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Don't Not Buy The iPhone 11 Pro

The iPhone 11 Pro is a smartphone made by Apple for humans in 2019.
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  1. Unbox Therapy

    Unbox Therapy

    23 dager siden

    What a time to be alive.

    • SYNTH


      21 dag siden

      Where did you get the music at 4:11? Pls. Let me know

    • Nicholas Yac-Ruiz

      Nicholas Yac-Ruiz

      21 dag siden

      Whats ur background music??

  2. Hakai Yazerg

    Hakai Yazerg

    7 timer siden

    "Don't not buy" really?

  3. Keenan Fitzhenry

    Keenan Fitzhenry

    8 timer siden

    Does he speak about the phone at all?

  4. Sambhav Jain Modi

    Sambhav Jain Modi

    8 timer siden


  5. Daughter Of A Queen

    Daughter Of A Queen

    12 timer siden

    “Don’t not buy the iPhone 11 Pro “That is as clear as I can make it” - Michael G. Scott

  6. i cant splel

    i cant splel

    14 timer siden

    dont not buy? sooooo buy?

  7. Asparagus


    17 timer siden

    Watching on my iPhone 11 pro :)

  8. Porsche GT3 RS

    Porsche GT3 RS

    18 timer siden

    Like ir you are watching this on a iphone 11

  9. TheRealLink


    19 timer siden

    Thanks for putting out a great, frank video regarding whatever platform you choose.

  10. Shashank Shrivastava

    Shashank Shrivastava

    19 timer siden

    It’s almost like a redemption video.

  11. MJ


    20 timer siden

    When you listen carefully he clearly makes sense and point.

  12. Ching Chong

    Ching Chong

    23 timer siden

    if you don't like the iPhone, just give me it, im on a iPhone 6 with a broken screen

  13. Ching Chong

    Ching Chong

    23 timer siden

    with the title he means buy it, don't not buy it

  14. Caiden Wallace

    Caiden Wallace

    23 timer siden

    Don’t not Yah ok buddy

  15. Nathanael Kazaka

    Nathanael Kazaka

    Dag siden

    The Title " Don't Not" is just disturbing me... i thought it was a double negation leading to a positive statement... or i'm wrong

  16. Sey


    Dag siden

    What case is he using on his 11 pro max? Anyone pls help

    • Pablo Casanova

      Pablo Casanova

      16 timer siden

      Same Q

  17. VaZ X

    VaZ X

    Dag siden

    p.s.: don’t be fooled by the video quality or background music of this video. This jack off just rambles...

  18. VaZ X

    VaZ X

    Dag siden

    I gave up watching this video after a 3 min. This dickhead just rambles instead of explaining his title

  19. Jeremiah Ramon

    Jeremiah Ramon

    Dag siden

    I LOVE that this video happened 😍❤️

  20. Ben Ziwak

    Ben Ziwak

    Dag siden

    What is wrong with you man. Why u always hate apple? Done you have enough money to buy them. Are you jelous. I know you have more than enough money. Dont hate apple. Cuz we all know people whi hate apple in public are the ones who really use them in private. Dont try to be dumb even though your selfies taken by every phone are dumb.

  21. Sombra


    Dag siden

    whats the piano song use

  22. THADEN700


    Dag siden

    Scrolling through all the "don't not" comments, when all I want to find out was where to get the wallpaper he had on the iphone... Anybody know?

  23. Got Game

    Got Game

    Dag siden

    This is must buy to keep long term like the 6s

  24. Olly Cross

    Olly Cross

    Dag siden

    A90G5 at roughly 650 uk vs s10 1000uk.... daily usage = exactly the same! It's becoming a joke. Even an s9 vs an s10 daily experience=the same!!! iPhone 10 vs 11pro= daily experience is virtually the same. People who watch this channel obviously understand the tech in phones but there are millions of average consumers who get ripped off every single day. Imagine you have no clue, you walk in a phone store and they are like hey, this is the latest and greatest samsung. Its 1000uk. When the customer just wants to do the basic daily tasks they could pick up the a70 and have the same daily experience for less than half the price... it's a crazy market! For me personally the days of just paying top wack for the latest flagship are over. I like many viewers here know my tech. I know what a snapdragon 855 chip is and I know what a 90 hz refresh rate is.. we as tech people are now in the position to buy smartphones in a clever way and spend very minimal for great tech that works for us. Those iphone users that Lew was talking about, hey dude u haven't got iMessage... I actually feel sorry for them.. again you tech guys know why! For those who don't, BUY AN IPHONE 11 PRO!

  25. James Lee

    James Lee

    Dag siden

    you blah blah blah for 5 mins and gave us nothing.

  26. Nik Shore

    Nik Shore

    Dag siden

    Green bubble land lmao

  27. damianraver


    Dag siden

    The phone is ugly AF lol

  28. Rejesus


    Dag siden

    You really seem to hate iPhones a lot...

