$2 Burgers in Harlem - Street Food Icons

Mo’s Burgers in Harlem is a neighborhood staple. Mo Robinson Jr. has been serving the greater Harlem community for over 30 years, whipping up burgers, hot dogs, sausages, and punch right outside the barbershop that he owns. Everyone in the neighborhood knows Mo, and as one customer said, he's like a "mayor of Harlem."
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  1. Where is Waldo?

    Where is Waldo?

    24 minutter siden

    I watched this , went to the bank got a loan, bought a food stand, posted up on the corner and now I'm on my way to making 100k a year

  2. Dg_96 _

    Dg_96 _

    27 minutter siden

    This dudes an inspiration. Next time I visit NY I’ll definitely hit up MOs



    53 minutter siden

    I always liked vice's cinematography though for this video. It could be so much more beautiful and attractive if you just increase saturation and make it a lil bit warmer.

  4. Keaton Castillo

    Keaton Castillo

    57 minutter siden

    That's a workin man right there. Dedicated. Hard working. And mostly importantly, making everyone's day, even if it's just a hotdog

  5. goof verdinus

    goof verdinus

    Time siden

    0:23 why this nigga talking about haircuts lol

  6. elroy frater

    elroy frater

    2 timer siden

    Those burger look delicious

  7. elroy frater

    elroy frater

    2 timer siden

    I rather buy from him than McDonald's sucks

  8. Jason Kuy

    Jason Kuy

    3 timer siden

    Why do i always watch these food videos before sleep time

  9. Florian Wicher

    Florian Wicher

    3 timer siden

    So he invented the drink, and got the kart and food to have something to go with the drink. Then he got the barber shop as a place to put the food. That whole operation escalated quickly.

  10. VIcious


    4 timer siden

    this man looks like daymdrops but thinner

  11. stack 1284

    stack 1284

    4 timer siden

    He doesn't just feed the young black community in Harlem, he also feeds all the animals. 7:06

  12. Salty Mate

    Salty Mate

    6 timer siden

    3:39 moe over here giving everyone salmonella

  13. Paul Binns

    Paul Binns

    6 timer siden

    Like military hide n kill like Krazy . A bomb that kids die as they build church es to catch that alein . N fake teeth and legs instead of praying to him he hide s like Jesus getting beat up on the cross

  14. Martin Peralta

    Martin Peralta

    8 timer siden

    I'm in Arizona but if I ever go to Harlem definitely will have to try I'm sure they delicious

  15. SaulJoker


    8 timer siden

    This man missed his grandma's funeral to feed people. Mad respect.

  16. MK242016


    9 timer siden

    I would take a bullet for this guy

  17. L


    9 timer siden

    Mo spent all his savings to send his only son Daniel Cormier to the olympics in 2008, the rest is history

  18. Luvlimiss2005


    10 timer siden

    He looks like Berry Gordy

  19. David Ginsberg

    David Ginsberg

    10 timer siden

    damn if i ever go im for buying at least 2

  20. Petros Sotrep

    Petros Sotrep

    11 timer siden

    mo burgers mo money

  21. Anthony M

    Anthony M

    11 timer siden

    Keep Harlem the way it is. Don’t let them hipsters buy everything up and gentrify your neighborhood

  22. Zaya 4ktrey

    Zaya 4ktrey

    11 timer siden

    I’m bouta go to Harlem just because of this guy

  23. Frank Maddalone

    Frank Maddalone

    12 timer siden

    Making money for your business by selling delicious burgers. I'll take 3 and a buzz.

  24. Party Ninjas

    Party Ninjas

    12 timer siden

    Something is sadly wrong with this guy. Hopefully he finds another passion and peace within in his life before he kicks off this planet.

  25. Captain Falcon

    Captain Falcon

    12 timer siden

    Make a living making burgers after serving in the military? Put four kids through college by serving your community and making sure the young and downtrodden can get fed affordably? Doesn't get more American than that. Someone give this man a medal.

  26. Edward Carnby

    Edward Carnby

    12 timer siden

    3:02 "It's a staple" - Yeah, it looks like it's a staple for you, lady Also, was anyone else kind of annoyed that it took so long to get to the damn burgers themselves? The title of the video is "$2 burgers in Harlem - Street Food Icons". I didn't click on it to hear the life story of the dude who MAKES the burgers, I wanna see the damn burgers. I swear, sometimes the black community really loves the smell of its own farts, tbh.

