What Causes Mass Shootings? | The Daily Show

Trevor takes a closer look at the roles that anti-immigrant rhetoric, violent video games, internet hate groups and mental illness play in the U.S.’s gun violence epidemic - and, of course, the guns themselves.
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  1. Valerie Vedette

    Valerie Vedette

    14 minutter siden

    You can tell his show is genuine (Unlike Jimmy Fallon and Steven Colbert) because he was using a serious tone and even when he pulls a light joke, there aren’t any forced laughs. The tone is very grim, but even then there are a few scattered laughs. No screens telling the audience to laugh.

  2. Jeff L

    Jeff L

    Time siden

    Blaming video games is such a cop out. What about forcing kids to go through a broken and outdated education system where nothing is gained but depression and debt for life. Coping with misery is the only thing you really learn, but it's important in order to prepare you for the shit jobs you'll get that pay you as minimal as possible to work your ass off. For millions of years kids depended on their parents to raise and educate them, but in this day and age it's unconventional and impractical for most families to home school. So we round them up in an area and have uncaring, underpaid teachers deal with them. Bullies and victims are the norm. Fuck, violent video games are the only thing worth living for as a young man.

  3. Nuriya Adam

    Nuriya Adam

    2 timer siden

    Bout truee😫🤣🤣🤣

  4. dokerjams


    2 timer siden

    Right, and No one takes the rhetoric coming out of CNN, ANTIFA, DNC or Comedy Central as "Triggering"? Please! Trevor, you are the worst. No mass shootings in the country that gave starvation, genocide and mass graves a place in world politics and outreach? Things coming at us from the news are so contrived and obvious as it is, I honestly do not know anyone that actually believes a word that comes from either side of it and then we have you and all the other failures at News comedy to confirm our suspicions. All-though, that Africa bit, it does kind put in perspective where all these horrific acts around the world are coming from don't you think? I mean from what continent is the greatest disaster of human movement coming from again? I guess it can't be blamed for its atrocities if it moves their problems out, right? And Trev, really? Crocs? Haven't been relevant in over a decade, welcome to today. While I completely understand that the former Daily show host and cast went totally off the rails at the end of their reign at CC and this administration is what you where left with, I can't help noticing that you are completely pathetic in your attempt to trivialize American culture and politics and yet, a marksman at the low hanging fruit, you have taken what was once a perfect independent perspective and turned into a diatribe of left-wing lunacy. Independents world wide sigh in lament for what was, at it's very best, potential in logical thinking, then you came along and removed all hope of engaging with the idea that there is hope for Hollywood. Thanks for nothing, you suck!

  5. Skylar Patterson

    Skylar Patterson

    3 timer siden

    Japan literally had a cult that gassed a subway with six thousand people being injured because of it in 1995. The problem is evil, vile human beings that cheapen the value of life. The only way you deserve to die at the hands of another is if you intend to cause the death of that person. The El Paso shooter should have been in crosshairs, not handcuffs. A gun is a inanimate object incapable of cruelty without a sick individual at the other end of it.

  6. DeuceBigalow MaleGigalow

    DeuceBigalow MaleGigalow

    3 timer siden

    This video game thing is the same as blaming guns they are blaming things they don’t understand they don’t know how they work 2 extra things: I couldn’t help but notice the very sparse laughter and also what about rise in divorce depression loneliness and lack of good father figures boys are know to statistically be worse off not having a father figure during development



    3 timer siden

    Trevor is a race baiting hack.

  8. Jgeff97


    4 timer siden

    Wait wasn’t the Dayton shooter an ANTIFA loving Marxist? Ahh right that doesn’t fit your narrative...

  9. John Irby

    John Irby

    4 timer siden

    Does Trevor Noah not see the issue is with "young white men" and not video games? I'M a young white man...and even I'm games!? really?! The problem is video games..not young white people? Are you fucking high man..."young white men" having been killing people for no reason for awhile now....we might need to look at why some "young white men" are out of their fucking minds...just saying...

  10. John Irby

    John Irby

    4 timer siden

    Lmao!! "Young white dudes" have been killing people for 400 years! Statistically the problem is more likely to be with "young white dudes" than it is to be with "video games." 🤣🤣

  11. Brady


    5 timer siden

    List of all issues in order: 1. The government: The FBI needs to do its job in identifying the problem. Many if not most shooters post threats on social media before they slaughter people. 2. The media: The media needs to stop giving the names of mass shooters. 3. Mental health: People who have the tendency to murder others obviously don't have it right in the head. Laws aren't the problem, we don't need the government to step in because we are in a very similar situation to Germany and yet they don't have a "gun epidemic". It comes from the fact that we are a densely populated country on top of the fact that our lowest income people who live in the worst conditions. Chicago has the worst gun violence in the entire country equating to annual mass shootings in a single month, and yet it has the strictest gun legislation in the entire country next to Los Angeles and Kansas City. TL:DR we already have strong gun control in many states and it still doesn't help. We need to focus on what's listed above first before we talk about any gun legislation.

