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How many times did you laugh?
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  1. Shiro Tagashi

    Shiro Tagashi

    Time siden

    noplayer.info/show/SWtjX3VadzJtcW8.html Laugh for me!

  2. Mic Vi

    Mic Vi

    Time siden

    This is the real reason why Lannan wasnt in the other one

  3. leon games

    leon games

    Time siden

    me lafing all vid

  4. Sug Me Peen Dawg

    Sug Me Peen Dawg

    Time siden

    What do you call a gay eskimo and a black guy A snowblower that doesn’t work

  5. Dane GD

    Dane GD

    Time siden

    Lannan should've said dad jokes to bazz instead of rasist jokes xD

  6. XdAtlas x

    XdAtlas x

    2 timer siden

    Ellot: my NOplayer channel is good Lannan: Hahahahahaahaha

  7. Dragon Wolf 882

    Dragon Wolf 882

    2 timer siden

    The reason lannan won is beacause of all the memes he watches

  8. The Insiders

    The Insiders

    2 timer siden

    I’m not shore if lannan was faking that’s muselks sister is actually pregnant they never actually specified if it was true

  9. Martin English

    Martin English

    2 timer siden

    Is Elliot diabetic because I saw a pump on his pants btw I’m type 1 diabetic

  10. andrewhawk9671


    2 timer siden

    Why copy off of Smosh?

  11. Harrison Baylor

    Harrison Baylor

    2 timer siden

    What a second! 1:09 Elliot says that wasn’t a joke… Lannan is going to be a father? Or was Elliot joking. Sorry I just occasionally watch these videos don’t really keep up all that well.

  12. TV KID

    TV KID

    2 timer siden

    bazzi looked like a puffer fish

  13. erik Roksvold

    erik Roksvold

    3 timer siden

    “Racism is so much better” Lannon circa 2019

  14. Otters of Maddness

    Otters of Maddness

    3 timer siden

    They should do blind fold food testing it would be funny

  15. Metallic Silver

    Metallic Silver

    3 timer siden

    thb this joke ima type is somewhat funny if you have dark humor: "If 2 blind people have sex and have a kid who is gonna watch the kid?"

  16. Mater me

    Mater me

    3 timer siden

    I like it how bazz is saying you need more water while wearing a drink more water shirt.

  17. Daniël Heezen

    Daniël Heezen

    3 timer siden

    If muselks sister came and said if you love me talk He would have lost

  18. TTV Potato

    TTV Potato

    3 timer siden


  19. Clarissa Jeffery

    Clarissa Jeffery

    3 timer siden

    When you realise that Lannan is wearing Lockys merch

  20. Cameron Bryson

    Cameron Bryson

    3 timer siden

    Smooch did this first

  21. Fam_ Kev

    Fam_ Kev

    3 timer siden

    Wait So Does This Mean Lannan Is Going To Be A Father

  22. Marjory Zapalac

    Marjory Zapalac

    4 timer siden

    Yes I'm 5.9

    • Marjory Zapalac

      Marjory Zapalac

      4 timer siden

      Dislike please

  23. ChickenNugz 28

    ChickenNugz 28

    4 timer siden

    Mueselk ublost weight

  24. Oliver Matthews

    Oliver Matthews

    4 timer siden

    Lannan is our local hero

  25. xd_salty_xd


    4 timer siden

    Lannan no

  26. It’s Bana

    It’s Bana

    4 timer siden

    Museum has uncle jokes

  27. goproman39 youip

    goproman39 youip

    4 timer siden

    Wait is lazer having a babby?

  28. retarded aussie

    retarded aussie

    4 timer siden

    Lannan reminds me of my older brother

  29. Steven Song

    Steven Song

    4 timer siden

    Why can't dinosaurs clap? I I v cause there dead

  30. Ammar Mansour

    Ammar Mansour

    4 timer siden

    look at lazarbeam at 4:33

  31. OneSaltyBoi


    4 timer siden

    why does Elliot make every single one of his scenes look like a gay porno?

  32. Xx_merk gaming_xX

    Xx_merk gaming_xX

    4 timer siden

    Not even jokes I feel like this is just a weird and awkward group😬

  33. Mooseless Hi

    Mooseless Hi

    5 timer siden

    If Elsa is actually pregnant, then congratulations to you lannan and Elsa

  34. Michael Napolillo

    Michael Napolillo

    5 timer siden

    Lannan laughs at kids getting hurt he says it’s his kryptonnight

  35. Quinn Walker

    Quinn Walker

    5 timer siden

    @ 1:32 this is what happened in paris

  36. cj johnson

    cj johnson

    5 timer siden

    How many black jokes did lannah do ?

  37. Arthur Alekseyenko

    Arthur Alekseyenko

    6 timer siden

    He click let's copy smosh try not laugh

  38. BANANAMAN 3709

    BANANAMAN 3709

    6 timer siden

    Wait lannan is a dad and Elliot is an uncle?!? NANI!?

