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Arthur kills three guys in the subway | Joker [UltraHD, HDR]

Joker (2019)
Scene: Arthur kills three guys in the subway
Storyline: In Gotham City, mentally troubled comedian Arthur Fleck is disregarded and mistreated by society. He then embarks on a downward spiral of revolution and bloody crime. This path brings him face-to-face with his alter-ego: the Joker.
Director: Todd Phillips
Writers: Todd Phillips, Scott Silver
Cast: Joaquin Phoenix (Arthur Fleck \ Joker), Robert De Niro (Murray Franklin), Zazie Beetz (Sophie Dumond), Frances Conroy (Penny Fleck), Brett Cullen (Thomas Wayne), Shea Whigham (Detective Burke), Bill Camp (Detective Garrity), Glenn Fleshler (Randall), Leigh Gill (Gary)
Production Companies:
BRON Studios (in association with) (as BRON Creative)
Creative Wealth Media Finance
DC Comics
DC Entertainment
Joint Effort
Village Roadshow Pictures (in association with)
Warner Bros.
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  1. Spa Man

    Spa Man

    10 minutter siden

    "I don't believe in this silly idea of equality; I believe in the righteousness of justice."

  2. Raymond Budd

    Raymond Budd

    51 minutt siden

    Why is Arthur a legend in a way apart from murder he’s had a rough childhood no one can blame him he’s just trying to live when people are being horrible and disrespectful to him

  3. mrlegkick666


    Time siden

    Ok Imagine seeing a clown sitting alone on a Subway laughing hysterically like a maniac. How do you respond? Walk towards the clown and sing him a song! Obviously!

  4. Damien Wanye

    Damien Wanye

    2 timer siden

    How many bullets was in that revolver. Mmmmmmm

  5. MOGUL


    2 timer siden

    Honestly it was satisfying seeing him kill the first two idiots. But the third one genuinely terrified me how he chased him .

  6. Ryan Stevens

    Ryan Stevens

    2 timer siden

    I love this movie! But he has six shots but fires 8 times. I know I’m an asshole

  7. Lord Marlborough

    Lord Marlborough

    5 timer siden

    Screw those fuckers.

  8. Bear Gone Bad

    Bear Gone Bad

    7 timer siden

    At first I though killing them was excessive but they deserved it. Really good film, great acting and sent shivers down my spine. I havent felt like this from a film for a while

  9. Gonzo The weird

    Gonzo The weird

    8 timer siden

    I'm glad he killed them. They were three assholes who got what they deserve. He wasn't scared and screaming help when he held Arthur so the other guy can hit him, or stood over him kicking him. Fuck those guys

  10. dead citizen 22

    dead citizen 22

    11 timer siden

    It was Self Defense up until the 3rd guy murder

  11. the-Dark-Writer-1994


    11 timer siden

    I mean Arthur wasn't wrong, they were awful and got what they fucking deserve.

  12. Steven Hinkle

    Steven Hinkle

    11 timer siden

    Doesn't strike me as some kind of mind-blowing amazing movie most would have you believe.

  13. Nate jaxson

    Nate jaxson

    12 timer siden

    How many bullets in the gun?

  14. magmoz


    14 timer siden

    I feel really bad for joker here, I know he killed 3 people, but the first 2 werent morally wrong at all really, and the last one was because realistically, if he had let him live, the other would've gone to the police and there's no way they would believe him

  15. Puff Of Smoke

    Puff Of Smoke

    14 timer siden

    The real question is, did it really happen?

  16. Wiseass Skeleton

    Wiseass Skeleton

    19 timer siden

    >clown on the subway >with an unsettling, almost curious smile >in a car that's otherwise entirely empty >show him that you're an asshole >he starts laughing >provoke him directly >he laughs harder >... >"YEAH I TOTALLY WANNA FUCK WITH THIS GUY, WHAT COULD *POSSIBLY* GO WRONG???"

  17. Nguyen Nguyen

    Nguyen Nguyen

    19 timer siden

    1:20 "what song "?🤣😂😂

  18. donald raps

    donald raps

    19 timer siden

    He just wanted a normal life but everyone treated him like *a clown*

  19. Matt K

    Matt K

    19 timer siden

    2:28 is where Arthur decided to pull out his gun

  20. Edwin Garcia Molina

    Edwin Garcia Molina

    20 timer siden

    Como se llama la enfermedad?

  21. Adalberto De La Fuente

    Adalberto De La Fuente

    20 timer siden

    He shooting seven times? What kind a revolver is this?

  22. Korean Popcorn

    Korean Popcorn

    21 time siden

    2:44 when the quiet kid in school has had enough

  23. Savage


    23 timer siden


  24. Lee Jizzle

    Lee Jizzle

    Dag siden

    I'm tryna figure out how many bullete fit a revolver. Other than that great movie

  25. chabroch pro edition

    chabroch pro edition

    Dag siden

    3:20 why are you running ?

