Youtuber Exposes Herself By Accidentally Uploading Video Hitting Her Dog, Tucker Carlson, & Honduras

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Protestors in Honduras Call for President to Resign:
Brooke Houts Dog Scandal:
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Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Maddie Crichton, Lili Stenn
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  1. Philip DeFranco

    Philip DeFranco

    4 måneder siden

    Hey! Go watch my podcast! Or don't. OR...hear me out...DO. Brooke 1:19 - TIA 7:32 - Disney+ 9:52 - Tucker 11:20 - Honduras 14:05

    • Anonymous Troll

      Anonymous Troll

      3 måneder siden

      Philip DeFranco look at the tv after she pushes the dog. She kicks him ?

    • williss11


      4 måneder siden

      Where is heheproductions? I see him on cover

    • Robin Hood

      Robin Hood

      4 måneder siden

      That video hurt me so much, can't believe anyone would treat a dog like that, plus it looks very young as well, the paws are fairly large for its body

    • Just ME Onlyme

      Just ME Onlyme

      4 måneder siden

      Check out the Dog whisperer.. weird sounds.. weird techniques .. sometimes he shows who is boss. I think its rarely normal to make the dog understand ( and the dog looks young ) who is boss. I love dogs and care deeply about animals. BUT! I have seen a dog lunge up into a lady's face and lock jaw from her chin to forehead.. and a friend peeled the dogs jaw apart to release the two. So I don't believe she was in the wrong by immediately sorting out the face attack the dog tried to do to her. Social media can take things waaay out of hand as well. Disturbing part to me is , why would you plastic wrap the opening of a doorway where the dog will crunch its head into when you say ' come ' ? This is the exact same thing that happened to my friends face.. she irritated the dog before hand so the dog bit her in the face. Dogs are smart. Keep the dog, work with the dog.. and stop using the dog for stupid videos. You will be less hurt in the long run.

    • feuryie


      4 måneder siden

      @Paweł D. I think there are hate crimes out there just like there are white nationalist. however; the amount of real hate crimes just as the rise of white nationals, is so low it's negligible. the real issue is the media generalizing the term so that almost anything that is against what they term as "the left" is labeled a hate crime, while if it's against the right, it's just a "lone individual" and doesn't represent the collective. it's media trying to manipulate public perception to try and sway them to their view, and phil of late has been falling for their lines more and more.

  2. Eric Knapp

    Eric Knapp

    18 dager siden

    This is my favorite version of Rachel Maddow.

  3. Hunter


    19 dager siden

    and now she's apparently working with rescue dogs. yikes. i have a rescue dog and he is the sweetest little dog in the entire world, its sad enough that he was mistreated for 6 years of his life, i wouldnt be able to handle if a carer at the shelter abused him too.

  4. xBrandon 24

    xBrandon 24

    27 dager siden

    She's literally a piece of garbage. I hope she loses her dog

  5. Farbod Pirouz

    Farbod Pirouz

    27 dager siden

    My ex used to hit our dog and got mad at me when I opposed. Saying that this was her responsibility as a dog mom. Come to think of it, it’s my fault for enabling her behavior. She was mentally ill and refused to seek treatment.

  6. Marty Bear

    Marty Bear

    Måned siden

    You need to get a life mate and stop wasting your time and energy producing this petty bollox journalism and ours. thank you..

  7. Phaedrus 79

    Phaedrus 79

    Måned siden

    That was disgusting behavior by her, and her “apology” shows she does not get it. She is an abuser.

  8. ? ?

    ? ?

    2 måneder siden

    Why not instead of trying to lie about what you did and make excuses because you've been caught red-handed and you are embarrassed just own up to it and move forward.... instead of letting ego pride and embarrassment get in the way say what you did wrong and work on it and show that you're working on it people will probably respect you more.... sadly for most people this won't happen because ego and pride and the fake facade they put on for society are way more important than growing and learning we all make mistakes we're all human our actions after the mistakes speak louder than any lies or excuses we can make......

  9. MissyTeach


    2 måneder siden

    Dogs almost always have their mouth open...don't they??

  10. Jerald Butternubs

    Jerald Butternubs

    2 måneder siden

    You can actually see the dog flinch whenever she raises her hand, it’s not a one time thing.

  11. Jerald Butternubs

    Jerald Butternubs

    2 måneder siden

    Spit on her

  12. Sandy J Renfroe

    Sandy J Renfroe

    2 måneder siden

    That's a big dog, she'd better watch herself.

