Tesla's Cybertruck Tug-of-War Stunt Was Pointless

Here's Why Tesla Cybertruck Towing A Ford F-150 Is Meaningless
A tale of physics, electric trucks, and why tug of war doesn't matter.
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During the Tesla Cybertruck reveal Elon Musk showed the world that the Cybertruck can pull a Ford F-150, uphill! At initial glance, you might think wow, that's an impressive feat. Surely the Tesla's electric torque helps it rip the F-150 in this battle of "who's got the bigger driveshaft?" Unfortunately, physics informs us these kind of demonstrations are entirely pointless.
We'll discuss the actual wheel torque of the Tesla Cybertruck as well as the Ford F-150, we'll look into both vehicles weights, and we'll analyze the video to determine if the Ford is RWD or 4WD. Ultimately, we'll all land on the conclusion that everything we witnessed was pointless. That's the story of life. Enjoy!
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  1. Mark Kazmier

    Mark Kazmier

    3 timer siden

    I completely disagree it is pointless. It is a demonstration of a superior technology/Powertrian. 1. First even if it’s obvious the cybertruck would win, people have to see it to believe so it was worth doing for PR. 2. Doesn’t matter that it was a 2 wheel drive because it would do the same to any F150. (A recent video was posted of a Tesla model X beating a Ford raptor 4 x 4 in a tug of war. 3. The weight of the cyber truck is intrinsic to its design. If it wins because it weighs more that is simply a quality it has due to its power train. If this gives it superior pulling power that’s just the facts. Ex. No one would ever claim that a carbon fiber supercar has a unfair advantage Because it is lighter therefore faster! Would you say weight must be added to make it fair? That would be absurd.

  2. Jerome 092

    Jerome 092

    4 timer siden

    The F150 drawing still looks better than the actual cybertruck design

  3. ThatGotDaymBoogie


    6 timer siden

    do the math on which truck can pull the tesla and how much it cost.

  4. john jones

    john jones

    7 timer siden

    Tesla just rated that thing in the same class as the Ford F250 so it shouldn't be surprised that a 4WD 3/4 ton pulled a 1/2 ton 2WD.

  5. Badreddine Sabouni

    Badreddine Sabouni

    15 timer siden

    Did you Photoshopped the Cybertruck on the whiteboard ? It looks so realistic..

  6. Michael McCormack

    Michael McCormack

    15 timer siden

    Some good points - BUT: Since the Ford was 2wd we did NOT learn that Tesla was heavier. Your analysis would only indicate that the Tesla weight is more than the weight that the Ford has on its back wheels. A real head to head test: Suppose we used a 4wd Ford and loaded one bed so that both vehicles weigh the same. Now we could see who could get maximal traction. My bet is the Ford would spin one front and one rear wheel and the Tesla would kick its butt.



    15 timer siden

    Bro why do you go into so much detail base on assumptions? Like you don't even have a cyber truck to test. I'm sure if you as Elon he will let you borrow one. More marketing for his truck while using the truck. Not like this. Y'all just hating without having one yet.

  8. Jamie Murphy

    Jamie Murphy

    17 timer siden

    Yea, well that was fords fault genius, they were the ones who challenged tesla, they could have picked a more suitable truck



    17 timer siden

    I just saw a video of a model x vs an awd 600 hp tuned raptor. The model x still one so I doupt having an awd raptor would win against a cybertruck.

  10. analogaudio rules

    analogaudio rules

    17 timer siden

    Apparently common sense isn't common sense... if it was in 4x4 mode it would be different...

  11. Fortnite -mobile

    Fortnite -mobile

    19 timer siden

    No idea what i just heard

  12. Zeff Keener

    Zeff Keener

    Dag siden

    I'm super late to the comments, as far as your closing comments go. Tesla knows they won't be the one to build the electric truck for the cooperate working class. They don't want that stress, they don't want that many orders. They do want to push R&D in other company's through direct competition of standards and hype, they want to share what they know with the company's who know what the cooperate working class want in a truck. Tesla's doing it well, imo.

  13. SnapHost


    Dag siden

    @Engineering Explained One important factor is missed - excellent "traction control" of the Tesla. When you floor your Model 3 Performance in rain, it will not slip, it just feels like there is no loss of traction. Why is that? - torque vectoring. Tesla's computer checks wheels many times a second and adjusts torque accordingly. That is possible with fast computers and electric motors, not so with ICE. It is hard to make Tesla slip. Also interesting that Tesla was able to significantly reduce stopping distance by adjusting software.

  14. Rodger Jontre

    Rodger Jontre

    Dag siden

    The Tesla truck doesn’t even have good pricing for what it offers. Besides that 0-60 time tho, but that’s about it.

  15. lhl2500


    Dag siden

    I'm guessing the Tesla truck will be for all those hipsters who think they need a truck, but doesn't. I can't wait to see the ncap score. It'll probably protect the rider and passengers just fine, but once these start hitting pedestrians and bicycle riders, the car will need to change its name to Tesla Murder truck...

  16. lhl2500


    Dag siden

    That's a lot of Tesla fanboy downvotes.

