😩

  21. Patryk Kocjan

    Patryk Kocjan

    11 dager siden


  22. Neneh Cherry

    Neneh Cherry

    13 dager siden

    The 2010s era is ending so why not listen to throwbacks

  23. اوراق متساقطة

    اوراق متساقطة

    17 dager siden

    🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾منووو عراقيه لايك

  24. Diogo Sousa

    Diogo Sousa

    18 dager siden

    Um dos melhores álbum pop da década

  25. maryam mure

    maryam mure

    20 dager siden

    She has some really good songs. She was the best singer in PUSSYCAT DOLLS.

    • maryam mure

      maryam mure

      18 dager siden

      @Ben Wittenstein haha yes. You got that right. Cuz the others were her backup singers and dancers. She was the leader. No wonder she went solo. Lol she is the group

  26. maryam mure

    maryam mure

    20 dager siden

    Saying goodbye to a toxic relationship. Been there. Don't hold your breath. Just leave.

  27. maryam mure

    maryam mure

    20 dager siden

    I haven't listened to this song in years. omg. I love this song.

  28. Driko Vieth

    Driko Vieth

    21 dag siden




    23 dager siden

    Very beautiful 😎😎😎



    25 dager siden

    Shoutout to cheaters exs, dont even breathe now lmfaoooo

  31. Norbert Jaworski

    Norbert Jaworski

    25 dager siden


  32. Norbert Jaworski

    Norbert Jaworski

    25 dager siden


  33. Norbert Jaworski

    Norbert Jaworski

    26 dager siden


  34. TerrorMau5


    29 dager siden

    imagine being the fastest driver in the world and getting to bang this woman and still split up

    • Muhammad Ally

      Muhammad Ally

      27 dager siden

      She left him , he went from Nicole to Nikki Minaj 🤣 ,what a downgrade

  35. Hess Sabine

    Hess Sabine

    29 dager siden

    Good song. 😈😠😎😘

  36. Norbert Jaworski

    Norbert Jaworski

    Måned siden


  37. Cin Dolbow

    Cin Dolbow

    Måned siden

    Getting out of an toxic abusive relationship is hard but this song gave me and hopefully gives other woman the strength to get out

  38. mslanie_bells


    Måned siden

    Cannot believe this song is 9 years old! 🎵 🎤🎤 Who else is listening! NOVEMBER 2019!👂

  39. Thomas Taffs

    Thomas Taffs

    Måned siden

    This is my favourite song ever 🎵♥️

    • Thomas Taffs

      Thomas Taffs

      Måned siden


  40. Hard Techno

    Hard Techno

    Måned siden

    I'm in love with your Body..!! Like a magnet..💎💍💋🎁🌹💖💋💋Kisses I'm 41.