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Human Headphones Just Changed The Game

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Human Headphones are the World's first true wireless over-ear headphones.
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  1. Unbox Therapy

    Unbox Therapy

    20 dager siden

    What's more futuristic? Human Headphones or the bone conduction headphones from this video -

    • Kari Krummi

      Kari Krummi

      16 timer siden


    • Thomas Lang

      Thomas Lang

      2 dager siden

      This is fake as shit

    • Y. MN

      Y. MN

      2 dager siden

      What about the mic, we know all other buds sucks on that, so what about this one ?

    • Fred Herbert

      Fred Herbert

      3 dager siden


    • Norius Lephotographe

      Norius Lephotographe

      3 dager siden

      Unbox Therapy Bonne conduction..poor sound quality..not for the audiophile !

  2. Vele


    11 timer siden


  3. Greg Fehn

    Greg Fehn

    11 timer siden

    I think if you're a construction worker on the job site, these would be perfect !!

  4. Jun Choi

    Jun Choi

    12 timer siden

    Folks, I purchased this item 1 week ago. Totally, disappointed,,, your ear skin will be ripped up. Btw, by manual, they guarantee 30 days return & money back. I emailed to ask steps to return. Their answer is "ALL SALES ARE FINAL" People,, stay away from this vender which change return policy randomly.

  5. Ujustdied Kid

    Ujustdied Kid

    12 timer siden

    When his head said 📦 I felt that

  6. Caligula


    13 timer siden

    Thumbnail = JIREN

  7. Enrique L

    Enrique L

    13 timer siden

    They were sold in the moon first! That’s why is called HUMAN HEADPHONES!!! Coming to Earth 🌍 2050 Human Headphones 🎧 they are not for everyone but is coming anyway 🤔

  8. GritzIsGaming


    14 timer siden

    I dont care if they sound like Mozart himself farted in my ear. These are the dumbest looking headphones ive ever seen in my life.

  9. Mellow Bass

    Mellow Bass

    15 timer siden

    New wave?

  10. Андрей Палыч

    Андрей Палыч

    16 timer siden

    try to wear a winter hat

  11. Scott Stamp

    Scott Stamp

    16 timer siden

    1960s: we’ll have flying cars in the future 2019: *Teacakes you wear on your ears*

  12. Sb1


    16 timer siden

    Check out Flossy Carter for a real review 😆

  13. AlTheEngineer


    17 timer siden

    Sorry to say they look absolutely stupid.

  14. Vikas Shelke

    Vikas Shelke

    17 timer siden

    Better ear protector hope they have noise cancellations

  15. HajawolldaWaschdalos


    18 timer siden

    thats some stuff for the winter and a woolhat

  16. N.L. B.

    N.L. B.

    18 timer siden

    This review was so subpar that I had to unsubscribe. I expect an in depth review of clarity, bass, volume, etc....when I’m looking at headphone reviews. This sounded like a nice infomercial that tried really hard to say anything negative about the product. “It’s not for everyone”? Tell me why not. Watched Flossy’s review and saw some others. These seem like garbage.

  17. opsimathics


    20 timer siden


  18. Asif Baig

    Asif Baig

    Dag siden

    This guy literally hypes every product he reviews. Probably cause he gets paid. Not trustworthy anymore, what a shame.

  19. Trash Compactor

    Trash Compactor

    Dag siden

    That airplane sound scared the shit out of me

  20. Juul


    Dag siden

    Dent Head Therapy

  21. Joel Wateres-muddy

    Joel Wateres-muddy

    Dag siden

    I think there already out of biz plus they sucked ,, I trusted you guys and you failed me

  22. kelsey


    Dag siden

    idc how well they work, who would be okay with wearing those lmao

  23. Very Big

    Very Big

    Dag siden

    a headphone review with no tech specs of the actual headphones....

