Watching *You* Out of Context (Season 2)

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  1. Grace Ibata

    Grace Ibata

    32 minutter siden


  2. Rhianna Rajput

    Rhianna Rajput

    Time siden

    Lol I also thought of plain white Ts when he said Delilah

  3. Bleep Loughly

    Bleep Loughly

    2 timer siden

    Get on the ground...and propose! Welcome to the family! That killed me 😂😂

  4. Rosa Estela

    Rosa Estela

    3 timer siden

    Yaassssss Saiki K!!!!

  5. Cillian Leigh

    Cillian Leigh

    3 timer siden

    Loved this!

  6. Sarah Nowik

    Sarah Nowik

    8 timer siden

    (I didnt read the books so maybe I'm wrong) Okay so I actually don't think the neighbor is a new woman that he's in love with, I think it's his mother. Cause all throughout the season they were playing more flashbacks to Joe's relationship with his mother than they did in the first one

  7. Greta


    10 timer siden


  8. Maddy BEttencourt

    Maddy BEttencourt

    13 timer siden

    Can you do euphoria please

  9. Ella Preena

    Ella Preena

    15 timer siden

    Her: *We can be together now* Joe: *I dOn’t tHinK wE cAn*

  10. Thali 03

    Thali 03

    21 time siden

    you made me like that show!! well...Shit!

  11. Abbygirl1227


    21 time siden

    its really good ik im late but its kind of worth it

  12. aeb2000


    21 time siden

    dylan thinking delilah is joe's girlfriend for 21 minutes straight

  13. CrazyMage O_O

    CrazyMage O_O

    21 time siden

    can you do this with The 100?

  14. Andrea Acosta Ferro

    Andrea Acosta Ferro

    Dag siden

    please do a video after actually watching the show because i wanna know what you think after you actually understand what's happening!!

  15. afroallura


    Dag siden


  16. Bryant Bautista

    Bryant Bautista

    Dag siden

    I really enjoyed this! Please do more of this type of content. Seeing you react to season finales of shows you've never watched is such an awesome idea lmao

  17. It's me ya girl

    It's me ya girl

    Dag siden

    you should do this with riverdale, I know you've seen some of it, but it's *nothing* compared to the later seasons lol it would be funny to see your reactions to their uh development

  18. Tabby Lindsey

    Tabby Lindsey

    Dag siden

    Will Dylan ever do star wars?

  19. Nadia Beggiani

    Nadia Beggiani

    Dag siden

    Watch “to all the boys I’ve loved before ps I still love you”

  20. P. Montserrat

    P. Montserrat

    Dag siden

    I need Glee or Riverdale with no context. Just pick any episode.

  21. yy.maymay


    2 dager siden

    did anyone else get really excited when they saw that dylan watches saiki k

  22. Lara van Duuren

    Lara van Duuren

    2 dager siden

    This is so much funnier when you’ve seen the show!🤣🤣

  23. Satanay Fasheh

    Satanay Fasheh

    2 dager siden

    U need to watch the vampire diaries

  24. thesnakethat bitspiderman

    thesnakethat bitspiderman

    3 dager siden

    Him: *starts episode 9* Me already finished season 1 and 2 *cackles*

  25. Celly


    4 dager siden

    watch "starstruck" pleaseeeee

  26. bernadette


    4 dager siden

    Ok it's official. We need more dylan watching gory films lol his reactions to this one is just hilarious

  27. bernadette


    4 dager siden

    It's definitely fun seeing Dylan lose his head over this show 😂😂 and also watch him try to piece together the puzzle just to make a decent story out of it hahaha

  28. DeliaJay


    4 dager siden

    Have you watched supernatural??

  29. Coffee Sugar.

    Coffee Sugar.

    4 dager siden

    7:12 almost 16

  30. Ν.Π. Τ.Φ.

    Ν.Π. Τ.Φ.

    4 dager siden

    Fuuuuck! If you ONLY watch this episode Joe initially DOES seem like the normal one. Jesus!

  31. Salma Diaa

    Salma Diaa

    5 dager siden

    where's my sister oh your sister is Candace where is Delilah she's in a Prius (still talking about Candace)

  32. Tali Alba Blue

    Tali Alba Blue

    5 dager siden

    Confession: I also watched this series backwards too. No lie.

