i lost

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I wanted you to hear this from me.
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  1. Madison Marques

    Madison Marques

    4 timer siden

    Logan: its not the type of father i wanna be. Me: confused af...

  2. Veronica Martinez

    Veronica Martinez

    5 timer siden

    He cheered Logan Paul you know you could What is butt

  3. Imagine_Funner


    6 timer siden

    All you had to do was put your hands and go for the face hard

  4. Almus Moruto

    Almus Moruto

    8 timer siden

    Most of the KSI haters are white let's be real you can literally tell if they're white or not and most the comments from the haters I've seen were from white kids mad about Logan losing.

  5. You Wot Cvnt

    You Wot Cvnt

    8 timer siden

    How can you feel like you lost when you lasted more than 2 rounds

  6. Dalia Perez

    Dalia Perez

    9 timer siden

    I knew KSI was gonna win:)

  7. joseph sotelo

    joseph sotelo

    10 timer siden

    that day i went to the shower in clothes and sat down and playing the fight over and over again

  8. Bankai Bleach Geek

    Bankai Bleach Geek

    11 timer siden

    Sh*t on

  9. Abiel Lamara

    Abiel Lamara

    11 timer siden

    logan, im not your hater or your fan but im just wanna ask, if your not sure you will win then why you raise your hands at the winner selection?

  10. duck


    12 timer siden

    Haha GAYYY

  11. Well Hello

    Well Hello

    12 timer siden

    Funny how he’s wearing “the champion” top

  12. Aryanna Parlor

    Aryanna Parlor

    12 timer siden

    k but the questions in the beginning I CRIED AHAHAHHA

  13. Kris 8813

    Kris 8813

    13 timer siden

    Logan Paul: i lost Me: Wait what?

  14. Naruro Hassan

    Naruro Hassan

    13 timer siden

    logan lost

  15. Bobby A

    Bobby A

    13 timer siden

    Aye the beginning was funny more of that stuff please

  16. Falcons Legacy

    Falcons Legacy

    14 timer siden

    This guy is petty

  17. Andres Gonzalez

    Andres Gonzalez

    14 timer siden

    U suck as*

    • Jeff Spencer

      Jeff Spencer

      10 timer siden

      Andres Gonzalez what?

  18. kiti monster Roxi

    kiti monster Roxi

    15 timer siden

    It's ok you are more good than him:)

  19. Brax


    16 timer siden

    🤣🤣🤣 nigga thought he won

  20. Rory Grant

    Rory Grant

    16 timer siden

    Just the fact that someone’s ear got bit off because of a boxing match is insane to me. That must hurt so bad and you can’t just put a bandaid on it either.

  21. Sandlot13


    17 timer siden

    Logan: (Starting an appeal) I think I won the fight The fight: Held him and punched him (Warning) one 12 to 6 punch (-1) Another 12-6 punch (-2) KSi also had another knockdown... could have been disqualified if KSI wanted... Also Logan: I think I won the fig-...

  22. hichem games

    hichem games

    17 timer siden


  23. Karim


    17 timer siden

    So finally he admitted of getting the L... finally.

  24. WT Actual. . .

    WT Actual. . .

    18 timer siden

    You need to appeal the loss? Take off the beer goggles you sore fucking loser. You lost Logan. A love tap you call it? Are you fucking kidding me? The last time a boxer had points taken was Tyson biting Holyfield so take it with a grain of salt you're a horrible fighter. Stfu. You look so fucking dumb right now.

  25. rp10 x

    rp10 x

    18 timer siden

    HA you lost

  26. BuzZawPlays


    18 timer siden

    This video contradicts itself so hard lmaoo

  27. xX•Gacha _ Playz•Xx

    xX•Gacha _ Playz•Xx

    20 timer siden

    *I don't feel like I lost* Me: but ya did

  28. Shaggy


    20 timer siden

    U won CHAMP

    • Hex


      20 timer siden

      Shut the fuck up CHAMP

  29. Dead by Steve Harrington

    Dead by Steve Harrington

    20 timer siden


  30. Tamuda Gogodo

    Tamuda Gogodo

    20 timer siden

    Short and sweet like you @ 1:18 🤣🤣🤣

  31. RepsUp100


    22 timer siden

    Ice Poseidon vs Logan Paul, make it happen.

  32. 음식N o t R o s e

    음식N o t R o s e

    23 timer siden

    We all know that if he won this video will be a dig on KSI

  33. 음식N o t R o s e

    음식N o t R o s e

    23 timer siden

    Indeed you lost my dude.

  34. X7 Josh

    X7 Josh

    23 timer siden

    I have your messenger

  35. CodyDonGaming 07

    CodyDonGaming 07

    23 timer siden

    2 points was the right call. He gave you a warning before the match. ( Which He said) Even if the 2 points counted then KSI knockdown should have counted as well. No hate Logan good job. Thanks for making a serious video.

  36. SnoopDawg124


    Dag siden

    Logan: What's 5x5? Ksi: 2 points.

  37. Raneen saleh

    Raneen saleh

    Dag siden

    Oooh..💔 I know I'm *KSI* fan But I feel sorry for Logan

  38. akeel kaser

    akeel kaser

    Dag siden

    Ksi ksi Logan paul suks

  39. Jane Lane

    Jane Lane

    Dag siden


  40. Raul Rea

    Raul Rea

    Dag siden

    Bro but they didn’t even count KSI’s knockdown to Logan