  12. Rizzla s

    Rizzla s

    5 timer siden

    Are these laughs and claps real? Is he really talking to an audience, and isnt that clapping and laughing edited in? It sounds very artificial and why the fuck does he make a joke right after a sentence over mass shootings and how horrible they are?!?!?? Come on see what they're doing here...

  13. Marv VanAlstine

    Marv VanAlstine

    6 timer siden

    Oh Bullshit! It's Radicalized PORN, that's what young white men have in common, straight or gay!

  14. chris oz

    chris oz

    6 timer siden

    I dont understand why he never cared about gun violence until he could use it for some sort of divisional agenda.

  15. JaRRudaM


    6 timer siden

    its the parents falt for not loving there kid

  16. Sarah


    6 timer siden

    Guns, I said it.

  17. SonOfNunz


    6 timer siden

    Funny how the Twitter emblem has the Blue Bird 🐦 on it. See: Project :BlueBird. 🤔

  18. SonOfNunz


    6 timer siden

    What cause mass shootings ? The device you are watching this on. The MK program is so advance now. You need not be drugged up and put into sensory deprivation. Some people look sensory deprived staring at their phones 😆

  19. Dino F. 82

    Dino F. 82

    6 timer siden

    T.V. is mind control.

  20. Smoker X

    Smoker X

    7 timer siden

    i know what causes them. i have been asking this question for about ten years. and i have an answer for you. but you are not going to like it. not at all. before i start let me inform all of you that in this nation since 1994 we have had a background check on all new sales of firearms. remember this because it is important. now on to what causes mass shootings. the answer has layers. first anger. frustration. the feeling of helplessness that people get when they get just ruined by a system that cares nothing for them after they followed all the rules and lost everything. this is one layer. the other is the media. yes i said it the media. add to that law makers that work with them to push agendas that apply pressure onto those already feeling the rage and bitterness at a system that harms them and politicians that do not listen. but instead spend their days telling us to pull up our boot straps and give up our second amendment rights. they hit is with this every day in one fore or another. but wait their is more! hear is the last layer and the worst layer. with the pressure on people from the things i mention above we come back to the media. i have noticed something and it is diabolical in its effectiveness. when ever we have had a good span of time without a mass murder. i see the media do something and they do it like they have a check list. first they start with little reminder stories about past shooters. what they had for lunch what books they are reading how they plead not guilty etc. and the plce this on every social platform just reminding people under pressure that picking up a gun and acting out is a good way to get attention and some payback with out even having to worry about being killed for it. and they push these stories and then add in some attacks on the second amendment. and most times withing two weeks they have a new shooter pop up i call what they are doing fishing because that is what they are doing. they are setting up the right conditions to get the bit they want and land the stories they need in order to make headlines and push a political agenda. then they go into work mode they demand we give them back ground checks as if we do not have them but we do and have had them since 1994 as i said. but it is so neglected that dilan roof and another felon was able to pass a background check even though both had very long records and actions that should have stopped them. but because of the neglect well known by those in the media they were able to kill. they even attack "assault weapons" out of habit even when the weapons used were shot guns in at least one case in the last two years. so now that you know what causes mass murder. here is how you drastically stop them. first stop covering mass shooters like they are kardashians. what i mean is stop turning them into celebrities stop promoting their manifestos. all we need to know is that they were stopped and have been dealt with swiftly preferably with a death sentence to help prevent copy cats. this worked with timothy Mcveigh. some of you have no idea who that is and that is my point. and also happens to be why bombing federal buildings is not as popular as mass shootings. mostly because the media did not turn it into the next ice bucket challenge. so stop doing that. stop dividing this nation with gun bans. you people have been working to brain wash the next generation for 26 years now in order to get this done and it is time you stopped people are dying as a result of your attacks. if you want some common sense gun laws. then lets start with my idea to end the perfect storm created by anti gun ghouls in our government and in the media before we start trying to rip down even more of the checks and balances and tools to maintain our freedom and liberty in this nation. after all it is juts common sense. you are welcome.

