Nicole Scherzinger shows off her singing impressions

Nicole Scherzinger impersonates Journey, Britney Spears ... and Judy Garland.


  1. Justin Woodfield

    Justin Woodfield

    10 timer siden

    Every gay instantly knew it was Judy Garland

  2. timeafter time

    timeafter time

    13 timer siden

    The irony is that the hosts didn't recognize actual real high quality singing voices, just that nasal fucking shitty sounding brintney spears bitch.

  3. HVideos


    3 dager siden

    Her Britney one was on point!

  4. Luis Enrique Perez

    Luis Enrique Perez

    4 dager siden

    She can do much better I have seen her imitate before. This time, not so much.

  5. Le Lo

    Le Lo

    5 dager siden

    She's 40 years old and I've seen instagram hoes in their 20s look like her. She's doing so well.

  6. Alvin Del Rey

    Alvin Del Rey

    5 dager siden

    The Judy Garland one kinda sounded like Snow White

  7. Danny Salcido

    Danny Salcido

    5 dager siden

    OMG... I really want her to do Over the Rainbow the whole song. Has she done it? Anybody know?

  8. Christine Mary

    Christine Mary

    7 dager siden

    Very bad role model for young half naked and vile lyrics shameful vile example of a woman

  9. JusticeForTheSilenced


    8 dager siden

    Can you believe she is 41? She looks amazing!

  10. Lanababes2005 With Jayden & Johnny Vlog

    Lanababes2005 With Jayden & Johnny Vlog

    8 dager siden

    Go nicole i’m a fun forever ❤️

  11. MidnightMan


    9 dager siden

    Her 'Dont Cry For Me Argentina` will blow anyone out of the water..so underated. I think she is above this show..but hey " a girls got too eat or she ends up on the street" we all need a paycheck to survive..

  12. Jei


    9 dager siden

    wow that VOCAL! 😍❤️

  13. lovelyn alobwede

    lovelyn alobwede

    9 dager siden

    You mean having another human...Not making

  14. John Demetriou

    John Demetriou

    14 dager siden


  15. Pablo Dini

    Pablo Dini

    14 dager siden

    Gawd those hosts are just awful. And that horrible yellow dress. And the utter fake ness. Just vulgar.

  16. P B

    P B

    17 dager siden

    Nicole is too talented for this shit

  17. Harry Duck

    Harry Duck

    18 dager siden

    Wow had no idea she was this good

  18. Светлозар Димов

    Светлозар Димов

    18 dager siden

    I must admit that’s pure talent.

  19. Be Cautious

    Be Cautious

    21 dag siden

    Nicole, you are very gorgeous! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  20. Georgee Blum

    Georgee Blum

    25 dager siden

    Both Hosts are musically incompetent. She sang Somewhere over the Rainbow perfectly. It took our aight Year old daughter 4 seconds to recognize the song. One of the most poulare songs of all time. Again... She sang like a Nightingale.

  21. Courtney S

    Courtney S

    26 dager siden

    shes so good & she sounds like the singers!

  22. Courtney S

    Courtney S

    26 dager siden

    steve perry!

  23. Vedank Kumar

    Vedank Kumar

    27 dager siden

    Nicole, your face is the most beautiful

  24. Michelle Carter

    Michelle Carter

    28 dager siden

    That woman can SING

  25. Taylor Downing

    Taylor Downing

    Måned siden

    Her Britney Spears was perfect, the Judy Garland was so pretty and melodic

  26. Susan fiore is a twat Haha

    Susan fiore is a twat Haha

    Måned siden

    I knew she was gonna do Brittney!

  27. Susan fiore is a twat Haha

    Susan fiore is a twat Haha

    Måned siden

    She's used that joke (I don't know my Abc)a few times already

  28. Katherine Potter

    Katherine Potter

    Måned siden

    Nobody guessed the first two, because they sounded nothing like Judy Garland or Journey lol

  29. Jeff Yow

    Jeff Yow

    Måned siden

    You didn’t see my Army in your country. Could surprise you all someday...

  30. Jeff Yow

    Jeff Yow

    Måned siden

    You negroes is two much an doing spy Brain thought an stilling ideas.. Empire State Building can fall down if I want.. you under me America you belong two me with whole belonging propertys an kids Wife’s money gold you don’t have nothing. Until last Dollar I able too take it out off your account...

  31. Jeff Yow

    Jeff Yow

    Måned siden

    My warning ⚠️ don’t take advantage Empire State Building May fall down... don’t add like your obama me an talking on my speech an talk like hi doing or he me or I do like for him.. kill you all in one so fast 💨 less than 30 minutes..

  32. Jeff Yow

    Jeff Yow

    Måned siden

    Whom support black panther from Hollywood.. what white race done too those Hollywood workers... or you want Manhattan with your 50 cent...

  33. Jeff Yow

    Jeff Yow

    Måned siden

    Whom from Hollywood supporting Alqaeda is is.. be honest I ask they will never lie two me...

  34. Jesse Frost

    Jesse Frost

    Måned siden

    So proud we come the same city!! 💐❤️💫

  35. dare devel

    dare devel

    Måned siden

    Omg plz fix that gap I can here is whistle

  36. Hp48


    Måned siden

    I love that her cue cards have the alphabet on them

  37. michael jordan

    michael jordan

    Måned siden

    I think she secretly wants that Asian D

  38. Alan Lowberg

    Alan Lowberg

    Måned siden

    perfect guest, two worst hosts ever, what a sad mix.

  39. Andrew


    Måned siden

    Who else wants to hear Nicole sing 'Oh Sherrie ?"

  40. Hannah Lynn

    Hannah Lynn

    Måned siden

    she sounds nothing like Judy Garland