  13. Jay Mel

    Jay Mel

    2 måneder siden

    What's awful, is she is keeping the dog. I wish I had an insane amount of money, just to get the dog away from her. These stories disturb me. Animal abuse, child abuse, basically abuse of a creature or baby you should be making feel loved, you lash out on the vulnerable. She is a sick, vile person.

  14. Wing Wang

    Wing Wang

    2 måneder siden

    I get teaching your dog that you’re the alpha, I do it with my dog, but she full on bitch slapped that Doberman. And as someone who had helped train big dogs like that, imma just say that I hope that she doesn’t go too far and have that beautiful animal rip her throat out

  15. Kopliop xf

    Kopliop xf

    2 måneder siden

    Brooke: 🤜🐶

  16. Holly


    2 måneder siden

    Why do they let these stupid new anchors voice their opinions on the air, say the news and stop making an ass out of yourself and the network. How dare a WHITE MALE call white supremacy a hoax.

  17. Dusty Fred

    Dusty Fred

    3 måneder siden

    Philip "Talking Points" DeFranco appeals to authority.

  18. Spook Wylie

    Spook Wylie

    3 måneder siden

    That dog needs to be taken away immediately. I will take the dog and he will have a wonderful life and will never be hit again.

  19. Joshua Sanders

    Joshua Sanders

    3 måneder siden

    Okay it's time to give a little bit of hard truth, first off to the hypersensitive fairies that might be in the comments STFU. Why? Because most of you princesses own small little teacup animals, that can fit in your pocket and are easily managed. For the other side the side that goes to the shelters and actually rescues full-size animals managing controlling and disciplining those animals are easier said than done especially males that haven't been spayed or neutered. As a matter of fact less aggressive, obedience dogs could cost the owner thousands of dollars to hire trainers in order to get those animals under control. Are you little fairies even looking at the size of the animal in comparison to her when she's on the ground it's almost as big as she is you really think she could hurt that animal with her bare hands that way? I will admit I don't get the spitting part but I don't see anything outrageous about everything else that she did she didn't pick up any tools or anything else to hit the animal with she use her hands the animal obviously has and obedience issue, if you guys were smart enough to see obviously the way that she was acting with the dog is not a normal thing because the dog continue to disobey her even though she was pushing it down and spanking it, which means that the dog is used to playing with her when she's on the ground like that which is why the dog would not stop when she told him to, which means she actually is very kind and loving to the dog to the point where it won't listen even if she's upset and being firm. But people like you don't realize that because your dog is small enough to hide behind the accent pillows on the couch so again STFU talk to me when you have a 60 or 70 lb pit which are the most attention needing dogs in the world and who could give a flying weasel about your puny little warning at a spanking.

  20. Raquel Florence

    Raquel Florence

    3 måneder siden

    1) Dobermans are high energy dogs. They need training. Dont get a doberman if you cant afford a trainer. 2) Be clear about what you like and dont like. Use positive reinforcement for this. Otherwise you are just scaring and confusing your dog. 3) Final, most important point: NEVER HIT YOUR DOG. If you cannot control your temper and if your temper causes you to physically kick, hit your pet, you do not deserve to keep pets. Period.

  21. Mr Bubble

    Mr Bubble

    3 måneder siden

    Would an abusive parent be excused if he said: "I was having a bad week".? NO, that's pathetic excuse. Literally everyone has problems and bad days. She needs to see a psychiatrist and the dog needs to be taken away.

  22. bloodydove5718


    3 måneder siden

    I mean.. Tucker Carlson is a massive racist and white supremacist himself. The stuff he says on fox is Tucker Carlson lite, now if you went to his radio show and heard what he's able to say without Fox saying "This is too much" (like seriously... Fox limits how far the dude goes.). The stuff this dude is ok with saying on public forums makes you wonder how deep his feelings really are.

    • The-Man-Who-Chortles


      2 måneder siden

      Where's you evidence for anything?

  23. wwbenee


    3 måneder siden

    Don't watch this lying sack of shit.

  24. Steven Tyler

    Steven Tyler

    3 måneder siden

    4:57 "On a serious note, I love you guys" So what was said before that, wasn't serious??

  25. Casey Dylan

    Casey Dylan

    3 måneder siden

    The dog didn't even DO anything the second and third time. He WALKED up to her and she started hitting him. What the fuck does she do if he shits or pisses in the house or breaks something?! I hope someone called animal control on her!

