We try Australian food and snacks while we were in Australia on our Asia vacation :-D
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  1. Anomaly & Papanomaly

    Anomaly & Papanomaly

    24 dager siden

    fat skimask autist mukbang part 1

    • antiformed


      9 dager siden

      Boy us Australians eat vegemite with butter on toast

    • malevolent being

      malevolent being

      18 dager siden

      skimask can't consume nose sugar

    • Militery REX

      Militery REX

      20 dager siden

      Only the best

    • WorthyPants34


      20 dager siden


    • Captian Wack

      Captian Wack

      20 dager siden




    2 timer siden

    Vegemite is so fucking good

  3. xXProxy_109Xx


    4 timer siden

    Smith's Mac & CHEESE Papa: It taste a bit cheesy!

  4. xXProxy_109Xx


    4 timer siden

    Way to much Vegemite... If you are going to use that much spread it on a larger surface xd

  5. sweat lol

    sweat lol

    6 timer siden

    why the fuck did he eat the wheatbix like that

  6. chris kavanagh

    chris kavanagh

    11 timer siden

    How many times u need to say papa

  7. Artimis


    12 timer siden

    I love the moments when non Australians try vegemite, it makes my day :P

  8. Marcus Hatch

    Marcus Hatch

    15 timer siden

    I really like watching these videos. BUT you need to stop hitting people and disrespecting them. Especially your Father. Love you and your father just want the best for both of you.

  9. Garbage !

    Garbage !

    21 time siden

    When Papa say "fuck" it fells like he is to kind to say it. kalla inte mjölk för fitta hahahhah

  10. a funny comment

    a funny comment

    23 timer siden

    in england they are called penguin biscuits lmao

  11. OCE FeelinDizzy

    OCE FeelinDizzy

    Dag siden

    Weet bix goes In milk

  12. OCE FeelinDizzy

    OCE FeelinDizzy

    Dag siden

    You put toooooooo much

  13. mwangdawg


    Dag siden

    the amount of vegemite you put on that dorito chip was for like 100 servings, ofc it would taste like ass

  14. DMAN33


    Dag siden

    Every Australian cringes when they have Vegemite eat it like a normal person as a light spread on toast.

  15. Ryan Tate

    Ryan Tate

    2 dager siden

    Can u plz give us updates if papa is ok with his eye it looks very bad

  16. xXBlade_51Xx Playz

    xXBlade_51Xx Playz

    2 dager siden

    4:22 Litterally super duper duper common in asia.. Yakult

  17. pilves maasikas

    pilves maasikas

    2 dager siden

    Anomaly do you like kendama version 2 obama

  18. theRobinBrown


    2 dager siden

    Cadbury is pretty good :3

  19. Irfan Ramadhani Asikin

    Irfan Ramadhani Asikin

    2 dager siden

    Tim Tam also quite famous in Indonesia. I thought it was EU/NA product, turns out it came from down under

  20. eZaZDK


    2 dager siden

    Where in Denmark did he move to

  21. ㄥㄖㄩ


    2 dager siden

    you need to try chamyto, its fermented milk from brazil

  22. BoothMan


    2 dager siden

    I am Australian and have never heard of red eye

  23. John Mahoney

    John Mahoney

    3 dager siden

    Too much vegimite ahahah only need a little bit

  24. Aced Sh0ts

    Aced Sh0ts

    3 dager siden

    Monster is the best energy in my opinion but it’s a good vid there is a lot I can point out like the Tim tams try drinking them with milk like dipping or using as a straw (bite both ends then suck milk and middle goes soggy) and with vegemite I want to beg you to put it on toast and only a little bit and have butter aswell and fuck me the weetbix have them with warm milk or cold and some people use sugar please look into how to use the food before eating it plane

  25. Aced Sh0ts

    Aced Sh0ts

    3 dager siden

    Can we get a papa count

  26. Jimmy Grey

    Jimmy Grey

    3 dager siden

    Really? Swede's gonna talk shit on vegemite after the stuff you guys eat?

  27. callzy


    4 dager siden

    Half the shit you did in this video was pissing me off but fuck it was funny

  28. RyleZor


    4 dager siden

    Dunno about these comments, most of these are eaten all the time by Australians.

  29. ZennyBoy


    4 dager siden

    Holy fuck I’m Australian and this hurt to watch, I’ve barely seen half the shit he ate

  30. 506thLegion


    4 dager siden

    Dude for the love of god, vegemite needs to be spread thinner than butter on a toast not eaten like ketchup

  31. Springo TV SFM

    Springo TV SFM

    4 dager siden

    Anomaly My Boi

  32. FeaR_Rango _

    FeaR_Rango _

    4 dager siden

    I’ve never in my 17 years of life in Australia seen that drink called red eye

  33. Scream SheZ

    Scream SheZ

    4 dager siden

    Why the fuck does no one eat the vegemite properly

  34. Dev


    4 dager siden

    omg the weetbix without milk is so stupid ITS A CEREAL OMFG

  35. Matthew Weston

    Matthew Weston

    5 dager siden

    Anomaly, you need a new Australian guy, come choose me next time.

  36. Matthew Weston

    Matthew Weston

    5 dager siden

    Who ever told you to buy those chips needs to be exiled.

  37. Sam Greathouse

    Sam Greathouse

    5 dager siden

    Dude you are the best you always make my day keep up the good work 🙂

  38. Lil Grim

    Lil Grim

    5 dager siden

    Australian snacks I'm offended as an Australian where is the VB Whitfield blues and tobacco spun cones?

    • Mekhai Gherm

      Mekhai Gherm

      Dag siden

      Or just the full baccy cones

  39. Alex Knott

    Alex Knott

    5 dager siden


  40. Calvy Films

    Calvy Films

    5 dager siden

    On behalf of Australia, I've never seen the red eye energy drink