I vlogged the Honeymoon..

AD| Thank you Hidden Retreats for our epic honeymoon! You can find them at www.hiddenretreats.co.uk/ and @hiddenretreats on Instagram.
Make sure you check out their new honeymoon gift-card, a service that allows your friends/loved ones to contribute to your perfect honeymoon! honeymoongiftcard.co.uk and @honeymoongiftcard on Instagram.
Hotels: Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay & Four Seasons at Sayan.
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  1. PewDiePie


    5 måneder siden

    thanks to wifey for editing this so epicly

    • Jacob ツ

      Jacob ツ

      26 dager siden

      Epic editing

    • lamuwu


      Måned siden


    • Mikail G4m1ngg

      Mikail G4m1ngg

      Måned siden


    • Asara Okunoda

      Asara Okunoda

      Måned siden

      i hope your life together will be just as amazing as each of you love you pewds stay cool bro

    • Noyon Khan

      Noyon Khan

      2 måneder siden


  2. Cosoboto


    Dag siden

    11:49 that crocodile was drug

  3. Cosoboto


    Dag siden

    Indonesia 🇮🇩 🤙🤙

  4. Nina Maanlander

    Nina Maanlander

    Dag siden

    We just KNOW they f8cked aLOT

  5. Eejaz Rasheed

    Eejaz Rasheed

    Dag siden

    4:25 - 4:27 😂😂😂

  6. Acoustic Grande

    Acoustic Grande

    Dag siden

    03:39 *i'm literally dying* 🤣

  7. Evan Kearney

    Evan Kearney

    Dag siden

    How did he reach 100m subs get married and defeat the ender dragon in the same week 🎉congrats Felix🎉

  8. June doesn't know anything

    June doesn't know anything

    Dag siden

    10:34 Moto Moto

  9. linh nhi nguyễn

    linh nhi nguyễn

    Dag siden

    your wife here so Bali isn't hot

  10. Denter Bro

    Denter Bro

    Dag siden

    Hey Pewd did You saw me, I'm Saw You on Bali.

  11. Rosalie Payot

    Rosalie Payot

    2 dager siden

    give me some computer plsss

  12. I don't know But i like RPG

    I don't know But i like RPG

    2 dager siden

    How could peeps dislike this video?

  13. Janai


    2 dager siden

    10:53 aw that's so cute

  14. Anna


    2 dager siden

    let’s pop the cherry OMG the bath tub, i love his adhd personality

  15. [CHFD] Chainfeeds889

    [CHFD] Chainfeeds889

    2 dager siden


  16. Dicky Joan

    Dicky Joan

    3 dager siden

    i really miss you pewds, more than i missed my own family

  17. Harry James

    Harry James

    3 dager siden

    I was in the same hotel and some of the places

  18. Leigh B

    Leigh B

    3 dager siden

    Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

  19. Lara Argenti

    Lara Argenti

    3 dager siden

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  20. Shadowiinq


    3 dager siden

    All the Minecraft characters Pewdiepie has are in this video..

  21. Vito 33

    Vito 33

    3 dager siden

    They’re so cute together 🥺

  22. Nims Mgee

    Nims Mgee

    3 dager siden

    Pewdiepie those aren't turtles they're toads

  23. Yurisawa


    3 dager siden

    7:46 WTF!!

  24. Kris R-K

    Kris R-K

    3 dager siden

    10:53 that's the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life

  25. Gabriel Lian Pagdilao

    Gabriel Lian Pagdilao

    3 dager siden

    pewdiepie: yo mrbeast bet you never filled your pool with roses. mrbeast: filled an entire house with rose

  26. Y u m i

    Y u m i

    4 dager siden

    24:22 James Charles???

  27. Jessica Fannin

    Jessica Fannin

    4 dager siden

    You made the same joke twice or my video skipped I wondered why it’s production was epic-Marzia has a nack wow! Thank you guys for sharing once again

  28. daniel elbazTM

    daniel elbazTM

    4 dager siden

    Pew is the most nice milioner i ever see

  29. rani rani

    rani rani

    4 dager siden

    I thought the lady said "Moocha Gracias" Instead of "It took my glasses" 😂😂😂😂

  30. MrzMouse / toadwithahat

    MrzMouse / toadwithahat

    4 dager siden

    and kids.... this is how spaghetti and meatballs were made...