  21. Lee Finateese

    Lee Finateese

    8 timer siden

    One of the greatest mass murderers in history was influenced by computer games: Alexander the Great, apparently he spent most his childhood jamming Age of Empires

  22. Aiivv


    8 timer siden

    Want to know who's gonna be a mass shooter? Well unless you can go back in time and find the root of what sparked their interest in seeing people get killed, you will never know. Not only that but nobody listens when they talk in riddles.

  23. Edwrx 413

    Edwrx 413

    9 timer siden

    They take video Games away and more shooting will happen. What causes shooting is people pissing of people bottom Line.

  24. Son Wukong

    Son Wukong

    9 timer siden

    Video games get outlawed, I call it now, shootings will go way up!

  25. d3athgr


    10 timer siden

    im not an american and i don not live there and do now know the law.But.As far as i know and i live thousands of miles away anyone can have any type of gun exept a tank or a grenade launcher (maybe im not sure) at any age above 18 or 21 and that is a recepe for disaster.So many million people there is 100% chance someone will do something stupid

  26. David Pfeifer

    David Pfeifer

    10 timer siden

    This was clearly to distract from the Epstein debacle and get the middle class against the second amendment!!! We’re not buying this bullshit anymore

  27. Mathias T.W.P

    Mathias T.W.P

    10 timer siden

    Yes, this epidemic is indeed not caused by one single factor. It's the product of 5 different factors that have come together to create mutant of human suffering: An unstable economy with growing wealth inequality; a broken healthcare system with a neglected mental health department; the availability and volume of guns in circulation; the attitude toward violence; and a general culture underlined with unhealthy distrust and fear of the unknown. It's easy to shit from across the pond, but when you're constantly in it it becomes part of you, and it makes it harder to wash it all off. If nothing is done, you will forever be the neckbeard of countries, refusing to ever rid yourself of even the most obvious shit. And btw, that Doritos deodorant? Yea, it's not working, we can still smell you.

  28. MrWalker1000


    10 timer siden

    Trevor Noah is extremely uninformed maybe on purpose to brain wash his viewers. Japan didn't have a mass shooting but it had a massacre using other methods. 30 + people died in a fire targeting an animation studio. You don't need guns to kill a lot of people and Japan is a prime example of some very crafty ways to harm others: Ramming cars into a crowd, the tokyo sarin gas attack the guy who did it had a Phd in chemistry. and ofc this incident now. its the people that do the harm the tools are just the means for them.

  29. Half-Blind


    11 timer siden

    There is no less violence in Japan or Korea, but they got no guns.

  30. pparker


    12 timer siden


  31. ForkKnifeSux Anon

    ForkKnifeSux Anon

    12 timer siden

    The lefts tribalism and identity politics. That's what causing the current ones anyways.

  32. Duane Yazie

    Duane Yazie

    12 timer siden


  33. Keeping Up

    Keeping Up

    13 timer siden

    Wrong. Most shootings, the shooter was on an SSRI drug.

  34. Mike Thompson

    Mike Thompson

    13 timer siden

    The daily show has gone downhill much faster than Star Wars, but we CAN blame diversity for both

  35. Mike Thompson

    Mike Thompson

    13 timer siden

    Easy. The Demokkkrats are implementing mass shootings to promote their democide agenda

  36. Elton Lee

    Elton Lee

    14 timer siden

    Really sorry for the victims. And I really like your show, man!

  37. Ryan Potter

    Ryan Potter

    15 timer siden

    another tv host who chose the money over the people, wow another sellout, what a hero.

  38. Hazy


    15 timer siden


  39. Nora Girl

    Nora Girl

    16 timer siden

    What causes mass shootings? Oh idk, the actual thing that allows people to shoot other people, maybe? Oh but yeah, some white conquerors wrote "you can bear arms" back two hundred years ago while they were at war so... I guess that's a good excuse, huh?



    16 timer siden

    Africa does have mass shootings they have warlords making child soldiers and killing massive amounts of people.

  41. Jacob Pottala

    Jacob Pottala

    17 timer siden

    Mass shootings have existed since the country began. They were less severe in the past because more people were armed and the shooter couldn't get as far. Now that people think banning guns will prevent criminals from shooting people, it's like shooting fish in a barrel for the criminals.

    • Jacob Pottala

      Jacob Pottala

      4 timer siden

      @Josefine Heiss where are you from? You realize that the background check to purchase a firearm in the US is incredibly strict right? There is no loophole other than being a criminal.

