What Language Am I Speaking? (Round 3) | Lineup | Cut

Can our #lineup guessers figure out what language these strangers are speaking?
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About Lineup:
A who’s who of awkward assumptions and judgments.
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Guess What Language I'm Speaking (Round 3) | Lineup | Cut
#Cut #Lineup #Challenge


  1. Cut


    18 dager siden

    Follow Dae on Instagram at @liloandshik instagram.com/liloandshik

    • Sora Arr

      Sora Arr

      7 dager siden

      Hi I got an idea for a video , make a reaction or guess the nationality based on people's traditional dancing , it would be amazing .

    • Russel Westbrook

      Russel Westbrook

      8 dager siden

      Bring laoshu on this episodes

    • Liorah David

      Liorah David

      8 dager siden

      @Hamsa Fouad مرحبا زملائي الناطقين بالعربية الشخص!

    • Adam NOUH

      Adam NOUH

      9 dager siden

      please do Egyptian arabic next time

    • Vi Drinks

      Vi Drinks

      10 dager siden

      @Anna B Korean would be too easy I think :T it'd have to be a dialect from the countryside or smtn to throw people off

  2. Ivona Flakus

    Ivona Flakus

    5 timer siden

    7:05 bhahahahhahahaha i died

  3. Ivona Flakus

    Ivona Flakus

    5 timer siden

    3:03 Whoah! She is soooo pretty! I think I might be gay :O

  4. Jonh Edward

    Jonh Edward

    8 timer siden

    indonesian girl sounds like she's been the in the US for pretty long time

  5. Cringing 101

    Cringing 101

    8 timer siden

    I love the guy who speaks some Korean shirt. "Black trans lives matter" Yes they do 😎🤙

  6. roo thao

    roo thao

    9 timer siden

    Do more of these!! Knowing that there's over 7000 languages in the world it makes me feel so little

  7. SF9 is my ult oops

    SF9 is my ult oops

    9 timer siden

    They should get a polyglot to guess lol

  8. roo thao

    roo thao

    10 timer siden

    I love the professor that knows 7 languages! Ughh goals!

  9. gliter2016


    10 timer siden

    Woman: what do you eat? Italian guy in orange shirt: pizza and spaghetti Woman: Italian

  10. chrisana stone

    chrisana stone

    10 timer siden

    yes mi fellow jamaican sista

  11. gliter2016


    10 timer siden

    Woman: so what do you eat? Korean: rice Woman: cHinA



    10 timer siden

    we stan the dude in the black trans lives matter shirt

  13. selina tesi

    selina tesi

    11 timer siden

    the secd language saed that she was speaking Samoan but she is not because i am a Samoa

  14. G


    12 timer siden

    “I kind of know a little be of Nigerian...” 🙄 Ok

  15. Brian Maramis

    Brian Maramis

    12 timer siden

    Indonesian💯 check👌👍

  16. marsmellyow 88

    marsmellyow 88

    12 timer siden

    Akhirnya ada yang dari Indonesia😭😭💘💘

  17. SARAH anisa

    SARAH anisa

    13 timer siden

    finally Indonesian i've been waiting!!! THANK YOU

  18. Nilofer Rolston

    Nilofer Rolston

    14 timer siden

    The "linguistic" anthropologist couldn't recognize Somali and thought Scottish Gaelic was "Persian" ? lmao tf

  19. Jul Leha

    Jul Leha

    14 timer siden

    Wkwkkwk bahasa nyasar kesini dong :"

  20. asia simone

    asia simone

    14 timer siden

    She’s so stupid omg.

  21. Marcela Mota

    Marcela Mota

    15 timer siden

    faltou brasileiro

  22. hana


    15 timer siden

    Man I was waiting for them to include Hungarian in one of these but the lady was stuttering and I could barely make out what she said lol, I’m not surprised they guessed Slavic/Russian.

  23. Samuel Barkley

    Samuel Barkley

    15 timer siden

    When the south african woman came on i thought they just game them a duty woman with a fat accent

  24. swagsconi


    16 timer siden

    The patois girl was fine af

  25. sisicomeno


    16 timer siden

    Is not italian. Is a dialect from a region named PUGLIA. Come on. It is not fair. Is a dialect not a real language. The lady who speak italian cannot even recognizes that

  26. Foe OverTime

    Foe OverTime

    16 timer siden

    Dammmmn that Somali woman was beautiful

  27. Stephanie Gonzalez

    Stephanie Gonzalez

    17 timer siden

    Yessss i knew he was from italia Anddd the hawaii

  28. Ricardo G.

    Ricardo G.

    17 timer siden

    Los Norteamericanos son realmente estúpidos.

  29. Ádám Zsótér

    Ádám Zsótér

    17 timer siden

    English: "I am Marian" German: "Ich bin Marian" Finnish: "Olen Marian" Japanese: "Watashi wa Mariandesu" French: "Je suis Marian" Estonian: "Ma olen Marian" Polish: "Jestem Marian" Italian: "Sono Marian" Turkish: "Ben Marian" Romanian: "Eu sunt Marian" Croatian: "Ja sam Marian" Lithuanian: "Aš esu Marian" ... Hungarian: ... "Marian vagyok" So I understand why the gentleman in the video was surprised, when he didn't find the begining of Marian's sentence... XDD Edit: Sorry if I had mistakes in these different languages!

