Richard Hammond reveals the new Land Rover Defender

After much anticipation, the new Land Rover Defender is finally here! Richard Hammond found a spanking new 90 and 110 in the middle of the woods somewhere and it looks like he approves of the redesign of the British off-roading icon. Watch as he takes you through all the main features of the 2020 Defender!
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  1. GunzGonda


    5 timer siden


  2. Rimantas Žilinskas

    Rimantas Žilinskas

    6 timer siden

    For me its a new Discovery not a Defender.

  3. okow tina

    okow tina

    7 timer siden

    Over engineered, over styled... I'll keep my 1.5 Jimny

  4. Scott Spain

    Scott Spain

    9 timer siden

    I love it!

  5. doug y

    doug y

    10 timer siden

    I just like the way the Somewhat older landover's look

  6. SK Silva

    SK Silva

    10 timer siden

    so we just gonna ignore that clip with the defender going around the NURBURGRING

    • okow tina

      okow tina

      7 timer siden

      will continue to outsell this 100:1. Sad really.

  7. Justin Time4action

    Justin Time4action

    10 timer siden

    looks like a glorified Jeep Renegade.

  8. NPC1862862152-2


    11 timer siden

    I like it however i don't think it fills the shoes of the old Defender. Its too fancy. The old Defender was simple and rugged, you could beat the shit out of it and it would keep going. With this thing if you drive through a dust storm it will destroy one of the 5 millions computers and cause the whole car to shut down. So yes its a good vehicle just not really a "replacement" for the old Defender.

  9. Lenard Twum

    Lenard Twum

    11 timer siden

    Can't wait for doug demuro to review it on all it's quirks and features

  10. Marcomxx


    11 timer siden

    Nice joke Richard we are all laughing.. But now pull out the real new Defender because this one is everything but a defender and we kind of getting nervous....

  11. Mike Willcocks

    Mike Willcocks

    12 timer siden

    Looks awful hate it, that's a disco not a defender

  12. Tim Harder

    Tim Harder

    12 timer siden

    Skoda Yeti. Yes. What a tragedy. I lament the Defender‘s complete demise.

  13. Andrew Cooper

    Andrew Cooper

    13 timer siden

    I knew someone who once had a land rover Defender I have even driven a defender - which will be a tough act to follow. but if I had a choice of Land rovers to choose from and could afford it this new Defender it would be at the top of my list, in fact I myself would love to take one on a test drive once it is released in the UK.

  14. Get Bucklefish

    Get Bucklefish

    13 timer siden

    So now how do you pick between Discovery, Defender and Evoque now . Have they just f*ucked up their product range strategy . However I do think if they were to convert this for military use they could easily strip it down to basics as it has a good rugged shell. So this was thought of. But too many models for civilian

  15. Sean


    13 timer siden

    land rover heads are just the worst kind of people, always fucking moaning

  16. ExTrumpet


    14 timer siden

    There's a reason the old Defenders--and now the Range Rover Classics--hold their value.

  17. Greg Reed

    Greg Reed

    14 timer siden

    If you drive this in the outback of Australia or in Africa and it breaks down, you cant fix it like the previous defender, 85 CPU's ! No chassis no Ute (pick up) or cab chassis - no wonder the Australian military (as other military and civil bodies have) gone with the G wagon. Waited for this after being disappointed with Disco 5. Now going elsewhere and selling D2/4 and defenders.

  18. William Poellu

    William Poellu

    14 timer siden

    It‘s a Barbie Defender.

  19. Last Frontier Channel

    Last Frontier Channel

    15 timer siden

    kick his ass and fire the designer

  20. Ronnie Wilson

    Ronnie Wilson

    15 timer siden

    £40,000 for the Basic. What planet are Land Rover on. The basic model should have started at around £25,000 without the bells and whistles. At that price it would fly of the production line.

  21. Jonathan Stubbenhagen

    Jonathan Stubbenhagen

    15 timer siden

    Another disappointment from Landrover. This has lost the original defender practical appeal. No changeable panels. No truck version. Too much fancy stuff that no one really needs. Way over priced. No diesel in the US and just as expensive as all the other landrovers and rangerovers. You missed the mark. Tooyota hilux/tacoma and Ford rangers will continue to outsell this 100:1. Sad really.

