NINJA leaves Twitch FOR $100 Million ? #DramaAlert FaZe Sues Tfue BACK!

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  1. DramaAlert


    4 måneder siden

    Every video i upload gets demonized now! Im going to have to start doing brand deals or ill have to work for free & thats dumb, FOLLOW me on Mixer! My wife left me & took the kids! mixer. com/ keemstar

    • Itsfoxyjkonphone


      2 måneder siden

      Keem this is a gift deel

    • Holly Spilotro

      Holly Spilotro

      3 måneder siden

      @Vladimir Putin which is why he included the whole "my wife left me n took the kids" line to fish for sympathy.

    • Herbie Gaming 2000

      Herbie Gaming 2000

      3 måneder siden

      Hey keemstar jaystation did it again for stealing minecraft footage

    • The Awkward Hobbit

      The Awkward Hobbit

      3 måneder siden

      I got an ad on this vid though

    • The_Cat_Person!! 13

      The_Cat_Person!! 13

      3 måneder siden

      KeemStar, please, look into a guy with the channel name Enes batur. He’s stealing/copying multiple youtubers content ideas and thumbnails AND he’s about to end a youtuber’s channel by the name of JT by wrongly copywriting him just because he mentioned his name in a video. People need to know about this guy.

  2. Really Chilly

    Really Chilly

    5 dager siden

    I watch plainrock124

  3. Jack Silcock

    Jack Silcock

    13 dager siden

    Mixer Destroys twitch

  4. aleen alkholy

    aleen alkholy

    Måned siden

    has anyone notices he said unforgivable and not unforgetable when he was reading pewdiepies post

  5. blessed lizard30

    blessed lizard30

    Måned siden


  6. Toxicdoom 3

    Toxicdoom 3

    Måned siden

    Mixer is how I grew my channel :/

  7. xxpro master34567

    xxpro master34567

    Måned siden

    I well pay that guy 1millon dollars to murder jake paul

  8. Toxic 585

    Toxic 585

    Måned siden

    He probably got 40 mil



    Måned siden

    mixer is just as bad as twitch. my buddy relied on mixer for income, he forgot to put a shirt on for ONE stream, and he was perma banned because of that.

  10. InDrIdCoLd558


    Måned siden

    That angry dude looks like hes about to sneeze the whole time during his rant lol

  11. Scott Yensen

    Scott Yensen

    2 måneder siden

    Lost 20k+ viewers for a dying platform.

  12. xDreww


    2 måneder siden

    Keemstar you're still a thing? Can't believe people are still watching your garbage videos you racist fuck. You need drama in your life to live you sad pathetic idiot. Oh you can block me now. Hahah.

  13. Zoey Noodle's

    Zoey Noodle's

    2 måneder siden

    What if pewdiepie stream on twitch now they have a biggest streamer :)

  14. ItzDragon lol

    ItzDragon lol

    2 måneder siden

    Did he say bulga????

  15. HorridSpore 87

    HorridSpore 87

    2 måneder siden

    Just played you on dead by daylight had fun. You said gg remember me my name is horridspore87ttv

  16. Silly Pictures

    Silly Pictures

    2 måneder siden

    U suck

  17. the pelican man

    the pelican man

    3 måneder siden

    this is hilarious my mum costs £1,200,000,000

  18. Can Mustafovski

    Can Mustafovski

    3 måneder siden

    I hate logan and jake poul fuck them

  19. Megabods School

    Megabods School

    3 måneder siden

    Thank you King, very cool.

  20. Garrett Harvey

    Garrett Harvey

    3 måneder siden

    Gross gore doesn’t have the right to tell ninja what to do with his money

  21. Sans_smashbros


    3 måneder siden

    Twitch’s biggest streamer is Quackity with his Raids.

  22. Santiago


    3 måneder siden




    3 måneder siden

    That white shirt guy with the green screen needs to get a life.

  24. Complicated Memes

    Complicated Memes

    3 måneder siden

    I know this is supposed to be important but I find it entertaining

  25. Leon Gaming

    Leon Gaming

    3 måneder siden

    Bruh if someone told me to switch streaming platforms for 100mill I'll do it

  26. Cryostorm 247

    Cryostorm 247

    3 måneder siden

    Ninja should do minecraft monday

  27. Asianly Communist

    Asianly Communist

    3 måneder siden

    Does gross gore even know what’s going on with twitch?

  28. XerShade


    3 måneder siden

    The reason they only give verification badges to partners is because to be one you have to sign a legally binding document. I could hand my channel over to any joe blow and they can claim they are me, but if I had a contract with twitch it wouldn't matter who's on my channel I'm responsible legally for what they do. Also yes it kind of is a "Ha! He's with twitch!" thing not gonna deny that.

  29. Michael Hernandez

    Michael Hernandez

    3 måneder siden

    How you feel about etika pussy

  30. CreepyCrafter


    3 måneder siden

    4:23 Jealousy at its finest

  31. Brandon Clarke

    Brandon Clarke

    3 måneder siden

    FaZe clan sues tfue for sueing them?

  32. Zakeafom Z

    Zakeafom Z

    3 måneder siden

    The only reason I hate you is because you hate theodd1sout

  33. imso ratchet

    imso ratchet

    3 måneder siden

    Keemstar"according to the numbers tfue is the biggest streamer on twitch now" Also keem "ninja, twitches biggest streamer" dude is so biased... gets in beef with tfue so of course he says this

  34. TechVio


    3 måneder siden

    plainrock124 is my favorite youtuber!

  35. Keisny _01

    Keisny _01

    3 måneder siden

    Fuck Twitch

  36. Marlith Ramos Guillena

    Marlith Ramos Guillena

    3 måneder siden

    I am happy that Ninja is un mixer

  37. WebbedAverage


    3 måneder siden

    I wonder how much the twitch porn subscription will be

  38. Michael Adamec

    Michael Adamec

    3 måneder siden

    Gross gore ❤️

  39. Kebuwu


    3 måneder siden

    dude is so pissed I bet he would fucking leave for 100m dollars

  40. Kebuwu


    3 måneder siden

    99% comments OMg tECHnoBlaDE wOn wEeK 7