  27. Devious


    13 timer siden

    after some quik mafs this man on the worst makes 30k a month gross income thats hard ass work right there, FIRE!!

  28. Suckmyballz Gameplays

    Suckmyballz Gameplays

    13 timer siden

    I have much respect to this hard working, humble and honest guy. He seems to be a great.human being and his food looks fucking delicious. GOD bless you Leroy

  29. Dominic Vega

    Dominic Vega

    14 timer siden

    God bless

  30. MuffyCakeMan


    14 timer siden

    Only grip is the raw mneat touches cooked

  31. BIG E

    BIG E

    14 timer siden

    We need more people like Mo

  32. Bad Panda

    Bad Panda

    15 timer siden

    Amazing! are all his hamburgers homemade?

  33. Chris Alejandre

    Chris Alejandre

    15 timer siden

    That's what's up

  34. ray boy

    ray boy

    15 timer siden

    God bless you, Man you are truly an inspiration not afraid to go out and get yours .

  35. Riley Escobar

    Riley Escobar

    15 timer siden

    Respect brother

  36. Bkz81


    16 timer siden

    Have to give this a try next time around.

  37. cool bian

    cool bian

    16 timer siden

    great job sir

  38. Shaggy Rogers

    Shaggy Rogers

    17 timer siden

    What about the young white boys Hell and the young white girls and the people of all colour can’t you see

  39. Charles Xavier

    Charles Xavier

    17 timer siden

    My man is doing good he got escalade the barber shop I see you brother

  40. Marcos Campos

    Marcos Campos

    18 timer siden

    This is dope ! I love his hustle he seems like a good man.

  41. killzone3234


    18 timer siden


  42. Deshawn Jones

    Deshawn Jones

    19 timer siden

    See he got them South Carolina plates on truck

  43. Wane felicia

    Wane felicia

    19 timer siden

    License FREE of charge???? F THAT SPECIAL TREATMENT 🤢🤮

  44. Rubber


    19 timer siden

    i dont understand how street vendors work. Do you rent out the sidewalk space?

  45. Snowy


    19 timer siden

    I’m so fucking hungry omg

  46. Mohamed Jama

    Mohamed Jama

    19 timer siden

    I have so much respect for his dedication and hard work. This guy is role model

  47. 336 Outdoors

    336 Outdoors

    20 timer siden

    This man is making bank!

  48. DQ You A Goofy

    DQ You A Goofy

    20 timer siden

    I wonder if gordan ramsay would approve

  49. C T

    C T

    21 time siden

    Lord bless this man and all he does.

  50. Spirit Keeper

    Spirit Keeper

    21 time siden

    So Kid, here you see a honest and good human.

  51. David Williams

    David Williams

    21 time siden

    My g. He's gonna make a lot of bread after this video lol.

  52. Jesse Duran

    Jesse Duran

    21 time siden

    $2 for meat burger to make you sick later on. go vegan!

    • SwissMarksman


      17 timer siden


  53. Jesus Gutierrez

    Jesus Gutierrez

    21 time siden

    That burger looks disgusting

  54. Bow Bow

    Bow Bow

    21 time siden

    He’s a millionaire

  55. Stephanie Perez

    Stephanie Perez

    22 timer siden

    1.2k dislike for this video i see nothing wrong with this video. Do you?

  56. Jacob McGuire

    Jacob McGuire

    22 timer siden

    What a guy

  57. YTS Keenin

    YTS Keenin

    22 timer siden


  58. Tom H

    Tom H

    23 timer siden

    So the young black kids can afford it? So what your saying is young black kids are broke?

    • Renehdz


      19 timer siden

      Tom H yes it’s true they always beg for cash so I give them five dollars spit on them and call them cunts

  59. what a true individual does truly need?

    what a true individual does truly need?

    23 timer siden

    Here we see a man who truly enjoys his work. The business doesn’t have to be big you just have to like it. Such an inspiration.

  60. Pete Myers

    Pete Myers

    23 timer siden

    This guy is great i tried his burger and god damn hes doing that shit right people