Arnold Schwarzenegger Shows His Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men's Health

Arnold Schwarzenegger shows us the contents of his fridge as well as explaining what his workout looks like in 2019. The star of Terminator: Dark Fate shares his approach to eating, working out and the reason why "he'll be back".
Arnold Schwarzenegger Shows His Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men's Health
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  1. Mrs. Willette

    Mrs. Willette

    11 timer siden

    Seems like a good grandpa

  2. Mr Me

    Mr Me

    11 timer siden

    2:45 Ego maniac

  3. CallMe Sponge

    CallMe Sponge

    11 timer siden

    Does anyone know what blender he is using at 1:38

  4. thepowerofozone


    11 timer siden

    Preaching veganism while not being vegan - I love the hypocrisy of the morally superior.

  5. Sofia Ramos

    Sofia Ramos

    11 timer siden

    Es mi dios lo amo

  6. David Zafra

    David Zafra

    12 timer siden

    Arnold : “watch the video” Interviewer: “watch the fkn video”

  7. diegoramos209 lumbre

    diegoramos209 lumbre

    12 timer siden


  8. medoma1000


    12 timer siden

    raw eggs are dangerous!

  9. Brad Studio

    Brad Studio

    12 timer siden

    Muscle and joint soreness? LMAO, he's fallen for vegan propaganda and is suffering from high oxalate overload with almond milk and other anti-nutrients with all those fruits and veggies. AKA junk food. He should really switch over to the carnivore diet before he things out to an unrecognizable fragile skeleton.

  10. Sentinel Magnus

    Sentinel Magnus

    13 timer siden

    Terminator has worked out

  11. Rainer S.

    Rainer S.

    13 timer siden

    he is one of a kind

  12. Imagine


    13 timer siden

    He is so right about food...except the steak.... :-))))

  13. A A

    A A

    13 timer siden

    Arnold is smart now gone are the days of cumming into his protein shake squaring 500 pounds

  14. Imagine


    13 timer siden

    Arnold is just great

  15. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy

    13 timer siden

    arnold- “i stay away from meat and animal products” interviewer- “whats your favorite thing to cook” Arnold - “Steak.”

  16. romania rom

    romania rom

    14 timer siden

    Hey Arni u bastard how are u Greetings from angelos Take Care of u

  17. Ox Alek

    Ox Alek

    14 timer siden

    At Ahhhhnold’s house the maid ‘cleans & jerks’ him.

  18. MisterT No name

    MisterT No name

    14 timer siden

    Close the fridge Arnold

    • nieooj gotoy

      nieooj gotoy

      13 timer siden

      new liver and now ur heart opperation. Many dont have that money and suffer and die. So r u a good ideal to have on the altar?

  19. wink wink

    wink wink

    15 timer siden

    the GOAT

  20. astral5ram


    15 timer siden

    We share a birthday and I'm a fan.

  21. Blue Ghost

    Blue Ghost

    15 timer siden

    Now when I make my protein shake ... I'm imitating Arnold's voice. " BUH - NAUH- NAUH!"

  22. Abid Ali

    Abid Ali

    16 timer siden

    So tongue in cheek! still outrageously brilliant...

  23. Curtis Johnson

    Curtis Johnson

    16 timer siden

    Looking kinda small here Arnold. Maybe get back on the Animal proteins.

  24. dante dt

    dante dt

    17 timer siden

    Arnold has steak to stay off animal protein.

  25. David kicker 39

    David kicker 39

    17 timer siden

    He is admirable. The only thing that I dislike is that he talked bad things about Mexicans. I read it in an article. Don't know if it's true

  26. Masi Yousufzai

    Masi Yousufzai

    17 timer siden

    Arnold: They all want to look like me, *haha* it’s never going to happen.

  27. just me

    just me

    17 timer siden

    Eat healthy or health problems "WILL BE BACK"

  28. Kim Horn

    Kim Horn

    18 timer siden

    My man put the whole egg in

  29. Dugi Devet

    Dugi Devet

    18 timer siden

    Its amazing how Peter Celik looks much stronger then Arnold even they are the same age Petar Čelik was never look weak like arnold in old age, he never relax him self to be weak.

  30. SirArghPirate


    19 timer siden

    Look at Arnold, then look at Trump. Then realize Trump is only one year older than Arnold..

