Daniel Craig Sold His James Bond Swimming Trunks For A Fortune | The Graham Norton Show

Daniel Craig sold his infamous James Bond swimming trunks for a ridiculous amount!
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  1. Ruslan JAVARUS

    Ruslan JAVARUS

    10 dager siden

    People only watching. Nobody push the botton "like".

  2. the islander

    the islander

    23 dager siden

    Sniff that shirt.

  3. Inessa Maria

    Inessa Maria

    25 dager siden

    He is so sexy

  4. Becky B

    Becky B

    25 dager siden

    I just saw Daniel Craig in Road to Perdition with Tom Hanks and Paul Newman...great movie!

  5. Sonja Trl

    Sonja Trl

    27 dager siden

    Daniel, your trunks, worth every penny

  6. CRS1964


    27 dager siden

    This was first broadcast on the 26th October 2012. Daniel Craig Dame Judi Dench Javier Bardem

  7. robotic android

    robotic android

    27 dager siden

    Daniel is a star

  8. rebeca prat

    rebeca prat

    28 dager siden

    Is this a old epi?

  9. starry


    29 dager siden


  10. ** khaled

    ** khaled

    29 dager siden

    And they want to replace that with a black woman! Shame on you world

  11. okow tina

    okow tina

    29 dager siden

    I thought this was a new series. Can't find it online lol dammit

  12. Mohamed Hussein

    Mohamed Hussein

    Måned siden

    Daniel Craig look a like Putin. They should check his DNA

    • bilias hour

      bilias hour

      29 dager siden

      Strange that he says de-carb. I always thought to beef up like that you need carbs...?

  13. Dominic Davis

    Dominic Davis

    Måned siden

    Orlebar Brown shorts! 🔥

    • okow tina

      okow tina

      29 dager siden

      Which dirty bas*ard bought Daniel Craig's trunks - typing this while wearing Daniel Craig's trunks

  14. host_runner


    Måned siden

    Daniel Craig looks a bit like Putin with hair

  15. Mani Sutha

    Mani Sutha

    Måned siden

    Daniel Craig is so handsome guy. 👍

  16. MrSk8erkbw


    Måned siden

    Daniel gave Graham quite the flirtatious look there at one point...reminded me of the scene when the villain is feeling up on Bond bound to a chair and bond says “what makes you think it would be my first time.” Just sayin......

    • bilishu aliss

      bilishu aliss

      Måned siden

      Daniel Craig is so hot. Weirdly enough his ears are really attractive

  17. Alan Ferris

    Alan Ferris

    Måned siden

    Ah de carb, that's where I'm going wrong!

  18. Chris J M Irvine

    Chris J M Irvine

    Måned siden

    The worst Bond by a long shot!

  19. Bill Shinas

    Bill Shinas

    Måned siden

    Being famous has its perks, being famous you could possibly sell your pubic hair, and pay off your house, Elvis sure could have gotten away with it if he tried.

  20. jasiel delgado

    jasiel delgado

    Måned siden

    He looks like Putin

  21. Ammar Ameen

    Ammar Ameen

    Måned siden

    Lol i watched Casino Royale just The other day few days Back aswell lolll

  22. S A

    S A

    Måned siden

    The pic of Daniel Craig is so good.

  23. mixio hili

    mixio hili

    Måned siden

    Yes James bonds shorts!!!!

  24. Nic Soderman

    Nic Soderman

    Måned siden

    Best. Show. Ever. 😍😍😍

  25. John Layton

    John Layton

    Måned siden

    👏👏👏I don't care what anyone says, DANIEL CRAIG IS THE BEST BOND! 😁😁😁 and Graham Norton is probably the best interviewer/host on tv or the internet.

  26. Paul Richard

    Paul Richard

    Måned siden

    Strange that he says de-carb. I always thought to beef up like that you need carbs...?