  30. SalahYT


    17 timer siden

    Woman: I know how to speak Italian..... Man: speaks italian Woman: it’s definitely not italian

  31. Italian Girl

    Italian Girl

    17 timer siden

    Puglia’s dialect is very hard to understand even for us Italians 😕

  32. fxlippx 21

    fxlippx 21

    18 timer siden

    The italian dialect he spoke is that specific I‘m from sicily and didn‘t understand 70% of the words he was saying

  33. Richard Warlocc

    Richard Warlocc

    18 timer siden

    Lol Nigerian

  34. Zaniix The g

    Zaniix The g

    18 timer siden

    2nd girl wearing balenciagas

  35. Chris Puente

    Chris Puente

    18 timer siden

    The black girl says everything sounds spainish 😂😂😂

  36. Egge Nic

    Egge Nic

    18 timer siden

    Love how the black nigerian woman said he was Ethiopian

  37. Rebecca Zeelie

    Rebecca Zeelie

    19 timer siden

    Afrikaans!!!!! I can speak afrikaans i'm for africa morê means morning.

  38. BeeBee Tee

    BeeBee Tee

    19 timer siden

    Scottish Gaelic sounds cool.

  39. BeeBee Tee

    BeeBee Tee

    19 timer siden

    The Indonesian lady is pretty too.

  40. BeeBee Tee

    BeeBee Tee

    19 timer siden

    Jamaican!!! Patois!!!

  41. BeeBee Tee

    BeeBee Tee

    19 timer siden

    The Somalian lady is beautiful! Such a pretty face!

  42. Hlumisa Madlala

    Hlumisa Madlala

    20 timer siden

    Omggg I am from sa

  43. SimplyBo


    20 timer siden

    I Guested Italian Somalian Jamaican right 🤣🤣

  44. AM S

    AM S

    20 timer siden

    Afrikaans is spoken by most people in south Africa

  45. Emma Dündar

    Emma Dündar

    21 time siden

    LOL i guessed Somali and im 13 and german

  46. Máté Bősze

    Máté Bősze

    21 time siden

    Ohhh yeah! Finally! Hungarian! Our language is sooo beautiful and hard! I was really happy when I heard it at this video finally!😍

  47. Neko Tea

    Neko Tea

    21 time siden

    Omg I guessed the right on Somalia bc ik a friend who speaks Somali

  48. Francois Human

    Francois Human

    21 time siden

    The white Afrikaans woman is not an accurate representation of the Afrikaans language (the majority of its speakers are "coloured") and of the situation of white South Africans. She is a victim of propaganda and ignorance. Please don't think all white South Africans are like her.

  49. Barbara Németh-Nagy

    Barbara Németh-Nagy

    21 time siden

    I'm hungarian. 😁😁

  50. Angelina Way

    Angelina Way

    21 time siden

    Proof that southern dialect Italians are virtually un-understandable to other Italians 😂 IM SORRY SICILIANS BUT I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOURE SAYING :((

  51. Nani


    22 timer siden


  52. ope ajai

    ope ajai

    22 timer siden

    You know a little bit of Nigerian? Wtf is Nigerian?!

  53. Sahra S

    Sahra S

    22 timer siden

    Hibo’s Somali accent is is strong.

  54. Sahra S

    Sahra S

    22 timer siden

    I want to do one of these. It would be fun af I would travel out there to do it.

  55. Lily Argent

    Lily Argent

    22 timer siden

    They should do irish

  56. Estée McNaughton

    Estée McNaughton

    23 timer siden

    Would like to clear some things up that the Afrikaans woman said: 1. Afrikaans is not only spoken by the white population of South Africa. Many races can speak it to some extent and I know white people who cannot speak Afrikaans. It is not a race related language. 2. The conflict in the country is not only related to the language.The whole story is too long for a NOplayer comment, but there are plenty of farmers and their families being murdered, their wives and daughters being raped, and a lot of it has been linked to rasist attacks after a politician named Julius Malema spurred people on to "kill the boer" (kill the farmer). The majority of the farmers in South Africa are white and Afrikaans.

    • Estée McNaughton

      Estée McNaughton

      23 timer siden

      There is a LOT of corruption in all branches of our government and some politicians will try and excuse their actions by using Apartheid as a crux. Our whole country knows it was wrong but some people are trying to give 'payback' for the horrible things that happened to them or their families during Apartheid and it causes severe turmoil. A lot of people flee the country, which is probably how she ended up in the US.

  57. nur syazrina sabarudin

    nur syazrina sabarudin

    Dag siden

    “Probably not Malaysian” 😂😂 Omg

  58. Fatmah


    Dag siden

    i’m kinda surprised they didn’t bring any arabic person

  59. äëïöüż¡•


    Dag siden

    You are dumb as you are tall! That’s my friend right there, ( He’s tall as fork but dumb as fork too )

  60. C L

    C L

    Dag siden

    They should do one of these where only translators or those with a wealth of experiences with languages like Lada are trying to guess. I found her insights to be the most interesting in this video.