The Biggest Fail In YouTube History - H3 Podcast #133

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  1. frankjohnson123


    10 timer siden

    Libs want it both ways with twitter. Banning conservatives? Private platform, not a free speech issue. Trump blocking people on his personal account? Constitutional crisis!

  2. Ashley DiGiacomo

    Ashley DiGiacomo

    11 timer siden

    I hate that girl

  3. Moto -2TEN

    Moto -2TEN

    14 timer siden

    Trump doesn’t spend all day blocking people on Twitter... his team does and so does every other major figure in the public eye and every news source besides a very small few independent creators like Tim pool

  4. Ben Johnson

    Ben Johnson

    15 timer siden

    You say military grade weapons when they have the same capability as a hunting rifle or hand gun

  5. theokay lamp

    theokay lamp

    17 timer siden

    Wheres the application to send to possible date Ian lol

  6. Frannys Forest

    Frannys Forest

    20 timer siden

    The Whoaa drop and Ian pee drop is beyond hilarious. I cannot get enough and it never gets old.

  7. Enigma b

    Enigma b

    21 time siden

    1:12:15 If Ethan didn't want clout from this he would have sent her a D.M or pose the offer in a better way publicly.

  8. theokay lamp

    theokay lamp

    21 time siden

    Does Ethan not like Dan or something.

  9. Sarah Ramirez

    Sarah Ramirez

    23 timer siden

    I gotta pee so bad

  10. Dye


    Dag siden

    After they raid area 51 they be coming with creeper eggs at schools

  11. Fatima Nassef

    Fatima Nassef

    Dag siden

    18:23 the shut up tht u give ur sibling when they try to wake u up

  12. Gabriel Taiapa

    Gabriel Taiapa

    Dag siden

    One time my older brother held my dogs mouth open and then spat in it and when I got angry my parents said I was being touchy

  13. Some Dogs Are Cops

    Some Dogs Are Cops

    Dag siden

    His wording and timing were off but you guys missed the mark and sort of proved his point. What he is saying is we people need to put emotions aside and find a solution to gun violence. Instead of getting defensive (DONT TAKE MY GUNS) or offensive (BAN ALL GUNS.) Thats the reason we dont have change is people react to it emotionally then just forget about it.

  14. lolll Taylor gang

    lolll Taylor gang

    Dag siden

    Dude, a Doberman is not a dog you wanna abuse.

    • lolll Taylor gang

      lolll Taylor gang

      10 timer siden


    • sex mustache

      sex mustache

      12 timer siden

      A dog isn't a dog you want to abuse.

  15. HER0ofEVIL


    Dag siden

    The funny thing is that video games are probably the reason people aren't that violent because it distracts us because life is pretty boring without the tech

  16. Jorge Saenz-Urbina

    Jorge Saenz-Urbina

    Dag siden

    My new favorite episode.

  17. Cel


    Dag siden

    Guys I’m getting a Labrador puppy and no I won’t be abusing it I’m not Brooke Houts

  18. Tyler Grashaw

    Tyler Grashaw

    Dag siden

    You guys gotta stop talking politics. You sound sooo stupid.

  19. Wolfe & Co. #LivinBRAVE

    Wolfe & Co. #LivinBRAVE

    Dag siden

    Can you stop ruining the show with political bitching pls. Still love you guise

  20. Briana Lamb

    Briana Lamb

    Dag siden

    At least 80 percent of mass shootings occur in gun-free zones.

  21. Seth Burleigh

    Seth Burleigh

    Dag siden

    calm down hila america is no where near the shit hole you grew up in

  22. Bobby Brown

    Bobby Brown

    Dag siden

    Damn! That dog video made me pretty mad.

  23. Parker Anderson

    Parker Anderson

    Dag siden

    You guys need to show Dan more respect at 19:20, he was trying to explain his opinion and you just straight up cut him off

  24. oolala fuega

    oolala fuega

    Dag siden


  25. SwissMarksman


    Dag siden

    Off course that Dog was kinda hyperactive. That what's happen if you don't take your Dog on a proper walk or do some activities. Spiteful little cow. Hope that good boy takes a massive shit on her face before he runs away to find a better life.

  26. DTF


    Dag siden

    Id recommend thinking and researching about your politics. Because may of the thing like the mental health gun laws thing you were saying was incorrect.

  27. tommy doerr

    tommy doerr

    Dag siden

    It doesn’t seem like anyone is having fun on this show anymore. I watch H3 to forget about the bullshit going on I have enough moms screaming this shit on Facebook.

