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Why 'Sign in With Apple' Beats Passwords and Facebook | WSJ

Apple’s new sign-in feature in iOS 13 allows you to access supported apps using your Apple ID. The system promises added privacy benefits over Facebook and Google’s sign-in options. WSJ’s Joanna Stern explains how it all works using some quirky bouncers.
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  1. David Daniel Wouters

    David Daniel Wouters

    Dag siden

    Eary when listening to this on headphones, that first knock sounded like someone was actually knocking on my friggin door... I was scared...

  2. A Anon

    A Anon

    Dag siden


  3. Themicorn


    2 dager siden

    Samsung is doing this for years...Hello people😒

  4. Themicorn


    2 dager siden

    *laughing at Samsung Pass*

  5. Four Snail

    Four Snail

    2 dager siden

    “Long list” only three available

  6. NG DALI


    2 dager siden

    So this is for boomers with iphones...

  7. Jonni Armani

    Jonni Armani

    2 dager siden

    Welcome to the Beast system....

  8. Kyler Chin

    Kyler Chin

    2 dager siden

    3rd guy's cute lol

  9. Yiliang Liang

    Yiliang Liang

    3 dager siden

    Yeah I use Samsung.

  10. Pedagogic


    3 dager siden

    Who TF has 80 apps?

  11. Zero Nova

    Zero Nova

    3 dager siden

    i use samsung pass

  12. london sullens

    london sullens

    3 dager siden


  13. Adamkk03


    4 dager siden

    Why not just use email and one password for everything

    • Joel Chase

      Joel Chase

      3 dager siden

      Adamkk03 because if someone finds the password for one of your accounts, they effectively have access to every account you have that uses that password

  14. Israel Viveros

    Israel Viveros

    4 dager siden

    2:26 literally

  15. Terrell Fitzpatrick

    Terrell Fitzpatrick

    5 dager siden


  16. Tanveer Ahmed

    Tanveer Ahmed

    5 dager siden

    What about non apple users?

  17. FahME!


    6 dager siden

    Me at the beginning of the video: Who’s there?

  18. IDDQD


    6 dager siden

    Yes Apple values our privacy.... while they're listening to us without our consent.... ohh no they of course they stopped that WINK WINK... NOTHING beats unique passwords and it's not even close... Especially not Apple and Facebook who have a horrible track record on cyber security

  19. Thiện Võ

    Thiện Võ

    6 dager siden

    4:55 is nobody gonna talk about the fact that the Apple guy's name is Steve Rogers?

  20. Balu Andhavarapu

    Balu Andhavarapu

    8 dager siden

    The problem is...... not everyone has an iPhone 😂

  21. Wizard Kitty

    Wizard Kitty

    11 dager siden

    Even if apple is a bad apple... THEY STILL CTRL V & CTRL C

  22. Ian Harwood

    Ian Harwood

    12 dager siden

    Only question is, what apps support "Sign in with Apple"? I haven't seen it at all yet.

  23. gipen


    13 dager siden

    Ads are getting smarter

  24. Sylvère Barré

    Sylvère Barré

    13 dager siden

    And how do you sign with apple when your on PC ? At least with Google you can log on every device

  25. Taarush Goyal

    Taarush Goyal

    13 dager siden

    I wish the apple guy said, GOOD morning!

  26. Kimli


    13 dager siden

    why are passwords bad ?? make a password like #AB#256%/mQ!!.__- and write it down, its free and easy, i have a whole notebook of passwords

  27. Cyber Lake

    Cyber Lake

    13 dager siden

    The sntrongest password - qwerty

  28. Mätä Matthias

    Mätä Matthias

    14 dager siden

    0:00 having headphones on... sucks!

  29. Crymp


    14 dager siden

    I have to say, as much as I dislike Apple and its products for high expense for comparatively low specs, general company arrogance, proprietary ecosystem and almost complete lack of independent repair (in combination with overpriced and useless repair offered by Apple itself), the one thing that one day might draw me to buy an Iphone is easy and hassle free privacy and security. Unlike Google whose business model of selling data or targeted advertisement means that Android phones (with the exception of some heavily modded distros maybe) can never be intrinsically private and data secure (as that would undercut Google's main source of profit), Apple makes most of its profit from selling hardware, ie they have no profit (or relatively little) profit to gain from collecting or selling your Data. However since Apple is recently pushing to more service based ecoystem (Apple Credit cards, AppleMusic etc) I can see this changing in the future.

