6 Non-Virgins vs 1 Secret Virgin

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  1. Jubilee


    15 dager siden

    Hi Goodhumans! We’re back with a new episode of your favorite show, ODD MAN OUT! What inspired the creation of this series was us wanting to see how we define certain identities and analyze why we do this. Was your initial judgment incorrect? Why did you make that judgment? Let us know in the comments below with the hashtag #goodhumanstory, & the TOP 3 insightful, thoughtful comments will win a crewneck!

    • Jason Shuman

      Jason Shuman

      14 timer siden

      I RLY wanna hear Sean's Myspace story

    • Safa Hassan

      Safa Hassan

      17 timer siden

      Yesss plz to that

    • Safa Hassan

      Safa Hassan

      17 timer siden

      @вяι ωιтн lυν yhhhh like whos the bts hater!!!

    • Safa Hassan

      Safa Hassan

      17 timer siden

      U guys should do whos the bts hater!!!! Plzzz

    • justin sadorra

      justin sadorra

      Dag siden

      Pls fire Sean.

  2. Blume2228


    2 timer siden

    I knew it was Emmanuel from the beginning on because he blinked at 0:31

  3. Eren Dinçer

    Eren Dinçer

    2 timer siden

    emanuel is the last one who i thought the virgin

  4. Joshua Gonzales

    Joshua Gonzales

    2 timer siden

    I wanna watch Jolie and Sean burn to death

  5. ImDax


    2 timer siden

    That 18 year old is so cap 🧢

  6. KillzoneGaming


    2 timer siden

    ( Knock Knock ) Erin : Is that six Non-Vegans I see I can’t tell because of all the criticism I gave Brandon .... I mean the shampoo Brandon uses is awful not even vegan

  7. Eleazar Gonzalez

    Eleazar Gonzalez

    2 timer siden

    Respect to you Emmanuel

  8. nickmaxmartini


    2 timer siden

    why is sean just grilling people the entire time

  9. HoodieLU


    2 timer siden

    its emmanuel i havent watched yet but the chain seems too weird if not its sean

  10. Cate Mattson

    Cate Mattson

    2 timer siden

    k but sean annoys tf outta me..he just has one of those cocky personalities that nobody likes....

  11. Did you just eat my beans

    Did you just eat my beans

    2 timer siden

    Jesus 100? How many prostitutes has he paid?

  12. Jeremiah Briones

    Jeremiah Briones

    2 timer siden

    Sean: wHy aRe yOu wEaRinG tHat pOnY sHiRt

  13. Roy Valbuena

    Roy Valbuena

    2 timer siden

    Sean my dude is a sex symbol

  14. Pale Dale

    Pale Dale

    2 timer siden

    Damn......Jolie's a mega hoe

  15. Sonny D

    Sonny D

    2 timer siden

    Lol spotted the virgin in the first 40 seconds

  16. Pyrotechnic 17

    Pyrotechnic 17

    2 timer siden

    6 nerds vs 1 geek!

  17. Lemivy


    2 timer siden

    You're reading this comment right now.

  18. Youtube Videos

    Youtube Videos

    3 timer siden

    haha... all the haters here hating on sean for his arrogance and confidence... pure envy... its no mystery girls love confidence and sean has it..... thats why his personality backs up.... his numbers..... sad yall envy a man enjoying his life. bunch of sore prunes.

  19. Sushant Mahat

    Sushant Mahat

    3 timer siden

    I am too church Boy. YES..

  20. Crazhel


    3 timer siden

    I bet they all banged at the end

  21. Emily Torres

    Emily Torres

    3 timer siden

    Smhh why is my name is popular

  22. Ethane Ward

    Ethane Ward

    3 timer siden

    Why is everyone hating on Sean? Jesus you people are sad. He was funny and has a very unique personality, which is clear because you guys cant stop talking about him 😂 he clearly made this video 10x more intresting..

  23. All Things Dub

    All Things Dub

    3 timer siden

    Sean is a freaking weirdo.

  24. Jason Johnson

    Jason Johnson

    3 timer siden

    30-70 means its definitely closer to 70 WTF is going on. IDGAF about what you say you'll become a mother and the most incredible thing about you will be being a S class whore

  25. TheSkinniestLegend


    3 timer siden


  26. Dom


    3 timer siden

    Next Up: Odd One Out| Who has micropenis?

  27. Grizzly Jahk

    Grizzly Jahk

    3 timer siden

    To finish this video I had to divide that girl body count numbers by 5 😭 to make me not think about it 😂😂😂😂

  28. AP Sons

    AP Sons

    3 timer siden

    Bruh I was mad confident that it was sean smh

  29. OMGitzFrancis


    3 timer siden

    Sean spelled backwards is Jake Paul 🤔🤔

  30. Jost Somuan

    Jost Somuan

    3 timer siden

    Well, that took an unexpected turn! Loved this video. I like how the make it so that the mole is really REALLY hard to find.

  31. Joy Ven

    Joy Ven

    3 timer siden

    So glad to see guys like Emmanuel still exists❤️. It gives me, a virgin waiting for marriage, hope 😃

  32. Mansour XZ

    Mansour XZ

    3 timer siden

    “30-70 guys” Cuz u a slut. Spittin fax wether u like it or not🤷‍♂️. She 18 and goin to guys left n right

  33. xD Corrival

    xD Corrival

    3 timer siden

    I know him. Hes me.