  31. احمد احمد

    احمد احمد

    19 timer siden


  32. Alan Alans

    Alan Alans

    20 timer siden

    3.3k sly fans

  33. Vimar m

    Vimar m

    20 timer siden

    Looks better then ur steroid breakfast u have introdused into the world through which many r suffering and some even live in violence. Good job Arnold. You had the money 4 a new liver and now ur heart opperation. Many dont have that money and suffer and die. So r u a good ideal to have on the altar?

  34. spillerxxxxx


    20 timer siden

    0:01 a toothpick? Oh no, it's his Arm..

  35. tt 1611

    tt 1611

    22 timer siden

    My wife is cringing with that refrigerator door open Arnie. Try not to keep it open for so long. The light bill could go up😏😏

  36. Der Holländer

    Der Holländer

    22 timer siden

    Arnold.....Keep your dick in your pants.

  37. Mountains & Sea

    Mountains & Sea

    22 timer siden

    It’s such a shame how the physiques used to look when Arnold was the champ compared to what we see today.

  38. Benjamin D

    Benjamin D

    23 timer siden

    where is chicken and rice😎

  39. Tom Lauris

    Tom Lauris

    Dag siden

    Built his whole career on eating meat, now shills for a plant based diet. How sad to watch. Also, animal protein is a complete protein. Plant protein isn't, it lacks essential amino acids. Enjoy your fake milk Arnie.

    • Rishi Eastwood

      Rishi Eastwood

      20 timer siden

      Bullshit. Animal protein is useless but hey, you'll die of a heart attack soon enough so that's good. Get on a vegetarian diet-its good for you

  40. Hasantha Bernard

    Hasantha Bernard

    Dag siden

    Arnold, Baby !!

  41. Chad Dye

    Chad Dye

    Dag siden

    Can you possibly not love this guy? Is it possible? What a legacy. It will be a sore day when we hear that Arnie won't be around anymore. I'm in my 20's so I just know it's coming some time. Might be the only time a celebrity death will make me cry. What a great man.

  42. Татьяна Ведмідьова

    Татьяна Ведмідьова

    Dag siden

    "Not much almond milk at all, just a little bit"Fills half the blender.

  43. MrMethadrine


    Dag siden

    "You dont need animal protein.You just need hormones".

  44. koschwarz


    Dag siden

    I just can't not like this man.

  45. IIIpARxIII


    Dag siden

    Oh come on... nobodys fridge is that neat and organized.

  46. Виталий Йоу

    Виталий Йоу

    Dag siden

    There's all simple: I see Arnold - I put thumb up 👍

  47. C.G.B. Spender

    C.G.B. Spender

    Dag siden

    close the goddamned fridge jesus!!!

  48. Ironic Nick

    Ironic Nick

    Dag siden

    He just loves saying "I'll be back..."

  49. Ian Dog

    Ian Dog

    Dag siden

    Probably the most Accomplished human in so many different fields of all time, One of the best Bodybuilders of all time if not the best, the best Action movie star of all time, Governor, Author, living legend.

  50. thetruereality


    Dag siden

    Look who's talking about becoming a vegetarian 😁😁😁

  51. KayserSoze666


    Dag siden

    2:44 "They want of course eat the delicious food because they all want to look like me. It's never gonna happen. HAHAHA. I love that! " Love his sense of humour .

  52. Bonny Urpal

    Bonny Urpal

    Dag siden

    Now I know how to get Arnold like body It's FULL EGG 😛

  53. OneIndianChap OIC

    OneIndianChap OIC

    Dag siden

    How does it feels like to be old?

  54. Redstar7311


    Dag siden

    What is that tart berry stuff he put in the smoothie he said was for musle and bone soreness?

  55. Arthur Kirk

    Arthur Kirk

    Dag siden

    Great interview and hints. Thanks

  56. Mitesh Kumar

    Mitesh Kumar

    Dag siden

    This is like the Vogue's 73 question but far less staged .

  57. Saju Vetiyatil

    Saju Vetiyatil

    Dag siden

    Love you Arnie.

  58. Bill of Rights

    Bill of Rights

    Dag siden

    *Rumor has it Arnold sprinkles vegans on Beef for added flavor.*

  59. Jay May

    Jay May

    Dag siden

    CNN is proven *FAKE anti-America PROPAGANDA.*

    • Rishi Eastwood

      Rishi Eastwood

      20 timer siden

      fuck america

  60. Hello Hi

    Hello Hi

    Dag siden

    I watched this video on tv and had to come to the comments because i just knew it would be full of triggered meat eaters 😂😂😂pathetic hahah