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Making toilet paper moonshine

**Major correction: I wrongly and repeatedly referred to T. Reesei as being a yeast, when it is actually another type of fungus. Yeast is also a type of fungus, so my comments about reaction conditions remain true, but it is incorrect to call T. Reesei a yeast. Or to say that the cellulase came from yeast.
**small correction: I also said that 20ml of 20% , when it was supposed to be 25ml.
For this video, I'm going to be doing exactly what the title says, and I'll be turning a roll of toilet paper into moonshine. This was something that I've been wanting to do for a while and I am really surprised how well it turned out!
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  1. Jeff Strange

    Jeff Strange

    26 minutter siden

    They call it "Jump Steady" in Jail. It'll still screw up your liver if you keep drinking it. I'm just wondering if the chemical companies are using this procedure in processing cheap beers where they inject the alcohol into the beer ? "Hey Turn-Key ! I need another roll of toilet paper; make it snappy this time !"

  2. Patrick Böhnert

    Patrick Böhnert

    29 minutter siden

    32:17 that's not how chemists smell. Believe me, smelling things like that leads you to not being able to smell anything anymore like in my case. Damn you, hydrochloric acid!

  3. Android's Art

    Android's Art

    Time siden

    What video did you say you were gonna put sulfuric acid on yourself later? I cant find the video

  4. Voltex


    Time siden

    Can you try making PLA plastic from Corn?

  5. alliemaru nara

    alliemaru nara

    4 timer siden

    So are you telling me a gingerbread house is actually practical ? O.o

  6. darkwriter77


    7 timer siden

    Was watching a video on .357 Magnum lever-action ballistic gel tests ... and somehow wound up here. And then I watched this whole thing. I blame the Bacardi rum I'm drinking ... which I now suspect may have been made from toilet paper...

  7. Ankit Rijal

    Ankit Rijal

    7 timer siden

    Please make methylphedomine

  8. Zachary Hildenbrandt

    Zachary Hildenbrandt

    8 timer siden

    TIL: given the efficiency he claims... you can get a full gallon of 80 proof, with 20.7 lbs of TP.

  9. djd829


    8 timer siden

    Before I would have even started this experiment I would have been concerned about what else is in the paper itself. Now, I'm not a toilet paper expert, but what keeps contaminants (such as binders or scents) from being introduced from the roll itself? Obviously toilet paper wasn't meant for consumption, so I'd be worried about that, and probably would never drink it. What made you so confident that the end product would have been safe to consume? Honest question.

  10. Mixup 221

    Mixup 221

    9 timer siden

    What’s for din din 5:01 mmmm toilet paper stew my favorite 😋

  11. Mojomanne


    9 timer siden

    It's 4 am. Why am I here ?

  12. Adam Ogborne

    Adam Ogborne

    10 timer siden

    Synthesize carbon fibre. It seems like an organic chem polymer synthesis

  13. R6-D2


    11 timer siden

    This sounds like a shitty idea. 💩

  14. zeruulln


    11 timer siden

    Can you please do a video on cleaning impurities out of road salt to the point of making it safe to consume?

  15. MARSOC 5th Pltn Tier1 Tier2

    MARSOC 5th Pltn Tier1 Tier2

    11 timer siden

    After watching this, I did my own experiment! I walked down the street shoving toilet paper into the mouths of all the passed out junkies, on the way home I began hearing odd "pops" and "bangs". Today on the news, I saw something about meth-heads spontaneously exploding! Some of them exploded with about a 65% efficiency, and others with a much better 98% efficiency. I honestly only expected around a 20%-25% efficiency. Oddly, all of the rehabs in the area are now filling up with people wanting to get off meth. Toilet paper: gateway drug, or mass drug exodus? And to anyone reading this who uses meth: stick with leaves when wiping, is toilet paper worth your ass?

  16. Ethan Crawford

    Ethan Crawford

    14 timer siden

    "NileRed makes toilet paper moonshine" Swomp: "Bango music stops"

  17. Kasparas Visockas

    Kasparas Visockas

    15 timer siden

    I want some toilet paper wine.

  18. Fee Nok

    Fee Nok

    15 timer siden

    You lost me.. No idea why im watching this further xD

  19. Blo 66

    Blo 66

    15 timer siden

    All the smart high school nerds are about to be making some big bucks.

  20. Snorri Ö.K.

    Snorri Ö.K.

    16 timer siden

    @NileRed: The thing is about making moonshine, is that when the yeast solution has stopped working, all of it is filtered through a carbon filter and then distilled, that makes the solution much closer to just being water and ethanol without all the messy crap following through. Also, doing it under vacuum will allow you to more easily control the process.

  21. Probol Studio

    Probol Studio

    17 timer siden

    20:42 kod nas to zovu prepeka :D

  22. vikingslayer34


    19 timer siden

    You aren't accurate when you say that the ethanol is 60% concentrated. You have to test the gravity before (original gravity) and after (final gravity) fermentation to get your specific gravity.

  23. OfficialTechGamer


    19 timer siden

    5:09 "*basically* cook it" good pun

  24. vikingslayer34


    19 timer siden

    Did you say that you pitched your yeast at 30C? That is too warm to get a full fermentation out of brewers yeast. That could be why your fermentation stopped and you had a low ethanol percentage.

  25. Ron Jones

    Ron Jones

    21 time siden

    During prohibition days, wood alcohol blinded many poor people. This is very interesting but can be dangerous.

  26. Anurag Mehta

    Anurag Mehta

    22 timer siden

    Next video- nitroglycerine and testing it as a bomb or gelignite synthesis or guncotton synthesis

  27. Brian Upchurch

    Brian Upchurch

    22 timer siden

    My toilet paper moonshine mash had corn in it and a very earthy smell.

  28. Bogumiła Domitri

    Bogumiła Domitri

    Dag siden

    NileRed can you extrakt keratin from hair them extract sulfur ftom keratin.

  29. Fax Jama

    Fax Jama

    Dag siden

    Make drinkable water from hydrogen and oxygen. Love your content ❤

  30. The Mastermind

    The Mastermind

    Dag siden

    You really are Senku from Dr.Stone

  31. HeroValy


    Dag siden

    Make polyethylene glycol (medicine) from polyethylene(common plastic)

  32. Kaiden Bird

    Kaiden Bird

    Dag siden

    You should grow some Human Neurons!

  33. Ben Jefferson

    Ben Jefferson

    Dag siden

    Hey. I just got one of those mugs that changes the art on it when you pour something hot in it. I think it's interesting, but I don't know any of the science behind it. Think this is something you could do a video on?

  34. awesome always

    awesome always

    Dag siden


  35. Klint Krossa

    Klint Krossa

    Dag siden

    Would it be possible to make Limoncello with a Soxhlet Apparatus/Extractor?

    • Mike MacDonnell

      Mike MacDonnell

      Dag siden


  36. Electricz0


    Dag siden

    Send it to Thought Emporium so he can artificially age it in his ultrasonic bath.

  37. Dope man L

    Dope man L

    Dag siden

    This man can probably make lsd in his kitchen 😂

  38. Adam I

    Adam I

    Dag siden

    Imagine his fbi watchlist buying all this ebay stuff

    • Mike MacDonnell

      Mike MacDonnell

      Dag siden

      The playlist though . . . Dude lives in Canada and he's probably on a higher watch list than most terrorists 🤣

  39. Robert Donovan

    Robert Donovan

    Dag siden

    Try oaking it

  40. Adam I

    Adam I

    Dag siden

    Why is he so smart

    • Mike MacDonnell

      Mike MacDonnell

      Dag siden

      . . . Books and stuff . . .