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Apple Watch Series 5 TITANIUM Unboxing

Apple Watch Edition Series 5 Titanium Unboxing, First Look and Impressions.
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The Apple Watch Series 5 features a New LTPO Retina Always-On Display, 18 hour battery life, Built in Compass, International emergency calling, Available in Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Titanium & Ceramic Models, Price Starting at $399/£399.
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  1. JK Grooms

    JK Grooms

    2 dager siden

    Great review. What I like about the Ti Edition is the scratch resistant sapphire crystal. I found on previous Aluminum models, the watch face scratches easily.

  2. Kal Val

    Kal Val

    5 dager siden

    Ceramics are not stronger then Titanium.

  3. 柯呈曄


    5 dager siden

    2:41 將iPhone靠近Apple Watch 為什麼是中文?

  4. Raj


    9 dager siden

    just wanted to know if there is any substantial weight difference between titanium and stainless steel on the wrist at all please?

  5. TQ


    10 dager siden

    Put your grandad’s specs back Saf.

  6. Simon


    15 dager siden

    Go look at the titanium models in the store. They have them in the drawers. A lot more luster in person.

  7. Sebastian Lombana

    Sebastian Lombana

    24 dager siden

    For the price of that Titanium Tamagotchi which probably takes about $287.00 to make and which is only gonna be HOT for a year till the next Turbo charged Space program Aluminium comes along, you could buy three stocks form Apple instead ( Multiply your hard earned cash guys...!!!)

  8. Marcos Mori

    Marcos Mori

    24 dager siden

    I think this is the final Apple Watch, looks awesome, have the durability, lightness and already came with the e-sim. Can wait to upgrade to this.

  9. Emily Acevedo

    Emily Acevedo

    25 dager siden

    I just got the titanium series 5. It has a hefty price but it is stunning.

  10. Data DPS

    Data DPS

    27 dager siden

    Can I use this with a note 10+? I think Samsung watches are not cool.

    • Janero


      25 dager siden

      Data DPS Apple Watch are not compatible with other phone. Just can be sync it with iPhone.

  11. Tebogo Dawe

    Tebogo Dawe

    28 dager siden

    Awesome content

  12. Kay AtWork

    Kay AtWork

    29 dager siden

    The always on display drains it. My 4 would last me all day I’ll probably be at 70 percents. I went a half day already and it’s down to 50 percent

  13. Jakob Malki

    Jakob Malki

    29 dager siden

    So its a galaxy watch but more expensive and like 3 years late

  14. Shubham Chauhan

    Shubham Chauhan

    Måned siden

    After watching this video isheeps be like OMG now my watch have AOD ohh yeah what an innovation 😂😂😂

  15. musadiq damji

    musadiq damji

    Måned siden

    Saffffffffff!!! Please tell me you're giving away any previous generation Apple watches????? 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

  16. Kunda -Eli

    Kunda -Eli

    Måned siden

    Just checked the price BUT WHY IS IT £1300

  17. Wyatt B

    Wyatt B

    Måned siden

    For those using series 1 or 2 this is an upgrade.

  18. NYRfan4ever


    Måned siden

    Initial impressions? Build Quality? Battery ?

  19. IL Pipa

    IL Pipa

    Måned siden

    Has he got breathalyser?

  20. Russ Eagle

    Russ Eagle

    Måned siden

    It’s tit-anium!

  21. John Walsh

    John Walsh

    Måned siden

    Have you got small wrists? My 44mm looks tiny on mine... or maybe I’m just abnormal

  22. dragoneye33


    Måned siden

    An it has emergency services too!!! I’m dying over here.. There’s a sucker born every second.. lmao

  23. dragoneye33


    Måned siden

    Compass.. wow.. lmao

  24. dragoneye33


    Måned siden

    Always on display on a watch? Lmao.. Really? Watches have always been had this fan boi!!

  25. Teenu


    Måned siden

    Who are watching this video even they can't afford even apple series 3

  26. Hridya Bhatia

    Hridya Bhatia

    Måned siden

    Xaiomi *launches k20 Pro with sd 855 8 gigs of ram at $400 * Apple *our 'brand new' smartwatch starting at a low price of $400

  27. Brew G4

    Brew G4

    Måned siden

    Finally catching up with the galaxy watch

  28. If yuh gon be a skunt doh reply

    If yuh gon be a skunt doh reply

    Måned siden

    Thanks dude.

  29. littlerascle59


    Måned siden

    I’m still rocking my 44mm series 4. I will be upgrading next payday.

