I Tried Japanese Language School for a Day in Tokyo

Japanese language schools are one of the most popular pathways into Japan. I spend a day in the classroom and try not to make a fool of myself.
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  1. Abroad in Japan

    Abroad in Japan

    9 dager siden

    Notification Squad: Well guys, I hope you enjoyed watching me make an absolute idiot of myself. I’ve decided my new goal in life is to be able to read Harry Potter in Japanese - it’s the dream I never knew I wanted. As I said at the end, the whole experience reignited my passion for learning Japanese - a passion that’s been replaced by studying filmmaking over the last 2-3 years instead. I’m considering taking JLPT1 (N1) next year though, in which case, I’d better hurry up and get studying. A huge thanks to the five students who opened up about their experiences studying at a Japanese language school and a big thanks to Go! Go! Nihon for getting us access inside to film! Definitely check them out if you’ve ever thought about trying a Japanese language school - you never know where it may lead! Go! Go! Nihon: bit.ly/GoGoNihonAIJ

    • Emma


      6 dager siden

      I don't think they have a word for grief so good luck

    • BayyBii


      6 dager siden

      Abroad in Japan Hey, I’m an absolute beginner, (I am not able to read or write or even understand the language) so I was wondering if you’d still recommend this school for someone like me

    • Acacia


      7 dager siden

      You can start with Harry Potter audiobook in Japanese. It's easier than reading.

    • Hans Hanzo

      Hans Hanzo

      7 dager siden

      And good luck with harry potter, make a video reading when you have done it if you want.

    • Hans Hanzo

      Hans Hanzo

      7 dager siden

      Enjoyed it. And enjoyed you being the class clown. You are a natural. XD It was seriously interesting.

  2. prosketch OFW

    prosketch OFW

    58 minutter siden

    Daunting, to say the least

  3. tonii


    2 timer siden

    For someone who passed JLPT N5 there are some basic words I still do not understand :(

  4. Phili R

    Phili R

    8 timer siden

    I was in Japan last week and I must say your videos made my trip so much easier! Thanks for all the awesome content :D

  5. Salvador Marin

    Salvador Marin

    9 timer siden

    Can they help find work for mid to senior career professionals?

  6. 171QA


    14 timer siden

    This looked like it was a lot of fun.

  7. Néstor Abreu Jiménez

    Néstor Abreu Jiménez

    14 timer siden

    You know a lot, is there any class for slow students?

  8. Tyooo


    15 timer siden

    Just got into your Podcast on commute to and from school and in between classes. Only on ep 7 and am sad knowing that I will probably plow through them in no time.

  9. Zulay092


    19 timer siden

    Why does the japanese teacher only speak in japanese and not any english? i thought those were beginner classes

  10. Orbo


    22 timer siden


  11. ThatMmosGuy


    23 timer siden

    I've been living in Japan for 1.5 years now. Super lazy with learning Japanese. Just 3 months ago I decided I need to learn the Language. It's awful and really depressing living here and relying on my Wife to help me with everything. I've improved drastically I'd think so but man it's brutal! Language school is no joke. It's quite stressful with the pace of which information is given. If you get behind you better have a good ass reason because take it from me I missed one or two days? and oh god how I regret it. I SHOULD be moving up to the next class here next week if my final tests go well... Still very beginner but I can't self study my will power is too low and many distractions. I'm 23 btw. If you go to a Language school and are a beginner starting with Minna No Nihongo make sure to really really practice Lesson 14+ as much as you can as it's the hardest part I think and you build off it greatly.

  12. ahikanana


    Dag siden

    Minna no nihongo is a widely used textbook in these kinds of classes because the grammar explanation book is published in several languages such as Vietnamese, Chinese, etc. so the teacher can teach immersion style and the students can refer to the book for an explanation and translation in their own language. It's a crappy book though for the classroom. For self-study it's okay.

  13. T33K3SS3LCH3N


    Dag siden

    Haha I'm so glad to only learn for myself. No need to learn to handwrite kanji these days. I only do it a little to help telling them apart better, but the skill to actually write all of them from scratch feels like a huge waste for most people.