  22. Stephen Mann

    Stephen Mann

    15 timer siden

    Discovery variant. Nothing like a Defender, and not built for the same purpose. Another Chelsea tractor. No thanks. Especially at that price.

  23. Lazy Artist

    Lazy Artist

    16 timer siden

    TYPE: New Land Rover Defender 2020 in-depth walk round - EVERYTHING you need to know. and you see exact same location and same cars but in a different video

  24. wnnalis cioov

    wnnalis cioov

    16 timer siden

    Sweet memory with the old model, now enjoy this new model to the maximum 😎

  25. Ashley Redden

    Ashley Redden

    16 timer siden

    Na mate I think i'll stick with my Unimog

  26. mike i

    mike i

    16 timer siden

    great design looks like a coffin

  27. graham chav

    graham chav

    17 timer siden

    what will happen in the middle of the outback when one of the 85 ecu's say NO ... answer you will die

    • wnnalis cioov

      wnnalis cioov

      16 timer siden

      They seem to be very "pretty" vehicles. I think the greenhouse needs to be taller and have an interior you can clean with a hose and a rag.

  28. Mark Bowyer

    Mark Bowyer

    17 timer siden

    Another fashion gadget from jlr so people can take there kids to school in Chelsea, it goes against everything the defender ever stood for, it is very nice and very clever but it ain't a defender I would love to see one pounded round a farm for a few years if it lasted that an see what's left of it, probably have to drag the old defender out of the bush to tow the new one back to landrover. Like I said it's nice but defender is ment to be a simple agricultural vehicle this is not stick with the old one I think

  29. taffytop


    17 timer siden

    This will be to complicated for a woman to drivem

  30. jean baptiste Coviaux

    jean baptiste Coviaux

    17 timer siden

    shame on land rover !! it's look like a suppository

  31. Roland Tan

    Roland Tan

    19 timer siden

    Is The Mouse that small or is the new Defender significantly a bigger car?

  32. Cloud Dancer

    Cloud Dancer

    20 timer siden

    I would never be able to afford one, but it looks nice. Only for the rich . . .

  33. Hybrid Tube Channel

    Hybrid Tube Channel

    20 timer siden

    very awful car… this is a joke! Is not a very Defender.

  34. markrandall1969


    20 timer siden

    Another breakdown somewhere waiting to happen. I will go and look at them but that's about it

  35. Juergen Sbr

    Juergen Sbr

    22 timer siden

    ugly - I mean the Defender of course

  36. 83N5#4


    23 timer siden

    Not enough plastics in front. Add more.. 😕

  37. Jonathan Pardoe

    Jonathan Pardoe

    23 timer siden

    At 3.15 I saw the centre console give way . and the technology involved has finished it for me . I shudder to think what the car will be like in 5 years of hard use , yup, all that twisting and flexing with muddy water, salt water , sand off the beach gets into the electronic system. Mark my words , these cars will be a nightmare second hand , well able to financialy cripple the proud owner .

  38. Marc Kruse

    Marc Kruse

    23 timer siden

    For all the disappointed viewers check out the INEOS Grenadier. There you have it!

  39. Martin Do

    Martin Do

    23 timer siden

    Hey from Slovakia 🇸🇰

  40. Skipper Mort

    Skipper Mort

    23 timer siden

    They have completely failed to achieve what Mercedes has done with the Cross Country. i wouldn't buy one

  41. Prince Narams

    Prince Narams

    Dag siden

    i dont like it.. i like the older one... this one is not even close to a defender....loooks loke a clone...sadddly

  42. mike richter

    mike richter

    Dag siden

    They seem to be very "pretty" vehicles. I think the greenhouse needs to be taller and have an interior you can clean with a hose and a rag.

  43. Andreas Dahl

    Andreas Dahl

    Dag siden

    They changed out all the metall to plastic so it wont rust? Looks cheap and not like a Defender. Crap!