  34. Frank Dreier

    Frank Dreier

    4 timer siden

    the way sean dresses, he gay so he a virg

  35. Matt Playz

    Matt Playz

    4 timer siden

    sean is the definiton of a chad but like 3 times more annoying

  36. Faaz Khan

    Faaz Khan

    4 timer siden

    Happy recommended?

  37. Laraya Wilson

    Laraya Wilson

    4 timer siden

    I am bi

  38. Noodle squad

    Noodle squad

    4 timer siden

    Why is it called odd man out if there woman in the show?

  39. man on a mission

    man on a mission

    4 timer siden

    11:43 *self proclaimed sex symbol* lmao

  40. Puppy Dogs

    Puppy Dogs

    4 timer siden

    Look like jake Paul and calls someone a sociopath....

  41. ChimChim_NoJams


    4 timer siden

    Sean: I think he is a sociopath. Me: I think your a sociopath.

  42. dmaniax D

    dmaniax D

    4 timer siden

    Do all girls in west are like jolie. Age 18 but body count 30-70?? Wtf how can any man end with her for long term?

  43. Stormnator


    4 timer siden

    Sean the type of guy to molest a priest

  44. The Other One7

    The Other One7

    4 timer siden

    I really wanted the virgin to be aroace

  45. Misael ㄣ⃒

    Misael ㄣ⃒

    4 timer siden

    70 bodies? Sheeesh. I mean she's alright, really nothing special but goddamn. Dudes out here clapping anything 💀



    5 timer siden

    3:44 cough cough thot cough cough

  47. Tbh Cindy

    Tbh Cindy

    5 timer siden

    Is being a virgin an insult now?! That girl @ 2:11 seemed so offended

  48. Jigyasa Borana

    Jigyasa Borana

    5 timer siden

    Totally unexpected

  49. delicious snacc

    delicious snacc

    5 timer siden

    Wait so most people voted the girl out on the first round then the person asked are you sure u want to continue and they all said yes like wtf u sent someone out for the sake of sending someone out?

  50. pizza hut

    pizza hut

    5 timer siden

    Okay where do we find the winner as a boyfriend because he has hood morals

    • pizza hut

      pizza hut

      5 timer siden

      I meant good oops hope that didnt sound racist 😳😳

  51. felicity Daniels

    felicity Daniels

    5 timer siden

    Jolie kinda made me feel in comfortable 😬

  52. Dariru


    5 timer siden

    *ultimate question* Are you a gamer?

  53. M P

    M P

    5 timer siden

    Sean is so funny what an absolute Chad

  54. Mr. Beasts Son

    Mr. Beasts Son

    5 timer siden

    Play 0:30 in 0.25x speed

  55. Bryce Spencer

    Bryce Spencer

    5 timer siden

    Yeah blue shirt is a whore



    5 timer siden

    i think its the black guy

  57. WarpBeast


    5 timer siden

    3:45 damn, wtf. This girl had sex 70 times holy mother of god

  58. Shut Up

    Shut Up

    5 timer siden

    I don’t understand how they don’t figure out who it is when it’s always so simple to tell who it is.

  59. Miss Shaneice

    Miss Shaneice

    5 timer siden

    Sean is not sex symbol worthy. Douche

  60. Bryce Spencer

    Bryce Spencer

    5 timer siden

    ThaTS NoT vIrGiN

  61. Big Chungus

    Big Chungus

    5 timer siden


  62. Tolu Aden

    Tolu Aden

    5 timer siden

    Does Sean remind anyone of Jake paul or is it just me

  63. TropiGame


    6 timer siden

    I feel bad for the hate Sean’s getting, he seems chill.

  64. Blade J

    Blade J

    6 timer siden

    Imagine you seein the news and you saw this guy talkin 4:18

  65. Thetraydan


    6 timer siden

    You could tell the white girl was a slut (The one with the blue shirt thing)

  66. flerganbean Roberts

    flerganbean Roberts

    6 timer siden

    Sean vs. Erin Who will win? Comment: Erin Like :Sean

  67. Helen Wilson

    Helen Wilson

    6 timer siden

    I love your shirt

  68. [Creåtíve Ußerñåme]

    [Creåtíve Ußerñåme]

    6 timer siden

    Sean and Jolie were the kids in school that were only nice to me to get the homework answers

  69. David Daniels Wong

    David Daniels Wong

    6 timer siden

    There’s always that one person that everyone hates in these videos...cough cough Sean.

  70. Clixe- N

    Clixe- N

    6 timer siden


  71. AndresDoesLife


    6 timer siden

    Jonathan just has a bad thinking mentality to answer questions

  72. Kevin Randale

    Kevin Randale

    6 timer siden

    who is not a fighter

  73. Fort bend Independent School District

    Fort bend Independent School District

    6 timer siden

    These just keep getting better and better next one 6 pedos vs 1 kid

  74. Sammu bb

    Sammu bb

    6 timer siden

    Okay but 50 to 70? Wtf ???? Sket

  75. Adam Izzard

    Adam Izzard

    6 timer siden

    I really hate Sean like REEEEAAAAALLLLLLYYYYYY

  76. Sheaba 3PT

    Sheaba 3PT

    6 timer siden

    I'm guessing it's Sean before I finish



    6 timer siden

    I want to read the comments out of habit but I also want to figure it out. I'm conflicted

  78. Sarah Brown

    Sarah Brown

    6 timer siden

    okay but. jonathan is fineeee pony shirt or not

  79. Wren Gehle

    Wren Gehle

    6 timer siden

    Plot twist: they are all virgins

  80. Nandita Das

    Nandita Das

    6 timer siden

    jolie needs to calm down sheesh