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  1. Zombiekilluh XXX

    Zombiekilluh XXX

    6 timer siden

    Dont think I'm gonna pay to watch 2 dudes that cover their 5 head slap each other around

  2. Ryan Hayes

    Ryan Hayes

    7 timer siden

    Logan is gonna whoop you...

  3. cyrus tyler

    cyrus tyler

    9 timer siden

    Logan going to win all the way

  4. Lil Bear

    Lil Bear

    10 timer siden

    If ksi loses its not even going to matter lmao

  5. Call of Furious

    Call of Furious

    13 timer siden

    Logan is gay like Jake

  6. Liam Gaddie

    Liam Gaddie

    13 timer siden

    Ksi is such a liar he said Logan’s team wanted headgear

    • Dubby G 00

      Dubby G 00

      12 timer siden

      Because they did 🙄😐😐

  7. Payton Holst

    Payton Holst

    13 timer siden

    I hate you

  8. crazy _a

    crazy _a

    13 timer siden

    Yo what time is it?

  9. EM PLEH


    15 timer siden

    lets go champ

  10. Stacks


    16 timer siden

    Romell from TGF should fight on the undercard he’s actually hench

  11. Michael Mc Fadden

    Michael Mc Fadden

    20 timer siden


  12. 10000 subscribers with some vids !

    10000 subscribers with some vids !

    23 timer siden

    KSI , I been watching u ever since the Joe Weller fight...You've since then been losing your character as the years get by. You dont have the drive for this anymore

  13. hunter harrington

    hunter harrington

    Dag siden

    driving 4000 miles to see this fight, JJ please win...

  14. tyrese newton

    tyrese newton

    Dag siden

    MadLove from the homies in New Zealand,End the Chump brother.

  15. ItsCrazy 789

    ItsCrazy 789

    Dag siden

    Push yourself ksi

  16. RxD Viper

    RxD Viper

    Dag siden

    JJ if you better drop the drop kick

  17. John Day

    John Day

    Dag siden

    KSi I was pulling for you the first time. But after how I’ve seen how you are with your family. I’m pulling for Logan just because I want him to beat the bully .you’ve sold your soul to the devil.

  18. Latasha Williams

    Latasha Williams

    Dag siden


  19. marlicos YT

    marlicos YT

    Dag siden

    Logan is better logan is better your ass

  20. Liam Jensen

    Liam Jensen

    Dag siden

    Pro fight 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  21. Kangur Studios

    Kangur Studios

    Dag siden

    KSI please knock the shit out of Logan, I know u can do it bro

  22. Reaper 4541

    Reaper 4541

    Dag siden

    Logan Is going to beat the living SHIT out of you

  23. Basil Sozer

    Basil Sozer

    Dag siden

    Who's here after the second fight?

  24. TSM_HunterKingYT


    Dag siden

    We All Know KSI Is Going To Win

  25. Andro K

    Andro K

    Dag siden

    dude thinks he can fight pro boxers with 2 years of training..

  26. Alex Godson

    Alex Godson

    2 dager siden

    Too many distractions in London so I’m going to Vegas 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  27. Kech


    2 dager siden


  28. Fernando Raygosa

    Fernando Raygosa

    2 dager siden

    Ksi is still fat

  29. Jacob Lee

    Jacob Lee

    2 dager siden

    Really you bring up the dead body shit cold bro

  30. stock_jeep_life


    2 dager siden

    Dude making millions on NOplayer, switching to career where he can easily suffer brain damaged or die. Stick to YT bro it's not worth it.

    • stock_jeep_life


      Dag siden

      @Bang Daddy dangerous sport. One punch could change everything. Logan thinks he can avenge himself for filming a dead body by killing someone in the boxing ring ?

    • Bang Daddy

      Bang Daddy

      Dag siden

      @stock_jeep_life okay take it back, every boxer suffers brain damage

    • stock_jeep_life


      Dag siden

      @Bang Daddy tell that to prichard colon.

    • Bang Daddy

      Bang Daddy

      Dag siden

      you dont get brain damage that fast bro

  31. Just another Nintendo fanboy

    Just another Nintendo fanboy

    2 dager siden

    The winner here is my $10.

