I was LOCKED in my CRUSH locker ... ( I saw EVERYTHING) - A True Story Animation

Azzyland - I was LOCKED in my CRUSH locker ... ( I saw EVERYTHING) - A True Story Animation
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  1. Andrea Prescott

    Andrea Prescott

    48 minutter siden

    lol I

  2. Andrea Prescott

    Andrea Prescott

    49 minutter siden


  3. Chloe Fredericks

    Chloe Fredericks

    Time siden

    who uses tape to hang their underwear in their locker

  4. lennon_ currie

    lennon_ currie

    4 timer siden

    What the heck why did you do that ewwwwwwwww

  5. viorel juravlea

    viorel juravlea

    5 timer siden

    Wait that is me that is my story noo !!!!

  6. Daniel Bateman

    Daniel Bateman

    5 timer siden

    The background is a green screen

  7. Briana Bustamante

    Briana Bustamante

    6 timer siden


  8. Erik Tatum

    Erik Tatum

    7 timer siden

    can i mert me

  9. Theater Kid316

    Theater Kid316

    10 timer siden

    0:12. I’m actually in the car

  10. Katie Warren

    Katie Warren

    11 timer siden

    Omg I watched this tosay

  11. Adogg 99

    Adogg 99

    16 timer siden

    So what can we learn from this video don’t stalk and don’t hide in people’s lockers good we’re all on the same pg Azzyland 2020

  12. Pat Washington

    Pat Washington

    18 timer siden

    This a real story this happen to me and i got out a live

  13. Juan Alvarez

    Juan Alvarez

    19 timer siden

    Me:pressed the like button so WTF

  14. Cali Living

    Cali Living

    19 timer siden

    Ok that's wherd

  15. Cali Living

    Cali Living

    19 timer siden


  16. Marley Garcia

    Marley Garcia

    20 timer siden

    I told my crush I liked him and he liked me as well

  17. Miguel Franco

    Miguel Franco

    20 timer siden

    No one never forget their brother

  18. Ernie Padilla

    Ernie Padilla

    21 time siden


  19. JZ Metal

    JZ Metal

    21 time siden

    Stalker x Stalker from webtoon but with a twist 😂😂😂

  20. Kristi Clemmer

    Kristi Clemmer

    21 time siden

    Guess what she wasn’t confessing her love to him she was confessing her love to eggs if you actually read the note you would know

  21. Erika Kovalciukaite

    Erika Kovalciukaite

    Dag siden

    3:00 all of the names are jobs except for ben

  22. Jensen Wright

    Jensen Wright

    Dag siden

    I like someone and at school and and she smiled at me and I did R.I.P.

  23. Ella Register

    Ella Register

    Dag siden

    Y’all are beautiful beautiful and happy beautiful beautiful morning merry Christmas to you merry happy Christmas merry Christmas to you happy 😊 morning happy happy 😃 hope your Christmas 🎄 is a merry good Christmas 🎄 was your Christmas

  24. Davina Kendrick

    Davina Kendrick

    Dag siden


  25. Josh Crismore

    Josh Crismore

    Dag siden

    It's real.

  26. Poppy Morgan Murray

    Poppy Morgan Murray

    Dag siden

    I am so scared

  27. Wolfie• Gacha•

    Wolfie• Gacha•

    Dag siden


  28. I Am Potato Paw

    I Am Potato Paw

    Dag siden


  29. I Am Potato Paw

    I Am Potato Paw

    Dag siden


  30. I Am Potato Paw

    I Am Potato Paw

    Dag siden

    Sam is kinda creepy

  31. Kitlyne Winter

    Kitlyne Winter

    Dag siden

    Oh my god

  32. shanice Beaufort

    shanice Beaufort

    Dag siden

    Yea no I’m not on the same page

  33. Aoife O'Rourke

    Aoife O'Rourke

    Dag siden

    OMGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!! That was the weirdest story ever! If I was in that situation I would get out of there right away. Also, why would U stay in the person who kidnapped you's CABIN!!!!!??????