  17. Defyant Mods

    Defyant Mods

    Dag siden

    The tesla is at an advantage right off the bat as it starts to pull first..... that's pretty much it....

  18. Clickmaster5k


    Dag siden

    Cyber truck looks cool. I would prefer that over a normal truck but then again I dont have a pickup because I prefer pretty much everything else over one so I guess im making your point that they are not winning over pickup people.

  19. Lemon Grahm

    Lemon Grahm

    Dag siden

    Can I get a TLDW?

  20. tossed but not sunk ss

    tossed but not sunk ss

    Dag siden

    Yeah this was pathetic, put the Ford in 4 wheel and put the same type of tires on the ford instead of radials. Even if the Tesla started pulling the Ford off the line , the ford could just drag the tesla back. You would think if it's a better truck they wouldn't have to lie in a commercial they created

  21. Dino Rossi

    Dino Rossi

    Dag siden

    You are absolutely correct. Pointless to the point!

  22. Julian Wozniak

    Julian Wozniak

    Dag siden

    Ford is garbage just sayin

  23. rx7doyle


    Dag siden

    While you are correct, you are over looking that in order for the ICE to have that magnitude of force it has to get to the rpm. The electric doesn’t. So even if they were the same weight, the Tesla would pull it enough at the start to break the f-150 traction never to get the force required.

  24. Eric Singley

    Eric Singley

    Dag siden

    Ford's gonna use your F-150 drawing for the next model.

  25. SonicRising


    Dag siden

    So explain the latest video where a model X tugs a 4x4 F-150, I'm sure the ford weighs more than the Tesla.

  26. Big BOOST FPV


    Dag siden

    W/D=60/40 is static noch dynamic. And wtf is pound? Pound (only used bei 2% of the worlds population) is a weight, NEWTON is the force! The force [N] on the back wheels causes a momentum on the CG, thats why Bikes lift the front wheel. But not bad explained for a US "engineer".

  27. Juice T

    Juice T

    Dag siden

    If you want the point: 9:51 (watch for 3 seconds and you're done)

  28. Doc Holiday

    Doc Holiday

    Dag siden

    Let's be honest, the cyber truck will be an expensive grocery getter.

  29. Jonny Era

    Jonny Era

    Dag siden

    They should of hooked up a fully loaded F250 with the 6.7L Diesel Power-stroke engine in all wheel drive to that Tesla... lmao wouldn’t of made much of a comercial for Tesla I’ll tell you that😂💀

    • Jonny Era

      Jonny Era

      6 timer siden

      john jones exactly my point. The F150 would never stand a chance even in All Wheel Drive because the Tesla is just so massive compared to the F150. A 250 heavy duty or 350 would be a more fair comparison

    • john jones

      john jones

      7 timer siden

      You're absolutely right, they should have. The fact is Tesla themselves just classified that truck as a 3/4 ton (the same class as the F250) so a weighted tow test against a vehicle it's was actually meant to compete with would be more realistic.

  30. GTP AllbacK

    GTP AllbacK

    Dag siden

    Tesla won, stop the hate

  31. Shawn Maislin

    Shawn Maislin

    Dag siden

    Let's see the Cyber truck tow my 9500# 5th wheel across country, we would have to stop so many times to charge compared to filling my f150 with gas I would need to use way too many vacation days , so much for doing many trips, what would be the point of owning a camping trailer

  32. Ryan Hildebrand

    Ryan Hildebrand

    Dag siden

    My single cab shortbox pickup is almost 5000lbs, that ford would be closer to 7000lbs.

  33. thinkbottom


    Dag siden

    This is what Elon see's in his nightmares.

  34. Jonathan Tatler

    Jonathan Tatler

    Dag siden

    It's just a factor of friction coefficient multiplied by the weight of the electric vehicle!!

  35. Trigon Shadow

    Trigon Shadow

    Dag siden

    There was a tug of war between 150-Raptor and Model X and the X won

  36. Jeremy Vajko

    Jeremy Vajko

    Dag siden

    The design was due to a exoskeleton, so the car has no chasis. This is also why the car is designed that way. It saved weight on the final product and made it safer.

  37. Kelly Farr

    Kelly Farr

    Dag siden

    well now an f150 lost to the model x as well......tesla 2- ford 0

  38. john ramsey

    john ramsey

    Dag siden

    tesla is slow and lame its like driving a slow silent fart

  39. john ramsey

    john ramsey

    Dag siden

    2018 f150 rwd weighs 4400lbs the tri motor cybertruck weighs 7000lbs awd

  40. Hobbie Science

    Hobbie Science

    Dag siden

    It wouldn't matter what you do, the Tesla truck is heavier than the F150, and even if you loaded them up to be the same weight, the electric motor has more torque than the F150's traditional combustion engine. So regardless, the CyberTruck wins the test. Unfortunately, it's not a fair test, because electric engines have a liner power curve, and huge torque values. But tbh, until I have a few $100,000, I'll be sticking with the F150 thanks! (Sorry Mr.Polar Bear)