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He Slipped it Off and Didn't Tell Me

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  1. Strangelife


    2 timer siden

    I m not saying she made a wrong or right decision. She's only 15 and i can understand that. But, don't take this story in different situation, if you are above 20 and u are having the same problem, and you did the same? You are not brave, you can't say you are brave, you are just run away. Nope it's not like I'm telling you "you are wrong" no it's not, it's just you are not brave you are just run away, you are not inspire people and i can understand, that's all no need to feel shame. It's not a wrong decision, not the right either.

  2. Evil Hutdug

    Evil Hutdug

    2 timer siden

    People go to jail for that right?

  3. Thats my name

    Thats my name

    2 timer siden

    u were 15, hes a twat :)

  4. Cj Torres

    Cj Torres

    2 timer siden

    It says one minuet video really it’s 10 minuets

  5. Tvppy Kevin

    Tvppy Kevin

    2 timer siden

    Technically she didn’t kill anything cause the “baby” wasn’t alive yet

  6. ʙʀᴜʜɪᴛᴢᴘʀɪsᴄʏ ᴘʟᴀʏᴢ

    ʙʀᴜʜɪᴛᴢᴘʀɪsᴄʏ ᴘʟᴀʏᴢ

    2 timer siden

    “I met him when I was 15” “It was our 1st year anniversary” “I CANT BELIEVE I WAS PREGNANT AT 15 JEHWUSBSGSU” What is this girl even talking about? XD

  7. {Deleted Channel}

    {Deleted Channel}

    2 timer siden

    I- bruh wtf lmfaooooo

  8. TheAuzzie Dingo

    TheAuzzie Dingo

    2 timer siden

    Its ok

  9. Potato_ Doggo

    Potato_ Doggo

    2 timer siden

    If I was that girl that boi wouldn’t have made it another day , if you do something bad to me rip better run from my friends and me

  10. Itzgottabe Kenzie

    Itzgottabe Kenzie

    2 timer siden

    I like actually kept tearing up

  11. Farai Matyukira

    Farai Matyukira

    2 timer siden

    Your brave and no one can take that away from u

  12. lolliepop42


    2 timer siden

    Me: mom I’m pregnant Mom: IS IT THAT ONLINE GUY me: no it is my boyfriend I have had for 2 years you know that 🤦‍♀️

  13. Prince Adeshina

    Prince Adeshina

    2 timer siden

    Dam just dam....

  14. Prince Adeshina

    Prince Adeshina

    2 timer siden


  15. cam marin

    cam marin

    2 timer siden

    You both are monsters you both are going to hell

  16. Maurice Lempire

    Maurice Lempire

    2 timer siden

    i understand why she did it it but me being me im not shaming her im just really sad. If you thought it was the right thing to do than you do you

  17. FBI 54

    FBI 54

    2 timer siden

    It God's plan he said kill baby kill him or her

  18. Natalie Marchan

    Natalie Marchan

    2 timer siden

    No uterus no right to talk about it it's women who have the right to decide what they want to do with their bodies no man or another women can tell you what to do with your body

  19. KISSfan24/7


    2 timer siden

    I just toughts for a sec and that dude KNEW THAT HE WAS LEAVING HER PREGNANT AND ALONE he is a SICKO I wanna kill him

  20. • Typical Duck. •

    • Typical Duck. •

    2 timer siden

    I’m not judging your I’m judging your disgraceful boyfriend

  21. Unicorn Gurl

    Unicorn Gurl

    2 timer siden

    You are not a horrible person it was your best decision

  22. Kaidin.


    3 timer siden

    how do females not feel getting nutted in

  23. Scott Davis

    Scott Davis

    3 timer siden

    That man should go 2 jail for what he did because he forced his way on her and that is not ok no matter what

  24. Lexie Camp

    Lexie Camp

    3 timer siden

    omg i feel so bad for that baby it wasn’t even their fault

  25. Travas Roodal

    Travas Roodal

    3 timer siden

    Dont worry everything is going to be ok. U are not a horrible person. Alot of people go through this. We are here for u😊😊🙏🙏🙏👍👍

  26. The Catholic Latina

    The Catholic Latina

    3 timer siden

    this is uh my cue to leave. sorry that happened to you though

  27. 65roses93


    3 timer siden

    I'm pro-life but i would not wish this on anyone and in the same token I would NOT shame anyone at planned parenthood. And i understand why you did this. I don't agree but i understand it. This guy deserves to be in prison. I'm not judging you. It wasn't your fault.

  28. Mistt Theroux

    Mistt Theroux

    3 timer siden

    Is your choice

  29. Life as Avannnah

    Life as Avannnah

    3 timer siden

    That is cruel her parents should have had a abortion with her that is a life

  30. KISSfan24/7


    3 timer siden

    She should not feel ashamed she was not ready for a child and the circumstances she was in were not right for a child to live with people need to take that into consideration instead of protest they should try going through it see if they still protest

  31. Wolfe Assassin

    Wolfe Assassin

    3 timer siden

    It's ok it's not your fault

  32. Gamo


    3 timer siden


  33. Mr Spazz

    Mr Spazz

    3 timer siden

    Where does her ex live? I...I just want to talk

  34. Osiris Solano

    Osiris Solano

    3 timer siden

    Her ex: im gonna b a father! His mom: video games.... I'm honestly pissed at someone who would drop the c like that that was messed up g poor girl... comment what you would do if you became a young parent.

