6 Non-Virgins vs 1 Secret Virgin

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  1. Jubilee


    4 måneder siden

    Hi Goodhumans! We’re back with a new episode of your favorite show, ODD MAN OUT! What inspired the creation of this series was us wanting to see how we define certain identities and analyze why we do this. Was your initial judgment incorrect? Why did you make that judgment? Let us know in the comments below with the hashtag #goodhumanstory, & the TOP 3 insightful, thoughtful comments will win a crewneck!

    • —DR0P— NEZ

      —DR0P— NEZ

      23 dager siden

      Who would’ve thought the FULL black guy would last that long

    • dan


      Måned siden

      I wouldn't call myself a good human after watching this😂😂😂

    • Chelsey Russel

      Chelsey Russel

      Måned siden

      Jubilee I love you guys can you do one on who’s a college graduate and ones that aren’t a graduate

    • Jack K

      Jack K

      Måned siden

      @Isa Analo I don't agree with your theory because you're not contextualizing their responses within the premise of the game. They each have to prove that they're a virgin. Why are you framing Sean within the narrative that he's insecure when he was abiding the goal of the game? By your logic, Jolie is insecure, too. If Sean wasn't lying, wouldn't his sincerity imply confidence in his decisions, given he's unafraid of being stigmatized? Comments like this really digust me. Not only are you overconfident in your equivocations, it means you missed the point of the show's very premise. This point is to start a dialogue which will dismantle people's preconceived judgements of someone's vital statistics. Instead, you just use it to serve your judgements. Society and institutions fabricate a culture around sex as means of social division. You are enabling that social division.

    • The Real Mitsu

      The Real Mitsu

      Måned siden

      6 Gamers Vs. 1 NON- Gamer!!!! 🙌🏽 🙌🏽

  2. Unsatisfied Ruin

    Unsatisfied Ruin

    6 timer siden

    Sean looks at least 50

  3. Khaleed Shaidi

    Khaleed Shaidi

    9 timer siden


  4. Björn Eriksson

    Björn Eriksson

    10 timer siden

    100 bucks says Sean and Jolie fucked after this episode was over.

  5. Austy


    14 timer siden

    Emmanuel with the Volvo story. Next level intellect

  6. Century


    16 timer siden

    Why is it that every video i guess who it is before it starts bruh

  7. Nostalgic Attic

    Nostalgic Attic

    16 timer siden

    No sin is greater he lied he should've just had sex

  8. Christopher Hardy

    Christopher Hardy

    17 timer siden

    Is Jonathan mentally handicap? He seems confused about his own life experience...

  9. The Garcia Family

    The Garcia Family

    18 timer siden

    Sean reminds me of Jake Paul idk why but yup

  10. Jerrean Hughes

    Jerrean Hughes

    20 timer siden

    My guess is the dude with the hickies. I'm only about a minute in so do crucify me if I'm wrong 😳

  11. Frelted


    21 time siden

    I thought the “12” thing was going to be like an uncle thing or something....

  12. Sage J

    Sage J

    21 time siden

    These people out here acting like having a hickey = no virginity but go off I guess lol

  13. LilBozee MegaMatt

    LilBozee MegaMatt

    22 timer siden

    20 seconds in Jonathon is the virgin in turning this off

  14. F.noname._.


    23 timer siden

    I don’t like Sean haha 😂

  15. Tiana Pereira

    Tiana Pereira

    Dag siden


  16. Nessa Roxy

    Nessa Roxy

    Dag siden

    She stuffed money in her shirt get her!

  17. Jader Lelis

    Jader Lelis

    Dag siden

    Have you guys noticed that Emannuel closed his eyes when he said "I'm not a virgin" at the beggining of the video?! When someone lies sometimes they close their eyes because they can't face their lies.

  18. thekimseokjin


    Dag siden

    okay but sean does NOT look 25

  19. Jawaria


    Dag siden

    What a shame girl(joli)with 70 relation & guy( sean)with 100 sex relation such a disgusting thing🤯😖 girl acting liked she soo cool fuck here & there🤐 what a proud moment? 👎& i liked girl lost virginanity at age 21 👍 such a nice girl

  20. Jawaria


    Dag siden

    I liked Emmanuel (Virgin) guy a lot✌️💖💖💖such a Pure soul🤟💞 even still in Western world Emmanul type men Exist👌,in west( 12,13 years old doing sex,Kids pregnancy very common,many time Virgin people get shammed by their own ( bad) friends force them to lost virginity with any random guys😝🤐👺

  21. 王chen xu

    王chen xu

    Dag siden

    “Back in the vovo” LMOA XD 😂

  22. Fr ost

    Fr ost

    Dag siden

    I love how he said that he's waiting for marriage.

  23. Nothing TM

    Nothing TM

    Dag siden

    bruh how can u tell if someone is virgin?? I act straight all the time and no one know 😂

  24. jhon hoppins

    jhon hoppins

    Dag siden

    Sean and Jolie were the most annoying and unlikable. And Sean probably lying about his body count. Edit: I'm also glad the mole won. A lot of them were nasty ass people at least the mole seems like a decent guy

  25. TheChumBucket 25

    TheChumBucket 25

    Dag siden

    Sean is an absolute sex symbol

  26. Keira E

    Keira E

    Dag siden

    8:13 i saw what he tried to do there lmao

  27. Ty Young

    Ty Young

    Dag siden

    She was open about her “whoring” Always fun to hear

  28. Kathryn P

    Kathryn P

    Dag siden

    Sean is the worst type of people. I’m sorry I know that’s mean. Just that person will never grow out of craving the Center of attention.

  29. et.


    Dag siden

    Please Jubilee team, can you take out the speed round? It's too fast. There's no time for real talk.

  30. Scoutee


    Dag siden

    I thought it was Jolie because she messed up a couple of times

  31. JCPentagon


    Dag siden

    How about 6 High School Dropouts vs 1 College Graduate

  32. AnimeLPS


    Dag siden

    No one: Absolutely no one: Sean: game theory

  33. Jennifer


    2 dager siden

    .. I'm just shocked of how many people some of these people slept with lol

  34. Abstraction _

    Abstraction _

    2 dager siden

    Omg Sean is like the worst

  35. state924


    2 dager siden

    8:16 Love this exchange! Sean: What color was the Volvo btw? Em: It was gold, like tannish gold. Sean: You mean like yellow? Em: Like tannish!

  36. A Pen

    A Pen

    2 dager siden

    That's not vegan

  37. Kylie Rigby

    Kylie Rigby

    2 dager siden

    Jubilee: Make an in site full comment Me: UwU

  38. Syilfi.


    2 dager siden

    i see stephanie poetri in jolie

  39. Ciwawawaaa Chicken

    Ciwawawaaa Chicken

    2 dager siden

    Everybody here calling jolie a slut just because she is a girl. Sean even had a higher bodycount. Just because it is a young girl people be slut shaming. If they Sean and Jolie switched ages she would still get slut shamed

  40. Vel World

    Vel World

    2 dager siden

    That long ass chain said virgin all over it 🤣🤣