  44. Finnish Fatman

    Finnish Fatman

    Dag siden

    Well, at least it appeals to it's fans, since it looks like something Sponge Bob would like to drive :P Kinda like retarded cousin of Kia, or something similar. And no, that was not a compliment to a Kia to make it look/handle good. It's just now there's something even worse out there :D Sponge Bobs around the world, unite and get your "defender" now!

  45. Colonelchimp, Bushcraft, Survival and Prepping

    Colonelchimp, Bushcraft, Survival and Prepping

    Dag siden

    Oh dear.....from the back it looks like a Vitara. From the front it looks like a hatchet job on the discovery and from the side it looks out of proportion and like it's been slammed up the arse by a Mack rag top???oh god need I say more...I think I'll stick another 10 grand on my defender 90 price tag...coz I can see original defenders zooming up in price as people search for a real taste of what landrovers used to be.....this plastic fakerover is probably fine for the ..must have the latest Chelsea school bus crowd but as a lifelong landrover fan....I'm sorely disappointed.......but to end on a positive note....i do however like the satin green ...

  46. Mel Myrtle

    Mel Myrtle

    Dag siden

    Yeah it's definitely interesting. If I were in the market for a rolling computer I would probably buy something like that. But personally I really hate modern cars . So that said I'll actually probably go weld some rusty junk 😁 yes I'm a millennial and an American.long live the manual

  47. Scott Saylors

    Scott Saylors

    Dag siden

    I love it!

  48. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy

    Dag siden

    Guarantee, the next Bond, M.i, FF or Bourne will have these vehicles driven in convoy by the bad guys.

  49. roger wooldridge

    roger wooldridge

    Dag siden

    Can't see farmers and the military purchasing these somehow, the new 4wd vehicle, the Ineos Grenadier that will start to be built in 2021 I think will sell to those, if the vehicle will be as they say it will.

  50. Christopher Williams

    Christopher Williams

    Dag siden

    Congratulations!!! This is exactly what the Ford bronco will look like. Same frame and all

  51. Michal HóR

    Michal HóR

    Dag siden


  52. Ronnerz


    Dag siden

    85 ecu's as a previous land rover mechanic I can tell you now that it will spend more time in the garage for electrical issues and updates than it will offroad

  53. Charles H.

    Charles H.

    Dag siden

    the 90 looks like a Honda Element.

  54. Thrifty Camper

    Thrifty Camper

    Dag siden

    Its a skoda yeti

  55. Kareem Salessi

    Kareem Salessi

    Dag siden

    Looks & sounds cool. I just wonder how many days-a-month it has to be in the mechanics, as it has been with British cars in general, for decades!!! Since this is made in Slovakia it may be much less problematic that if it were made in England !!! After-all, YoGo was built there !!

  56. Steve Johnson

    Steve Johnson

    Dag siden

    It's the new freelander lol

  57. thebernism1


    Dag siden

    A defender is a machine, not a car!🤭

  58. Oliver Martin

    Oliver Martin

    Dag siden

    Where’s the one with a ifor Williams on the back?

  59. j salem

    j salem

    Dag siden

    Now I know why Mercedes kept to there iconic G wagon design!

  60. Sillyworld


    Dag siden

    I think a lot of people is missing the point (the financial point that is), a rugged, bare bones defender aimed to enthusiasts would not sell as well (nor get as much profit) as a luxury AWD SUV with nice off road capabilities. Besides, I feel people serious about off roading will prefer to buy an used and tested offroader instead of taking their new and expensive SUV to the wild. That being said, I think it is a fantastic vehicule with lots of options and tech (probably a lot of it will fail after 2 or 3 years anyways) and I kinda feel bad I can’t afford one.

    • Sillyworld


      Dag siden

      Fraser McArthur because of its restricted supply (at least in the UK) besides I bet is not as profitable per car as the Defender (and I’m not sure, but I guess Suzuki isn’t in financial problems as Land Rover/Jaguar is). I get the point a lot of people make of this not being a TRUE defender, but on the other hand I don’t think it is a bad vehicle, and I kinda see the point of Land Rover.

    • Fraser McArthur

      Fraser McArthur

      Dag siden

      The suzuki jimny has a solid years waiting list..