We Made Marvel R-Rated

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The Crew attempts to put their "R-rated" spin on some of Marvel's juiciest action scenes!
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  1. Corridor Crew

    Corridor Crew

    9 dager siden

    Stay tuned until the end for a special post-credit scene ;)

    • Creeper with 25000 subscribers

      Creeper with 25000 subscribers

      20 timer siden


    • ToXcYn Gaming

      ToXcYn Gaming

      Dag siden

      Lmao the hostages! Collateral damage!

    • T0K3N SM0K3

      T0K3N SM0K3

      Dag siden

      should have called this “if AVENGERS was rated R” 😆 im in the area if you guys want another intern btw!!

    • Jose Magallon

      Jose Magallon

      3 dager siden

      Corridor Crew Tyrone Magnus said that you guys did a great job!

  2. Twentyseven


    2 timer siden

    I don’t care WHAT scene you choose, just please DONT STOP! This was amazing!

  3. Ambiental Cow

    Ambiental Cow

    3 timer siden

    They should’ve done something with the boat fight scene in winter soldier.

  4. frog pig

    frog pig

    5 timer siden

    Do more of this please!

  5. KlingonCaptain


    5 timer siden

    Wrong. Superman has tactile-telekinesis. The moment he touches them he's using his powers to hold every single molecule in place.

  6. Artsuma Auzmar

    Artsuma Auzmar

    5 timer siden

    11:20 Is he said "เอาอีก" it's mean "one more" or he just said "Aw Ew" ?

  7. Cody Faircloth

    Cody Faircloth

    6 timer siden


  8. Paul Garcia

    Paul Garcia

    6 timer siden

    Title should've been "We made Marvel more Realistic"

  9. Royce C. Arugay

    Royce C. Arugay

    7 timer siden

    Rat: *went near the girl Girl saw a rat: 11:13

  10. Potatoperson13


    7 timer siden

    I love how the dudes like " *KICKMEINHALF yesssss ughhh* "

  11. Nerdly Reviews

    Nerdly Reviews

    8 timer siden

    Cap: doesn’t kill anyone Corridor crew: *sips tea* suuurreeee

  12. Fadli Lukman

    Fadli Lukman

    8 timer siden

    MY LEG

  13. Savage saiyan

    Savage saiyan

    9 timer siden

    Corridor crew do hulk vs Thor in Thor 3

  14. Gerry Dunn

    Gerry Dunn

    9 timer siden

    Do the scene from winter soldier on the ship where he fights Batroc

  15. Blind


    9 timer siden

    A lot of blah blah blah im at oh idk 3 min in? 1st commercial followed by an in VIDEO fucking advertisement. So half the video is just wasted fucking jibberish and these tool are just SO UNLIKABLE. I would hang out with none of them. Not one. Specially the tool who loves gloating about how he knows everything and how everything is done. "Ewww do you know how they did that??? I do i do but i want tou to guess because it makes me feel important and thats why i have a sheepish shit eating grin on my face. Cuz im am asshole." Yup. Fuck these guys. 3 quarters through and still no vfx. So skip till the last 2 min if u HAVE to watch this garbage. Please give it a thumbs down though. Or dont. Dont care. Finally actually saw the video..almost made it worth it. But the 4 ads throughout this 15 min video just blinded me with rage.

  16. Chris Cosentino

    Chris Cosentino

    9 timer siden

    You’re forgetting that the edge of Cap’s shield is not sharp. It’s basically a blunt object. There’s no way it would cut someone in half.

  17. Black Phillip

    Black Phillip

    9 timer siden

    The Boys : Episode 8 ;)

  18. GCAT01 Living

    GCAT01 Living

    11 timer siden

    Peter is still in school? Holy shit, he's going to be a legend in the industry!

  19. Dawn_11


    11 timer siden

    You should definitely do the scene when Thanos arrives in wakanda and he has 5 of the infinity stones. And he just wrecks the avengers. That would be brutal.

  20. John Sancti

    John Sancti

    12 timer siden

    This is the best i ever seen in my life, literaly i am crying.



    12 timer siden

    How to reach your studio ? 😅

  22. Lochie gunn

    Lochie gunn

    12 timer siden

    Do captain America Winter soldier, some pretty brutal fight scenes throughout the whole film

  23. tobias thurgren

    tobias thurgren

    13 timer siden

    anyone notised the miss att 14:39???

