Youtuber Exposes Herself By Accidentally Uploading Video Hitting Her Dog, Tucker Carlson, & Honduras

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Tucker Carlson Controversy:
Protestors in Honduras Call for President to Resign:
Brooke Houts Dog Scandal:
Disney+ Announces New Bundle:
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Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Maddie Crichton, Lili Stenn
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  1. Philip DeFranco

    Philip DeFranco

    10 dager siden

    Hey! Go watch my podcast! Or don't. OR...hear me out...DO. Brooke 1:19 - TIA 7:32 - Disney+ 9:52 - Tucker 11:20 - Honduras 14:05

    • Grim Reaper

      Grim Reaper

      6 dager siden

      Philip DeFranco look at the tv after she pushes the dog. She kicks him ?

    • williss11


      8 dager siden

      Where is heheproductions? I see him on cover

    • Robin Hood

      Robin Hood

      8 dager siden

      That video hurt me so much, can't believe anyone would treat a dog like that, plus it looks very young as well, the paws are fairly large for its body

    • Just ME Onlyme

      Just ME Onlyme

      8 dager siden

      Check out the Dog whisperer.. weird sounds.. weird techniques .. sometimes he shows who is boss. I think its rarely normal to make the dog understand ( and the dog looks young ) who is boss. I love dogs and care deeply about animals. BUT! I have seen a dog lunge up into a lady's face and lock jaw from her chin to forehead.. and a friend peeled the dogs jaw apart to release the two. So I don't believe she was in the wrong by immediately sorting out the face attack the dog tried to do to her. Social media can take things waaay out of hand as well. Disturbing part to me is , why would you plastic wrap the opening of a doorway where the dog will crunch its head into when you say ' come ' ? This is the exact same thing that happened to my friends face.. she irritated the dog before hand so the dog bit her in the face. Dogs are smart. Keep the dog, work with the dog.. and stop using the dog for stupid videos. You will be less hurt in the long run.

    • feuryie


      8 dager siden

      @Paweł D. I think there are hate crimes out there just like there are white nationalist. however; the amount of real hate crimes just as the rise of white nationals, is so low it's negligible. the real issue is the media generalizing the term so that almost anything that is against what they term as "the left" is labeled a hate crime, while if it's against the right, it's just a "lone individual" and doesn't represent the collective. it's media trying to manipulate public perception to try and sway them to their view, and phil of late has been falling for their lines more and more.

  2. Master_Keyblade


    11 timer siden

    From what I understood before, she was filming, and the Doberman kept getting in the way. I didn't realize she was purposely getting him wound up. I think she deserves whatever comes her way. You don't treat your dog that way, I don't care what your day was like

  3. R J

    R J

    19 timer siden

    Karma exposed Brooke Hout's dark ugly evil a$$ to the world. Imagine how much worse she has done to this doberman and possibly other animals. Someone save this dog from this closet animal abuser!

  4. Ramen Quest

    Ramen Quest

    Dag siden

    My Uncle has one of those dog breeds people are scared of (Bull Terrier) that came from an abusive home (they were illegally training dogs to fight) and the only time he treats his dog even in the BALLPARK of that is when his Dog is about to attack someone, in that case he will not yell, he will simple pick the dog up, and pin it to the ground, and hold it until either it calms down by him speaking to it, or the thing that it wants to attack goes away. This is the only time he gets physical with his dog, and you may think "Well if this dog is such a danger why not put it down?" because that's bullshit and the dog's anxieties and poor training aren't the dogs fault, he's now a pretty good boy and when he's happy and around people he knows and trusts he's the biggest sweetheart ever, he's gentle and kind around his two cat brothers, he's even gotten used to my cousins pet Corgie and is okay around him (although it took a long time to get to that point and took some training to keep the Corgie from acting aggressive) So yeah, I've seen situations where my Uncle has to treat his dog in a manner that people from the outside looking in might think "Oh he's being so abusive!!" Brooke is not doing that. She's instigating play in the dog, and then punishing the dog for doing exactly what she's asking it to do. This is going to give her dog issues and some serious anxiety and massive mixed signals which will result in bad behaviours later down the road and yes, it is abuse. She's using the "I'm the big dog" tactics that sure feel good in the moment, but can result in the dog getting hyper aggressive towards people/children/other animals that it sees as being "Lower int he pecking order" which is where you get dogs that hurt people because they've been TAUGHT that attacking, and hurting others, is how you get your way.

