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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Pop-Tarts | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

Is there any way to make Pop-Tarts better? We think so. Join pastry chef Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to make gourmet strawberry Pop-Tarts.

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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Pop-Tarts | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit


  1. Mike Calhoun

    Mike Calhoun

    Time siden

    "Claire's Boujee Pop-Tart Kiosk"

  2. Juan Márquez

    Juan Márquez

    Time siden

    why she looks 1 year younger in every new video

  3. Julie Swann

    Julie Swann

    2 timer siden

    Please do Mochi!!!!!!!!! So many amazing flavors!!! Strawberry, cookies and cream, and mango are the best!!!!!!!!

  4. Marina


    2 timer siden

    yeeeah I'll just stick to buying my pop tarts

  5. Sam Warren

    Sam Warren

    3 timer siden

    Brown sugar cinnamon though...

  6. Oliver Batura

    Oliver Batura

    4 timer siden

    they need to make gourmet fritos

  7. Zaxton Hong

    Zaxton Hong

    4 timer siden

    Happy Claire is best Claire

  8. Sophie_Lee


    5 timer siden

    Claire should make gum

  9. Double A

    Double A

    6 timer siden

    Gourmet Dippin Dots! Get on it!

  10. Treble


    6 timer siden

    I love this series! Would love to see a gourmet makes: instant ramen!

  11. Ariana Skroski

    Ariana Skroski

    7 timer siden

    You should do little bites💜🤙

  12. Tina H

    Tina H

    7 timer siden

    Can we get the Fundip sticks next? :D

  13. idzchef


    7 timer siden

    You can do some alternatives to ones you have already done. Doritos 3D-the puff Doritos chip Swoops- Pringle shaped chocolate I want to suggest Dunkaroo's, but let's admit it, its just a shortbread sweet cookie and sprinkled frosting, These happened to also be discontinued. So maybe some discontinued treats, making them Really gourmet. just makes it hard showing examples of what they are and what they tasted like. But I bet you can find a ingredients list.

  14. Kayla Forshey

    Kayla Forshey

    7 timer siden

    there is nothing like this show for making me happy

  15. user


    7 timer siden

    You should make gourmet yogos, I'm so mad they were discontinued 😭😭😭

  16. Celia Barbieri

    Celia Barbieri

    8 timer siden

    I made these over the course of two days (filling + sprinkles one day, dough + assembly/baking the next) and OMG! So incredibly delicious!! As a home baker who loves ambitious, cool recipes, I cannot say enough great things. All I CAN say is that after this great recipe I would trust Claire with my life (jk, but honestly thank you)

  17. Aniya H

    Aniya H

    8 timer siden

    Make Gum

  18. Aniya H

    Aniya H

    8 timer siden

    Make Cinnamon Toast Crunch

  19. Christine Shee

    Christine Shee

    8 timer siden

    I love how Amiel eats the pop rocks right after Claire says they’re a trigger LOL

  20. brittany jones

    brittany jones

    8 timer siden

    Can Claire try to make gourmet Takis? The purple bag

  21. Karen Shen

    Karen Shen

    9 timer siden

    fig newtons!!

  22. niggette


    10 timer siden

    This is basically the kitchen version of the office with cooking tips,, *The Kitchen*

  23. J. Mason Buck

    J. Mason Buck

    10 timer siden

    What was Claire bleeped for around 13:40?

  24. Jackissoocool 1917

    Jackissoocool 1917

    10 timer siden


  25. Turtl3n1ps


    11 timer siden

    I really want her to make Takis. I wanna know how to make the flavor powder so I can put it on everything

  26. KinaKhalifa


    11 timer siden

    Maybe flipping the pop tart halfway through baking so both sides stays flat!

  27. JP


    12 timer siden

    The s’mores ones are BOMB

  28. Camilish pilish

    Camilish pilish

    12 timer siden

    I'm surprised A longish episode where Claire doesn't lose her sanity

  29. Laura Shaw

    Laura Shaw

    12 timer siden

    Make moon pies next!!!

  30. Mira Stenger

    Mira Stenger

    12 timer siden

    gourmet jelly beans?

  31. Catt Johnson

    Catt Johnson

    13 timer siden

    I'm so glad Claire finally got a win

  32. ariel alexis

    ariel alexis

    13 timer siden

    when Claire said she thinks it is going to be "fun and easy" I got SO EXCITED

  33. Courtney Scroggins

    Courtney Scroggins

    14 timer siden

    Pop tarts are the best. I love the brown sugar cinnamon ones. I use to eat them for breakfast when I was a kid. My daughter and I made homemade strawberry pop tarts this summer. They turned out pretty good.

  34. Macy


    14 timer siden

    Does amiel remind anyone else of Alexi from season 3 of stranger things???

  35. Jennifer Phillips

    Jennifer Phillips

    14 timer siden

    You should make home made rice krispy cereal, and home made marshmallow fluff and then completely home made rice krispy treats.

  36. Gaming Weirdo

    Gaming Weirdo

    14 timer siden

    I would love to see Claire try and make gourmet crunchie bars. My mom tried to make them at home before and they turned out good but nothing like the original candy.

  37. R T

    R T

    15 timer siden

    Love it.

  38. Sara Zhang

    Sara Zhang

    15 timer siden

    "Claire is so cool at doing food!" 😎

  39. Corey Murphy

    Corey Murphy

    15 timer siden

    I want this again but more flavors

  40. Alicia Perez

    Alicia Perez

    16 timer siden

    I want BA merch that is a t-shirt that says "you. today. failure. It's not gonna happen."

