*CRAZY* YouTubers REACT to KSI vs. Logan Paul 2! *POST-FIGHT REACTIONS* (KSI WINS!!)

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Here is a mashup of NOplayerrs, Celebrities, and Fans’ post-fight reactions to the KSI vs Logan Paul rematch, specifically their reactions to the split-decision winner of the match! If you enjoyed their reactions, please make sure to leave a like and subscribe!
NOplayerrs featured in this video (in order):
Deji (ComedyShortsGamer)
FaZe Banks
Harry (Wroetoshaw)
FaZe Rug
Larry Wade
Leon Wills (one of KSI’s trainers)
Alex Wassabi
Joe Weller
Justin Bieber

KSI vs. Logan Paul 2
KSI vs. Logan Paul rematch
KSI vs. Logan Paul 2 reactions
KSI vs. Logan Paul 2 fight highlights


  1. Rick sowa

    Rick sowa

    17 timer siden

    5:20 Ethan is a great friend

  2. FreshWolfX


    3 dager siden

    2:41 What's JJ doing?

  3. Dar ker

    Dar ker

    3 dager siden

    It’s been a month. One like equals one 🥊

  4. Dar ker

    Dar ker

    3 dager siden

    Lol all of Jake and Logan’s fans were in their beds. Btw I’m a 15 yr old fan but I live in uk and I cba to stay all night

  5. George r

    George r

    4 dager siden

    Alex wassabi is a pussy, ain't no beating jj, stupid.

  6. Antonio Betancourt

    Antonio Betancourt

    4 dager siden

    Like for a jake Paul vs Ksi ⬇️

  7. CodGamePlay PS3

    CodGamePlay PS3

    4 dager siden

    Everybody just say this to rub the *L* in Logan's face *LOGAN SUCKS*

  8. Zoe XD

    Zoe XD

    4 dager siden

    Rewind: *"I'm going to pretend I didn't see that"*

  9. Lil Buzz

    Lil Buzz

    5 dager siden

    2:42 Yo, Is that Jj's Girlfriend?

  10. Rem Elorde

    Rem Elorde

    6 dager siden

    wtf ksi lil bro so cringe Fucking bitch

  11. ibrahim mohsine Ndiaye

    ibrahim mohsine Ndiaye

    7 dager siden


  12. Deade244


    7 dager siden

    Meanwhile Faze Banks Was Cheating

  13. Ellb18


    7 dager siden

    Logan lost in jj’s home town and lost in his own PAHAHAHAHHHHAHAHAHHAHAHA

  14. Josh Verbeeck

    Josh Verbeeck

    7 dager siden

    Joe was saying it could have been a draw just because he said Logan was going to win

  15. Finnegan Fretter

    Finnegan Fretter

    7 dager siden

    Logan you know your gonna lose. I got one question for you. Where have your tits gone

  16. vivid_ BoT14

    vivid_ BoT14

    8 dager siden

    Tbh tho I think Logan was the better fighter he lost by so little and ksi has so much more experience in boxing but thats just my opinion

    • TheRealOliver


      8 dager siden

      vivid_ BoT14 then how would this fight happen? They can’t do MMA because Logan has way more experience since he has done it for like his whole life, boxing was the only even thing, KSI only had 1 match before fighting Logan, it’s not that much experience with joe weller since he didn’t throw much

  17. Brawl Stars Gameplay

    Brawl Stars Gameplay

    8 dager siden

    fuck the clown Alex Wasabi

  18. just someone

    just someone

    8 dager siden

    deji shut it now lmao

  19. Pat Jk

    Pat Jk

    8 dager siden

    Ricegum didn't want to watch the fight ? Him and Ksi aren't cool anymore ?

  20. Ben Mathew

    Ben Mathew

    8 dager siden

    From the united.......oh no Kingdom!!!!!!!! Yessssssssssss

  21. Ahmed Chand

    Ahmed Chand

    8 dager siden

    Demi wasn’t there? Wtf

  22. Palmieri


    9 dager siden

    Lol aneson gibs reaction

  23. Alzaa Playz

    Alzaa Playz

    11 dager siden

    Why is deji watching this on the tv if he was at the fight XD

  24. CJB


    11 dager siden

    Callux: England always takes Ws *flashback to American revolution I'm a ksi fan btw

  25. Karena Rivera

    Karena Rivera

    11 dager siden

    I know I'm kinda late to this video but is it just me or does it just warm your heart listening to all of his supporters, friends and family just cheer for him, and support him through the whole journey he's been through up to that moment. Like it just puts such a big smile on my face.

  26. kelvin akande

    kelvin akande

    11 dager siden

    justin is a clown

  27. rashed alhajri

    rashed alhajri

    13 dager siden

    5:30 bro please shut up

  28. Daníel Helgi Valgeirsson

    Daníel Helgi Valgeirsson

    13 dager siden

    My favourate 4 words: *From The United Kingdon*

  29. o _Spectre

    o _Spectre

    14 dager siden

    JB Salt

  30. AK Snap

    AK Snap

    14 dager siden

    i Guess 3 sneezes is bad luck before a big event, something to remember before doing a test i guess.

  31. UnderCoverEnder


    15 dager siden


  32. Яακɛ Ƨωιƨƨ

    Яακɛ Ƨωιƨƨ

    15 dager siden

    Brit teens (road men) would kill US teens (“gangs”) any day ahahah

  33. Icey


    16 dager siden

    Every Dislike = One Maverick LETS GO JJ!!😈

  34. Luka Galle

    Luka Galle

    16 dager siden

    2:41 KSI's gf lol

  35. bobby Tilkov

    bobby Tilkov

    16 dager siden

    Deji no no no no no

  36. Anish Sharma

    Anish Sharma

    19 dager siden

    @2:45 is that jjs girlfriend

  37. ShogunEnder


    20 dager siden

    Ksi was the better fighter in most events he feels overconfident but he has the training and mindset to reach goals like this. Sometimes his confidence is his downfall but he had confidence because of his training and attitude towards the fight great job

  38. Girlie Blox

    Girlie Blox

    20 dager siden

    Who saw ricegum

  39. Hk Bando

    Hk Bando

    20 dager siden

    Deji’s reaction is so fake lol n why didn’t he go watch the fight

  40. JJ8Gamez


    20 dager siden

    Justin Bieber's so salty its hilarious🤣