  33. Cierra A.

    Cierra A.

    5 dager siden

    I feel like you of all people could appreciate this show. Its so different than anything else out. Not even for the channel, just watch it. I didnt watch it for the longest time cause I dont trust the hype but when I was bored I decided to and I got hooked. Finished two seasons fast af. So good.

  34. Basikelele Ngqono

    Basikelele Ngqono

    5 dager siden

    Do euphoria.

  35. Bianca Picchi

    Bianca Picchi

    5 dager siden

    Im dying with this video 😂😂😂😂😂

  36. Emily McGuire

    Emily McGuire

    5 dager siden

    *”forty got killed by the fifty”* DYLAN😂😂😂😂

  37. Joska Koopman

    Joska Koopman

    6 dager siden

    God that was amazing 😂😂😂 now i want to watch you watch ‘you’ 🧐 ya know.. from beginning to the end this time 😂

  38. Porsha Lauri

    Porsha Lauri

    6 dager siden

    I love this video idea, absolutely hilarious 😆

  39. Pratika Singh

    Pratika Singh

    6 dager siden

    Dylan: Who's Candace? Me: Well......

  40. M K

    M K

    6 dager siden

    I'm japanese and I'v never thought you would watch terracehouse should I watch it...?

  41. Pratika Singh

    Pratika Singh

    6 dager siden

    12:54 Dylan: *explaining the story so far * Me: This should not be bothering me the way it is

  42. Pratika Singh

    Pratika Singh

    6 dager siden

    2:52 Those people weren't kidding with thw pause memes😂

  43. Pratika Singh

    Pratika Singh

    6 dager siden

    My favourite thing about season 2 was that even though I sort of expected that Love would be creepy and weird.......she somehow turned out to be creepier than Joe

  44. Stephanie G

    Stephanie G

    6 dager siden

    alright so I watched this video when it originally came out without knowing anything about the show and obviously thought it was funny and what not but not really understanding obviously. cut to now, i just finished the series this morning and my goodness i am CACKLING.

  45. anabelle thurston

    anabelle thurston

    7 dager siden

    if u wanna watch two murderers try to raise their child then watch the santa clarita diet😳😳

  46. Naomij Davies

    Naomij Davies

    7 dager siden

    I'm really sorry, but Joe reminds me of Ted Bundy. He just looks like him.

  47. Fate.


    7 dager siden

    I lovvvveee this show but man it's so dark

  48. Leigh Buchholz

    Leigh Buchholz

    7 dager siden

    Oh my god! You watch Terrace House!!! Love that show!

  49. Laura Daniela

    Laura Daniela

    8 dager siden

    It’s even more funnier when you haven’t watched the show either 😂

  50. Kkura Sayanne

    Kkura Sayanne

    8 dager siden

    Am i the only one when dylan asked "how did his girlfriend die?" was like oh dylan he actually ....... 😂 no spoilers ok ok tho the ending of s1 still hurts me so i came to be saved by dylan for s2 at least i'll have fun while watching his reactions and comments

  51. Jennifer Le

    Jennifer Le

    8 dager siden

    Can you please watch Lock & Key?!?!?!??

  52. Kaylie Verner

    Kaylie Verner

    8 dager siden

    😂 "in Hell"

  53. Ashley b

    Ashley b

    8 dager siden

    Watches entire series to watch a youtube video of dylan react to it

  54. Moné Moore

    Moné Moore

    8 dager siden

    Okay love this style but omg i want you to watch the whole series so you can actually understand it all 😂

  55. R 85

    R 85

    9 dager siden

    I think the third season is going to be about the neighbor being his real mother, and him catfishing his way into her life

  56. Nellie Sainvil

    Nellie Sainvil

    9 dager siden

    She murdered her brothers rapist**

  57. Cláudia Ferreira

    Cláudia Ferreira

    9 dager siden

    that "NANI" part killed me ahahahaah

  58. Vincisomething


    9 dager siden

    When it turns out Forty was the most sane between the three of them LOL.

  59. Vincisomething


    9 dager siden

    I love how he thinks Joe is innocent in all this 😂

  60. Vincisomething


    9 dager siden

    I watched the 2 seasons of this show partly so I could come back to watch this