My RICH Family Lost EVERYTHING (Animated Story Time)

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  1. Anya S

    Anya S

    Time siden

    That girl was gonna be clueless when she’s older now she’s really smart

  2. Allison Mckay

    Allison Mckay

    3 timer siden

    Her: i was a spoiled child and got everything then we became poor Me: living in middle class with a down syndrome brother and parents struggle) "yeah your life is so hard even tho I'm just on the back burner and dont getbto spend time with my parents and stuff hard to get good grades Her" I had a tutor do my homework Me: WTF

  3. xSatorix Gacha

    xSatorix Gacha

    3 timer siden

    *Whack Donalds*

  4. Penelope Dragotta

    Penelope Dragotta

    8 timer siden

    is this TRUE!!!!!

  5. Adrian Rodriguez

    Adrian Rodriguez

    9 timer siden

    Private schools have in n out,chick-Fil-A

  6. Keelly Mayen

    Keelly Mayen

    9 timer siden

    Wow she doesn't do her homework

  7. Phoenix animated

    Phoenix animated

    9 timer siden

    ``she did all the work for me `` 'me ' that dumb

  8. s knut

    s knut

    16 timer siden

    you don't care about her paychecks she needs the money and you call her a party pooper and she should have somthing she wants

  9. s knut

    s knut

    16 timer siden

    omg she is right,caferteria food is nice in public school

  10. Kyndal Adrianna

    Kyndal Adrianna

    17 timer siden

    me- gets a 69 in math my mom- good job just try better next time

  11. Esa Ball

    Esa Ball

    17 timer siden

    In alaska

  12. Esa Ball

    Esa Ball

    17 timer siden

    Open the matter what

  13. Esa Ball

    Esa Ball

    17 timer siden


  14. Esa Ball

    Esa Ball

    17 timer siden

    I don't have homework

  15. Esa Ball

    Esa Ball

    17 timer siden


  16. Bubbie 101

    Bubbie 101

    18 timer siden

    Private schools do have the same food as public (or at least mine has the same type)

  17. thatoneflirtyguy


    18 timer siden

    Private school lunch is horrible!

  18. Selene Diaz

    Selene Diaz

    19 timer siden

    So the last story sniperwolf said some mean things about the girl I mean she likes going to affordable restaurants but sniper wolf still kind of judged her for having the perfect boyfriend even tho the girl wants to have a normal relationship..... so would sniper wolf rather be a house wife or an independent girl who don't need a man to take care of her?...o and no hate I still like sniper wolf's vids

  19. Lacy Novak

    Lacy Novak

    19 timer siden

    0:18 *SPOILED!!!*

  20. Stacy Petty

    Stacy Petty

    20 timer siden

    I would've gotten yeld at me for getting an A-

  21. Jade Jaguar

    Jade Jaguar

    20 timer siden

    The dudes mom:every woman is horn to be a mother All asexuals: oop good bye

  22. Jeremiah Manley

    Jeremiah Manley

    21 time siden

    I like my schools food

  23. Ena Lopez

    Ena Lopez

    22 timer siden

    I would Just but not cheetos

  24. Lori Prince

    Lori Prince

    23 timer siden

    That’s mean but super funny

  25. Yoshi Pikachu

    Yoshi Pikachu

    Dag siden

    3:55 Meowth that’s right!

  26. ?????????


    Dag siden

    It was only -20 a couple days ago

  27. ?????????


    Dag siden

    Why does Canada get the stereotype for being cold

  28. Animals On.meh.head.

    Animals On.meh.head.

    Dag siden

    What is the dress from?

  29. m o c h i i 101

    m o c h i i 101

    Dag siden

    Private school is Kawaii

  30. m o c h i i 101

    m o c h i i 101

    Dag siden

    I don’t think the girl was spoiled it’s just the dumb parents that just gave everything to the child now the poor kid doesn’t know how to work

  31. CAAJ Nation

    CAAJ Nation

    Dag siden

    6:05(paused) ain’t that the same girl from the previous video or am I bugging(in the middle)

  32. Brownie Bunny6132

    Brownie Bunny6132

    Dag siden

    Cafeteria food became canned and packaged, so now it's poop food. Back then the cafeteria people made the food.

  33. Amber Porter

    Amber Porter

    Dag siden

    I am in a charterar school and yes you do but I eat home lunch and i also am now in a public school not the best but Okay

  34. saltnspice305


    Dag siden

    Sssniperwolf:and that's how they end up on docter phill me:dodger Philly 👓👽

  35. Ruba Fadel

    Ruba Fadel

    Dag siden

    In buffalo is so so cold to try coming here

  36. Gacha Savannah

    Gacha Savannah

    2 dager siden

    I got to a private school we have a choice of hamburgers pizza spahetti and deserts like ice cream donuts etc its fun but the spaghetti is blehhh



    2 dager siden

    Australia is really warm (sometimes)And did he mean Australia???



    2 dager siden

    When she put her a- on the refrigerator I saw spongebob!!!!

  39. NTRNDR


    2 dager siden

    In catholic schools or private schools they do give better food

  40. Lorena Huante

    Lorena Huante

    2 dager siden

    The last time I got a new Lego Set was Christmas 2019

  41. stefan hasak

    stefan hasak

    2 dager siden


  42. Abigail Qian

    Abigail Qian

    2 dager siden


  43. Laurel Dailey

    Laurel Dailey

    2 dager siden

    Private schools are better we usually get chick fill a and MCDONALDS and papa jhons

  44. Maxine Sobel

    Maxine Sobel

    2 dager siden

    Plot twist: The woman telling the story is the Chad.

  45. Diana Lainez

    Diana Lainez

    2 dager siden

    I woke up at 4 o’clock to watch this video

  46. Crazzzy With Reilly

    Crazzzy With Reilly

    2 dager siden

    The private schools around me get Chick-fil-A on tuesdays and papa johns on Thursday’s

  47. Ellie Eventing

    Ellie Eventing

    2 dager siden

    I went to a private school and yes the food there is way better

  48. Galleta 777

    Galleta 777

    2 dager siden

    She's a spoiler brat

  49. jjr gamer

    jjr gamer

    2 dager siden

    Omg rich to poor soooooooo sad

  50. Benji Munoz

    Benji Munoz

    2 dager siden

    famous to infamous

  51. Iconic Dreamer

    Iconic Dreamer

    2 dager siden

    Your hand okay?

  52. Luis Viera

    Luis Viera

    2 dager siden

    I'm in private school. and the food is shit mr Ryan is not a seff

  53. Kayla Elliott

    Kayla Elliott

    2 dager siden

    SPOEOLED sicko

  54. Ranniya Dennison

    Ranniya Dennison

    2 dager siden

    Pravite food is good exspelly Fort king middle school my cuz said

  55. Abaloni Toni

    Abaloni Toni

    2 dager siden

    In private schools they have shrimp, sushi, tacos, pizza, beef, teriyaki chicken, waffles, lemonade, always has a pasta bar and a salad bar

  56. Yourgrill Katelyn

    Yourgrill Katelyn

    3 dager siden


  57. Austin Massaquoi

    Austin Massaquoi

    3 dager siden

    Leah whe do have better food but im not like her

  58. Lo Ka

    Lo Ka

    3 dager siden

    It is his money if he want to spend it on you it is fine right? If not she was lika ”give me money babe” But she wasn’t so I don’t she the problem?

  59. Niamh Pierce

    Niamh Pierce

    3 dager siden

    We don’t get any special food where I go !!!

  60. DeKu And ShOTo FuNmIx funmix

    DeKu And ShOTo FuNmIx funmix

    3 dager siden

    Loan sharks