  30. Veonix Ibster

    Veonix Ibster

    Måned siden

    Did anyone realise the most expensive version of this was 900 pounds, like that's more than a phone and the newest iPhone 11, u must be stupid to buy it

    • Jermaine Welch

      Jermaine Welch

      24 dager siden

      I went in for it in 🍎 store in Bromley, came to about £1,200 titanium with gps+ data (nononononono) I said

  31. eman7188


    Måned siden

    Samsung Galaxy watch had those features years ago.😂😂

    • littlerascle59


      Måned siden

      Samdung Galaxy Watch 🤢🤮

  32. Irena Naroditsky

    Irena Naroditsky

    Måned siden

    So basically the same thing

  33. Mr.StealYoGurl


    Måned siden

    Personally I’m a fan of the traditional metal analog watch, but these look kinda cool

  34. ne0tic


    Måned siden

    Just ordered the Series 5! It will be my first Watch ever :)

  35. Abdo Lilah

    Abdo Lilah

    Måned siden

    Bruh im watching u for like 8months now and i forgot to subscribe 🤦‍♂️ Great video 👍🏻

  36. Peter Xiong

    Peter Xiong

    Måned siden

    The always on display is really tempting me to switch from my series 3

  37. Dale Newman

    Dale Newman

    Måned siden

    My always on doesn’t work :( I need to contact support

  38. Aryan Ramanand

    Aryan Ramanand

    Måned siden

    The price in your country😳🤯😬😶

  39. Othmane


    Måned siden


  40. Tdrex820


    Måned siden

    Fake bogo alert 🚨

  41. yungchet


    Måned siden

    Titanium or Nike+ Series 5 edition? can't decide :\

    • Emily Acevedo

      Emily Acevedo

      25 dager siden


  42. Jes Ng

    Jes Ng

    Måned siden

    I’m waiting for Apple Watch 10. 😅 but before that I think I will get version 5 in this Christmas. 🙂

    • ihop1988


      Måned siden

      LOL, same! saving Christmas bonus to get the apple watch 5 :D

  43. Cripinub1


    Måned siden

    If you have series 1/2 or maybe 3 then yes the 5 is worth getting big jump in difference. If you have a 4 honestly don’t bother, the 6 will be out before you even blink lol

  44. RaihanTv


    Måned siden

    I’m just keeping my Apple Watch series 4 no point changing to series 5 just because it stays on all the time

    • Hazardous


      15 dager siden

      Upgrading from the s4 makes really no sense, they’re super similar, that’s why they removed the s4 and kept the s3. Imo, s5 is only worth it for s3 lower users.

    • Nicholas McHill

      Nicholas McHill

      19 dager siden

      no major changes at series 5, keeping my series 4 for another years.

    • RaihanTv


      26 dager siden

      I am The one I think you should get the series 5 because it’s a big difference compared to series 2 I wouldn’t recommend people to upgrade if they have series 3 or 4

    • I am The one NF

      I am The one NF

      26 dager siden

      I have the series 2 should I buy series 5 or wait

    • Wyatt B

      Wyatt B

      Måned siden

      It’s finally a watch. It tells time all the time.

  45. Emulator19


    Måned siden

    Titanium... watch for male.

  46. RoseCityRider


    Måned siden

    Does this guy deliberately set out to look like a douche bag in his video stills?

  47. Manikant Sharma

    Manikant Sharma

    Måned siden

    Love from India saf bro. technical guruji

  48. Ben Adamson

    Ben Adamson

    Måned siden

    Great video, as always! I love the Apple Watch. I'm on a Series 4 now, my second after the Series 0, and it's fantastic. As a deaf person, having the haptic notifications for messages, alarms, security camera etc. is something I have come to rely on. I'll be interested to see how resilient the titanium turns out to be. I shan't be getting a Series 5, but possibly for the 6 or 7, titanium would be a nice change from stainless steel. Hopefully more scratch-resistant too.

  49. Paulinus Nwugo

    Paulinus Nwugo

    Måned siden

    This is the MUST buy  product that I will purchase



    Måned siden

    Looks too much like the cheap aluminium version. Stainless all the way 👍

  51. Tech Is Life

    Tech Is Life

    Måned siden

    I don’t see why upgrade the series4 the always on display is really something that would come in handy but I’d probably just get rid of it after a while. I’ll just stick with the series4 and wait for next year’s series6

  52. Brenton Edwards

    Brenton Edwards

    Måned siden

    My G-Shock 5600 has an always on display, doesn't annoy me with notifications, and it's battery life is amazing.

  53. laugh and listen

    laugh and listen

    Måned siden

    Iphone xi pro max vs note 10 plus speed test and camera test.... We are waiting.... Thanks supersaf...!

  54. Aryaraj Banerjee

    Aryaraj Banerjee

    Måned siden

    Aluminium and Aluminium that's smart 😉😋

  55. Jobin Johnson

    Jobin Johnson

    Måned siden

    Please do a review of samsung Galax watch active 2.....

  56. Steve Needham

    Steve Needham

    Måned siden

    Hi. On the included sport band is the pin in Titanium? The ceramic used to have this feature where the pin matched the case material.

  57. Monsterrr19


    Måned siden

    Waiting for accurate subtitles. Thank you for providing subtitles for previous video because I am deaf.

    • Monsterrr19


      Måned siden

      HadiRaza Bros aww thank you. So are you too. Stay happy! 😁

    • HadiRaza Bros

      HadiRaza Bros

      Måned siden

      Just wanna tell u that stay happy... you're amazing 🤗🤗

  58. Harrison Gomez

    Harrison Gomez

    Måned siden

    Design by Apple in California but ship from China 😂

  59. Aman Singh

    Aman Singh

    Måned siden


  60. z khaleesi

    z khaleesi

    Måned siden

    I really want Apple Watch for my birthday present next month 😭😭