Kylie Jenner on Stormi's 'Perfect Mixture' of Her and Travis Scott

In her first sit-down interview since becoming a mom, Kylie opened up to Ellen about her daughter Stormi, who is the "perfect mixture" of her and her partner, Travis Scott. The 22-year-old also talked about never imagining the huge success of her makeup line, Kylie Cosmetics, and how becoming a billionaire has affected her life.


  1. Hai Lun

    Hai Lun

    Time siden

    That man's laugh at 4:28 is everything XD

  2. Jeanette Mejia

    Jeanette Mejia

    6 timer siden

    Kylie( I cant believe your my mom sometimes) Kris I cant believe your my baby) Ellen( am here. Here I am. Jajajajajajajana she cracks me up

  3. Fai Shakur

    Fai Shakur

    14 timer siden

    Sisqo vidéo first Real sexy women

  4. m s

    m s

    19 timer siden

    Kris Jenner may be a bit of a momager but she also really loves all her children. Fierce momma lion.



    Dag siden

    Lovely 🥰Kim 🇺🇸🇦🇲🇺🇸💕🇺🇸🇦🇲💕

  6. Hawa Ly

    Hawa Ly

    2 dager siden

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  7. Kris Jackson

    Kris Jackson

    4 dager siden

    I just love how Kylie treats Kris.

  8. Ish


    5 dager siden

    Ellen: I am here.. here i am.. 😂

  9. Irving Alarcon

    Irving Alarcon

    5 dager siden


  10. Emma Novita

    Emma Novita

    7 dager siden

    Must be nice to be rich 😌 not having to worry about money

  11. wa l

    wa l

    7 dager siden

    sniffing to much coke

  12. Sof A Loaf

    Sof A Loaf

    8 dager siden

    She’s confusing Travis with the Migos

  13. Kristal Price ford hernandaz

    Kristal Price ford hernandaz

    8 dager siden

    I want the money wasted on are weave......

  14. Anushree Roy

    Anushree Roy

    10 dager siden

    I don't care if Kylie is a billionaire,like kudos to her for her extensive business establishment but one line she speaks and it immediately reflects how dumb she is.

  15. Bass Country

    Bass Country

    10 dager siden

    Ellen roasts Kylie and Kris like a boss.

  16. Donata


    10 dager siden

    *Kris and Kylie showing each other love Ellen: here I'm.

  17. michelle licea

    michelle licea

    11 dager siden

    Kylie has the sniffles

  18. ButterBean


    12 dager siden

    If you’ve done coke, you can tell it’s coke 😂😂😂 lol

  19. Kpop groups and fandoms are family

    Kpop groups and fandoms are family

    12 dager siden

    "I can't believe that you're my mom.......... sometimes" 🤣🤣🤣💀



    13 dager siden

    Kylie is so fake.. She has started to act like Kim..

  21. Desiree Adkins

    Desiree Adkins

    13 dager siden

    Lord have mercy she snorting sum sum

  22. Mary Grace Basuel

    Mary Grace Basuel

    15 dager siden

    I really love kylie talks. So soft spoken😍

  23. Lydia Atiemo

    Lydia Atiemo

    15 dager siden

    Is it me or Ellen is not too a big fun of Kris? Some underling comments

  24. Amparo Correa

    Amparo Correa

    15 dager siden

    Lookin like drew barrymore when she talks🤣🤣🤣

  25. Amparo Correa

    Amparo Correa

    15 dager siden

    Her face is like Drew Barrymore's but surgically altered

  26. mkimmick61


    15 dager siden

    Is that a long scar on Kylie's left leg?

