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  1. hoeforjennie kim

    hoeforjennie kim

    3 timer siden

    Lufu: I thought you were gonna make a joke about his STD but ok

  2. Dark_Raz3r


    3 timer siden

    Lannan you r a fucking racist ***** **** ***hole

  3. AguynamedZ -

    AguynamedZ -

    4 timer siden

    Blind man walks into a bar... Then a chair... Then a table...

  4. David Garcia

    David Garcia

    9 timer siden

    It’s free real state

  5. Thomas Walle

    Thomas Walle

    11 timer siden

    If you Want lannan to laugh you need to do something about kids getting hurt

  6. Thomas Walle

    Thomas Walle

    11 timer siden

    Lannan you should have said demonetisation is key

  7. Ro Pro

    Ro Pro

    16 timer siden

    Not surprised that Lannan has a censored sign for swearing

  8. Thomas Nebbs

    Thomas Nebbs

    20 timer siden

    What do you thing lachlan said when it was censored

    • Casey C-ManCoolMan Pitt

      Casey C-ManCoolMan Pitt

      2 timer siden

      Lannan said *censored* *censored*

  9. ItsmeStyleD _cool

    ItsmeStyleD _cool

    20 timer siden

    There is one thing Click,Lannan and the comments forgot about Lannan: KIDS GETTIN HURT!!!!!!! Og lazarbeam fans Y'all know it

  10. Slappy


    Dag siden

    petition to make cray the new dr.Eggman in the new sonic movie sign here I I V

  11. BlueMaster75


    Dag siden

    Lannan became Marcus from the first one. ONE V ONE FIGHT!

  12. the randums

    the randums

    Dag siden

    Bazaar was scared shitless in the begining

  13. Golfrobbo XD

    Golfrobbo XD

    Dag siden

    Trampoleen why u hate him

  14. Taijh Burns

    Taijh Burns

    Dag siden

    make a click discord

  15. Sub to me If you want idc

    Sub to me If you want idc

    2 dager siden

    Just show Lazarbeam a kid getting hurt

  16. xxrecked xx

    xxrecked xx

    2 dager siden

    For the third time lannan went up Elliot should have said what’s going on guys

  17. Liam Burns

    Liam Burns

    2 dager siden

    Don’t you have Christmas in the summer time not winter

  18. SKY


    2 dager siden

    oof im taller then cray and im 11 oof 5,9

  19. Brandon Brousseau

    Brandon Brousseau

    2 dager siden

    elliot says that´s not a joke about her sister being pregnant 1:07

  20. Zanre Vosges

    Zanre Vosges

    2 dager siden

    my dad vapes

  21. Dávid Stengaard Akason

    Dávid Stengaard Akason

    2 dager siden


  22. Korbin Finlay

    Korbin Finlay

    2 dager siden

    They should do this with the misfits

  23. Make the best of Things

    Make the best of Things

    3 dager siden

    Read more

  24. Bubbles YT

    Bubbles YT

    3 dager siden

    I pretty sure that's how he got herpes

  25. Unknown Cloud

    Unknown Cloud

    3 dager siden

    He should of said hurry up and take the picture 7:35

  26. you looked

    you looked

    3 dager siden

    Cray should've said to Bazz :Paris

  27. Nathan Levine

    Nathan Levine

    3 dager siden

    I was lol when Eliot said that doctor joke

  28. Liam Burns

    Liam Burns

    3 dager siden

    Welcome to jarassic park Lannan:tweetweettweetweettweeeeet

  29. Liam Burns

    Liam Burns

    3 dager siden

    Is muselk trying to be sexual to Marcus

  30. Liam Burns

    Liam Burns

    3 dager siden

    Lannan:I searched horribly racist jokes Cray:LANNAN NO!!!bagabagbadiaaaa!!!dumocity

  31. Star Sapphire37

    Star Sapphire37

    3 dager siden

    Cray reminds me of a confused and angry pig

  32. ツduckmonst3r


    3 dager siden

    lannan is wearing lachlan merch

  33. LZ_DeAd-_-


    3 dager siden

    Daughter: dad I’m lesbian Dad: I still love u Daughter 2: dad I’m lesbian too Dad: ok does anyone here like boys Son: hey dad I do

  34. Itsyaboi M41k0l.5

    Itsyaboi M41k0l.5

    4 dager siden

    Lannan : hold on one more Cray : LANNAN NO Lannan : *beeeeep* Cray : AAAAAAAAAA - *to be continued*

  35. _memenade _

    _memenade _

    4 dager siden

    Lannons Face at 15 seconds 😂

  36. Rara The lion

    Rara The lion

    4 dager siden

    I keep on having to skip the intro because Elliot is too fkn loud for me

  37. Kenneth Rodriguez

    Kenneth Rodriguez

    4 dager siden

    Cray:Hey there partner But bazz laughs cuz he remembers what happened in Paris

  38. Fortnite Madness34

    Fortnite Madness34

    5 dager siden

    I love Lannan

  39. Cole Elsom

    Cole Elsom

    5 dager siden

    Fuck muselk

  40. Runzoff


    5 dager siden

    Elliot should of said his intro every time. “whats going on guys”