  5. Hell Hound

    Hell Hound

    Dag siden

    How about you don’t hit your animal period.

  6. twinkle7498


    Dag siden

    she is sorry because she got exposed.

  7. Mrs.Legendary Shadow

    Mrs.Legendary Shadow

    Dag siden

    This was so horrible

  8. klutzycutie


    Dag siden

    If you can't handle your dog and no matter how you try to describe it what was shown on video is abuse. That is animal abuse and I hope the authorities are called. Then you spit at your that's messed up and degrading and disgusting. Brooke you need mental help and you dog deserves to be in a better home.

  9. Judgemental Seagull

    Judgemental Seagull

    Dag siden

    The whole apology is extremely insincere and I love how she downplays the hitting and kicking and spitting to “yelling.” She’s sorry she got caught, nothing more. My other favorite is when she wraps it up to a “bad day” and life not going the way she wants. Yeah that happens to me too but I don’t wallop my dogs for it. If she doesn’t want a large, hyper dog running, jumping, and nipping then she should have done her fucking research and got a smaller, less active breed. A side note: she says she “can’t afford group training” but purebred Dobermans cost thousands of dollars. And she can’t fork over a couple hundred for a few weeks of classes. Nothing but excuses for this biotch.

  10. ???? ¿¿¿¿

    ???? ¿¿¿¿

    Dag siden

    Philip defuckass

  11. Potterplier


    Dag siden

    I work in animal rescue and what she said was absolutely bullshit.

  12. SCZ


    Dag siden

    She needs to be trained, not the dog

  13. Sammykid 2

    Sammykid 2

    Dag siden

    I never heard of this word, “White Supremacy” it doesn’t exist for me.

  14. Sammykid 2

    Sammykid 2

    Dag siden

    I think the video should be taken down. (The dog video.)

  15. Sammykid 2

    Sammykid 2

    Dag siden

    I never seen Brooke before

  16. Sammykid 2

    Sammykid 2

    Dag siden

    Wow Brooke 😒 wow 😒

  17. Ana Banana

    Ana Banana

    2 dager siden

    brooke houts is dumb. why do that knowing the camera is there and not turned off than upload it. did you edit blind.

    • Ana Banana

      Ana Banana

      2 dager siden

      o I already commented LOL more comments the merrier 😁

  18. Josh Jensen

    Josh Jensen

    2 dager siden

    Hope she gets horribly abused by someone she loves one day.

  19. アニメカワイ


    2 dager siden

    Its not normal, if your dog has too much energy then there is nothing you can do but play with him or give him a back yard to run around in. Maybe let him play with other dogs or even other pets.

  20. Charlotte Lewis

    Charlotte Lewis

    2 dager siden

    « I didn’t spit on my dog » Well... WHAT THE FauCK wERE YOU DOING? That looked EXACTLY like spitting on your innocent dog.

  21. 17R3W


    2 dager siden

    I wonder if american humane should be on set monitized NOplayer videos involving pets.

  22. Jonathan


    2 dager siden

    Dog abuse is inexcusable, but everyone calling her a hypocrite should look at what's on their plate. Pigs, cows, chickens, etc don't like to be abused either. Not trying to sound like a jerk, just pointing something out.

  23. Crystal Rain

    Crystal Rain

    2 dager siden

    Hi I have worked with dogs for over 10 years and I have never known anyone in these days who trains a dog that way, I am annoyed with her she seems to be a hypocrite and is explaining something that doesn't make sense to explain to such detail I also would like to point out that that breed is high energy and if she doesn't have the way to give an outlet and instead punishes it for misbehaving maybe she shouldn't of gotten a dog. I feel this way about declawing if you don't like the claws teeth or whatever of an animal don't get one!