    • Inna Anni

      Inna Anni

      14 dager siden


  27. Alys tsengeg

    Alys tsengeg

    15 dager siden

    kylie's instagram photo and real face so different

  28. Martha Guevara-Romero

    Martha Guevara-Romero

    16 dager siden

    RiSe AnD sHiNe

  29. Melissa Eudave

    Melissa Eudave

    16 dager siden

    Their faces look kind of scary...... they’re frozen

  30. U R B A N L U N E

    U R B A N L U N E

    17 dager siden

    I swear rich men dont get these same questions and judement

  31. mar montess

    mar montess

    18 dager siden


  32. Rae Navin

    Rae Navin

    18 dager siden

    Kylie is Kris’s mini-me

  33. Hey It’s Me

    Hey It’s Me

    19 dager siden

    I think when parents have more than two kids they get it ALL mixed up😂😂 (the names)

  34. nowonder


    19 dager siden

    somebody give her a tissue please

  35. Ashley Bryant

    Ashley Bryant

    19 dager siden

    Shes sniffing a lot🤔😂

  36. Awesome


    19 dager siden

    I know I know.. Maybe she knows everything

  37. melanies teddy bear

    melanies teddy bear

    20 dager siden

    this girls worth a billion dollars but can't get a tissue

    • HI BYE

      HI BYE

      4 dager siden

      melanies teddy bear what is tissue

  38. Dawn break

    Dawn break

    20 dager siden

    Kylie looks awful

  39. Trenicia Deville

    Trenicia Deville

    20 dager siden

    My mom and grandma do that to this day! Call you everybody name but your own 😂then they say You know what your name is🙄🤦🏾‍♀️😂🤔but do you?!?!?😌😂

  40. Freddy A

    Freddy A

    20 dager siden

    “You’re starting to lose it” 😂😂😂

  41. valia m

    valia m

    20 dager siden

    money buys no class.. the worse family I have seen..tacky fake people..guetto hunters..trash

  42. Stellar Star

    Stellar Star

    20 dager siden

    So cute!! Kylie I FREAKING LOVE YOU❣️‼️🥰👏🏻🙌🏻😍🤩😊😇👼👸🏻💁🏻‍♀️✨💖👑💅💕

  43. Riah


    20 dager siden

    we all know they are rich, y’all don’t have to write 5k comments about it

  44. Simone Mamo

    Simone Mamo

    21 dag siden

    Sniffing . A tad rude! Lol

  45. Red Survivour

    Red Survivour

    21 dag siden


  46. Kel Lex

    Kel Lex

    21 dag siden

    Ellen sounds jealous that Kylie has more money!

  47. P E R F E C T I S H

    P E R F E C T I S H

    21 dag siden

    StAp snifffinggg

  48. Leya Randell

    Leya Randell

    22 dager siden

    Kris Jenner is a goddess

  49. Kaj Te Briga

    Kaj Te Briga

    22 dager siden

    Well she's rich because everyone keeps looking and buying

  50. প্রদীপা


    22 dager siden

    Can someone hand her a tissue?

  51. markunci


    22 dager siden

    They should invite jeffree star on ellen

  52. raluca nastase

    raluca nastase

    23 dager siden


  53. Anne


    23 dager siden

    She has zero personality and is as thick as a brick. How this girl is a billionaire and there are intelligent people living on the streets shows what’s wrong with America

    • Anne


      22 dager siden

      Bless Roons 😂 point taken

    • Bless Roons

      Bless Roons

      22 dager siden

      Anne Barnier please do more research about the family, she was born into it, it’s not her fault 😂

  54. Haley Marino

    Haley Marino

    23 dager siden

    One more sniff and I’m gonna say Kylie does coke.

  55. faith Davis

    faith Davis

    24 dager siden

    She's a billionaire, but she will be getting paid for her appearance on the Ellen show. More money.

  56. faith Davis

    faith Davis

    24 dager siden

    It's uncomfortable discussing her money.

  57. Tina Jay

    Tina Jay

    24 dager siden

    I love Kris laugh " ha ha ha"



    24 dager siden

    I can't believe that I have only 500mb left ......

  59. Zora Baumann

    Zora Baumann

    25 dager siden

    Kris is soooooooooooooooo cuteeeeee♥️♥️♥️

  60. Daniela Carmona

    Daniela Carmona

    27 dager siden

    We need to re-evaluate and skill Kylie on this whole “Self-made billionaire” thing likeeee ASAP