they made fortnite golf carts into a real thing!

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  1. Bucks


    11 dager siden

    We were so baked we forgot to take off the clothing labels

    • BigBullyJack


      21 time siden

      I thought you kept them on so you could refund them

    • Brayden Collins

      Brayden Collins

      Dag siden

      Makes sence

    • lokkust _

      lokkust _

      5 dager siden

      i was just about to say the same shit

    • Jackson Clay

      Jackson Clay

      6 dager siden

      Drugs aren’t funny

    • The Dosgods O ́ Úg-Ug!

      The Dosgods O ́ Úg-Ug!

      7 dager siden


  2. Crad


    8 timer siden


  3. Synner


    11 timer siden

    Misfits coming to vidcon aus this year?

  4. Tyler Kendrick

    Tyler Kendrick

    12 timer siden

    Swagger looks like a middle-aged man

  5. Certified Nine Year Old

    Certified Nine Year Old

    14 timer siden

    wait when did they film this

  6. Xander pawz

    Xander pawz

    15 timer siden

    Bros, swagger is THICC

  7. TikTok VS Vine

    TikTok VS Vine

    16 timer siden

    This is a good fucking video dudes

  8. Kasnom


    17 timer siden

    7:22 swager looks like a 5 yr old

  9. Breah Long

    Breah Long

    20 timer siden

    1.3 mil subscribers. 1,499,318 views. 𝙄'𝙢 𝙨𝙤 𝙥𝙧𝙤𝙪𝙙 𝙤𝙛 𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙨 𝙘𝙤𝙢𝙢𝙪𝙣𝙞𝙩𝙮

  10. Charlie Happy

    Charlie Happy

    20 timer siden

    Fitz looks like an Amish dad

  11. smøl! bean

    smøl! bean

    Dag siden

    "Are you okay?" wholesome swagger mode activated 10:08

  12. End Sieg

    End Sieg

    Dag siden

    fitz looks fucking amish

  13. will tucker

    will tucker

    Dag siden

    Swagger lookin PLUMP

  14. Steve G

    Steve G

    Dag siden

    Never realized how much taller Fitz is compared to the others until the last shot

  15. Vic Mampaey

    Vic Mampaey

    Dag siden

    10:08 swagger has a fucking boner.

  16. Ben Myrick

    Ben Myrick

    Dag siden

    Why are you all dads

  17. dojoe swag

    dojoe swag

    Dag siden

    Bro this shit got me dying

  18. bacilove the TNF god

    bacilove the TNF god

    Dag siden

    Eyo here in Canada weed is legal we smoke were we want

  19. Joseph Barton

    Joseph Barton

    Dag siden

    I love in that final bit Fitz is significantly bigger then everyone xD

  20. rogue Agent

    rogue Agent

    Dag siden

    Where can i get this new hot merch?

  21. Rührei mit Speck77

    Rührei mit Speck77

    Dag siden


  22. Dustin


    2 dager siden

    God Fitz looks like a porn director with that beard

  23. Ben Dover

    Ben Dover

    2 dager siden

    The mini golf maybe for me joke is so under rated

  24. David Murphy

    David Murphy

    2 dager siden

    *dunkey voice* "THATS GOLF"

  25. Nick Hoffman

    Nick Hoffman

    2 dager siden

    bro look at my chains I’m rich as fuck

  26. Trav2lit YT

    Trav2lit YT

    2 dager siden

    make a song!

  27. Yahet019


    2 dager siden

    8:50 there gramar relly teachs me alot

  28. Luna Moon

    Luna Moon

    2 dager siden

    What did swagger kill someone that’s why his face is blurred? Lol 😂

  29. alexia laura

    alexia laura

    2 dager siden

    7:19 omg that cut screen gave me chills🤣🤣🤣

  30. calle taad

    calle taad

    2 dager siden

    swagger do a face reveal

  31. Gary Truesdell

    Gary Truesdell

    2 dager siden

    fitz looks like the unibomber

  32. Ironic Weeb

    Ironic Weeb

    2 dager siden

    "This is why your father left" "This is why your wife died!"

  33. jagli.


    2 dager siden

    Fitz really is a giraffe look at those fucking legs

  34. WTFSchember GD

    WTFSchember GD

    2 dager siden

    How tall is fitz like actually? I understand he is tall man but I don’t know actual height

  35. Jay Cass

    Jay Cass

    2 dager siden

    Fitz seriously looks like an Australian explorer

  36. AidanAnimates 2 {DS}

    AidanAnimates 2 {DS}

    2 dager siden

    swagger looks like a 4th grader next to fitz

  37. 1234 msm

    1234 msm

    2 dager siden

    I’m fucking WHEEZING from laughing so hard

  38. Theaceofspades


    2 dager siden

    How old is fitz?

  39. Friendly neighborhood Gopink

    Friendly neighborhood Gopink

    2 dager siden

    You guys gotta play Roblox with jamskii

  40. It’sMeTheo


    2 dager siden

    Fitz looks Amish

  41. Goalkee32


    2 dager siden

    And i thought I sucked at golf

  42. henry vo

    henry vo

    2 dager siden

    what song did you use

  43. Tamable Alex

    Tamable Alex

    2 dager siden

    swagger and fitz look like two dads who were forced to brings their kids golfing with them.