  26. Not Sandro

    Not Sandro

    Dag siden


  27. cachorro vaDIO

    cachorro vaDIO

    Dag siden

    I think those guys got what they deserved

  28. mrlegkick666


    Dag siden

    Man, this comment section needs a therapist... You guys need to calm tf down

  29. Hammi and herbi GD

    Hammi and herbi GD

    Dag siden

    Did the right thing

  30. SteakPie


    Dag siden

    Is it just me or is he a good shot? lol

  31. Hartmut Thomas

    Hartmut Thomas

    Dag siden

    Well poached at "Charles Bronson vs. muggers". just just funnier.

  32. KyleTJones


    Dag siden

    I mean they should have expected him to do something back

  33. Mars Nars

    Mars Nars

    Dag siden

    I loved Parasite but I’m like how did Joker not win best direction? Ah well.



    Dag siden

    To me it seems they got what they f**cking deserved

  35. Tenshi Ryuzaki

    Tenshi Ryuzaki

    Dag siden

    First time I saw this I laughed... is there something wrong with me?

    • Kakarot and Vegeta Combined

      Kakarot and Vegeta Combined

      Dag siden

      Nah you're good

  36. suraj mohanty

    suraj mohanty

    Dag siden

    Joker's are not born as Joker's but they are created by the society

  37. Crackle Crack

    Crackle Crack

    Dag siden

    3:19 sounds like that meme

  38. I'm Iron Man

    I'm Iron Man

    Dag siden

    It was self defense.

  39. CJ Larson

    CJ Larson

    Dag siden

    Don’t start none....won’t be none. You have been warned society. You would never recognize me in a crowd.... but there I am.....ready to defend the weak. I will take any measure to stop violence, with violence 💯🔥

  40. Connor


    Dag siden


  41. KnowThyself7


    Dag siden

    In the meanwhile, in that very same location, Neo and Agent Smith were settling their own feud in the Matix.

  42. Gadiel Acevedo

    Gadiel Acevedo

    Dag siden

    1:09-1:10 the way he looked at the woman as she walked away 😭

  43. VIP gamer

    VIP gamer

    Dag siden

    i wonder if the woman had the laughing disorder, they would do the same thing to her. ouch

  44. Sofia Andrade

    Sofia Andrade

    Dag siden

    i just merged this with sh boom sh boom, its beautiful

  45. Panzerfaust 991

    Panzerfaust 991

    2 dager siden

    3 dickheads dead.. good job

  46. Haxxer82


    2 dager siden

    Makes me forget it's a movie

  47. bryan wee

    bryan wee

    2 dager siden

    Kill man 2:45 2:47 3:54

  48. Fortan Forten

    Fortan Forten

    2 dager siden

    You all are fucking retards, the murders were not right

  49. Senpaiii


    2 dager siden

    he was about to shoot that last guy way more than 3 times, but he ran out of ammo

  50. A Robot Channel

    A Robot Channel

    2 dager siden

    I like this it like life reborn in a society of nothing but stupidity and idiots around the world today. This movie is like a relief to all the shit that’s been happening in today’s world.

  51. Nikolinos Klmt

    Nikolinos Klmt

    2 dager siden

    This guy ain't clowning

  52. Ara Loussararian

    Ara Loussararian

    2 dager siden

    Ya'll ever think that maybe the guys weren't actually beating him up or even harassing that girl. If you see that look Arthur and that girl share, it almost seemed as if he was fantasizing about helping some kind of damsel in distress and being a hero so the whole thing could have played out like that in his mind up until he shot them. They couldve in reality been minding their own business eating their fries and then boom. This could be said for most interactions Arthur has in the movie as the director let us know this is a thing by the first Murray segment or Arthur's fake relationship. Arthur says the world is cruel, maybe it is, but also make note of the line in the movie when he says to his shrink: "is it just me or has this world gotten crazier?" Could be a clear indicator of what's really going on in the movie. Except for that Randall guy, that guy was a dick.

  53. Franz UbergrubenFurher

    Franz UbergrubenFurher

    2 dager siden

    Who cares if that last guy was murdered. He got what he deserved :^]

  54. The Encryption

    The Encryption

    2 dager siden

    My friend and I sat at the very back of a nearly empty movie theater in this scene, the whole movie. Let me tell you, the blasted surround sound at ear-killing volume is what made this movie 15x better.

  55. stjarna 3

    stjarna 3

    2 dager siden

    Is something funny asshole .?

  56. stjarna 3

    stjarna 3

    2 dager siden

    Is something funny asshole .?

  57. Ink Hyaena

    Ink Hyaena

    2 dager siden

    I finally got to see this movie for the first time last night and I'm not sure what it was about this scene, but it just...made me want to cry. The part where Arthur starts defending himself, it just evoked an emotional response I can't really explain. This whole movie is powerful. People were so worried shootings and stuff would happen with this movie...Joker didn't inspire violence. It explained it.

  58. Mason Boaz

    Mason Boaz

    2 dager siden

    Anyone else realize that he shot 8 shots out of a 5 or 6 shot revolver?

  59. Salvere442


    2 dager siden


  60. The Opinionist

    The Opinionist

    2 dager siden

    3:52 When you get the math question right, but the teacher says "Your answer is correct, but you didn't complete it with my methods".