  31. Daniel Loader

    Daniel Loader

    5 dager siden

    this is so weird i recognise some of these places

  32. Clarissa Letitia

    Clarissa Letitia

    5 dager siden

    I just watched it and found a komodo there 11:46

  33. kimJs Yaa

    kimJs Yaa

    5 dager siden

    Mantap😍 ke bali

  34. Miraj Ahmed

    Miraj Ahmed

    5 dager siden

    10:24 *UPDATE* *MrBeast have filled an entire house with* 🌹 *ROSES*

  35. RoldofPlaysGames


    5 dager siden

    50% of me: hmmmm maybe I should try this! 50% of Felix:Savage and barley showing love to Marzia

  36. LilVeqc


    5 dager siden

    why you didnt tell me you goes to bali?

  37. Rini Surya

    Rini Surya

    5 dager siden

    i actually go there 5 months a go

  38. BiiG 36

    BiiG 36

    5 dager siden

    That was in Indonesia

  39. zarko _sivac

    zarko _sivac

    5 dager siden

    Bro Felix and Marzia are soo good together and this vlog with both of them was really good

  40. Nok LAM

    Nok LAM

    6 dager siden

    This called me single In all types of languages

  41. PunMaster


    6 dager siden

    You know it's Pewdiepie when there's someone playing vr in the pool.

  42. Elijah Cox

    Elijah Cox

    6 dager siden

    Now that I rewatched this on the same day I saw Mr Beasts new 100k flowers video, I think you can say that Beast has out ranked Pewds pool filled with flowers 😄

  43. Galaxy Skyzziy

    Galaxy Skyzziy

    6 dager siden


  44. Xavithegreat


    6 dager siden

    3:34 3:34 3:34 3:34 3:34 3:34 3:34 3:34 3:34 3:34 3:34 3:34

  45. Kelly Taylor

    Kelly Taylor

    6 dager siden

    Absolutely stunning.. Beautiful place...

  46. Gaming Moon

    Gaming Moon

    6 dager siden

    Omg im soo honoured I live im from indo and Ye its just awesome

  47. Mira Eden

    Mira Eden

    7 dager siden

    18:11 Amazing shot even better if u stop shaking the camera 🥴

  48. Marieye -cun

    Marieye -cun

    7 dager siden

    So sweet (人 •͈ᴗ•͈)

  49. Röuß Harju

    Röuß Harju

    7 dager siden

    Felix: tired by climbing stairs Me: but PewDiePie stairs

  50. Röuß Harju

    Röuß Harju

    7 dager siden

    Bus driver be like: buubabscraaa baabaa oftfturga skilopa

  51. Majin Vinny

    Majin Vinny

    7 dager siden

    Name your child Stephano

  52. Stephane St-Denis

    Stephane St-Denis

    7 dager siden

    5:11 found Thanos

  53. Řèntta kĐ

    Řèntta kĐ

    8 dager siden

    Please make a video like this again ..💖...So good

  54. GalaxyGamerTech


    8 dager siden

    I lost my glasses at the same temple 😂

  55. DeathMachine Ride

    DeathMachine Ride

    8 dager siden

    Who the Hell said "Money can't buy happiness"..

  56. The Dark One

    The Dark One

    8 dager siden

    Helloooo.....Indonesian.... I'm from future

  57. Muhammad Hadiansyah

    Muhammad Hadiansyah

    8 dager siden


  58. Dita Nasution

    Dita Nasution

    9 dager siden

    21:51 pewds it's a lake... 🤣

  59. p e r r y g a m i n g

    p e r r y g a m i n g

    9 dager siden

    Marzia doing absolutely anything is a huge aesthetic and I fricking love it

  60. p e r r y g a m i n g

    p e r r y g a m i n g

    9 dager siden

    Hello and welcome to Felix’s imitation of a drowned in Minecraft. 10:32