  24. Chase E

    Chase E

    2 dager siden

    I hope she puts a shotgun on her chin and blow her head of

  25. Kiana Marie

    Kiana Marie

    2 dager siden

    She def spit on her dog.. there’s video evidence and she’s still lying. Take the dog away.

  26. Sean Cartaya

    Sean Cartaya

    2 dager siden

    All hate crimes are not committed by white supremacists. There are so many problems with that argument that I am actually quite disappointed in you here, Phil. You are supposed to be a voice of common sense and reason in an increasingly bias world, and then you throw out some BS arguments like that? Racism is not all whites against minorities. There is racism from some people of every race against others. Way to push a false narrative when I come to your show to get the exact opposite.

  27. Eme Rose

    Eme Rose

    2 dager siden

    I'm studying animal behavior and what she did was out of line. Big dogs do sometimes need to be physically pushed down if they are jumping but you don't hit them. You can mimic a dominant nip at the neck with your fingers to get their attention, but it shouldn't be used as punishment. Not to mention that the dog was being affectionate not aggressive. If a dog is being to hyper you need to stay calm and ignore them until they calm down. Move them off you if they jump on you but if you act with aggression it just makes them more hyper. This is just a classic example of someone losing their temper with an animal. There is no reason to ever do that to a dog. Edit: It's also important to remember that bigger more energetic dogs are going to be rough when they play. The shouldn't be punished for that, and the main solution is to lower their energy levels by staying calm yourself and exercising the dog enough so he won't have those bursts of energy as much. As soon as a big dog starts jumping like that, it's time for a walk.

  28. Piano With Corey

    Piano With Corey

    2 dager siden

    Philip: “Welcome back to the Philip DeFranco show...” Me: Let’s just jump into it! Philip: “And actually before we jump into it...” Me: *is shaken down to the core 😱*

  29. Uncensored American

    Uncensored American

    2 dager siden

    You should see by all the comments on here that White Supremacy isn’t a real thing. Considering everyone on here in the comments are more concerned about a dog. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  30. Mel Pascal

    Mel Pascal

    3 dager siden

    As a bird and dog trainer, I can very easily tell that she just plainly gets mad at her dog for not behaving and she is NOT doing any training and if she thought she was... well, she is screwing up royally.. 🤦‍♀️ I am very severe and pretty rough (when I play with my 60 kg dog) with my own dog and do believe in training with both positive reinforcement but also negative reinforcement like they do when the interact between dogs. But there need to be sooooooo much more positive for that to be balanced. it is a way to train that I feel is closest to how dogs behave together and all the dogs I’ve trained have been responding extremely well to it. And they are always excited to see me (except when they have done something wrong like eating the dirt of my plants 😂) we play all the time and they are calm and serene with me. But when I am angry, I do use my « big voice » but in a calm way. Never like that girl did, with lots of emotions and using the punishment to relieve her anger. There is a way to « punish » your dog that he’ll understand but mostly that feels like just that: a punishment. You are telling him what he’s doing isn’t okay but then you move one and he now knows he should not be doing this. He clearly doesn’t understand what she wants and that’s normal because she is not showing him the right way! Annnnnd I’ve seen her in other videos talking to the camera with her dog playing like he’s trying to do here and she lets him do it... how do you want him to understand anything if you’re not constant?!! Rigorous, clear and precise, constant. That’s what’s most important when you want to train an animal. If you say no, it’s ALWAYS no. Not « when you feel like it » no. 🤦‍♀️ Oh and last thing, if you are having a bad day, if you are having problem controlling your anger, don’t intersect with your animal. I love crate training for that. It prevents bad interactions. It’s muuuuuch better not to have any interaction than having a bad one. If I’m mad, I get my dog in his crate (now he knows to stay in the kitchen when I’m not in the mood I simply look at him and he knows and plays in the kitchen with his toys) or I let him outside, let him have fun and then go back inside et he stays on his bed or in his crate and I get to cool down on my own. But I do not ever try to do anything with him if I can’t handle him doing something « bad »! He’s a dog he will never be perfect! You are the one that needs to stay calm and communicate with him the right way... This is a freaking long comment but I just can’t stand people doing stupid shit with their animals and then saying « I don’t understand why he acts that way... « and they get angry with the animal... nope! Sorry! You’re the « intelligent » being here you’re the one who should know how to make yourself clear to another specie. 😡 be informed before getting a freaking animal!

