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World's First Automatic Strike Bowling Ball

You don't need to be good at bowling if you're good at engineering.
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My buddy Mark's machine shop. He is really great to work with and they can do really out of the box projects like this- www.BaumanMachine.Com
0:04 - Arrow (Instrumental) - Andrew Applepie
0:28 - Kalimba Jam - Blue Wednesday
0:56 - On My Way - Tom Goldstein
1:15 - Marimba Idea - Blue Wednesday
1:58 - Arrow (Instrumental) - Andrew Applepie
2:14 - Cereal Killa - Blue Wednesday
3:41 - Arrow (Instrumental) - Andrew Applepie
3:57 - Dansez - Fasion
5:33 - Q - Blue Wednesday
Summary: I made a bowling ball with James Bruton where it will steer left and right depending on how you lean. People lean anyways when the bowl to try and influence the direction so we just capitalized on that. It operates on the same principles of a BB8 ball.

Thanks to Carlyle tools for giving my workbench tools a seriously needed upgrade!
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  1. Mark Rober

    Mark Rober

    28 dager siden

    You don't need to be good at bowling if you're good at engineering. Please consider subscribing.

    • Chezza Hill

      Chezza Hill

      2 timer siden

      Dude you should get a 3d printer

    • Yusuf Christopher

      Yusuf Christopher

      7 timer siden


    • Average


      Dag siden

      What if you just lose your ball?

    • Logan Briddle

      Logan Briddle

      4 dager siden

      Well I mean you aren't good at engineering you are literally if the engineer from TF2 was real and didn't use guns.

    • Emanuel Oliveira

      Emanuel Oliveira

      8 dager siden

      That is so cool....... ......... ....for like a day...... Probably what? Atleast a weeks time to plan it, test it, and build it. Now toss it into the nearest river 😉

  2. Fortnarnia


    4 timer siden

    Do it with a socer ball or a basketball

  3. W1 5A

    W1 5A

    7 timer siden

    Ok sure ill subscribe to james

  4. Dalek Sec

    Dalek Sec

    7 timer siden

    Make an automated house so it turns on aircon closes blinds washes clothes etc. like a Siri that controls your house and does everything for you

  5. Yusuf Christopher

    Yusuf Christopher

    7 timer siden


  6. LukePlayz2415


    9 timer siden

    He just took aimbot to another level

  7. Forever Alpha

    Forever Alpha

    10 timer siden

    Mark, you should try to build the world's best boomerang ever scientifically 👀

  8. Sylas Hornyak

    Sylas Hornyak

    12 timer siden

    Mark, I have a good idea about a video you should fill a pool with coke or Pepsi, and then add a ton of mentos.

  9. Brittany Bovard

    Brittany Bovard

    14 timer siden

    Whys your pins set up in front of the rack?? Couldn't your ball go threw the ball return??

  10. Cool Gamer

    Cool Gamer

    16 timer siden

    Ever try that same technology to make a dart & dart board

  11. Abbyz


    16 timer siden

    time to use those glasses to listen to my beautiful russian hardbass in the streets

  12. peter chacko

    peter chacko

    17 timer siden

    Is the code available?

  13. Zagrusz


    17 timer siden

    Board (for pepole are not playing ) : - NRF24L01 -arduino nano - MPU-9250 6 axis gyro

  14. Zagrusz


    17 timer siden

    i love his open dog projekt

  15. London and The little cat

    London and The little cat

    18 timer siden

    1:33 like if you seen the dalek

  16. sappie


    18 timer siden

    Just 2 million more trees... thats actualy a lot

  17. scary face

    scary face

    18 timer siden

    im the only person my dad who has seen who got a ball in the gutter..... with rails

  18. Sacrificial Lamses

    Sacrificial Lamses

    20 timer siden

    Fundraising for trees! Awesome! Now how about next you start listening to actually autistic adults about your actions and not blocking them? 😊

  19. Fiction and Reality

    Fiction and Reality

    20 timer siden

    Hope you get 10M fast do I

  20. Lina


    21 time siden

    I need this because im gonna go bowling soon

  21. jopel Almayda

    jopel Almayda

    22 timer siden

    Sorry i cant donate . 😢 i wish i could .if you can , pls do donate

  22. darkblakmagic


    23 timer siden

    i love tenpin

  23. 골드루이


    Dag siden

    한국인 >

  24. Samuel Brice

    Samuel Brice

    Dag siden

    This channel inspired me to pursue a degree in mech. engineering!!! Thx Mark!

  25. pope thanos

    pope thanos

    Dag siden

    I want him to collab with Micheal reeves

  26. Raydioactive


    Dag siden


  27. Taylor Altmiller

    Taylor Altmiller

    Dag siden

    The sunglasses are also perfect for falling asleep during class while listening to dope music.

  28. meandthebliss


    Dag siden

    How did you retrieve the ball? If you used the alley retriever, did the other balls impact or alter the mechanics within your Jedi ball?

  29. Ajibade Adebiyi

    Ajibade Adebiyi

    Dag siden

    @Mark Rober, anyone tell you you look like Popping john the breakdancer with your hat on backwards and even more so with those glasses..😂

  30. Kai Crowley

    Kai Crowley

    Dag siden

    Unsubscribing because you're more interested in looking like a good ally to autistics than listening to what autistics want.

  31. allen martin

    allen martin

    Dag siden

    Why were the pins placed way in front of the pin setter? They also sounded hollow. Anyway still a super cool invention and the kids were cute! 👍

  32. Sheep Bro

    Sheep Bro

    Dag siden

    I’m using your channel for a idea for a science fair project for school

  33. Jacob Cudlitz

    Jacob Cudlitz

    Dag siden

    How to cheat level 999

  34. Christiaan Swanepoel

    Christiaan Swanepoel

    Dag siden

    My son has been watching this for 2 hours straight and now he thinks he's a rocket scientist he thinks he can do anything that you can do

  35. Joel Woodward

    Joel Woodward

    Dag siden

    He should make it so jimmy falon can never knock down a pin lol

  36. Elaine Clark

    Elaine Clark

    Dag siden

    Instead of sending Christmas cards, this year, I'm sending Christmas trees. Just got one for you my dear Mark Roper. #TeamTrees

  37. Matty Johnston

    Matty Johnston

    Dag siden

    This is how the casino wins at roulette...

  38. God of All Daniel’s

    God of All Daniel’s

    Dag siden

    I still get confused how this guy gets even 1 dislike

    • Devilish Jester

      Devilish Jester

      18 timer siden

      Probably flat earthers that don't like him because he worked at NASA

  39. Damian


    Dag siden

    Great stuff

  40. Eric Brown

    Eric Brown

    2 dager siden

    Wow I could have used this in 2006 for Wii sports!