  24. Burhan


    13 timer siden

    he's at least 29 and not 21 and I can bet my A$$ ON IT

  25. Mandogy - Games

    Mandogy - Games

    13 timer siden

    *Head gets chopped off by flying shield* "Ouch."

  26. John Roche

    John Roche

    14 timer siden

    make more marvel scenes like this!!!!

  27. Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox

    14 timer siden

    THE BOYS was pretty fantastic

  28. Rick M

    Rick M

    14 timer siden

    You guys need to make this a series, that was awesome!

  29. Delta V

    Delta V

    15 timer siden

    You should watch "The Boys" it's a different take on Superheroes and in the first episode the equivalent of The Flash 'accidentally' runs through someone exploding the victim in a red mist.

  30. Kunal Arora

    Kunal Arora

    15 timer siden

    Making a scene from a PG-13 movie to look like a scene from an R-rated movie is cool, but can you make a scene from an R-rated movie to a PG13 movie scene?

  31. Andrea B

    Andrea B

    16 timer siden

    Falcon is not super in the movie. He just has a awesome equipment like Ironman and Roadie.

  32. Explorer.Dream. Discover

    Explorer.Dream. Discover

    16 timer siden

    You guys are the best and I'm so happy you bring guys on like Peter to get these sort of experiences!

  33. Walter Lopez

    Walter Lopez

    16 timer siden

    Big Iron Energy

  34. Golden Phoenix

    Golden Phoenix

    16 timer siden

    hulk v thor scene

  35. MattBlox


    17 timer siden

    is peter coming back next summer

  36. Ompire


    17 timer siden

    11:24 When "VFX ARTISTS REACTS" hasn't come out this week

  37. Redyy Redyy

    Redyy Redyy

    17 timer siden

    Goddamnn I laughed so much

  38. 3AWEEK


    18 timer siden

    Where did you learn VFX?

  39. So I Hug U

    So I Hug U

    18 timer siden

    If anyone curious where did Josh Dallas go after his presence in Thor. He’s right here. Yeah that’s Fandral not Peter.

  40. Andrew Harada

    Andrew Harada

    19 timer siden

    This was soooo dope

  41. chaostic braindo

    chaostic braindo

    19 timer siden

    Civil war but mortal kombat

  42. Justin Adkison

    Justin Adkison

    19 timer siden

    Free version of Windows? Nice video though

  43. fredEVOIX


    19 timer siden

    so you made a Story of Ricky (aka Riki-Oh) a 1991 HK "martial arts" movie where the idea is that if you are powerful enough to break tombstones with your hands, you are going to punch right through a human body, needless to say the movie is rated R lol but you guys should watch it it's awesome, it's on bluray now btw

  44. DoS / cArAs

    DoS / cArAs

    19 timer siden

    Somebody knows the name of the song when Peter leaves?

    • whatever


      17 timer siden

      @DoS / cArAs no problem :)

    • DoS / cArAs

      DoS / cArAs

      17 timer siden

      @whatever Thank youu! I love you, just listening right now :D <3

    • whatever


      18 timer siden

      yeah its "Peter France - Cola" on spotify

  45. RCYBER_X04


    19 timer siden

    This is some rackaracka shit right here or deadpool

  46. thejanusproject32


    20 timer siden

    Lol they hold back because, children, PG and Disney. Come on, be real and say it hahaha.

  47. David B r

    David B r

    20 timer siden

    I'm sorry, without the Wilhelm scream , this is a fail.. But still hilarious. lol

  48. Mr Andre

    Mr Andre

    21 time siden

    Screw disney, give these guys a livense for marvel. This is how it should be ;) Amazon series the boys FTW

  49. tolon tolon

    tolon tolon

    22 timer siden

    14:26 that looks so og mortal kombat is like that person has 20 gallons of blood on his neck only hahahahahahahahahahaha

  50. Joel Meier

    Joel Meier

    23 timer siden

    great spot

  51. Fap the Folice folice the fap

    Fap the Folice folice the fap

    23 timer siden

    can someone call hollywood and give these guys a job there

  52. Louie Jalimbawa

    Louie Jalimbawa

    Dag siden

    14:25 the reason why thanos submit and just lay fires. The most powerful avenger!!