  31. Lissie Lamb

    Lissie Lamb

    3 dager siden

    Yo I got news for you do you know how *strong* a dog like that is? Pitbulls get handled like that too I don't like to see it but that shit is reality. Some dogs are fucking tough to obey you people treat their pets like that every day

  32. Miranda White

    Miranda White

    3 dager siden

    She doesn't bring up the fact that she hit the dog, she doesn't say she hit him. She needs to admit what she did to actually apologise

  33. D Mal

    D Mal

    3 dager siden

    Who trained her on training dogs? Michael Vick?

  34. D Mal

    D Mal

    3 dager siden

    Tucker Carlson is insulting to anyone that have been a victim of the klan. #TuckerCarlsonIsAMasterBaitor

  35. Spencer McClure

    Spencer McClure

    3 dager siden

    I hate that you're playing up the Disney+ Bundle as being a good thing. It's literally the same as the cable bundles that choked television into being far more expensive than it needed to be, having to buy an entire service just to watch the one or two shows that you're genuinely interested in. This is why Netflix became as popular as it did and all Disney and them are doing is encouraging people to pay more patronage to piracy and push them away from enjoying the content because of these stupid ass schemes to throttle more money out of consumers.

  36. Quinlan Brooks

    Quinlan Brooks

    3 dager siden

    I think she’s the one who needs classes not the dog Gross

  37. Austin E

    Austin E

    3 dager siden

    "the data is the data" on white supremacy... then gives no actual data -_- C'mon Phil you are better than that!

  38. Sara G

    Sara G

    3 dager siden

    I have a very big pit bull who like to play and sometimes he plays rough without realizing and I have to hold him, but never ever in his whole life do I ever need to use such force or disrespect to him. She is an abuser. Yes there are levels of abuse but this is definitely abuse. It was extremely unnecessary and she shouldn’t have him.

  39. Sylvanna Mitrevska

    Sylvanna Mitrevska

    3 dager siden

    It seemed like the dog wasn't doing what she wanted so she can get more views so she got very angry. Its crazy what people are willing to do just to be famous. I bet this happens alot and not just with animals but with children too☹️

  40. Antarctic Dissuasion Force

    Antarctic Dissuasion Force

    3 dager siden

    Dobey's can be stupid, but they are stupidly loyal and because of this they're generally easy to train, in comparison to other dogs. Nothing like trying to train clever but often neurotic dogs like beagles or collies. That said, this is disgusting behaviour for any 'dog lover' her behaviour is not that of a caring owner and I've been around training of 200lb shepherds.

  41. JamieJay


    3 dager siden

    I don't want to defend Brooke. I'm not defending Brooke but all these comments about "violent punishment training does not work" and "once a hitter always a hitter", is just sad. guaranteed half of the commenters have done something the wrong way at times because the wrong way is easier than the smart way. I agree we should investigate her but demanding her dog gets taken away because of this one instance we know of. Silly. Plus if everyone who was not perfect to their dog had them taken away our shelters would be overrun and the dog would be put down anyways.