  28. fefefefifafu


    Dag siden

    WW2 was...well... it was a different time XD XD XD

  29. Gamecave 668

    Gamecave 668

    Dag siden

    Minecraft speedrun

  30. Gertrude Danberry

    Gertrude Danberry

    Dag siden

    that tik tok was made by Varli. shes very weird and teaches people bad morals. my cousin said she lives in long island NY. She will block you if you say one bad thing. she has her duets and comments disabled.

  31. Australian white tree Frog

    Australian white tree Frog

    Dag siden

    dies in minecraft goes off to shoot up school like all gamers do so

  32. itaitai


    Dag siden

    Please make a episode about all the awful neil degrasse tyson tweets

  33. Toasterofdoom !

    Toasterofdoom !

    Dag siden

    Neil was just stating facts, why was that so bad?

  34. Jamus


    Dag siden

    The other day I was playing Minecraft and I thought to myself: " I might kill a family tomorrow"

  35. Belvedere Antoinette

    Belvedere Antoinette

    Dag siden

    And not to mention the docked tail, and pointed ears. It's not a car dont modify your dog

  36. Pay The Ghost

    Pay The Ghost

    Dag siden

    Good lord, you guys are so dramatic..."I almost feel safer in Israel"?? Seriously? C'mon, at least here you don't walk out the door wondering if a guy is gonna blow himself up in a crowd today. You guys need to chill out, it's not funny.

  37. Caden Roulston

    Caden Roulston

    2 dager siden

    also guns don't kill people, people kill people

  38. Caden Roulston

    Caden Roulston

    2 dager siden

    guns themselves don't need to change background checks need to be more extensive and more effective in general

  39. Dayne Ramirez

    Dayne Ramirez

    2 dager siden

    I’m literally crying right now with the “I gotta pee SO bad”

  40. Robert Lasiter

    Robert Lasiter

    2 dager siden

    Unsubscribed because you are too stupid to understand Neil's tweet. Watching you guys(NOT DAN) try and digest and analyze current events gives me indigestion. Stay in your own god damn lane Fupa punk

  41. frog drug

    frog drug

    2 dager siden

    Poor Dan got cut off. I wanted to know his point of view, even though I fully agree with Ethan and Hila but Id also like to understand another point of view just like what Dan was about to explain.

  42. QueChurro TV

    QueChurro TV

    2 dager siden

    you suck

  43. Christian Knight

    Christian Knight

    2 dager siden

    5th grade English teacher: now Jimmy, how bad does Ian have to pee? Jimmy: SO bad

  44. BldgWha7


    2 dager siden

    “Creepy Porn Lawyer”!!!

  45. Crazy Uncle Hank

    Crazy Uncle Hank

    2 dager siden

    Angery Ethan = Best Ethan

  46. Alex C

    Alex C

    2 dager siden

    Love you guys, but you have really narrow, echo-chambery thoughts about how to respond to mass shootings. You're basically arguing that every time a terror attack of some kind happens, we'll just take away more and more rights as a band aid solution. If you do that every time, where do you end up? And by the way, the primary purpose of your right to own firearms isn't for self defense or hunting. The 2nd Ammendment is our last line of defense, the ultimate check on our own government.

  47. Cabbage


    2 dager siden

    This podcast is getting really bad... Realllyyyyyy bad. Please stick to memes and stay out of politics you really just making things up 😂

  48. Braydyn de Blois

    Braydyn de Blois

    2 dager siden

    The only H3 video I disliked. They completely misread Tyson's tweet. He isn't saying its not important to fix but that no one is talking about those problems as much as the shootings.

  49. Erik Giovani

    Erik Giovani

    2 dager siden

    1:42:44 broooo 😂😂😂

  50. Mr Phyrce

    Mr Phyrce

    2 dager siden

    Harping on Neil's tweet literally ruined this podcast. We get it he fucked up and you were pissed about it. Dont let it dictate the tone of the show.

  51. David Zendejas

    David Zendejas

    2 dager siden

    The bitch got the dog just for views, come on!

  52. Slorb D

    Slorb D

    2 dager siden

    some bad takes but whatever people can think what they want

  53. rollgame1148


    2 dager siden

    Look up youTuber Frida Future- woke your butt up buttisodes. Content is gold, would love to hear you and Hila break it down

  54. Cabbage


    2 dager siden

    Y'all should really stop talking about politics

  55. Cabbage


    2 dager siden

    You guys are missing his point so much .... Wow just pathetic how you can't think

  56. D G

    D G

    2 dager siden

    Hila, please... Stop talking... You're comparing apples to oranges. Really? A comparison to Israel? Also, yes emotions should not be considered when making decisions. Ever hear the saying "sleep it off"?