    • Josefine Heiss

      Josefine Heiss

      16 timer siden

      @Jacob Pottala, "Anyone can get a gun in any country", not as easy as in the US. Try get one in any country in Western-Europe, i dare you. And yes, you may not like it, but is an American cultural problem and many fellow U.S. Americans have a fettiche for weapons, is well known all around the globe, is your reputation. Do you think the sentence " Americans shoot first and ask later" just magically appeared?

    • Jacob Pottala

      Jacob Pottala

      16 timer siden

      If someone pulls out a gun in a aggressive manner in a public setting, that is grounds to neutralise that target without question. You don't negotiate with terrorists, because it makes terrorism lucrative.

    • Jacob Pottala

      Jacob Pottala

      16 timer siden

      @Josefine Heiss They were less effective because there was someone within 10 ft who also had a gun and he was not about to let a psychopath mow down his friends.

    • Jacob Pottala

      Jacob Pottala

      16 timer siden

      @Josefine Heiss Anyone can get a gun in any country. I don't worship guns, and I don't know anyone who does. People like you who say stupid shit without thinking hurt your own arguement.

  42. Richpickle 3000

    Richpickle 3000

    17 timer siden

    The media: figures out a mass shooter played 1game of Tetris

  43. Jr Beans

    Jr Beans

    17 timer siden

    Notice that it's only Fox News that pushes the video games agenda. And now mental health. Anything to take the focus off guns because they are not allowed to have that opinion

  44. I know you’re right But

    I know you’re right But

    18 timer siden

    Noah is my hero. Not this one though. 😂

  45. Whoporschedatis


    18 timer siden

    Man I hate this fucking guy so bad

  46. Jason Wildey

    Jason Wildey

    18 timer siden

    Video games desensitises one from actual violence....if it were not so then why do pilots train in simulations? ....because it has an impact.!!!!

  47. Jeffrey Crenshaw

    Jeffrey Crenshaw

    19 timer siden

    Jesus Christ. If Republican policies and right wing gun fetishism is allowed to continue ruling our shared consciousness, everything will be regulated except the guns themselves. We will literally live in a world where _all our other rights are curtailed_ except the guns because "they prutect our rights."

  48. R B

    R B

    19 timer siden

    What about these mass shooters who kill over 600 a year in Chicago. Almighty Black P. Stone Nation , Almighty Saints, Almighty Vice Lord Nation Black Disciples , Chicago Gaylords, Chicago Outfit Folk Nation , Four Corner Hustlers, Gangster Disciples Hell's Lovers , La Raza Nation, Latin Eagles, Latin Kings (gang), Maniac Latin Disciples Mickey Cobras, MS-13. Wonder why no Democrats/ Media care about that. Oh yea Illinois already votes Democrat.

  49. Cruz Slns

    Cruz Slns

    22 timer siden

    What I feel the reason behind mass shooting is that he gets a lot of publicity afterwards it’s all the spotlight given to them

  50. tragedienne1


    Dag siden

    Difficult family background that breeds narcissism, white male entitlement, excessive unacknowledged shame, loneliness, ostracism..there are many psychological and social factors.

  51. Eddie Limon

    Eddie Limon

    Dag siden

    Like some people have said About GTA V, I've killed millions of npc in total from the first to the current GTA, Same goes for Skyrim LE/SE, in that game I have thousand hours. Most of you know that on the PC the mods are insane with gore, and lets not forget lovers lab, for those that know how messed up it cant get. But not once have I ever wanted to do those things in real life, so no video games are not to blame so STFU people who think so.

  52. Praise The Rock Radio

    Praise The Rock Radio

    Dag siden

    Lies lies tell me sweet little lies!

  53. Death Dealer

    Death Dealer

    Dag siden

    The crowd is clearly stoned to the tits here lol.

  54. oshkoshdavis2012


    Dag siden

    Mental sickness and taught hate are definitely ingredients that make a killer

  55. Mature Fitness

    Mature Fitness

    Dag siden

    like noah knows why! he should state that the deep state is responsible for these shootings as well as the FBI!!!!!!!!!!

  56. oshkoshdavis2012


    Dag siden

    Mass shootings happen DAILY! They were just widely reported back to back!

  57. Roasted Locust

    Roasted Locust

    Dag siden

    If only a group of psychologists couldn't make some sort of test that measures you're ability to empathize with others before we hand you a gun designed to kill others. Instead, we have these idiots running things that basically say, "Well, we'll hand everybody a gun, but until they shoot some people, we'll just consider them a 'good guy with a gun'." I'm mentally ill and have killed millions of humans in violent video games, but I won't kill a spider. I have an idea. If you can watch a documentary about something like slavery or the holocaust without shedding a tear, you don't get a gun. I firmly believe that people who can't relate to people outside their race/religion/sex, etc, are the main problem in the world today.

