I think we are finally ready for this...

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Mere's flannel.
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  1. Haydy J "ROWLSY"

    Haydy J "ROWLSY"

    8 dager siden

    Steam hams, I thought you said steam clams!?

  2. Tesa Armistead

    Tesa Armistead

    11 dager siden

    Are you done with the abandon house yet

  3. Kim McC

    Kim McC

    13 dager siden

    Hope what ever virus she has comes out soon - looks like a lot of swelling tummy.

  4. DeadlyDonut17


    14 dager siden

    1:00 36 Hours? Please, Try a Week

  5. Ron Buckner

    Ron Buckner

    17 dager siden

    Black frame windows will fade badly with sun exposure. i used to sell windows, STAY AWAY!

  6. Larry Scott

    Larry Scott

    22 dager siden

    Get a Belgium shepherd

  7. Patty Millard

    Patty Millard

    28 dager siden

    We are big dog people too. Our dog is a lab (mom), jack russell (dad) mix. She takes after dad....😝🤣

  8. Sally Dorsey

    Sally Dorsey

    28 dager siden

    You need a GREAT DANE

  9. Tootles


    29 dager siden

    Get them all

    • Tootles


      29 dager siden

      You have room for them

  10. Tootles


    29 dager siden

    Family always need a dog or 2

  11. Tootles


    29 dager siden

    Mere, share it with him!

  12. Marie Schieler

    Marie Schieler

    Måned siden

    Can’t go wrong with black or white windows. Black would look great with all the white.

  13. butterfliesluvme1


    Måned siden

    love mere's curly hair

  14. Josiah Jones

    Josiah Jones

    Måned siden

    17:49 what was that

  15. Sherry Searcy

    Sherry Searcy

    Måned siden

    Mere’s smile when you were talking about Dozer being your kid before your kids.

  16. tanner phillippi

    tanner phillippi

    Måned siden

    I did too

  17. Scottyboywater


    Måned siden

    Coming back to rewatch this video after seeing the Christmas video with the new puppy 🐕

  18. BlackHawk Ninja

    BlackHawk Ninja

    Måned siden

    “I’ve been working on her hard” Way to go Matt 😉

  19. BEASTY


    Måned siden

    It be so cool if matt own a german shepherd.

  20. Ana Arriaga

    Ana Arriaga

    Måned siden

    Get a bully

  21. Colton Monroe

    Colton Monroe

    Måned siden

    Get a husky

  22. R Lee

    R Lee

    Måned siden

    U guys rock.

  23. Nikki Richards

    Nikki Richards

    Måned siden

    Make some clam chowder with those clams for Christmas Eve dinner, not hard at all.... that curly little pup in the thumbnail is sure cute.. need 2 so they don't get lonely and have a partner in crime..

  24. Lisa Terry

    Lisa Terry

    Måned siden

    The doodle mixes are a farce. They need to be DNA tested prove 100% they do not shed or allergenic.

  25. Zackster


    Måned siden

    Whatever you do... Don't get an English Bull Dog. Unless you want to be tainted by the smushie face and never go back... I lost mine last Christmas to thyroid cancer and I've never been the same.

  26. Shane Wendland

    Shane Wendland

    Måned siden

    I lost my dog 4 months ago to 😭😭

  27. Compuholic Anonymous

    Compuholic Anonymous

    Måned siden

    Big dog? Check the Malamute! Not husky, malamute.

  28. TheMetallicaMonster


    Måned siden

    We miss you on vet ranch

  29. Mo Aziz

    Mo Aziz

    Måned siden

    You should rescue a dog from vet clinic.

  30. RacerW123


    Måned siden

    The dog you said you aren't getting today is a golden doodle. A golden retriever and poodle mix. I have one. They're so cute.

  31. Russell Bond

    Russell Bond

    Måned siden

    God bless Dozier get another dog

  32. Scott McHallam

    Scott McHallam

    Måned siden

    We have two standard poodles and love the no shedding. Check out Smiths Poodles www.smithstandardpoodles.com

  33. Mason Landon

    Mason Landon

    Måned siden

    You need a snoodle a snouzer poodle mix.

