What Happens When You Freeze Dry Candy?

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In today's video we're testing out several different types of candy and food in our freeze dryer. Skittles, ice cream sandwiches, gummy worms, Milky Ways, and others. What will they do?
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  1. Jacob Nguyen

    Jacob Nguyen

    4 timer siden

    freeze dry a lightbulb

  2. Gabdu superhero Chaudhary

    Gabdu superhero Chaudhary

    5 timer siden

    this is a steve reviews video.why are you talking about freeze drying food

  3. Olivia Marie06

    Olivia Marie06

    5 timer siden


  4. 500 subs with no vids?

    500 subs with no vids?

    5 timer siden

    What happens when...You Freeze ice?

  5. Sienna Carmella

    Sienna Carmella

    7 timer siden

    The Australian chocolate your thinking about is called a Crunchie

  6. Rosette Brazier

    Rosette Brazier

    7 timer siden

    Him “a violet crumble it’s Australian” Me “a what what now”

  7. yourr namee

    yourr namee

    8 timer siden

    So this is a sport? I should grab some cycling or golfing sunnies and go directly to my freeze dryer?

  8. Headset Cat

    Headset Cat

    8 timer siden

    Try drying inc

  9. Headset Cat

    Headset Cat

    8 timer siden

    Ok I’m asking for a freeze dryer for Christmas x3

  10. Kitten Chompers

    Kitten Chompers

    9 timer siden

    Velveeta, Snickers, taco bell chalupa, starburst, milky way, pop tarts. Btw that nougat thing looked like a Cadbury crunchie from UK,

  11. Tyler Hemgoull

    Tyler Hemgoull

    9 timer siden


  12. -1 hp

    -1 hp

    9 timer siden

    oie mate ah freakeng loeve violet crulmble

  13. cat's corner

    cat's corner

    10 timer siden


  14. DragonX_YT_


    10 timer siden

    freeze-dry Japanese candies pls

  15. Cool_Adrian7 Gaming

    Cool_Adrian7 Gaming

    10 timer siden

    So it’s just Cheeto puffs?

  16. TheGeeze456


    10 timer siden

    am I the only one who noticed the pull-ups and diapers in the background???

  17. Poosh Pash

    Poosh Pash

    11 timer siden

    Crush up smarties and put it in the cotton candy maker

  18. maddie0896


    11 timer siden

    Whose house are they in

  19. This Is Suparno

    This Is Suparno

    11 timer siden

    Who want to remove that girl from video

  20. MaKayla Jarrett

    MaKayla Jarrett

    11 timer siden

    Can you put a stretch Armstrong in the freeze dryer idk if this is possible though.

  21. Bobbi Ross

    Bobbi Ross

    11 timer siden

    6:10 to 6:16 is ASMR

  22. Tage N Ruby

    Tage N Ruby

    12 timer siden

    The taffy looks like a bath bom

  23. Dubba OK

    Dubba OK

    12 timer siden

    A banana

  24. planet putty

    planet putty

    12 timer siden

    Freeze chocolate

  25. elizabeth ellen

    elizabeth ellen

    12 timer siden

    *okay so now I have to buy a freeze dryer.*

  26. Jack Bright

    Jack Bright

    12 timer siden

    ALBANESE GUMMIES ARE NUMBER ONE!! Got to visit the factory on a trip to Chicago last year and I got the butterflies and I loved it

  27. Maya KittyCorn

    Maya KittyCorn

    12 timer siden

    Send me some freeze dry skittles Yum!

  28. Mr. matthew

    Mr. matthew

    13 timer siden

    Freeze dry animal fat. I'm curious to see what'll happen.

  29. Superrhotfirre 12131415

    Superrhotfirre 12131415

    13 timer siden

    Freeze dry a burger

  30. Heaven Keesling

    Heaven Keesling

    13 timer siden


  31. Heaven Keesling

    Heaven Keesling

    13 timer siden


  32. ItsJustEmma45


    13 timer siden

    Freeze dry: • cotton candy • Cheetos • licorice Like if you agree so they can see it!!! 👇🏻

    • Laurel Branch

      Laurel Branch

      12 timer siden

      ItsJustEmma45 cotton candy and Cheetos have too many holes to change so the air with just escape without puffing. Licorice would be interesting tho

  33. Gary Henson

    Gary Henson

    13 timer siden


  34. Lexi Williams

    Lexi Williams

    13 timer siden

    U should try freezed dried gum

  35. Isis Jackson

    Isis Jackson

    13 timer siden

    chickenwings alredy cooked boneless

  36. Eeveelution Line 07

    Eeveelution Line 07

    13 timer siden

    Freeze dried ice

  37. Lihong Lin

    Lihong Lin

    13 timer siden


  38. Joey Rizzo

    Joey Rizzo

    13 timer siden


  39. Vidgme1


    13 timer siden

    Do a egg

  40. Macci MSP

    Macci MSP

    14 timer siden

    Hot cheetos !



    14 timer siden

    The skittles look like pool balls

  42. BIG DADDY peach

    BIG DADDY peach

    14 timer siden

    How did they not eat it all

  43. Elle Phinn

    Elle Phinn

    14 timer siden


  44. Creative Revival

    Creative Revival

    14 timer siden

    So lucky!!! I want to freeze dry fruit I dehydrate food I wonder what would happen

  45. Jaden Olson

    Jaden Olson

    14 timer siden


  46. Sam Levy

    Sam Levy

    14 timer siden

    Try freeze dry lettuce, cucumber and watermelon, which are the foods with a huge percentage of water. I’m especially interested in the lettuce.

  47. Kaylee Spangler

    Kaylee Spangler

    14 timer siden

    French fries

  48. Phoenix Fox

    Phoenix Fox

    14 timer siden

    Freeze dry Oreos please...

  49. Shady xO

    Shady xO

    14 timer siden

    *oh gawd I'm hungry now*

  50. Emma Mataseje

    Emma Mataseje

    15 timer siden

    Can you do actual cotton candy and maybe condiments like ketchup and mustard I just think it would be cool

  51. Animus


    15 timer siden

    I wanna try all that now jeez

  52. Binx7777


    15 timer siden


  53. Darkrainb0w


    15 timer siden

    Freeze dry cake!

  54. Sweetassuga


    15 timer siden

    As a British person... that is a mars bar not a Milky Way 😭

  55. Brielle Hjdh

    Brielle Hjdh

    15 timer siden

    Dry freezer*

  56. Kdubs Games

    Kdubs Games

    15 timer siden

    In the freeze dreyer

  57. Kara


    16 timer siden


  58. Daniel.gardne R

    Daniel.gardne R

    16 timer siden

    Try chewing gum

  59. songs songs

    songs songs

    16 timer siden

    Frut that might be cool

  60. ThatMarvelNerd


    16 timer siden

    I love how Kelly is always eating something in almost every shot she's in