The Biggest Fail In YouTube History - H3 Podcast #133

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  1. sabine ummer

    sabine ummer

    Dag siden

    not that much of a fail kinda clickbait but get that money lol idk

  2. WhatistheMatrix?


    2 dager siden

    THE GOV IS REGARDED AS DEEPLY UNTRUSTWORTHY. Why would any gun owners welcome gov regulation?

  3. Benjamin Mairs

    Benjamin Mairs

    2 dager siden

    Are there other people who are in scientific fields who don’t understand Ethan’s reaction to Neil Degrasse Tyson’s statement in the sense that they understand that Neil Wasn’t trying to take away from the horror of mass shootings but merely taking a moment (though untimely perhaps) to think about other similar issues that don’t get nearly as much attention? And that’s it. I bring up science because people think differently, some people think more logically others think more emotionally. We all have different capacities in both of those arenas. I think it’s messed up to get angry at somebody who thinks more logically or somebody who thinks more emotionally just because that’s the way they happen to be.

  4. Garmec


    2 dager siden

    It is kind of insane that we allowed the TSA to take over the airport and greatly inconvenience every person traveling by plane as a response to 911, but yet we can't handle added regulations to the process of acquiring firearms, which I suspect would inconvenience people far less often than the former.

  5. Jenny Obiliseen

    Jenny Obiliseen

    11 dager siden

    Yang gang

  6. Kevin Freese

    Kevin Freese

    13 dager siden

    there's a fallacy to you thinking you can do something about people getting shot with guns....it doesn't matter what laws are made people won't give up their firearms..... what is the opening prelude to mass genocide perpetrated by a ruling class? it's mass disarmament of the general public so fuck that shit...

  7. Kevin Freese

    Kevin Freese

    13 dager siden

    AOC got told by the court she couldn't block people too because she blocked one of her own constituents in her district.

  8. FilleIceRises


    15 dager siden


  9. Kallie


    15 dager siden

    first felt the itch to commit a cannibalistic mass murder during a game of Pac-Man. watch out Fox News.

  10. Lane Hansen

    Lane Hansen

    16 dager siden

    I like how Ethan speculated that Fox has a method of bias message output,, the same one it's confirmed recently CNN has 😂😂

  11. Lane Hansen

    Lane Hansen

    16 dager siden

    Omg Ethan needs to stop talking about politics, everything he says is a fallacy and it make me wanna rip my hair out

  12. salokin G

    salokin G

    21 dag siden

    Hey it's Taji's twin brother! The dude that goes and tries out the worst reviewed on Yelp. It's you ethan or better yet your twin all the way down to your odd mannerisms

  13. JohnnyLaw0516


    22 dager siden

    I'd argue there would be MUCH MORE violence if they were to get rid of said "gruesome and grisly" video games. Video games have always been an outlet, an escape to me and most that enjoy them. If these morons actually looked at it psychologically, they'd understand it literally doesn't correlate whatsoever. If anything it's been preventing more violence than it incites.

  14. JohnnyLaw0516


    22 dager siden

    Ethan I agree with getting guns away from those with a history of mental health thing, but by that logic, you would have to get rid of your shotgun you seconds before said you loved...seeing even you have a "history of mental health issues". I get what you mean, but it's a bit hypocritical.

  15. Billy McGee

    Billy McGee

    23 dager siden

    Shotguns, pistols or rifles.... they all have the ability to take life. It's not just full auto rifles that take lives or have the ability to do so. As an Aussie I don't have a right to comment of the matter but the whole system should be revised. You gotta realise that this has been an issue in the states for a long time not just under the rule of Trump

  16. yamutha2


    25 dager siden

    I’m new to H3 do they stream on here??? Or at all?

  17. assaasa asasdassaa

    assaasa asasdassaa

    26 dager siden

    I want to pop your pimple triangle Ethan

  18. JimboHimself


    29 dager siden

    Ethan, you’re spreading misinformation d00d. I absolutely LOVE your videos I’ve watched almost every upload. This was the only one I didn’t agree with, you should do more research and present facts especially when discussing topics as controversial as these.

  19. Lady Jenn

    Lady Jenn

    Måned siden

    He's trying to say we should be focusing and getting worked up on these things just as much as anything else.

  20. Crim Forever

    Crim Forever

    Måned siden

    Ar15s are just rifles. They are not assault rifles. The a in ar stands for arbalite.

    • Kevin Freese

      Kevin Freese

      12 dager siden

      @Crim Forever your welcome, if you're trying to tell someone what an abbreviation means you should get the fucking spelling right... otherwise what is the point

    • Crim Forever

      Crim Forever

      13 dager siden

      @Kevin Freese it's a good thing you threw that "derp" in there. Idk what I would have done with myself if you hadn't noticed the typo, and had just liked the comment or just read it and moved on knowing what I had meant. Thank you sooooo much for that.

    • Kevin Freese

      Kevin Freese

      13 dager siden

      Its Armalite.......derp

  21. Ian Good

    Ian Good

    Måned siden

    The same people who blame video games also looove war and loooovvee to threat war on other countries but playing fucking fortnite (as one of the reporters said from fox) is desensitizing murder.