  14. Islandvibes84


    Dag siden

    one thing i hate about beginning of classes, the introduction part... somehow i loose my shit of acting calm and cool.. fml

  15. Guid3dd3ath


    Dag siden

    Jesus I just realised why it’s called a broad in Japan 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  16. Happy Loser

    Happy Loser

    Dag siden

    When I went to japan I used みんなの日本語 in class!! It was always fun to make every mistake possible in class😅😅 but thank you so much for the help finding schools when I go back to Japan!! どもありがとうがざいます😊

  17. Sanjala Kavinda

    Sanjala Kavinda

    Dag siden

    When I say Hm... Sensei Get really mad , she replied HM... janai ! hai!!!

  18. Pepperdove


    Dag siden

    Wait, but Chris, wasn’t that the proverb you wanted to use for your tattoo?

  19. Anjin


    Dag siden

    Hey Chris, how about a video about "tourist traps" in japan or neighborhoods you should avoid as a tourist? Or maybe a video in which you test some of these apps wich automatically translate spoken english and translate it into japanese? Are they any good? I think many people, who think about visiting Japan at some time in the future, would be interested in a video about that. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  20. P T

    P T

    Dag siden

    Btw you can eat cow tongue in Sushi shop in Sendai though I forgot the shop name. It was fabulous. True:)

  21. Misao17


    2 dager siden

    3:50 Is that Shiori in the background?

  22. Rifky Dimas

    Rifky Dimas

    2 dager siden

    Mann i feel embarrassed too After chris forgot his name

  23. captain fatfoot

    captain fatfoot

    2 dager siden

    They seem to have learned some basic Japanese. If this is only the basic class then this means god seems to be pretty good

  24. SuperFronky


    2 dager siden

    Any chance of Ryotoro and you going fishing together? Chances are the experience will be hillariously funny ;)

  25. Svide


    2 dager siden

    The fucking irony The time I dont watch one of your vids I find a website that You never talked about and here it is, when I just found the video

  26. Jago Shogun

    Jago Shogun

    2 dager siden

    Everybody HaAaAaAtes Chris.~ Seriously, they were having a ball picking on him. XD

  27. James Cannon

    James Cannon

    2 dager siden

    I went to Kyoto English Center (KEC) in the mid-80s, not sure if it still exists ...

  28. Andrew Cheng

    Andrew Cheng

    2 dager siden

    Great video!

  29. Andrew Cheng

    Andrew Cheng

    2 dager siden

    I've been waiting for a new vid for so long :D

  30. Mhmd N

    Mhmd N

    2 dager siden

    A moment of gold: "Jitswa.... Wakarimasen!" 7:18

  31. Retro Snoop

    Retro Snoop

    2 dager siden

    I've lived in Japan for 10 years. Although I have N2, I haven't studied Japanese for years and my level has come down real hard. I might even struggle on my jikoshokai because I don't meet new people often. This was an eye opener for me. I need to work on my Japanese again.

  32. sharwiinash shawn

    sharwiinash shawn

    3 dager siden

    Forsen weeb

  33. Ian Khoo

    Ian Khoo

    3 dager siden

    Chris is left handed?? Cool!

  34. Ling Ling

    Ling Ling

    3 dager siden

    Chris tries to flex 💪... forgets his name

  35. D Archer

    D Archer

    3 dager siden

    Thanks for putting these videos up, seriously. I'm in the military and I've been in around many different countries in the Middle East, but for some reason the thought of going to Japan by myself has me terrified. lol. I'd rather be in a fire fight then sit in a class with no Japanese language skills. This video has definitely give me some confidence though, thank you.

  36. Jack Black

    Jack Black

    3 dager siden

    I notice the Japanese textbooks have a lot of white space ... so you can make plenty of notes.

  37. Jack Black

    Jack Black

    3 dager siden

    The potential of cultural enrichment brought me to Japan ... Nah, I'm having a laugh.