  42. Cassie Marie

    Cassie Marie

    3 dager siden

    As someone who has had, and trained, big dogs my whole life and who has a german shepherd mix that I did take to training and work with every day: Hitting your dog and yelling at them and spitting on them is not going to help calm them down in any way. You got a big dog that is a high energy breed, you need to take steps to properly train and exercise them. The way that I have dealt with dogs jumping up, both before and especially after attending training classes, is by turning away and not making eye contact with my pup or giving attention for that behavior in any way. Once she calms down and isn't jumping, she gets lots of love and rewards and all the attention she was trying to get with the negative behavior. That teaches them that they will get what they want from good behaviors and will not get what they want from the negative behavior. Another thing I've learned is if you are frustrated and agitated and feel that way towards your dog, step back and walk away until you calm down. And hyping your dog up like that and then getting mad at them FOR being hyped up is just wrong. That's your fault. As for the excuse of the dog got bit by another dog so you cant do group training.... I call bullshit. There are many different trainers and group trainers even here in Utah where I am. Find a different group, or ask to go at a different time. Saying you cant because of one experience at one training group is nothing but a bad excuse.

  43. Ms. Artemis

    Ms. Artemis

    3 dager siden

    I have a 125 lb lab/pit mix so I know how to handle big dogs and never have I ever felt the need to hit my dog when he's jumped up. I push him back down but tell him sternly "no" and trained him so he doesn't jump anymore. If you can't handle a big dog getting excited don't get a big dog. Also that distinctly sounds like a spit so I don't believe her when she says she didn't spit on her dog.

  44. Yoshimura Hirihito

    Yoshimura Hirihito

    3 dager siden

    More streaming services =/= more competition.

  45. john


    3 dager siden

    810,825 cases aggravated assault in 2017, only 0.00017% were done by whites against minorities. And of the 17,284 murders, only 0.00057% were racially motivated. So yeah, its not a problem you should be focusing on when your country is falling apart.

  46. Genevieve Young

    Genevieve Young

    3 dager siden

    I like Jenna Marbles general outlook on your self-policing community. I don’t think she should be removed from NOplayer but I definitely think her dog videos should be removed and she should have the dog taken away from her. I have a husky who is extremely hyper and would never treat her that way. She said in her apology that she didn’t want to make excuses but that was all her apology was. If this is her first dog and she is in over her head... accept that, say that. A quick google search can show how to help with releasing dog energy.

  47. VenusLove


    3 dager siden

    Whats weird about Brooke is she is making up conflicting excuses. Did you hit the dog because you were threatened with his mouth open? Or did you hit the dog because you were having a bad day? Doberman's will attack people they feel threatened by so the last thing you want to do is hit them. Most of the time they are tame, but don't test them by thinking they will keep letting you hit them.

  48. john


    3 dager siden

    I looked up the stats, and of the 7200 hate crimes, 60% of those were based on race/ancestry. So that makes it 4,320 racial hate crimes. The FBI website says that 1000 more agencies reported that didnt report the previous year, so the rise is questionable....3000 of the 4320 were crimes against property, like vandalism (74%), burglary and robbery. Although bad, its not a horrible issue. That means there were 1,320 violent crimes based on race in the US that year. According to the FBI stats, 50% were whites were the attackers, so that drops it to 760 attacks by whites on minorities. 44% intimidation, 19% aggravated assault, 34% simple assault, There were only 15 murders from the 4320 racial hate crimes. They dont specify how many murders were done by whites. So yeah, compared to other things going on in this country, its not a huge problem. Do your research, friends. IMO murder and aggravated assault are bad, but they were not even 1% of the hate crimes. Compared to other pressing issues in this country, you would be a fool for focus on this issue as much as the media does.

  49. Nicole KS

    Nicole KS

    3 dager siden

    We paid for our 2 dogs to go through training and it cost less than $300. Don't get pets if you can't afford them and end up abusing them because you "can't afford" pet training, it is not the dogs fault you suck as a person.

  50. Max Covfefe

    Max Covfefe

    3 dager siden

    Dog owner of 20+ years. Nothing in that video of the dog was good training. A Dobie like that has an intelligence roughly around the same as a 3 yr old human child. If you incite play, you must have a clear "now we aren't playing" signal. Some dogs require a firm voice, but it's a respect thing, not a hitting thing. They follow leadership and are confused by things like hitting. Dogs don't hit each other; there's nothing in their natural behavior to help them understand it. Even raising your voice is commonly misunderstood as "let's all bark now!" Dog training is essentially human training: how to be a better human.