  35. Lilly Glee 33

    Lilly Glee 33

    3 timer siden

    Meh it your choice at the end of the day. It's sad but we can get over it. And who knows maybe down the line your life you might actually become a mother who knows

  36. Ester-lea Yehuda

    Ester-lea Yehuda

    3 timer siden

    It's so sad.i cray😭😢

  37. Lighterfluid flowerpanel

    Lighterfluid flowerpanel

    3 timer siden

    Honestly u were brave and made the right decision for you

  38. Subscribe Daily714

    Subscribe Daily714

    3 timer siden

    We need to call jiren to beat his ass

  39. No Face

    No Face

    3 timer siden

    not trying to be rude but... u couldnt tell ur parents but u told millions of people on youtube? just saying

  40. Randy Styles

    Randy Styles

    3 timer siden

    I found this is Instagram

  41. Mr_ Idiot-5

    Mr_ Idiot-5

    3 timer siden

    0:32 tRuE cOuLoRs aRe sHiNg bLuE

  42. Faithy Faith

    Faithy Faith

    3 timer siden

    Me : looks at the thumbnail *Did he just cut his fingers* Me : *after watches the video* B**** U BETTER RUN FOR ABUSING THIS POOR INNOCENT GIRL

  43. Deja Lunn

    Deja Lunn

    3 timer siden

    I am happy for you, what that man did was terrible. Don't let anybody's opinion bring you down💖

  44. MHDRN


    3 timer siden

    can we talk about her parents ? they didnt realised their daughter is dating an asshole , they didn't realised their daughter is pregnant , they didn't realise she had an abortion , they didn't realise she was sad , crying and suffering from a jerk abusing boyfriend . let me tell you if the parents were more into their daughter life and what she is been through , this could have been lot easier . being a teenager is hard enough, you don't what to do , sometimes we just need help without knowing it

  45. Silvotore styles97

    Silvotore styles97

    4 timer siden

    I think he was trying to trap her with a baby......when a guy wants to destroy the future of a girl that will be successful or to trap them or to devalue them for the next man in there life,they purposely get them pregnant

  46. Margarita Tamboboy

    Margarita Tamboboy

    4 timer siden


  47. Christian Avancena

    Christian Avancena

    4 timer siden

    Ok, so this video gives the depiction that all anti abortionists are this harsh. This video is completely wrong, most of these people that are talked about in this video are hardcore Republicans. Most anti abortionists arent like this. This video is a great example on how easy it is to shift someones opinion on a topic completely.

  48. Foxy Artz

    Foxy Artz

    4 timer siden

    Why are there people making her feel ashamed

  49. angela naranjo

    angela naranjo

    4 timer siden

    You're 15 I understand

  50. Hideki Films

    Hideki Films

    4 timer siden

    Lmao abortion is okay. like u said ur 15, you cant raise a child.

  51. Kay Kings

    Kay Kings

    4 timer siden

    You did the right thing

  52. Asher Bond

    Asher Bond

    4 timer siden

    I dont judge you for what you did at all and I hope best of luck to you

  53. Hh Hh

    Hh Hh

    4 timer siden

    This may be a fake story but.. I can relate to it I was raped at age 10 and got pregnant. Instead of giving birth I got surgery to remove the baby before it was ready

  54. Bradley Jarema

    Bradley Jarema

    4 timer siden

    She made the right decision. Abortion is necessary for population limitation.

  55. GachaWolf :3

    GachaWolf :3

    4 timer siden

    This girl gullible af Like srsly, she believed all the fake stuff he told her 😐

  56. superior danger

    superior danger

    4 timer siden

    So faaake

  57. Nion Killer

    Nion Killer

    4 timer siden

    Lmao sue him for rape

  58. Weaboo Idiot

    Weaboo Idiot

    4 timer siden

    God damn my dirty brain

  59. Asher Bond

    Asher Bond

    4 timer siden

    The best you could ever get?! WHAT

  60. super bubbly

    super bubbly

    4 timer siden


  61. I don’t get life

    I don’t get life

    4 timer siden

    My mom got pregnant at 17 but she lost the baby than got pregnant at 18 she got twins lost both of them than she had my older brother at 19 at 20 she had my other older brother than at 25 she had me and my twin sister at 28 she had my younger brother at 38 she had my other younger brother than at 39 she had my other younger brother now she is currently pregnant again

  62. Jennifer Foulk

    Jennifer Foulk

    4 timer siden

    You are not a monster you were sexually assaulted and that is not good for a 15 year old