  38. CrouchTV


    3 dager siden

    Chris was so nervous, his hair even grew a few inches

  39. EdwinRmz45


    3 dager siden

    If only I had the money to go ...

  40. Huan Zhang

    Huan Zhang

    3 dager siden

    From my first hand experience I can tell you that Japanese language schools are for the 99% just money machines that rips off students money. Low quality of education and a strict system that is always and anyway going to be unprofitable to the student. Here in Europe for the same amount of money language schools offers a way much more professional approach to the teaching methodology. The first school I reached during my stays in Japan the staff was composed by 70% (not actually sure about the percentage, could be less or more) by baito staff, or just random Japanese people whom took a licence for teaching Japanese, making them cheap labor for the school and totally unfit for the job. Don't be scammed! If there's something those schools can do really well is marketing.

  41. Gf


    3 dager siden

    you look like an asylum escapee in the thumbnail

  42. Laur drawz

    Laur drawz

    3 dager siden

    I went to japan on an organised trip with gogo nihon, if you can pay its totally worth it!!

  43. Satohi Kozaki

    Satohi Kozaki

    3 dager siden

    Most Japanese don't use proverb that much normally. Many don't know how to properly use to say that. I don't think proverb is so important. Your Japanese is absolutely fantastic again and you well summarise it. You are great.

  44. Aehere


    3 dager siden

    That’s begginers?😰

  45. Emmanuel Ardianto

    Emmanuel Ardianto

    3 dager siden

    Japanese Language School promotion at first, but end up with a motivation to live abroad.

  46. Brent McGee

    Brent McGee

    3 dager siden

    You really are a star in the best way. I live through you in these videos.

  47. CorvoDotDot


    3 dager siden

    I hope someone can help me with this. I'm a senior in high school and would like to go to a language school in japan next fall after I graduate. I have not yet, but I was planning on applying soon. If I get rejected because I do not have a High School Diploma at this time can I reapply once I have graduated?

  48. Kyle L

    Kyle L

    3 dager siden

    I have some questions. How often are the classes and do they offer short courses? I have no intention of living in Japan, but I can afford to go to Tokyo on a whim and I can probably stay there at most 3 to 4 weeks at a time.

  49. Kirami MMO

    Kirami MMO

    3 dager siden

    Brian looked like a Japanese version of Dave lee

  50. Danke Schoen

    Danke Schoen

    3 dager siden

    He sounds like Johnny depp

  51. liberator48


    4 dager siden

    Going in December to start at Akamonkai with the help of Go Go Nihon! Exciting times are abound. :)

  52. malourano


    4 dager siden

    Chris regretting to go in the beginners class

  53. Austin Paz

    Austin Paz

    4 dager siden

    Wow this is great... Thank you for telling us about GO GO and your videos are amazing!

  54. Jennifer Kloprogge

    Jennifer Kloprogge

    4 dager siden

    They sound very helpful with documental stuff, better than any Eikaiwa

  55. Gaijin Hakase

    Gaijin Hakase

    4 dager siden

    I had a 3month intensive class when I entered University, after that I studied by myself for 1.5 years before passing N2. Now I work in a Japanese company and only speak Japanese, 9am-7pm, Monday-Friday. It takes immersion to improve!

  56. Shojul


    4 dager siden

    Great video!

  57. river hyett

    river hyett

    4 dager siden

    gonna show my dad this hope he lets me go :D

  58. bluemoonev2


    4 dager siden

    Just realised the nifty play on words of your channel name. Abroad in Japan, A Broad in Japan. BROAD. I actually swore out loud. Only took me a month. Genuine lightbulb moment. I’ll see myself out 👍🏻

  59. 李越


    4 dager siden

    Can you go to this school even if you don't speak a word of Japanese?

  60. Szczypek


    4 dager siden

    Honestly, this channel's level of content is superior. It's like watching high budget production on BBC, but without all the political correct bullshit and you can clearly see passion here. Great work Chris, gonna stay here for longer.