  26. Loren Holmes

    Loren Holmes

    3 måneder siden

    Ok this is actually bad unlike the chick that threw the cat over her shoulder goddamn

  27. mr swiggs

    mr swiggs

    3 måneder siden

    what a shit person she needs to be scalped.

  28. RedVelvetPanPan


    3 måneder siden

    She's an abuser. A disgusting piece of waste and needs that dog taken away from her. I hope she's charged excessively for this.

  29. Luis Lopez

    Luis Lopez

    3 måneder siden

    Honduras is to Libertarians what Venezuela is to Socialists.

  30. Dr. Doodlepants

    Dr. Doodlepants

    3 måneder siden

    He didn’t say white supremacy didn’t exist, he said that it isn’t as big as other problems and him comparing white supremacy to Russia made sense to me

  31. Shooken Sis

    Shooken Sis

    3 måneder siden

    She’s an awful disgusting human being........ how you wanna act pretty and shit with a nasty personality

  32. Jeremy Wiley

    Jeremy Wiley

    3 måneder siden

    In all honesty, reactions to the woman apparently "beating a dog" are a little exaggerated. She didn't hit the dog hard enough to cause the animal to cry out, and the dog did jump on her, which is an unwanted action. She did no wrong in my eyes

  33. Kathleen Tetterton

    Kathleen Tetterton

    3 måneder siden

    I am sick furious!! What is going on? This woman said she was working on getting the dog one on one training! Oh hell No.. Why in the world does this crazy woman still have this dog? This is unexceptionable. And she tried to blame her evil actions on that poor Doberman! Give me a freaking break. He was playing and yes he did get close to her face with his mouth open, he was trying to lick her. She was yelling and pushing on him and he followed up with with trying to lick her hands. I am sorry but it’s not the dog that needs training it’s her! She has some serious issues going on you could see it her eyes the way she looked at him. Don’t you dare try and defend your actions because there is no excuse for what you did to that dog and what you have been doing to that dog! To say you did not spit on that dog But you can see why people thought you did! ? Well do tell? You spit on him and it’s right there on the video fool that is why you can see why people think that. Because you did! What in the world girl really what makes you so angry that you would do that? You have some serious deep issues lady and if anyone needs any training it’s you! You need to find help and I am talking about some serious help. Enough about her fantasy world/ personality disorder! Why is the dog still in her possession? Does this dog not deserve to be protected and cared for? Is there not any laws against this? That was total freaking abuse and it is all on film! So do something about it . There has got to be a lawyer that is willing to burn her ass for this and use her and her actions as an example? The dog needs to be removed before she kills him. Never should you own the dog u have or any other dog. U just had him to do videos and get likes and that was plan to see. Own yourself and your sorry actions. Let someone come get the Doberman I am talking about a Doberman affiliated group so he will will be placed in a good home made just for him. And stop it with these pathetic excuses because there are none for what u did. Be a real woman and own it make it right by giving him over to a Doberman rescue. Then maybe just maybe you might start seeing less hurtful things wrote about you. Because your defense is absolutely crazy!



    3 måneder siden

    These NOplayerrs and their apologies acting as if we don’t have the video! We can see you spitting on him I- how you gonna say you didn’t😩 I just cannot

  35. friedpizza


    3 måneder siden

    Now her bad day will be a bad life. Gotta love the internet!! We couldnt do it without ya, we’re all such heroes! Another possible suicide victim in the making.

  36. Amy Roiland

    Amy Roiland

    3 måneder siden

    Someone get that damn dog taken away from her!!!! Ridiculous

  37. Kin N

    Kin N

    3 måneder siden

    She should NOT be hitting her pet. When my male cat bites my hand and pierces my skin, I give him a tap on the head and that is punishment enough, and even then only at times when I'm being injured. The 75 lbs dog may push you over, but he is not biting you, and it is not an emergency. She should not own that dog, period. If he's experienced trauma from another dog already, he does not need the additional trauma of having a pet-owner who takes her frustration out on him. Sickening.

  38. Rushabh


    3 måneder siden

    Hahaha, she says she's thankful that her viewers pointed out her wrong doings whilst obviously editing that portion of the video out.

  39. Shine baby shine

    Shine baby shine

    3 måneder siden

    She’s a psycho

  40. Felisha Lynch

    Felisha Lynch

    3 måneder siden

    She spit on the dog and I hate how these you tubers do trifling stuff then upload bs apologizes when the reality is they are garbage.