  29. aftab khan

    aftab khan

    Dag siden

    Just get to the point already

    • Dr. Zoidberg

      Dr. Zoidberg

      23 timer siden

      lotta impatient outsiders don't realize this video isn't for them.

  30. Beast Mode

    Beast Mode

    Dag siden

    iPhone is overrated in my opinion like playstation.... Both iphone and play station where ahead of their time in late 90s early 2000s but xbox and android is ahead now in my opinion..... iphone hasn't even changed thier just like their buy it for status smfh.... I got the s10plus which man the specs is awesome...

  31. Saheb Roy

    Saheb Roy

    Dag siden

    Still waiting for the Pixel 4 review.. xD

  32. Surfer Gaming

    Surfer Gaming

    Dag siden

    I don’t buy new iPhone until mine break or it very to the put it slow and almost dead but only move up one kind like I move from the 5 to the iPhone se to iPhone 6 to iPhone 6s or + now to the iPhone 7 I purchased it a few months ago

  33. Chaithanya Powerlee

    Chaithanya Powerlee

    Dag siden

    Much respect ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  34. Reginald House

    Reginald House

    Dag siden

    I always wonder, is what he says written, or is he spitting it off top.

  35. Andrew Goated player

    Andrew Goated player

    Dag siden

    You are Samsung dm



    Dag siden

    I sleep at night. Lew, 2019.

  37. x System

    x System

    Dag siden

    don't not is like saying atm machine, automated teller machine machine

  38. 球啵啵


    2 dager siden

    好软啊,果子估计塞了不少钱,说不定还提供了文案,很有其风格。说到底他还是个公司,一切以利润最大化为重,情怀什么的,iPhone 带来的智能手机革命什么的,都没什么意义,不好就是要被时代抛弃。君不见就连发明手机的摩托罗拉公司现如今落到了什么地步?诺基亚又落到了什么地步?

  39. Kyubey nyan

    Kyubey nyan

    2 dager siden

    Why is non one talking about the fact that this video might be one of unbox therapy’s most truthful video which makes people reflect?

  40. kettu 2007

    kettu 2007

    2 dager siden

    Iphone 11 Pro❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂 Jihu on bi Seppo on bi

  41. Gian Luca Marongiu

    Gian Luca Marongiu

    2 dager siden


  42. Minimalistmommy Costa

    Minimalistmommy Costa

    2 dager siden

    One of the best videos I have ever seen !

  43. Ching Chong

    Ching Chong

    2 dager siden

    just title your channel "Don't not buy apple products"

  44. Salzeyy Ss

    Salzeyy Ss

    2 dager siden

    Don’t buy the iPhone X Don’t buy the iPhone xs and xs max Don’t buy iPhone 11 pro and mac And he says : Apple never sends me their new products and never invites me to the evens ....

  45. Sachin Dhadange

    Sachin Dhadange

    2 dager siden

    I still can't understand what the tittle means🤔

  46. Mostafa Akoushahly

    Mostafa Akoushahly

    2 dager siden

    ok , i´ll buy the pixel 4 then

  47. Neon Butter

    Neon Butter

    2 dager siden

    He said “don’t Not” that doesn’t make since

  48. Jake Morales

    Jake Morales

    2 dager siden

    Am I the only one who actually noticed the title before watching?

  49. Kryestoral


    2 dager siden

    iPhone season. 💕

  50. maroonblood151


    2 dager siden

    Unbox therapy has really gone down the shitter

  51. Dr Zoe

    Dr Zoe

    2 dager siden

    Can we please help Samsung from lagging for 2020

  52. Joal Blo

    Joal Blo

    2 dager siden

    Love the video. Great perspective.

  53. Homelessfish


    2 dager siden

    Imma buy max

  54. Matthew Thomas

    Matthew Thomas

    2 dager siden

    This guy is annoying and not a good tech reviewer

  55. monku54


    2 dager siden

    Y the fucking click bait

  56. Riccardo Enrike

    Riccardo Enrike

    2 dager siden

    This is why I unsubscribed! You title is very misleading. That s#$t of playing with words is condescending to your views. Sadly i wasted 8 minutes of my life. Please do the tech community a favor, stop playing with your title just for click bait. I used to like your content, now I have moved away. Please don't insult us anymore.

  57. Titus Kent

    Titus Kent

    2 dager siden

    Honestly I love it when Lew sits down and gets real, gets honest with us. The veneer of professional content creator "gotta get the clicks" hypebeast mentality is put aside, if just for a moment, and we get a real connection. One of the main reasons I love this channel.

  58. Rayman Atl

    Rayman Atl

    2 dager siden

    I legit started tearing up in the middle of this video

  59. Joel Okpara

    Joel Okpara

    2 dager siden

    This video was so comforting

  60. Harvard


    2 dager siden

    I’m sure apple love this