  58. The Great BOI

    The Great BOI

    Dag siden

    Games are a stress relief

  59. Hi my name's davy

    Hi my name's davy

    Dag siden

    I play animal crossing at 12am and I’m not shooting up schools.

  60. mrpopo


    Dag siden

    weird fetishes i dont know what it is but all these poke poachers have weird obsession with those SAW movies and stuff like the maze runner

  61. Tanner Settles

    Tanner Settles

    Dag siden

    actually liked this explanation

  62. The True Apache Chief Patriot

    The True Apache Chief Patriot

    Dag siden

    😂😂😂😂 these people have no clue what causes this. No more common morals maybe ? No no no that can’t be it. Edit: guns are meant to preserve life not take it away. This is why so many people died trying to write the 2nd amendment. Back then people understood what it was for.....

  63. Tony Fuentes

    Tony Fuentes

    Dag siden

    I think violence is a reaction to perceived injustice. Violence is also a means of controling others. I know I feel violent when I think about student loan payments. My darkest fantasies start there, lol

    • Unlucky Cloverfield

      Unlucky Cloverfield

      17 timer siden

      This is honestly the best theory I've heard yet. It rings so true

  64. ari micaiah Scipio

    ari micaiah Scipio

    Dag siden

    Well said

  65. Nathan Temple

    Nathan Temple

    Dag siden

    I don't have to watch this video to know this guy is a moron.

  66. Ronald Gagne

    Ronald Gagne

    Dag siden

    Hmm so forget all about the Democrat mass shooters and physical attacks on Trump supporters. Before this So called Trump supporter goes on a mass shooting. Calling all his supporters racist and dumb. Nah none of that has created an escalation in violence has it? Kind of funny how People on the left were making out that the school mass shooters were victims. The poor mass shooters were just misunderstood and bullied so they were justified in shooting random people. Probably has nothing to do with it either. Probably has nothing to do with all the drugs being prescribed to children for the last 30yrs. Leftist Democrats brought the drugging of kids about. Do games or music or the internet have anything to do with it? Not to any sane person they don't. Same shyte conservative have been serving up for yrs. Guess it's funny for a leftist to make fun of an actual mass murder. Trump can't even make fun of a hypothetical. No Hypocrisy there.

  67. cocoweepah


    Dag siden

    Mass-shootings. Interesting ‘coincidence.’ Curiously carried out in gun-free zones. Gee, the CIA has been / is good at orchestrating mass shootings ‘only’ in foreign countries and blaming them on ‘the other’ bad guys.

  68. Big E

    Big E

    Dag siden

    All the mass shootings are staged by the Government

  69. Big E

    Big E

    Dag siden

    There all staged

  70. handlemybiz


    Dag siden

    Yep. Twitter. Oh wait...

  71. Ace Diamonds

    Ace Diamonds

    Dag siden

    well im kinda ticked about condoms in porn, guess ill go shoot some people.

  72. Prole Patrol Official

    Prole Patrol Official

    Dag siden

    4chan really does put people down the rabbit hole

  73. I know you’re right But

    I know you’re right But

    Dag siden

    I always want someone from another country to tell me what I need to do. Especially if they live here now. Because you know we suck so bad as a country that they need to be here to fix it. Maybe we should start having curfews at night, and the buddy system during the day. Government regulations always make us safer. Think about the children!!!

  74. joethehood


    Dag siden




    Dag siden

    Who ever played Counter Strike?

  76. Hannah Ray

    Hannah Ray

    Dag siden


  77. Saffron-Scotch & Universal Oneness

    Saffron-Scotch & Universal Oneness

    Dag siden

    Cultural breakdown is the reason.

  78. Calvin Bottoms

    Calvin Bottoms

    Dag siden

    take ALL the FAKE guns. no background checks 4 real guns...

  79. Jose Lozada

    Jose Lozada

    Dag siden

    Fake news he is the fake president

  80. Reggie Bell

    Reggie Bell

    Dag siden

    If anyone ever watch the videos that mass shooters put out before the shooting. They often all complain about being harassed by gangs and law enforcement... commonly referred as gangstalking. So the cause of mass shootings is obviously Gov harassment and is being used as a tactic to implement gun control.