  51. Brooke Hawkins

    Brooke Hawkins

    3 dager siden

    Shit sucks and goes wrong in my life daily and I would never hit my dog for wanting to play with me! No one cares if you yelled people are outraged because you beat him! IF YOU WANT HIM TO BE LESS HYPER DONT GET A BIG ASS DOG AND KEEP THEM IN A LITTLE APARTMENT ALL DAY AND THEN BE SHOCKED THAT HE HAS TOO MUCH ENERGY! 🤥💩🤯 She shouldn’t have that dog in my opinion! She’s neglectful and abusive idc how much worse it could get!

  52. Emi DeYoung

    Emi DeYoung

    3 dager siden

    I can just imagine that the dog hitting video will make Jenna Marbles cry

  53. Trevor Klotzbach

    Trevor Klotzbach

    3 dager siden

    People expose their true nature when they deal with things that they feel are bellow them

  54. Kaitlyn Buck

    Kaitlyn Buck

    4 dager siden

    I think she just made the apology to get people off her back and her deleting her twitter account? mental health my ass she just didnt want to see all the hate she was getting for something she knows she did. The poor dog is probably scarred for life because of her actions i hope to god someone takes that doggo from her and gives him a new home he deserves it this animal? SHE deserves to have 0 subs

  55. Jelli Maple

    Jelli Maple

    4 dager siden

    I’ll take the dog. That’s it.

  56. Marty Mcfly

    Marty Mcfly

    4 dager siden

    Phil definitely had to do with this random chick blowing up and NOplayer is involved

  57. Ruby Jackson

    Ruby Jackson

    4 dager siden

    There is a way to train high energy large dogs with kindness. They do it for Great Danes, ya know.

  58. Saxanith


    4 dager siden

    What kind of idiot doesn't understand that a dogs are naturally hyperactive. They will jump on you, get in your face, etc. because they love you, they want your attention, and they want to play with you. They just want love, and clearly she cannot provide that. It's disgusting to see this, someone needs to take that poor dog away from her.

  59. Tappa Tappa

    Tappa Tappa

    4 dager siden

    and she kicks it , look in the refection in the TV

  60. steve johnson

    steve johnson

    4 dager siden

    Thanks for not taking Tucker Carlson out of context and making yourself look like a fool

  61. Jayee


    4 dager siden

    Yeah... I can't remember the last time where smacking was involved when I was training my Husky. Maybe I'm missing something here.

  62. Michael Dowdney

    Michael Dowdney

    4 dager siden

    It's a dog not a toy or a prop for videos. Can't care for another life in your home? Don't get a dog. It's not hard to grasp that. As for the white supremacy clip you've got to love someone on Fox News talking about hoaxes and lying

  63. Megan The Baker

    Megan The Baker

    4 dager siden

    I have a 15lb jack, and he is easy to just pick up and put in a crate when he's being naughty. That's because I choose my animals in accordance with my strengths and weaknesses. Yes he's my profile pic

  64. Tyler Sales

    Tyler Sales

    4 dager siden

    White supremacy is about as much of a problem as mass shootings. Alot of news coverage but effects very little.

  65. Wallyum


    4 dager siden

    That is NOT how you train a dog. That is how you make a playful puppy with a bad nipping habit into an adult dog that will maul your face.

  66. CutieBigBooty


    4 dager siden

    Not a fan of Houts' apology. She kept subtly defending herself... Even though she "didn't want to make it seem that way", she did. Girl you KNOW you fucked all the way up and you were an asshole. I want to be able to at least acknowledge and appreciate that she is sorry and wants to be better, but it's hard when she lowkey tries to make what she did seem less serious than it is.

  67. Bob Marley

    Bob Marley

    4 dager siden

    Tucker Carlson is a hoax. If you created a hierarchy of all the Tucker Carlson in America, where would Tucker Carlson be? Right up there with Tucker Carlson.