  44. Jonathan G M

    Jonathan G M

    2 dager siden

    Is there any chance that the first misfits hoodie could be launched again

  45. Kieran Haith

    Kieran Haith

    2 dager siden

    i came here ready to rip the shit out of fortnight gamers... then i realised... misfits... i totally fell for the click bait TT^TT

  46. Seal Gaming1

    Seal Gaming1

    2 dager siden

    why does the intro look like something from a DUDE PERFECT video and sub to Seal Gaming1 for my 'first and worst' video on my shiteeeeee channel

  47. Daniel Marsh

    Daniel Marsh

    2 dager siden

    What's the song at 2:25

    • Daniel Marsh

      Daniel Marsh

      Dag siden

      @Ricky Cannon cheers

    • Ricky Cannon

      Ricky Cannon

      Dag siden

      Its sone sort of spin off of the dramatics whatcha see is whatcha get couldbt find the actual thing but this is as close

  48. Elaine Sws

    Elaine Sws

    2 dager siden

    you guys are crap at golf, of course you keep hitting them up to the green.

  49. Ben Hansen

    Ben Hansen

    3 dager siden


  50. Mezosi Matt

    Mezosi Matt

    3 dager siden

    Isnt it the opposite way dipshits

  51. Mr Vizzz

    Mr Vizzz

    3 dager siden

    You guys are literally the reincarnation of the vanoss crew

  52. Ethan Maloney

    Ethan Maloney

    3 dager siden

    How tall is fitz?

  53. Bruce Williss

    Bruce Williss

    3 dager siden

    Bruh at the end when they all jump off the ground swagger still had one foot down all that weed made him a fat ass 😂😂

  54. okStale


    3 dager siden

    sqagger went up half a inch at the end XD

  55. Help my dog get 1000 subscribers

    Help my dog get 1000 subscribers

    3 dager siden

    Why did the hole in one thing actually get funnier every time 😂

  56. Help my dog get 1000 subscribers

    Help my dog get 1000 subscribers

    3 dager siden

    Incredible form

  57. Steven G

    Steven G

    3 dager siden

    omg they made it



    3 dager siden

    I love fitz ginger beard

  59. Arthur Eriksson

    Arthur Eriksson

    3 dager siden

    You'all are so fricking fun man, I have looked on alot of fitz videos for a while but just found out about this channel today. I've already seen every video on the channel, it's just to funny. Keep up with the great content!

  60. Sam Harries

    Sam Harries

    3 dager siden

    Comedy gold!

  61. Calvin Anderson

    Calvin Anderson

    3 dager siden

    Y'all talking bout how tall fitz is, but dayum.... he be loooking fresh af. I'd fuck that tall cunt.

  62. Wolfythekiller 132

    Wolfythekiller 132

    3 dager siden

    How the fuck

  63. Caden Mauer

    Caden Mauer

    3 dager siden

    7:37 😭😭

  64. Ravioli Racc

    Ravioli Racc

    3 dager siden

    “This is why ya father left” “This is why your fucking wife died.” I’m fucking CACKLING Also them trying to talk like cholos is incredibly lmao

  65. NiTr0n


    3 dager siden

    7:18 when you get the drugs from that creepy old man in the park

  66. JULIO Ack Keles

    JULIO Ack Keles

    3 dager siden

    Golf is like putting a dick in a girls pus feelsbadman

  67. metrojam gaming

    metrojam gaming

    3 dager siden

    Wtf is the name of the outro music

  68. Chrisnazzy


    3 dager siden

    Some say he still hasn’t moved the club

  69. Guanaquita Fresita

    Guanaquita Fresita

    3 dager siden

    Fitz just looks like my dad

  70. NikkiCreatez Gacha

    NikkiCreatez Gacha

    3 dager siden

    I really wished Swagger would show his face 😢😖😞

  71. Gunnar


    3 dager siden

    Holy shit! It takes longer to go around swagger then to go over him..

  72. Khaoz Dangles

    Khaoz Dangles

    3 dager siden

    Swagger looks like little kid

  73. Idkmynametho


    3 dager siden

    What is the intro song?

    • Ricky Cannon

      Ricky Cannon

      Dag siden

      Dramatics whatcha see is whatcha get

  74. yasmin a.

    yasmin a.

    4 dager siden

    why is matt so precious the “aww” is so cute wtf

  75. ass pic

    ass pic

    4 dager siden

    whats the song at the end?

  76. yxuxxef


    4 dager siden

    Ur a bot at fortnite

  77. XxSuper 《》 NØvaxX

    XxSuper 《》 NØvaxX

    4 dager siden

    Their balls are on the ground, mine's in my nutsack

  78. Noah Sherwood

    Noah Sherwood

    4 dager siden

    I didn't realize until the end that Mason and Jay weren't there.

  79. Brandon Lawton

    Brandon Lawton

    4 dager siden

    Intro song?

    • Ricky Cannon

      Ricky Cannon

      Dag siden

      The dramatics whatcha see is whatcha get

  80. Dixony


    4 dager siden

    Does anyone know who made their intro.. Let me know if u know, i know there are a lot of knows but anyway let me know