More POWER......BIGGER Wheel........Thats going to be better. So with 600cc and 4 cylinders we can spin up way faster and bigger wheels to do some proper damage.
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  1. colinfurze


    25 dager siden

    Here we go lets get some real momentum behind these RIP-TIRES. So on this video I went back to filming myself but the camera dude doing the editing.......Thoughts and feedback internet. Part 3 on Furzday when we let the big wheels lose.

    • 乙ERO OP

      乙ERO OP

      9 timer siden

      You should have added some weight to the tires

    • gray ham

      gray ham

      21 dag siden

      Wait what u would have to speed it up from the sides of the tires and then as u launched it it would slow down when it stabbed the ground. Would be sick to watch that

    • azrin yen

      azrin yen

      21 dag siden

      sory colin..I skip went u speaking..muahahahhaha

    • BlockBuster .TV

      BlockBuster .TV

      21 dag siden

      You made my hart bleed while deconstruct this beautiful kawasaki zx6r

    • Carlos Leina

      Carlos Leina

      22 dager siden

      Send me the bike when done.

  2. kango


    Dag siden

    Whoever edited this: thank you for matching some parts of the video to the music! these are the best moments of my day tbh

  3. SeaVd


    2 dager siden

    Colin is slowly turning into Junkrat

  4. Radit Pratama25

    Radit Pratama25

    2 dager siden

    Motor dh bagus di bikin gitu sama mobil di hancur hncur

  5. Francisco Lopes

    Francisco Lopes

    2 dager siden

    Sendo rico, qualquer um consegue ser inteligente.

  6. fabio mattaboni

    fabio mattaboni

    3 dager siden

    man, you're fucking crazy!!!

  7. CxChocox3


    3 dager siden

    americans. wait, he is british isnt he?

  8. Ruuku Tube

    Ruuku Tube

    3 dager siden

    You ruined a perfectly good Freelander for this?! That's my car, asshole. lol... My first Colonfarts Down-vote.

  9. øverwatcheur


    3 dager siden

    Dans la société on leurs donne de l'argent et avec sa il bousille l'argent

  10. øverwatcheur


    3 dager siden

    Les américain toujours au dessus avec leurs délire imaginaires



    4 dager siden


  12. THE ГУСЬ


    5 dager siden

    Ищешь русский коммент? Ты его нашёл!

  13. Suripat Patsuri

    Suripat Patsuri

    6 dager siden

    You know a channel has made it big when it starts to waste massive amounts of money on expensive things for silly projects. Usually that's when I stop watching.

  14. Maximus Gigantos

    Maximus Gigantos

    6 dager siden

    This guy has British accent, German look, Italian temper and American craziness.

  15. Washboard Pants

    Washboard Pants

    6 dager siden

    No one: Colin: *SPIIKES*

  16. DC_GARAGE_777


    6 dager siden


  17. sasikan hongbunrueang

    sasikan hongbunrueang

    7 dager siden


  18. шмелвис gems

    шмелвис gems

    7 dager siden

    Мне жалко 😢. Kawasaki :(

  19. gustavo hits

    gustavo hits

    7 dager siden


  20. gustavo hits

    gustavo hits

    7 dager siden

    Brazil like

  21. ONE GAMR


    7 dager siden

    Yürü bro arkandayız

  22. Gede Andika

    Gede Andika

    7 dager siden

    Your idea is good nicee

  23. Dylan C

    Dylan C

    8 dager siden

    Mount a GoPro on the rim and set it free

  24. Apollo's Gift

    Apollo's Gift

    8 dager siden

    Colin: "We're gonna improve the rip tire!" Audience: *93k likes* *starts stripping bike* Audience: *3.5k dislikes*

  25. Janik Müller

    Janik Müller

    8 dager siden

    U must making with the kawasaki h2 :D

  26. Mr. Bern

    Mr. Bern

    8 dager siden

    Now it's more like an Iron Star from WoW.

  27. Иван Бульенко

    Иван Бульенко

    9 dager siden

    Придурок. Ради какой то хуеты угробил байк и тачку.

  28. Brett Mitchell

    Brett Mitchell

    9 dager siden

    Colin is a one man A-Team.

  29. Гурру


    9 dager siden

    Why is it in my recommendations?))) I am from Russia)))

  30. Shakir Khan

    Shakir Khan

    9 dager siden

    what is this

  31. Будни Механизатора

    Будни Механизатора

    9 dager siden

    Русские скажут- лучше бы мне отдал мот...

    • Серега Малышев

      Серега Малышев

      9 dager siden

      Будни Механизатора он за даром не нужен , там мотор и коробка ужасные

  32. akki Lucknow wala

    akki Lucknow wala

    9 dager siden

    Best for school's science project

  33. kazus2


    9 dager siden


  34. who i'm

    who i'm

    9 dager siden


  35. Nexus


    10 dager siden

    You destroy an motocycle! Now i hate you

  36. Niger Mcgauley

    Niger Mcgauley

    10 dager siden

    I don't know if I watch you channel for the engineering aspect or for all the laughs at the crazy S H I T you do. No the less " keep doing what cha doin" btw THANKS.....

  37. boudafazer


    10 dager siden

    pour une fois une kawa va servir a qqe chose😂

  38. Do it

    Do it

    10 dager siden

    Guys, rate my new video: noplayer.info/show/SmlPWXBlTlUtcWc.html

  39. Johnny Boy

    Johnny Boy

    11 dager siden

    he's literally made a giant beyblade launcher ahahahaha

  40. Robert Csakany

    Robert Csakany

    11 dager siden

    kawasaki abuse