    • mixio hili

      mixio hili

      Måned siden

      Is that Putin big brother

  27. Kaleb Chavez

    Kaleb Chavez

    Måned siden

    God please let me live in Daniel's underwear for a day or two!❣️

    • Hungry Like The Vultures

      Hungry Like The Vultures

      Måned siden

      Kaleb Chavez 🤢

  28. rdchannels


    Måned siden

    Craig looks more KGB than Mi6

  29. Fresh Prince

    Fresh Prince

    Måned siden

    Which dirty bas*ard bought Daniel Craig's trunks - *typing this while wearing Daniel Craig's trunks*

  30. rdchannels


    Måned siden

    Fleming’s novels would make a great HBO or Netflix series. More Smiley than Bourne.

  31. Rich Shackleton

    Rich Shackleton

    Måned siden

    I'd suck Craig and I'm not even bi

  32. no


    Måned siden

    Daniel Craig is so hot. Weirdly enough his ears are really attractive

    • Paul Richard

      Paul Richard

      Måned siden

      Hahahaha.. how many others just rewatched looking at his ears? :))))

  33. Brandon Lee Morin-Fleck

    Brandon Lee Morin-Fleck

    Måned siden

    He's gorgeous!😍😘

  34. darthjump


    Måned siden

    He was not even that fit. Just a little Bulk.

  35. Gershwin Quintyne

    Gershwin Quintyne

    Måned siden

    JudI Dench looks great!

  36. Elijah _

    Elijah _

    Måned siden

    I heard there will be a black version of james bond is that true??😵😵😵

    • chunkylefunga


      29 dager siden


  37. Kay Rai

    Kay Rai

    Måned siden

    Who the HECK buys people’s used underwear?? Even if they are a celebrity. I wouldn’t, if it were jesus’ and was free!! Ewwwwwwwwwwwww

  38. homer555552


    Måned siden

    The best James Bond Ever

  39. Peter Dwyer

    Peter Dwyer

    Måned siden

    DC was defo on the gear for bond. Man his age cant get that big. But I'm not judging more power to him IMO. Looks good for his age

  40. NPC J

    NPC J

    Måned siden

    Too bad the movies were terrible.

  41. Ahmed Hussein

    Ahmed Hussein

    Måned siden

    Is that Putin big brother

  42. Zac Dior

    Zac Dior

    Måned siden

    I don't know what's more weird... Selling your shorts to some random stranger, or some random stranger buying someone's shorts 🤔 eeeeeeeee

  43. A14


    Måned siden

    He's like 50 and looks so young

  44. Tanujaa Ravikumar

    Tanujaa Ravikumar

    Måned siden

    I love how this is an old clip but it's still trending- that's the power if 007

    • Feech La Manna

      Feech La Manna

      Måned siden

      The power of NOplayer Recommended, you mean

  45. Светлана Однолеток

    Светлана Однолеток

    Måned siden

    люблю шоу Грмма Нортона

  46. Bruce macKay

    Bruce macKay

    Måned siden

    who the hell would pay that sort of money for a pair of shorts

  47. Evolve


    Måned siden

    Daniel is scrumptious. Fave Bond ever

  48. ElementTheWise


    Måned siden

    And I bet Graeme bought them

  49. NeoGeoSNK


    Måned siden

    They are too small for my legs

  50. prt 2498

    prt 2498

    Måned siden

    Best bond... !!!

  51. Venkat Sel

    Venkat Sel

    Måned siden

    Only Daniel Craig will be perfect for Putin's biography movie

  52. Buchanan Winchester

    Buchanan Winchester

    Måned siden

    Slightly soiled. yes. That's the best kind. Excuse me

  53. Organon


    Måned siden

    That shot was over a decade ago. Spectre should have been his lacklustre finale. Idris is too old now, that ship has sailed.

  54. Michael Graystone

    Michael Graystone

    Måned siden

    It sure helps to have near perfect genes too.

  55. samuraijack1371


    Måned siden

    Uncanny resemblance to Putin

  56. Valentina Securo

    Valentina Securo

    Måned siden

    look at him... ice eyes bro you took my heart when I was 8!

  57. Barack Obama

    Barack Obama

    Måned siden


  58. Adeeba Siddiqui

    Adeeba Siddiqui

    Måned siden

    He soo handsome I can't listen what's he's saying ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  59. Stefan Leggott

    Stefan Leggott

    Måned siden

    I thought this was a new series. Can't find it online lol dammit

  60. Chester Lester456

    Chester Lester456

    Måned siden

    The Best Bond!