  34. Joe M

    Joe M

    Måned siden

    Mere wearing a wild wonderful off the grid shirt, awesome to support other you tubers

  35. Laine Halsey

    Laine Halsey

    Måned siden

    You should come visit Wyoming. Its gorgeous here

  36. Laine Halsey

    Laine Halsey

    Måned siden

    Golden doodles are great.

  37. erikson1359


    Måned siden

    You can find most of those houses on Zillow so you don’t have to creep around

  38. Chris B

    Chris B

    Måned siden

    Plenty of poodle means no shedding.....

  39. karen connolly

    karen connolly

    Måned siden

    im like you get a dog not a rat on a rope. i have lurchers but my friend has a pompoodle yes he is cute and very flulffy but he just doesnt do it for me. give me my saluki x every time

  40. Neil Pruett

    Neil Pruett

    Måned siden

    Meredith sure can rock plaid

  41. Bella R

    Bella R

    Måned siden

    So glad to hear those pups were from a rescue! Was getting nervous that it was yet another backyard doodle breeder lol doodle are usually crazy haha i think u should get a great pyrenees theyre great big family farm dogs :)

  42. Chaim R

    Chaim R

    Måned siden

    How you handling your brother?

  43. glockumollie


    Måned siden


  44. luke morris

    luke morris

    Måned siden

    Matt you need to get a Great Pyrenees

  45. Loading Gaming

    Loading Gaming

    Måned siden

    get a huskyyyyyy

  46. Hannahfaith


    Måned siden

    Tell her you will shave your facial hair off if you can get a dog

  47. Beretta`63


    Måned siden

    I think a Bouvier des Flandres would be the dog for your Family. They are big, very strong, heavy dogs, very loyal, non shedding. The ideal dog! I've got one since 8 years. I had several doggiesbut this one is the best of all. Think about it!

  48. Ryan Moffett

    Ryan Moffett

    Måned siden

    you should get a male doberman and dont crop the ears they are so cute

  49. Deb Olsen

    Deb Olsen

    Måned siden

    No one can just go look at puppies!

  50. Ashley Davidson

    Ashley Davidson

    Måned siden

    I was watching this on friday the 13th of December 2019. I have to say it was my worst Friday the 13th so far in my 43 yrs of life. Because we had to say goodbye to our 4 legged fur baby. He was very I'll with the possibility of cancer according to the vet. So my wife and I made they hardest decision of our 22 years married and had him put to sleep. It's just weird I happen to watch this video on the same day we lost our dog.

  51. Janet Stone

    Janet Stone

    Måned siden

    I got my little guy from adoggie4you

  52. Nick D. H.

    Nick D. H.

    Måned siden

    That Dozer ornament got me right in the feels. Especially with how lovingly the family reacted to it. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone.

  53. Dairy Man

    Dairy Man

    Måned siden

    Yep white stucco to me also makes the house look old

  54. PixelMaster


    Måned siden

    2:20 "plant a seed and leave" That's not very nice to do to a lady, Matt ^^

  55. Nathan Robinson

    Nathan Robinson

    Måned siden

    If you would just remove Mere from all your videos... we would all be happier knowing she isn’t trying to do what women typically do in a relationship.

  56. Jubei Kibagami

    Jubei Kibagami

    Måned siden

    No idea why my post clicked off 9 copies. Sorry!

  57. Jubei Kibagami

    Jubei Kibagami

    Måned siden

    Mere, "Quit calling it a mansion." AMEN! That Shower Tower is a Mansion Shower Tower. That view is a Mansion View. It is a cool unique house, and I love the "mansion" branding, but c'mon Bro... ;)

  58. Jubei Kibagami

    Jubei Kibagami

    Måned siden

    Mere, "Quit calling it a mansion." AMEN! That Shower Tower is a Mansion Shower Tower. That view is a Mansion View. It is a cool unique house, and I love the "mansion" branding, but c'mon Bro... ;)

  59. Jubei Kibagami

    Jubei Kibagami

    Måned siden

    Mere, "Quit calling it a mansion." AMEN! That Shower Tower is a Mansion Shower Tower. That view is a Mansion View. It is a cool unique house, and I love the "mansion" branding, but c'mon Bro... ;)

  60. Kevin Brett

    Kevin Brett

    Måned siden

    You look like bulldog people