  22. Georgina Blackwell

    Georgina Blackwell

    Måned siden

    Re watching this episode and watching a disgusting woman spat on her beautiful dog. It’s soooo hard to waaaaaatch. It’s one of the hardest things to see because animals are innocent and only doing what they believe is RIGHT YOU DUMB BITCH. I even got bitten by a dog that I actually love to this day, not my own dog but I literally knew it was a rescue dog and it protected someone’s food on the plate even though I was just walking past. WHO HURTS ANIMALS ! humans are cunts so to some extent smacking them makes more sense.

  23. SoMuChWoW26


    Måned siden

    if she didnt spit on her dog then clara did put the hacks on missqgemini account for csgo

  24. ZackLeath


    Måned siden

    Listen. Guys, I love all of you, but the whole gun issue is clearly something you don’t understand. We have gun laws now that CRIMINALS don’t follow. So why would a CRIMINAL follow new laws? The big bad “assault rifle” was banned in the 90s and what happened? Columbine. The AR in AR-15 doesn’t stand for assault rifle. It stands for Armalite Rifle. Which is the name of the company that invented the design. And guess who it was invented for? The military? Nope. Wrong. They made it specifically for citizens. Hence why it’s a SEMI AUTOMATIC gun. Which means one trigger pull, one bullet. I agree it’s terrible that kids die from loony fucked up people who have nothing going for them in life so they choose to take other’s, but the fact of the matter is more laws will only restrict law abiding citizens. Not criminals. Unfortunately. I would love to live in this liberal utopia where everyone hugs every morning, sings hallelujah, jerk each other off blah blah blah, but it’s not gonna happen. There’s always gonna be crazy people who will always have access to guns on the black market. It’s as simple as that.

  25. Erik Giovani

    Erik Giovani

    Måned siden

    1:37:38 one of my favorite meme begins

  26. Boston George

    Boston George

    Måned siden

    AOC is blocking people as well. All fucked up

  27. Maxim Malcon

    Maxim Malcon

    Måned siden

    Man you guys are full of crap. Bunch of idiots talking about topics they have no idea about. Stick to entertaining you clowns.

  28. Valerie JoAnne

    Valerie JoAnne

    Måned siden

    Every news station has an agenda...we also should train officers better when they sit outside while the shooting is happening and have the neighboring sheriffs county come and take action. When it comes to arming teachers, you would only arm those who first want to be armed second have training ideally military training and third if you are the teacher who is armed why would your students have to know (put that in there for those who are like the kids will take the gun)

  29. Valerie JoAnne

    Valerie JoAnne

    Måned siden

    If you are ok with hand guns why are you not ok with AR15? I really get confused on that

  30. Space Turtle

    Space Turtle

    Måned siden

    Really gonna call out fox for claiming video games create violence and put the blame on availability of ammo, weapons, and bump stocks? Let's look at the mental health situation in America. As well as some of the most prescribed medications in the entire nation that can cause psychotic mental breakdowns in ~15% of people. Psychiatry has failed in almost every category & simply blaming the availability of weapons would be treating symptoms, which is the current issue in psychiatric medicine these days. You really think we need to take away weapons? Or at least limit their availability? Why should the government be the only ones to have them? Even if you've a tentative grasp on history, you'll know gun control does not work governmentally.

  31. Adrena Sport

    Adrena Sport

    Måned siden

    Ethan leave politics out of your show.

  32. Alex


    Måned siden

    What bunch of hypocrite crybabies on this show. They are totally outraged about some women excersizing some very very mild abuse to a dog but then go on multiple podcasts to shame her to death. Really classy to be chipping in on pushing her towards suïcide. It also very hypocritical since the host totally verbally abused one of the co-hosts on one of the more recent episodes. No wonder these hypocrit f*cks get swatted on.

  33. El Sueño

    El Sueño

    Måned siden

    You cannot convince me that Trump is worse than Biden and Bernie. Those two are brain dead morons.

  34. SPAtomsk


    Måned siden

    She could've just slapped the floor next to his face

  35. B


    Måned siden

    Ethan: Al Qaeda fucked our whole society up with psychological warfare. Also Ethan: Lets make new laws to prevent bad things from happening!

  36. B


    Måned siden

    Wow, Ethan sure did get triggered in this episode. Becoming parents have turned them into oblivious turds.

  37. Iamishin


    Måned siden

    Neil "smoke da grass" Tyson is right. change my mind

  38. Vincent Cirillo

    Vincent Cirillo

    Måned siden

    What is wrong with ethans eyebrows? ethan: 18:24

  39. Gerald Gomez

    Gerald Gomez

    Måned siden

    Ethan please stop going back into politics you stopped for a bit and I started enjoying your show again but now you going back and clearly still don’t know much about politics, other than that still a fan of the show

  40. aaronsdavis


    Måned siden

    Seriously Ethan is getting dumber and it's gonna hurt his show if he continues to speak without thinking more deeply. Of course there is more to mass shootings than the numbers. But the numbers represent the quantity of pain and grief. It's perfectly reasonable to point out these things. It should also be pointed out that the level of violence in the USA and Western society in general IS DECLINING.