  63. Terell Williams

    Terell Williams

    4 timer siden

    I need the infinity gauntlet, iron man forgot one more person

  64. diane mouzon

    diane mouzon

    4 timer siden

    DISCLAIMER: “You DO NOT have to like, only like if you WANT to.” List of punishments for her abusive boyfriend: 5 likes = “Gets slapped 4 times.” (By us). 40 likes = “Goes to prison for a month.” (Someone calls the cops on him). 100 likes = “Gets blind.” (Gets his eyes bitten out by a dog). 200 likes = “Gets cancer.” (Well..... Um..... Ya' see.... All I have to say is he got cancer.. 'Cause I can't think of a reason).... 500 likes = “Dies and goes to (Bleep).” /\ | (All I have to say is..... (Breaths in) the FBI opened it up and threw grenades like, “Yeet!” and “Fire in the hole!” and “KOBE, YOU SCUMBAG!”....And he went to ya' know.... The underworld or should I say.. “The place you go where you dig STRAIGHT down in the game known as “Minecraft”, so yea).... 1,000 likes = “EVERYTHING on the list will happen to her boyfriend.” (It's simple. Here's the time line: “Gets slapped. “Goes Blind” “Dies by us.” and goes to (Bleep) ------------------------------------------------------ “Goes to. “Gets cancer” prison for A month

    • diane mouzon

      diane mouzon

      4 timer siden

      And yes...... I proudly liked my comment and let me tell ya'..... Oh boy...... WASN'T IT FOR A GOOD REASON.... And ya' FOR FLIPPIN' SURE know why (Incase you don't..... Even though you SHOULD... The reason is: So I can start the journey of getting to the like goal (It is 1,000 because EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Of these things NEED and probably WILL happen to happen to her boyfriend).

  65. Jasmin Newmuis

    Jasmin Newmuis

    4 timer siden

    im sorry to her....also my story never got animated ;-;

  66. LexieTheBexie OHANA RASPBERRY


    5 timer siden

    No matter what u should keep that baby cause babies are no mistakes

  67. the trio with friends!

    the trio with friends!

    5 timer siden

    I just waited until she would say she snitched about what the fucker did but NOPE WTF

  68. Jami Vialpando

    Jami Vialpando

    5 timer siden

    I wouldn't blame u

  69. fall


    5 timer siden

    Its her fault that she got a boyfriend at 15 lol who fucking does that



    5 timer siden

    if I was a god this man would live in hell and die constantly and feel pain over and over and over again THE PAIN WILL NEVER STOP AND HE WILL SUFFER ETERNAL also to you fnaf fans I think you know where I got the idea from

  71. letmeee seedem

    letmeee seedem

    5 timer siden

    Her ex=🤡🤡🤡🤡

  72. dalia alias

    dalia alias

    5 timer siden

    Ive been though the same thing last year but i was all alone without any cousin or mom or friend ..... no one knows expect my ex and no one will ever know ...

  73. 서정 린ᔕ sᴇᴏ ᴊᴜɴɢ ʀɪɴ ᔕ

    서정 린ᔕ sᴇᴏ ᴊᴜɴɢ ʀɪɴ ᔕ

    5 timer siden

    Abortion is your choice... I just find it horrible when people decide they want one several months into their pregnancy because they "chicken out", or "my boyfriend broke up with me", etc..... Just stupid excuses, in my opinion. I feel like an abortion is your choice to a certain point in your pregnancy.... I feel like after, like, 3 moths... It isn't really right. I mean, you find out around the 6 week mark, which gives you 1.5 months to decide if you want to or not.... So.... 🤷‍♀️ So in conclusion.... I am pro abortion.... Excluding abortion after 3-4 months....

  74. Butterfly -Roblox,slime,random things

    Butterfly -Roblox,slime,random things

    5 timer siden

    I don’t judge her for anything and nobody else should either because she’s 15 she didn’t want this to happen he forced her and he should be in jail because that is not right to do that to a 15-year-old who doesn’t want to do it so I don’t blame her for anything

  75. Esme Schmidt

    Esme Schmidt

    5 timer siden

    This guy was terrible to you and in no way did you deserve it, but that baby was not to blame for the father’s actions. And I understand you not wanting your parents to know, but that child’s life was more important than you keeping that secret and lying to your parents. Put your baby up for private adoption. Like if you are pro life.

  76. Darkside


    5 timer siden

    Guys he didn’t rape her He layed on her and shoved a baby down her throat *get it right*

  77. QUEEN_ RJenna

    QUEEN_ RJenna

    5 timer siden

    this is how many times her ex will have to die and die again

  78. QUEEN_ RJenna

    QUEEN_ RJenna

    5 timer siden

    do your parent evn lnow yet

  79. Lailaplayz Roblox

    Lailaplayz Roblox

    5 timer siden

    At first I didn’t want a child,but after I heard this story,surprisingly inspired me to want and give birth to a child when I’m old enough,my thoughts at first was thinking about all the pain I would be in,after this I realized after pain comes a human that YOU created. A baby that would look up to you to protect them,a baby that would love you and help you through trouble

  80. Stars Requiem

    Stars Requiem

    5 timer siden

    But a lot of these videos are fake. If it's real you have my condolences. Arrivedenci