  57. D G

    D G

    2 dager siden

    I really hope Ethan and his chick jump off politics. He sounds very stupid when he spouts on BS. I love the podcast, but he's getting into things he doesn't understand.

  58. JetPackJay


    2 dager siden

    if they ban videogames there will probably be a higher chance of violence by average people and outrage

  59. Naty


    2 dager siden

    Yo Ian is gonna quit hahaha

  60. Sophia Baldwin

    Sophia Baldwin

    2 dager siden

    hila's headband is still so cutee

  61. Sergiy Pas

    Sergiy Pas

    2 dager siden

    Wtf with that MTG diss my man?

  62. Smart Went CRAZY

    Smart Went CRAZY

    2 dager siden

    Worst h3 podcast ive ever heard... Might want to re consider them

  63. Andrew Wishon

    Andrew Wishon

    2 dager siden

    "Do something" "We need to do something" anyone can say that guys WHAT should we do? "What are we doing about that?" "Nothing ever gets done" lol what are YOU doing? and what SHOULD we do? Anyone can talk out the side of their mouth Ethan, love ya still but man point and blame, doing exactly what everyone against you on their side is doing.

  64. SailorLuna


    2 dager siden

    I belive the dog is physically harmed, shes beating that poor dog

  65. Jonathan Ferrer

    Jonathan Ferrer

    2 dager siden

    Hila: "The person is the gun"... I'm sorry did you even watch Iron Giant bro?

  66. Ryan


    2 dager siden

    Oh my gosh. Telling Ean to hold it, then the water droplet effect kicks in. I lost it there 10/10. 1:45:07

  67. Matty Matt

    Matty Matt

    2 dager siden

    1:21:05 “You gotta bust his ass...” I think she tried that already... I know he was referring to taking the dog out for walks and runs to drain its energy.

  68. Steve Johansen

    Steve Johansen

    2 dager siden

    I understand the logic behind blocking people with mental illness to buy a gun but the vast majority of people with mental illness are very mild cases. Myself for example I am bipolar am well controlled with medication I grew up around guns and am one of the most gun safe people I know so you can’t block people with mental illness from buying guns because you are blocking the majority of people like myself who are perfectly abled people

  69. Meï Cox

    Meï Cox

    2 dager siden

    So, what's up with all the dislike ?

  70. Ema Purmensky

    Ema Purmensky

    2 dager siden

    Our school has a new policy that we can only evacuate after a fire alarm has been pulled when the administration comes on the intercom and confirms it's a fire and not an active shooter. Everything sucks.

  71. Battery_Boy


    2 dager siden

    you know.. at the 20 minute mark i remebered why i stopped watching this.. so sad u have to be soo fucking political. Apolitical h3h3 is better h3h3. Sorry but you lost a supporter here...

  72. tad jit

    tad jit

    2 dager siden

    You guys look old but talk and think like 16 year olds, how is this a show.?

  73. JonTheGamerGuru


    2 dager siden

    I’m shocked y’all were able to go this long without seeing Verli.

  74. Snowy


    2 dager siden

    The dedicated video to Andrew Yang was fine. And visiting bad news like shootings is also expected but please don't stay dark for so long. We get drowned in political crap here in the US and the dreaded election year is getting close. Stay pure H3 🙏

  75. Gerard Delgado

    Gerard Delgado

    2 dager siden

    There is no 250 mass shootings a year. Otherwise, you'd be seeing El Paso esk shootings on the news every day.

  76. AlteredRealityGaming


    2 dager siden

    Made your bias and ignorance show big time on your gun rant! You lost me. You literally said, it's ok for the government to for now take other people's guns if it's a rifle, as long as it's not your gun of a choice, a shotgun, a naive ignorant choice btw clearly by someone who doesnt know anything about guns, what about a year from now when they take all the " assault rifles", and a shooting happens with a shotgun and then they say it's common sense to take your shotgun? The fact you cant see that hypocrisy and cant follow that simple logic to completion. You really made yourself sound like an ignorant douche this whole podcast. You lost me for good with your epic arrogance and ignorace.

  77. MrBenjamino


    2 dager siden

    i gotta pee so bad

  78. barn owl

    barn owl

    3 dager siden

    man i love ian so much

  79. Bloodstainer


    3 dager siden

    Conservatives push kids into the liberal political camps by blaming video games, it's such a retarded move.

  80. Chris Lovitt

    Chris Lovitt

    3 dager siden

    That girl needs for her dog to be removed ASAP. Take her rights to own a dog. Charge her with a felony, and jump her ass.