  53. Ze N00B

    Ze N00B

    Dag siden

    1. Thor's hammer was FORGED inside a dwarf star and does NOT weigh as much as a planet. If it did, it would destroy our planet as it wrapped around it due to gravity. 2. Durability does not equal force, Cap's shield is extremely durable, but this only means that it won't break when it hits someone, it does NOT mean that it delivers more force than Cap applied, meaning that it WOULDN'T damage their bodies unless Cap willfully throws it at them with the necessary force. It doesn't matter if you throw a fragile glass at someone or an almost indestructible diamond, they will do the same amount of damage.

  54. NotThe RealDante

    NotThe RealDante

    Dag siden

    Complaining about marvel physics is like complaining about ah ham sandwich having ham

  55. Life Mistakes

    Life Mistakes

    Dag siden

    Spider-Man 3 sandman armored car fight

  56. Volvies1993


    Dag siden

    Avengers Age of Ultron intro. Would be great as R-Rated.

  57. Sami Sami

    Sami Sami

    Dag siden

    Ouch bloddy cap 😳

  58. Blinkusrex


    Dag siden

    Woah that guys seen every single marvel movie just like everyone else.

  59. Marcin M

    Marcin M

    Dag siden


  60. Asish Dinesh Babu

    Asish Dinesh Babu

    Dag siden

    The best send-off an intern can get!

  61. Anderson Todd

    Anderson Todd

    Dag siden

    You guys should make Star Wars r rated

  62. masenkoh


    Dag siden

    I'd watch all the marvel movies this way... but then someone would probably compare it to anime

  63. Aaron Perez

    Aaron Perez

    Dag siden

    Every scene ever 😂

  64. Zikry Shaharudin

    Zikry Shaharudin

    Dag siden

    10:47 I mean you could've just used a wilhelm scream...

  65. Panther_Games


    Dag siden

    You guys should make The Immigrant Song Bridge Scene and The Scene where Hela Kills a lot of Asgardians in Thor Ragnarok R Rated!

  66. Sam Dilophosaur

    Sam Dilophosaur

    Dag siden

    1:06 That’s the spirit! Yeah! Fuck Harry Potter, amiright?

    • Sam Dilophosaur

      Sam Dilophosaur

      Dag siden

      1:33 Did you mean: The scene in Avengers: Endgame, where Iron Man is deadass in a hospital bed?

  67. Law And Order

    Law And Order

    Dag siden

    X-MEN IS ALSO MARVEL!! Like Logan and Deadpool

  68. CityofLos


    Dag siden

    I stop watching after he said its weight as much a a planet....know the lore, just Google it before making a video

  69. Vainhoinen Perkele

    Vainhoinen Perkele

    Dag siden

    Can you make a scene from Netflix's Punish... Oh... nevermind.

  70. Henry Jones

    Henry Jones

    Dag siden

    15:09 oh shit

  71. clarkeboy12345


    Dag siden

    Make this a series

  72. LC 716

    LC 716

    Dag siden

    Nobody else thinks the 1 video editor was kind of douche? His reason for not watching Endgame is the dumbest thing ever said on camera. Good video though lol

  73. RADvisuals


    Dag siden

    Peter gone i sad :(

  74. Brendon Boloico

    Brendon Boloico

    Dag siden

    I thought I would never see a stunt man so eager to see himself die brutally

  75. MangaJuice


    Dag siden

    Did they just say Loki wasn’t a God???

    • OXOTNHK aka D3ath Patr0l

      OXOTNHK aka D3ath Patr0l

      Dag siden

      Yea cuz technically him and thor are not gods. But close enough to it

  76. Jacob Thomas

    Jacob Thomas

    Dag siden

    The Lord of the rings would have been many times better if it was rated R

  77. Jacob Thomas

    Jacob Thomas

    Dag siden

    And this is why ALL movies are better when rated R

  78. MuzzleManiac


    Dag siden

    update some blaster scenes from Star Wars! make the plasma beams look more realistic and or make it R lol

  79. Chikezie Ejiasi

    Chikezie Ejiasi

    Dag siden

    This is why I really liked Homelander in Boys

  80. FPV ShowDown

    FPV ShowDown

    Dag siden

    for once i do think they made it worse. but stil funny xD