  30. The Internet Guy

    The Internet Guy

    14 dager siden

    Sign in with Google

  31. Epicci


    15 dager siden

    Or you get a password manager like lastpass that fills them with you..

  32. Samuel Larreal

    Samuel Larreal

    15 dager siden

    That knock was too real, wasn't it?

  33. Harrison Gray

    Harrison Gray

    15 dager siden

    I nearly shat myself when clicking on this video because of the stereo audio of the door knock

  34. francis z

    francis z

    15 dager siden

    Apple refusing to embrace and contribute to standards like Open ID connect (OAuth2). watch In a few years apple becomes windows explorer.

  35. Mark Ma

    Mark Ma

    17 dager siden

    "Hey you! Look at that face"

  36. imcanada


    17 dager siden

    I use sign in with Github

  37. FiercelyPolygons


    17 dager siden

    Orrrr Sing in with Google which is 10x easier

  38. 【惊奇】ᎯʍᎯZΞ


    17 dager siden

    I have many games with good stats sign with FB, why change?

  39. teofilo


    18 dager siden

    Welcome to WSJ, the premier half truth news channel, hahaha

  40. difflam74


    18 dager siden

    Apple getting hacked ? Theres no need , Apple itself will share and allow BIG CORPORATIONS access to the confidential info . Apple is as trustworthy as Google ... Dont believe just google apple expedia , singapore airlines screen monitoring ...

  41. Andrew Parsonson

    Andrew Parsonson

    18 dager siden

    Since when is the WSJ a PR agency for Apple?

  42. Archangel Tyrael

    Archangel Tyrael

    18 dager siden

    Companies should stop the sign in nonsense anyways.

  43. Archangel Tyrael

    Archangel Tyrael

    18 dager siden

    Just use keychain or some other password manager.

  44. Ranen Tan

    Ranen Tan

    19 dager siden

    Why 'Sign in with Google Play' beats 'Sign in with Apple'

  45. Олег Чагаев

    Олег Чагаев

    19 dager siden

    But what about going of an ecosystem then?

  46. Олег Чагаев

    Олег Чагаев

    19 dager siden

    Sponsored by Apple.

  47. Josh


    19 dager siden

    Unless you have an android

  48. Evry Thing

    Evry Thing

    20 dager siden

    Privacy. Ha.Ha.Ha even more Ha.

  49. Thomas Thompson

    Thomas Thompson

    20 dager siden

    3:47 if somebody got your apple ID and PASSWORD, they would also need either your face scan, fingerprint, or PASSWORD to get in. Very secure. I think that must've been a slip up on WSJ's side.

  50. Fredrik R

    Fredrik R

    20 dager siden

    Well downside; it locks you into the ecosystem....

  51. Francesco Varrato

    Francesco Varrato

    21 dag siden

    Yet another way Apple lures lazy minded into its walled garden. Many apps exist that manage passwords securely (also open-source, multi-platform, free ones). Other sign-in options exist. Don't make you fool by simplicity. It hides other ways to make money out of you.

  52. angel bautista

    angel bautista

    21 dag siden

    you guys suck at comedy

  53. Thomas Polinze

    Thomas Polinze

    22 dager siden

    Liberals trying to explain something in a "unique" way and totally just looking like a bunch of clowns

  54. Ayy lmao

    Ayy lmao

    22 dager siden

    *Insert random NOplayerr promoting LastPass*

  55. Charles Canlom

    Charles Canlom

    23 dager siden

    My Place To Urinate In Public: The Flood Tunnel My Bra Size: No

  56. T Chowdhury

    T Chowdhury

    24 dager siden

    #Google & #Facebook its learning time. Make us safe and private

  57. Solkre


    25 dager siden

    The Face ID at the end was the best.

  58. Oliver Bradley

    Oliver Bradley

    25 dager siden

    Please can we have an Apple Watch Series 5 video?

  59. Kyler Briskey

    Kyler Briskey

    25 dager siden

    That awkward moment when a girl pushes your chest but you can’t do the same cause it would be sexual harassment. 4:28

  60. Usman Asif

    Usman Asif

    25 dager siden

    very boring style if you wana do that go work for a *kid show* total waste of time. extending one minute topic to five minutes for keep her job and earn ad revenue. Where is the Editorial Eye of wall street journal it used to be a reputable institution.