Pour It Out w/ Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner and Jimmy take turns giving answers to personal questions that only they know, forcing each other to take a mystery shot if they refuse to reveal the question.
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Pour It Out w/ Kendall Jenner


  1. Ritchy050


    6 timer siden

    skinny and not to pleasing to the eyes, she has to sneak up on a glass of water. And I don't understand her choice in boys and the rest of the clan. then again look at her father.

  2. Everything Dibs

    Everything Dibs

    18 timer siden

    5:17 that is the stupidest thing in the world how dare you ruin captain America’s genetics

  3. Outsider 14

    Outsider 14

    Dag siden

    Her dress is 🤯. I don't like her nor her style. But that Versace dress is a dream.

  4. letsgetchino 666

    letsgetchino 666

    Dag siden

    Maan fuck tha broad i wanna know wtf tha question was for jimmy to say Tracy Morgan🤔🤔

  5. iProComboツ


    2 dager siden

    This feels like a scuffed game of fill your guts or spill your guts

  6. JackCoxx


    2 dager siden

    Lol no Paul Bettany is married to Jennifer Connelly

  7. Lisauglybitch Lisaugly

    Lisauglybitch Lisaugly

    3 dager siden


  8. Jahnvi Mittal

    Jahnvi Mittal

    4 dager siden

    The production knows everything. DAMN

  9. Myron Daniel

    Myron Daniel

    5 dager siden


  10. 1.7B Views


    5 dager siden

    i would turn straight for her

  11. Timo Preda

    Timo Preda

    6 dager siden

    Y’all, let’s just admire Kendall Jenner‘s visuals and the dress she’s wearing😻

  12. Maya plays Mini games

    Maya plays Mini games

    6 dager siden

    I see Kendall didnt get surgery

  13. MarcAnthony


    10 dager siden

    That first shot clearly proves that the kardashians r whores

  14. Laetitia (Student) EME

    Laetitia (Student) EME

    10 dager siden

    oh never mind they said . it haha

  15. Laetitia (Student) EME

    Laetitia (Student) EME

    10 dager siden

    lmao the last question was whos the celeb couple youship the most together

  16. Laetitia (Student) EME

    Laetitia (Student) EME

    10 dager siden

    omg haha kilie question was suck or swallow and . she said swallow haha

  17. Small Fry

    Small Fry

    11 dager siden

    Of course Jimmy drank all the shots👀

  18. Ryan Droubi

    Ryan Droubi

    12 dager siden

    the one where she answered “to swallow” the question was, “what is your least favorite thing to do in sex”

  19. Olivia Mauracia

    Olivia Mauracia

    12 dager siden

    she's literally gorgeous ❤️

  20. gokuga 555

    gokuga 555

    12 dager siden

    they are not shots they are just pepsi in disguise

  21. Dannythza Punin

    Dannythza Punin

    14 dager siden

    “to swallow” imagine the question was something like .. what advice would you give your sisters

  22. ʎpoqou


    14 dager siden

    I honestly think Kendall is the better one out of the Jenner/Kardashians

  23. adam1984atlsea


    14 dager siden

    So what the damn mom is the same. She’s the hottest one out of the all of her distress I could give a shit about any of them to be honest. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  24. carlo 99

    carlo 99

    14 dager siden

    bad copy of spiil yout guts

  25. Bekkah Roberts

    Bekkah Roberts

    15 dager siden

    i spent all day yesterday on acid watching jimmy fallon and i can admit that he’s a very entertaining man to watch while trippin

  26. S


    15 dager siden

    No dress malfunction anymore. This sucks.

  27. Jillian Antunez

    Jillian Antunez

    15 dager siden

    I love how jimmy was having a conversation with the audience

  28. IDGAF


    19 dager siden

    Why is kendall so beautiful 😍

  29. Tahirih McLean

    Tahirih McLean

    19 dager siden

    So, Kendal swallows....

  30. WICTOR cv

    WICTOR cv

    20 dager siden

    This game is so lame

  31. dylan pajuelo

    dylan pajuelo

    20 dager siden

    i think you were thinking about scarlet which and vision not black widow black widow liked the hulk

  32. Ken Fereday

    Ken Fereday

    21 dag siden

    😂 smaller than you think

  33. nicole session

    nicole session

    23 dager siden

    Brad pit and rihanna i never would have thought that cute

  34. Ashley Andruzzi

    Ashley Andruzzi

    23 dager siden

    I wonder what the other questions where

  35. Robert


    24 dager siden

    She's a beautiful woman, from the neck up...

  36. Breeze Stark

    Breeze Stark

    25 dager siden

    Brie Larson and Chris Evans....eww

  37. Nayops 19

    Nayops 19

    26 dager siden

    1:33 , 2:28 * Chokes on hot cup of coffee

  38. The Powder

    The Powder

    26 dager siden

    Check out her stunning transformation: #Kendall

  39. Renegade Kid

    Renegade Kid

    Måned siden

    Marvel did have a couple (well an ex couple) Tony Stark (RDJ) & Aunt May (Marissa Tomei)

  40. funky town

    funky town

    Måned siden

    Who tf likes Brie Larson?

  41. kazi maimuna

    kazi maimuna

    Måned siden

    she just looks so clean

  42. Brittany McDaniel

    Brittany McDaniel

    Måned siden

    She hates bananas but she looks like one 🤣

  43. Chelesays


    Måned siden

    I think about what celebs would make cute couple all the time! What a good question!

  44. TheDimondBow// TLB

    TheDimondBow// TLB

    Måned siden


  45. TheDimondBow// TLB

    TheDimondBow// TLB

    Måned siden


  46. Anisha J Chungath

    Anisha J Chungath

    Måned siden

    Kendall:i hate bananas Camila:shut up......

  47. Bahare Kamali

    Bahare Kamali

    Måned siden

    OMG she is so Gorgeous

  48. clera


    Måned siden

    She’s the world’s most beautiful girl PERIOD

  49. RTABC


    Måned siden

    Follow me on

  50. Lorna


    Måned siden

    That is such a pretty dress tho

  51. Mahmoud Elaref

    Mahmoud Elaref

    Måned siden

    kendall: I hate bananas also kendall: dresses like a banana

    • Trying Out

      Trying Out

      2 dager siden

      She looked hot af

  52. holykittensironman93


    Måned siden

    LMAO "I'm not talking about cosplay!" I died

  53. Malia Laguisa

    Malia Laguisa

    Måned siden

    I wish kendall jenner had never had any enhancements. I loved her the way she was

  54. heidi den boer

    heidi den boer

    Måned siden

    at some angles she kinda looks like kim ?? any agree

  55. Beca Kend

    Beca Kend

    Måned siden

    I think Jimmy is just trying to drink at work.

    • Mark Travels

      Mark Travels

      Måned siden

      Yup. 😎

  56. Goldenferrari


    Måned siden

    ***PLOT TWIST*** Jimmy wrote all the questions!!!

  57. DANAX


    Måned siden

    She’s not in the kitchen

  58. akar ahmad

    akar ahmad

    Måned siden

    she is a godessssssss

  59. Leena B

    Leena B

    Måned siden

    Sometimes I really think that the kardashians/jenners are only here so that talk show hosts always have someone to invite on

  60. Ari Stephan

    Ari Stephan

    Måned siden

    Never have Chris Evans and briLarson date... that woman is ew