  32. S2K- Mullarkey

    S2K- Mullarkey

    2 dager siden

    Come on ksi like for team ksi

  33. Jelle Giesen

    Jelle Giesen

    2 dager siden

    They haven't turned pro lol.

  34. Jack Mansour

    Jack Mansour

    2 dager siden

    Beat up Logan

  35. Jack Mansour

    Jack Mansour

    2 dager siden

    Train ksi

  36. Jack Mansour

    Jack Mansour

    2 dager siden

    Make floyd Mayweather your coach

  37. Vanya B

    Vanya B

    2 dager siden

    Nobody: Not an entire soul: Deji: 00:00 AUGUST 25!

  38. Jack Mansour

    Jack Mansour

    2 dager siden

    Start training ksi

  39. IZAYA


    2 dager siden

    The real winners are the people who steal other people's comments and get more like than the original

    • Ur Mean

      Ur Mean

      2 dager siden

      IZAYA too bad you’re not a winner

  40. LyricalNinja


    2 dager siden

    KSI will f****** kill Logan any day

  41. RobloxjamjamjamToast - Butter Not Relevant

    RobloxjamjamjamToast - Butter Not Relevant

    2 dager siden

    Logan:small pp Ksi:ask your mum shes there Mum: NO

  42. DentxGamerzz 221

    DentxGamerzz 221

    2 dager siden

    I 100000% am sure if Logan loses fans will be like "WelL He DId WeLl" or "EvErYBodY MakEs MisTaKes"like all day I see Logans fans like...

  43. Team DriP

    Team DriP

    2 dager siden

    Logan’s boutta get fuuuuuccckkkedd

  44. Trio 123

    Trio 123

    2 dager siden

    logan has rings not fair but ksi doesn't care

  45. Declan Dowo

    Declan Dowo

    2 dager siden

    Its crap that its on dazn its not available in our country

  46. The Man Himself

    The Man Himself

    2 dager siden

    Gonna wait til the fight is over, make sure to turn off NOplayer for 2 days and watch the full fight on youtube

  47. AOD Triple B

    AOD Triple B

    2 dager siden

    I hope Ksi smashes the smug smile of Logans face.

  48. Jordan pubg gamer

    Jordan pubg gamer

    2 dager siden

    Shut the puck up u Mo****f***



    2 dager siden

    Thank you joe weller

  50. Amirul


    2 dager siden

    I hope two of 'em gunna be a good friend one day

  51. NostalgicBrony


    2 dager siden

    Difference between KSI and Logan's Rematch Announcement videos: One held it more maturely than the other. I'll let you guys figure that out for yourselves.

  52. Lil Umi Vert

    Lil Umi Vert

    2 dager siden

    Hope you win but bro you can’t box for shit

  53. aaron Dotson

    aaron Dotson

    2 dager siden

    I respect both of them but if you think KSI will win you’re just a big fan not a actual realist, Logan eats sleep and breaths training and he has gotten shredded I mean come on the man trained 24/7 for a year straight and is the type of dude to do what he says he has that southern Ohio in him and us southerners don’t fuck around but honestly be realistic people it’s Logan no matter how much you like ksi the dudes going down y’all are just honestly cheering for him because he is black ik it’s a race thing don’t lie but it’s Logan sorry y’all.

  54. DiegoXd1-


    2 dager siden

    As a ksi fan I think Logan has the upper hand with his height and reach but I think ksi can just pull a “ksi” and destroy Logan

  55. pratham marwah

    pratham marwah

    2 dager siden

    Ksi you will be knocked out by logan paul

  56. Kaydon Falzon

    Kaydon Falzon

    2 dager siden

    Logan is gowing to KO you put tis on the canil

  57. Keshawn Rhys

    Keshawn Rhys

    2 dager siden

    KSI SUCKS!!!!

  58. IrtiZA HSN

    IrtiZA HSN

    3 dager siden

    Get a haircut for the fight

  59. Ralph Domingo

    Ralph Domingo

    3 dager siden

    Baby carrot

  60. AppleCider A

    AppleCider A

    3 dager siden

    KSI has the pennywise lip smile thing