  24. Jacob Jones

    Jacob Jones

    Dag siden

    Looks cool and works well, seemingly, I’m still impressed by the sound puck

  25. Alex Lee

    Alex Lee

    Dag siden

    Man I’d be caught fucking DEAD if I was wearing that in public

  26. Bobby Laumea

    Bobby Laumea

    Dag siden

    Why is he yelling?

  27. Charles Pinson

    Charles Pinson

    Dag siden

    Okay! I’m buying these ASAP!!!!! Thank you for bringing these to my attention.....

  28. Daniel Dougan

    Daniel Dougan

    Dag siden

    Do they also keep your ears warm in the winter?

  29. SirLemon


    Dag siden

    They should make a Frieza edition

  30. Richard Collins

    Richard Collins

    Dag siden

    They just 'look' like they sound great They also look ridiculous 🤷🏼‍♂️

  31. Kris P

    Kris P

    Dag siden

    Holy fuck they're $400!

  32. Cam Plays

    Cam Plays

    Dag siden

    human headphones... okay

  33. david spagnolo

    david spagnolo

    Dag siden


  34. Jesse Bochek

    Jesse Bochek

    Dag siden

    Lew out here looking like the guy from Cloud City in Empire Strikes Back

  35. Sam Stone

    Sam Stone

    Dag siden

    Horrible host.

  36. W. Dearth

    W. Dearth

    Dag siden

    And people talk shit about Airpods looking stupid as hell. These are horrendous.



    Dag siden

    There Awesome ,it's different and It got more features than other earphones. 👍🤓👍

  38. HewFreBie


    Dag siden

    We''re going to become androids soon enough lol.

  39. Theodore Chitkushev

    Theodore Chitkushev

    Dag siden

    When did Lew get a haircut?

  40. anita bhadana

    anita bhadana

    Dag siden

    where can you find these headphones

  41. Voke Is cute

    Voke Is cute

    Dag siden

    these are cool until your ear is to big

  42. MrEmmi


    Dag siden

    They look ugly

  43. Noobist361


    Dag siden


  44. SandaleLP


    Dag siden

    nice idea i would buy these for my pc

  45. Mikatchu


    Dag siden

    i like them but im broke af

  46. kebman


    Dag siden

    Can I get those in skin colour please? Also can you make them more pointy? Yeah, I need it for some cosplay!

  47. Eyejeey


    Dag siden

    I wish I could use only one of them, I always only use one airpod.

  48. Aqeeb Javed

    Aqeeb Javed

    Dag siden

    I just clicked this video to see him without cap...

  49. Francisco Olivo

    Francisco Olivo

    Dag siden

    Oooo. Lue has some porsches in his garage👍🏼😏

  50. Flatfalafel


    Dag siden

    Sadly, my experience has not been the same with this product. I luckily bought them using some cash that was given to me rather than earned so I don't feel too bad about the price, but the drivers don't perform any better than my 20$ skull candies from highschool. I've opened a support ticket with them to see if I got a faulty pair, but they seem to avoid that question and only acknowledge the fitment issue I have. I'm not trying to be a nay sayer and I truly hope this company succeeds and they can work out the issues I'm finding, but overall I'm not impressed yet since the sound quality is really concerning.

  51. testplmnb


    Dag siden

    That dude is sooo fake it's funny xF

  52. Florence enow

    Florence enow

    Dag siden

    For some reason he reminds me of Justin timberlake🤣

  53. João Tavares

    João Tavares

    Dag siden


  54. Naboombu


    Dag siden

    Do the sound leak a lot?

  55. Tre_Jones_Is_My_Dad_03


    Dag siden


  56. Snake Pliskin

    Snake Pliskin

    Dag siden

    Bout time lol

  57. TroniiKx


    Dag siden

    Dude at the end looking like a Mii character!

  58. Samet Akbina

    Samet Akbina

    Dag siden

    When the Airpods dosent fit your ear

  59. Kino


    2 dager siden

    "The roast pods"

  60. NotSure1408


    2 dager siden

    Did he just frickin delete all those Flossy related comments?!?!

    • Devon Grant

      Devon Grant

      21 time siden

      I think so lol he couldn't handle the truth