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  1. 문성현


    15 minutter siden

    Every lily singh video it is a challenge just to pass through the 2 minute mark

  2. Josh Stryke

    Josh Stryke

    40 minutter siden

    she is a blatant racist masquerading as a "comedian". Simple as that.

  3. Sniz


    Time siden

    hey guy



    2 timer siden

    Awkward laughter is the only laughter on her show.....

  5. Killer Mike

    Killer Mike

    2 timer siden

    "nobody wants to hear people brag about how much money they make" mainstream hip hop "am I a joke to you"

  6. Philip Gregory Maingot

    Philip Gregory Maingot

    3 timer siden

    "As a white man it isn't my place to say"...? Why not? Shouldn't your essay/arguments be judged on their validity? The color of your skin and gender are irrelevant.

  7. The Guitologist

    The Guitologist

    3 timer siden

    This woman has all the hallmarks of a fake NOplayer success - the kind NOplayer brass gives every algorithmic advantage to simply because she’s a female poc.

  8. Corrupted Vor

    Corrupted Vor

    3 timer siden

    She’s like a dollar menu Gorge Lopez.

  9. Rohan Scott

    Rohan Scott

    3 timer siden

    Lily has literally been dying inside to "make it". If youve watched her from the early days on YT its obvious.

  10. BReal23


    3 timer siden

    As an East indian person I can tell you that Indian people almost always stink when it comes to entertaining the masses. Lily Singh was not an interesting NOplayerr and she will not do well on TV or film. Indians excel in one thing: being delusional about their capabilities.

  11. Shannon Wells

    Shannon Wells

    4 timer siden

    I feel like her angry remarks about the criticism is also part of her stress. I know when I get too stressed I get super defensive and I mock whoever is irritating me. Leads to a lot of spats with my darling.

  12. Anthony


    4 timer siden

    15 million children youtube subscribers.. that youtube created.. promoted.. assisted.. Picking and choosing the winners.

  13. Ray Ari

    Ray Ari

    4 timer siden

    She'll probably be like "people are just racist" and go on with her s**t. She needs a reality check.

  14. Chris Peck

    Chris Peck

    4 timer siden

    Everything good on NOplayer is getting removed the only stuff being promoted is marketing make-up and sexually charged non-sense to 12 year olds🤔

  15. Mind Of Virtuoso

    Mind Of Virtuoso

    4 timer siden

    we dont have a problem to watch and support a women of color as a host night show. she just is the wrong person

  16. amar em

    amar em

    5 timer siden

    she's not funny, who are we kidding

  17. Bobby Nixon

    Bobby Nixon

    5 timer siden

    Woah, she got fat?

  18. MegaDeathRay10


    5 timer siden

    She just has a lot of hate and uses comedy to promote it

  19. Dusty


    6 timer siden

    I literally did know who this woman was before the people I do watch started making fun of her. Also, why is it "not your place" to call out a person leaning way too hard on race/gender? You can say what you want.

  20. Alfie S

    Alfie S

    6 timer siden

    love your videos dude but the tv screen & light behind you is sooo distracting

  21. Jor-D


    7 timer siden

    Fuck lily singhs

  22. let's be honest

    let's be honest

    7 timer siden

    Lily is a racist bitch The end🖕

  23. Ethan Logan

    Ethan Logan

    7 timer siden

    The parts from the show we're so damn awkward, I almost had to click away.

  24. Caleb Lambright

    Caleb Lambright

    8 timer siden

    Oh silly racist straight white man! Don’t you remember Martin Luther King jr dream? that WE SHOULD judge people by the color of their skin and not their character ?!?!!?

  25. Days of French 'n' Swedish

    Days of French 'n' Swedish

    8 timer siden

    This is such a good analysis. Top job Drew.

  26. Emily B.

    Emily B.

    9 timer siden

    That talk show set looks like what you'd expect a fake talk show on a real show to look like, if that makes sense. Claustrophobic and with an awkwardly small audience.

  27. impractical smoker

    impractical smoker

    9 timer siden

    She looks pretty white to me for a Indian women who hates white people.

  28. Josiah Lott

    Josiah Lott

    9 timer siden

    PC culture wakes up also shut up with the white guilt stuff what have you personally done?

    • One Dixie Cup Just For You

      One Dixie Cup Just For You

      5 timer siden

      Whoa, look! An edgelord!

  29. DomNick


    10 timer siden

    Lily Singh is a fucking hack

  30. Julia Trevizan

    Julia Trevizan

    10 timer siden

    well said man, well said

  31. slim shady lady

    slim shady lady

    11 timer siden

    that dance gavin dance transition tho

  32. Olyvia Krisko

    Olyvia Krisko

    11 timer siden

    Ik I’m late but the angry virgin thing kinda bothered me like wtf it’s none of your business weather someone’s a virgin or not and furthermore the fact that they are one does not devalue them so don’t use it as an insult

  33. N


    11 timer siden

    was that... dance gavin dance ????

  34. BickTingle


    11 timer siden

    Drew: Well said and thought out valid criticism NOplayer: *THIS IS HARASSMENT*

  35. The Movie Hangout

    The Movie Hangout

    11 timer siden

    If she’s going to keep making white man jokes then she deserves to get made fun of for being racist and sexist.

  36. Emily Parish

    Emily Parish

    12 timer siden

    This video is as nice as it possibly can be. He isn't saying that it's trash, just giving reasonable criticism.

    • Emily Parish

      Emily Parish

      11 timer siden

      @BickTingle well NOplayer is just digging itself deeper and deeper into shit so are we even surprised?

    • BickTingle


      11 timer siden

      According to youtubes new vague policy this can be considered harassment/bullying🙅

  37. Emily Parish

    Emily Parish

    12 timer siden

    The fact that NBC let her be racist towards white people is ridiculous. In one episode she was picking her staff by LOOKING AT PHOTOS (???!!) ( because fuck resumes right? ) and not picking any white men. How is that different from not picking any people of color? That's right, IT ISN'T. anyway, if this gets second season, I'm never watching NBC again. I'm actually embarrassed for her.

  38. Machine Meme

    Machine Meme

    12 timer siden

    I can’t watch her try to be funny. It should be a challenge to watch her videos

  39. Jason McGinty

    Jason McGinty

    12 timer siden

    “As a straight white man myself it’s not my place to be saying these things.” As a human being capable of rational thought, it is your place. Your race, gender, and sexuality have nothing to do with anything, and we need to stop pretending that they do.

  40. snakeboy 229

    snakeboy 229

    12 timer siden

    Those transitions feel so good