  41. Ann Janicki

    Ann Janicki

    16 timer siden

    I would love claire to try tootsie pops

  42. Jon B

    Jon B

    16 timer siden

    Mm I wonder if she would try and make “Bubu lubu”!

  43. Camila Nascimento

    Camila Nascimento

    16 timer siden

    OMG!! im definitely gonna try making this at home!!

  44. Jeff Carlson

    Jeff Carlson

    17 timer siden

    I worked at a nursing home where a resident kept a container of Corn Starch by her bed and ate it by the spoonful. His story is legit. It happens.

  45. Minjie Yim

    Minjie Yim

    18 timer siden

    this episode makes me happy because claire is so happy kjsadhfkadbkjs

  46. Nhajah


    18 timer siden

    So glad you got such a breezy one finally! Can’t wait for the cookbook 💗

  47. Omega Point Singularity

    Omega Point Singularity

    20 timer siden

    "Edging keeps the icing from spilling out".... hmmmm.

  48. Niamh C

    Niamh C

    21 time siden

    I’m so happy for Claire she deserves everything

  49. ChungKingCanSuckIt


    21 time siden

    Someone should do a spoof of the show with cats. Pastry Cat attempts to make gourmet Poop Tarts. Day one you see a cat in the litter box with diarrhea upset that he couldn't get the right consistency. I feel like the flavor is pretty much there, but I'm going to try and add some more dry kibble to get the right consistency.

  50. Michelle Fabian

    Michelle Fabian

    22 timer siden

    Gourmet choco piesss

  51. wasthisagoodidea?


    22 timer siden


  52. Sneha rao

    Sneha rao

    23 timer siden

    Try to make Kisses!

  53. Rohan Barnard

    Rohan Barnard

    Dag siden

    I think the dried ice secret ending was worth it, Claire.

  54. Cloudy Skies

    Cloudy Skies

    Dag siden

    Yesss, I love pop tarts. I love Strawberry, its a classic. My favorite flavor is definitely S’mores though, I also love fudge and brown cinnamon sugar.

  55. dime


    Dag siden

    but cornstarch is good :((

  56. Marcus Mofield

    Marcus Mofield

    Dag siden

    Claire 😍

  57. Lauren Jones

    Lauren Jones

    Dag siden

    Please try and make mnms or Australian tim tams 😊

  58. FantomLightning


    Dag siden

    Why is Alex Delaney so disturbingly attractive...?

  59. Mass Lass

    Mass Lass

    Dag siden

    She's like forensic baker.

  60. Spaghetti Monster

    Spaghetti Monster

    Dag siden

    I looked up docking, it's not about making holes in pastry............

  61. Christina


    Dag siden

    Bahaha that secret shot at the end was pure gold.

  62. Øutcast Official

    Øutcast Official

    Dag siden

    Triscuits PLEASEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

  63. doll facee

    doll facee

    Dag siden

    yasss claire did one of , if not my favorite snacks !!!

  64. Abbie Burnett

    Abbie Burnett

    Dag siden

    Can you please make PEANUT FREE macaron recipe. I cant find one anywhere. Im highly allergic to all tpyes of nuts, but I want to try a macaron. If you even see this comment. I would truly appreciate it!!!!

  65. Jacob Collis

    Jacob Collis

    Dag siden

    Uh I’d watch Claire make anything 😍

  66. Matthew Balitaan

    Matthew Balitaan

    Dag siden

    ❤️ Chris imitation 14:40

  67. Roy Tchounbia

    Roy Tchounbia

    Dag siden

    Anyone notice that one of the kids in the first Toaster Strudel commercial is J T Yorke from Degrassi: The Next Generation which also came out in 2001 just like that commercial !!

  68. Erica Bull

    Erica Bull

    Dag siden

    Is it weird that my favorite poptart is unfrosted strawberry? Was kinda disapointed that I didn't see it in the mix.

  69. itsNyla Boo

    itsNyla Boo

    Dag siden

    She should gourmet make a Haagen Dauzs (idk how you spell it) ice cream bar

  70. GE Show

    GE Show

    Dag siden

    6:56 JT Yorke?

    • Roy Tchounbia

      Roy Tchounbia

      Dag siden


  71. Roblox Gaming

    Roblox Gaming

    Dag siden

    could u make gourmet little bites party cupcake please

  72. Julia V

    Julia V

    Dag siden

    Clair must make toaster strudels!!!!

  73. KayleeZ


    Dag siden


  74. JC Thom

    JC Thom

    Dag siden

    Foe Claire. . . On the Coveteur video, please settle whether you own a dog or cat! Would have thought a cat but those bowls where more sized for a dog.

  75. Caroline Shane

    Caroline Shane

    Dag siden

    I want her to try Milanos cookies

  76. Garnet Bunnies

    Garnet Bunnies

    Dag siden

    Hey you should drop a recipe for this

  77. Katy Werring

    Katy Werring

    Dag siden

    Finally, something Claire enjoyed! For a future episode, can you do York Peppermint Patties? That would be fun. (And the freezer test! That's how they should be eaten.)

  78. LC Thomas

    LC Thomas

    Dag siden

    35 bucks psssssh keep it in video

  79. Manuel Tedesco

    Manuel Tedesco

    Dag siden

    You know... I'm starting to believe that reading the ingredients isn't her favorite part...

  80. Final Elysium

    Final Elysium

    Dag siden

    The secret ending was worth the wait