  34. Isabelle Galvin

    Isabelle Galvin

    Dag siden

    Does anyone have any dating advice I have a crush what do I do

  35. Teri S

    Teri S

    Dag siden


  36. Maisy Beal

    Maisy Beal

    Dag siden

    LOL Guys pause the vid And click on this 👉 0:25 Chu good gurl?? 😂

  37. Cornyy Cobb

    Cornyy Cobb

    Dag siden

    hi azzy

  38. Dechen Tshomo

    Dechen Tshomo

    Dag siden


  39. ruth gardiner

    ruth gardiner

    Dag siden


  40. Hannah pitchfork

    Hannah pitchfork

    Dag siden

    poor sam

  41. Orion p

    Orion p

    Dag siden

    Bro at 8:11 I can not stop laughing at the meme😂😂😂😂

  42. Default


    Dag siden

    Can you make more videos like this

  43. Herman Willie

    Herman Willie

    Dag siden

    why is sam in the boy's locker room WHT what am I watching OMG but funny hahaha

  44. Lynsey Hubbard

    Lynsey Hubbard

    Dag siden

    Do you have a cash

    • Lynsey Hubbard

      Lynsey Hubbard

      Dag siden


  45. Lindsey Stringer

    Lindsey Stringer

    Dag siden

    And I don't know if he likes me

  46. Lindsey Stringer

    Lindsey Stringer

    Dag siden

    I am Lindsay sister and I told my Crush that I like him on the and everybody found out

  47. Trinh Giang

    Trinh Giang

    Dag siden

    My ex I don't completely forgive him but I'm trying to be frenemies with him

  48. Everley M0164

    Everley M0164

    Dag siden

    Ok this is a true true story I promise. So one day just after School finished I was packing up my bag when all of a sudden one of the boys in my class came up to me and said “I just want to get this out, I have a crush on you” and walked away. I was shocked like I sort of had an idea because once in the Forest him and his best friend said “there is the creature we’ve been looking for!” As a joke and the he said” yes!the BEAUTIFUL creature” and this is definitely true. Now like a bunch of people know it and everyone who knows it tells me

  49. Yacqub Hussein

    Yacqub Hussein

    Dag siden

    Nope sorry i was right promise last time guys but still no one has noticed that at all? add a comment if you did please with sugar on top. anyone else here from 2020 but me also comment that to?

  50. Yacqub Hussein

    Yacqub Hussein

    Dag siden

    no sorry not the same looked like i am pretty tired just wanted to say that sorry.

  51. Yacqub Hussein

    Yacqub Hussein

    Dag siden

    the psychologist is the creepy stalker ben has anyone noticed that?

  52. Grzegorz Szczawinski

    Grzegorz Szczawinski

    2 dager siden


  53. F L O W E R G E E K 1 2 3

    F L O W E R G E E K 1 2 3

    2 dager siden


  54. Christine Foley

    Christine Foley

    2 dager siden

    That was so weird

  55. hussein-_- sama

    hussein-_- sama

    2 dager siden

    I want to do this to you azzy

  56. Eloise Gilb

    Eloise Gilb

    2 dager siden

    I told my crush I liked him and he rejected me!!!

  57. BumbleBerry


    2 dager siden

    Next up on Share My Story: -My boyfriend is actually a dragon: How I overcame my crippling fear of tomatoes -Am I a wizard or a fish? (The story of my mother's revival!) -And that's how I became a Scientologist: my best friend's carrot's pet peeve -I was abandoned because I like FISH!

  58. Just Killin It

    Just Killin It

    2 dager siden

    You missed the gun pointing part

  59. Pedro Del Cid

    Pedro Del Cid

    2 dager siden

    Don,t mide peplos underwer

  60. MintyChippy :3

    MintyChippy :3

    2 dager siden

    Girl:I’m gonna stalk and keep my crushes items! Girl:Aw dang it!I forgot my own brother’s name,and I even smelled his underwear!🤢 Girl:*reads album book* Omg he’s insane! (Says the girl who’s stalking Ben) Ben: Ima kidnap you! Girl:Oh yay!I’m so happy you kidnapped me!