  39. RZ_ Benedict

    RZ_ Benedict

    6 timer siden

    You laugh You lose Niga Edit : Crays weakness are bo0bs Hell laugh at them



    6 timer siden

    Whys laserbeam in all the thumbnails, well 90% of them

  41. Lyra Sharma

    Lyra Sharma

    7 timer siden

    Does anybody remember that Lannan was actually the worst at try not to laugh challenges. wHeN hE wOn ThIs I wAs ShOok

  42. MasterGamingJay OG GAMER CREW

    MasterGamingJay OG GAMER CREW

    7 timer siden

    0:59 Bazz left

  43. AquaFloats


    7 timer siden

    Tried putting water in my mouth and tried not to laugh lost in the first 5 sec.😰😰😰

  44. MEISAWESOME 4321


    7 timer siden

    did anyone notice that Lannon has a Power Hoodie on by Lachlan!

  45. Johnny Pepper

    Johnny Pepper

    7 timer siden

    In the thumbnail it looks like everyone became a ginger

  46. Brandan Beatrice

    Brandan Beatrice

    7 timer siden

    Confirmation that Marcus and Fruity use the L-word.



    7 timer siden

    Rasist jokes aren’t funny



    7 timer siden

    is lannans girlfriend actually pregnant

  49. Cameron Stewart

    Cameron Stewart

    7 timer siden

    1:27 oh so that's what happens in Paris 😂

  50. Xd Chiari

    Xd Chiari

    7 timer siden

    Here’s a joke “Hey,is your shirt made of felt?” No,why? *Touches shirt* “Well,now it is”

  51. MuffinsHyper


    8 timer siden

    Lufu doesn't look happy with lannan spitting water😂

  52. Corey Gillis

    Corey Gillis

    8 timer siden

    lazar lazar wins!!!!!!!

  53. Luke Mills

    Luke Mills

    8 timer siden

    I want an uncensored version of those easier jokes Lannan told 😂

  54. Enchanted Frost

    Enchanted Frost

    8 timer siden

    Bazza had a bazzagasm

  55. Gavin Webb

    Gavin Webb

    8 timer siden

    Whisper in someone's ear ya like jazz

  56. Zizzy Claps

    Zizzy Claps

    8 timer siden


  57. Jared Cristi

    Jared Cristi

    8 timer siden

    Literally Everyone- No Landon, No Landon, No Landon Fresh- Yes

  58. Can we get 1000 subs with our a single vid Ttv btw

    Can we get 1000 subs with our a single vid Ttv btw

    9 timer siden

    Show lazarbeam kids getting hurt

  59. Ethankb1


    9 timer siden

    Whats the racist jokes uncensored

  60. Andrew Shea

    Andrew Shea

    9 timer siden

    She’s pregnant!!!

  61. Yeet Man

    Yeet Man

    9 timer siden

    Lannan:Doesnt laugh in this video :In his YLYL videos he laughs every time WTF LANNAN

  62. Alessio Guerrera

    Alessio Guerrera

    9 timer siden

    A way to make Marcus laugh is cath telling him if he doesn’t laugh she won’t have sex with him anymore

  63. VV Gaming

    VV Gaming

    9 timer siden

    I’d fail, I laugh at someone saying potato

  64. Gav&N8te Gaming

    Gav&N8te Gaming

    9 timer siden

    10:42 uno reverse card

  65. JVenom


    10 timer siden

    just do one of those try not to laugh videos that he's lost at before

  66. Darkpredetor 360

    Darkpredetor 360

    10 timer siden

    Lannan just should have a constant censor bar on him

  67. JoshLordx


    10 timer siden

    What are lazarbeams shoes he is wearing

  68. 1insuranceagent


    10 timer siden

    why do they look like gangsters

  69. Jdbeam 51

    Jdbeam 51

    10 timer siden

    Where’s the Pokémon minecraft

  70. kings gaming

    kings gaming

    10 timer siden

    Wow any one could have just said to Lannan if u love the word yeet talk...

  71. But WhyThough

    But WhyThough

    10 timer siden

    Someone: Tell me a joke! Me: my relationship

  72. Mx1air


    10 timer siden


  73. Eelliton


    10 timer siden

    Is ilsa actually preggos

  74. Alfie Anderson

    Alfie Anderson

    10 timer siden


  75. Evan Terweeme

    Evan Terweeme

    10 timer siden

    me looking for the new click vid this week

  76. Zak


    10 timer siden

    scream to lannan WHATS GOING ON GUYS

  77. degingerked


    10 timer siden

    11:24 wtf was that

  78. Nicolas k

    Nicolas k

    11 timer siden

    They literally are the smaller version of sidemen

  79. locodomi2k '

    locodomi2k '

    11 timer siden

    Who eles thinks bazz has a nice ass

  80. FrozenHawaiian


    11 timer siden

    More Try Not To Laugh challenges with CLICK. Please?!