    • Carantanian Fella

      Carantanian Fella

      3 dager siden

      Pit Bulls pose a bigger threat to the American public than white supremacists.

  68. Winter O'Dochartaigh

    Winter O'Dochartaigh

    4 dager siden

    NO animal trainer teaches you to... *Smack your pet hard, knocking it well away from you in the process. *Grab-smash your pet hard against the ground, and hitting it again. *Shove the pet hard enough to knock it several feet back. *Angrily chase it down, and yell in a threatening manner. ... Etc. If your concern is "high energy", you're taught to go outside and take it for walks and play with it, to use up that energy. *

  69. Mars M.

    Mars M.

    4 dager siden

    I feel kind of bad for the dog, but since she wasn't trying to post that content and she deleted it immediately I don't think shutting down her channel is justifiable.

  70. Thayne debortolli

    Thayne debortolli

    4 dager siden

    "I apologize to anyone who has been affected negatively by the footage", well how about your f*king dog!!!!! I have 8 dogs and I have bad days, but none of that justifies that type of attitude. And worst, with footage of everything she has the nerve to say she didin't spit on the dog? WTF, she should be in jail.

  71. EC Mal

    EC Mal

    4 dager siden

    FYI: I'm in metro Detroit and Comcast is undercutting SlingTV packages.... So I went back to cable lol FOR NOW 😜 Keep doing you Phil, love your & the teams great work!! Appreciate all your time and commitment to the truth!

  72. jessimarisami


    4 dager siden

    Phil, please cover the story about beautycon and Sierra Schultzzie!!! This is big industry news and it should be brought to light that they need to improve their business practices! Please, don't let them get away with it without consequences.

  73. Isabella Hades

    Isabella Hades

    4 dager siden

    That chick is disgusting.. She has absolutely no other explaination other than she is negative and has no control over her own actions...i heard excuse excuse excuse she felt crappy therefore she has the right to abuse her dog. No it isn't shocking abuse but it is abuse all the same. Definitely not how you should treat a Doberman.. .She is teaching him that humans will abuse him...therefore turning a dog into aggressive from fear .... She deserves to be collared, yelled at, dehumanized, pushed, shoved thrown around.... all the things she put that dog through. Overall disgusted and angry... No f'ing excuses

  74. annikennr


    4 dager siden

    End this bit*h's career and give that dog a loving home!

  75. Jade Mae

    Jade Mae

    4 dager siden

    It doesn’t even matter if she spit on her dog, as getting in her dog’s face and making sudden movements and noises is enough to intimidate and frighten a dog.

  76. Max White

    Max White

    4 dager siden

    Just because you say you shouldn't have doesn't mean that it can justify what she did, this was terrible and honestly one of the worst things you could do to your dog. Doesn't matter if she says sorry the damage has already been done, and she probably was doing that the whole time. Animal abuse is often a sign on other abuse so I hope her friends, family and really anyone she is sorta close to is okay and isn't being manipulated. I couldn't tell you how often my abusive ex would say the sort of thing she says, blaming a bad day and whatnot, just to go do it again the next day. She needs therapy, not a dog, and not a channel.

  77. CmdrX3


    4 dager siden

    She even kicks the dog ffs. Unsubscribing is the best message to send because we all see these stupid apologies and all they are really saying is please keep watching me.

  78. Eleanor Gerold

    Eleanor Gerold

    4 dager siden

    Properly training you dog to know what "no" means isn't very hard. If a bigger dog is jumping up on you, you can say "no" very firmly, put you knew up, or just turn around. You shouldn't smack the dog, especially if you are trying to initiate play time. It just confuses them.

  79. CyberColey


    4 dager siden

    We need cesear milan

  80. Sammantha Vega

    Sammantha Vega

    4 dager siden

    I’ve had a King Doberman before, TWICE the size of hers. And never would I EVER treat my dog like this. Big dogs will realize they can overpower you. If they see you as a threat, all your “training” means nothing.