Tom Holland Goes Undercover on Reddit, YouTube and Twitter | GQ

On this episode of Actually Me, 'Spider-Man' star Tom Holland goes undercover on the Internet and responds to real comments from Twitter, Reddit, Quora, NOplayer and more. Does he drink a dozen cups of coffee a day? What is his skincare routine?
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Tom Holland Goes Undercover on Reddit, NOplayer and Twitter | GQ


  1. JOAQUIM edinailson

    JOAQUIM edinailson

    9 timer siden

    Tom fais um vídeo arrumado o seu cabelo

  2. lost lost

    lost lost

    9 timer siden

    Can we get Denzel Curry on here please

  3. Holland Mykelle

    Holland Mykelle

    11 timer siden

    This vid makes me so tired by the sound of the typing

  4. XForever WolfieX

    XForever WolfieX

    11 timer siden

    4:58 Tom Holland fan girls are crying.. That's including me.

  5. B chambers

    B chambers

    12 timer siden

    Getting rid of social media Tom?! Good boi!

  6. piink unicorn

    piink unicorn

    14 timer siden


  7. Estevan Hernandez

    Estevan Hernandez

    14 timer siden

    Okay then (love yu)

  8. Cecee Nzan

    Cecee Nzan

    14 timer siden

    Would love to see Tom on Kingsman

  9. Flamenco Culebra, Puerto Rico

    Flamenco Culebra, Puerto Rico

    16 timer siden

    No Nathan Drake - Uncharted questions. I’m disappointed.

  10. Ruhaan Malhotra

    Ruhaan Malhotra

    17 timer siden

    Oh no, hes a spurs fan. Oh god. Its happening

  11. Vemai Esli

    Vemai Esli

    17 timer siden

    Tom Holland doesn't know what Quora is? Does that mean he knows everything so he never needed it or that he doesn't know anything? 😆😆

  12. NastyaPro Super

    NastyaPro Super

    18 timer siden

    Tom, will Spider-Man return to the Marvel cinematic universe?

  13. Bilal Vic

    Bilal Vic

    18 timer siden

    6:25 Sumpah ganteng banget sih

  14. EnderBoy 2017

    EnderBoy 2017

    18 timer siden

    He's favourite football club is DEFFINENTLY Tottenham, because of his answer for Arsenal 🤭

  15. Senator Dj

    Senator Dj

    18 timer siden

    He would be the perfect next marty mcfly

  16. pretty DIY

    pretty DIY

    18 timer siden

    I want that Tom holland will back in mcu

  17. Leilanee Reyes

    Leilanee Reyes

    18 timer siden

    Tom in one interview shows us his mistake and in this one he tells us to find it.... this is easy at this point Tom 😂

  18. Anthony Skidmark

    Anthony Skidmark

    19 timer siden

    Stupid movie dude. Not sorry.

  19. donghyikess_


    23 timer siden

    "why is tom's spiderman weaker and more naive" lmaooo why is this even a question? it's cause he's a teenager? teenagers are generally naive and foolish? 💀

  20. pretty DIY

    pretty DIY

    23 timer siden

    Tom holland is best actor

  21. DelMarie


    Dag siden

    “I drink tea darling.”

  22. Adam Furqan

    Adam Furqan

    Dag siden

    0:41 is lovely

  23. Tristan Conrad

    Tristan Conrad

    Dag siden

    Hay tom if when you say Football do you mean American Football 🏈 or everywhere else Football ⚽

  24. Jax


    Dag siden

    I drink tea darlin i

  25. Aryana Wright

    Aryana Wright

    Dag siden

    aww he's so cutee

  26. Deutsonvi Studios

    Deutsonvi Studios

    Dag siden

    5:02 I died. BWHAHAHAHHAAHA!!! Lel

  27. Deutsonvi Studios

    Deutsonvi Studios

    Dag siden

    3:10 probably because in Tom Holland’s Spider-Man movie, he’s a teen

  28. Ultra Ki

    Ultra Ki

    Dag siden

    Its tottenham isn't it

  29. NightBlast


    Dag siden

    Your're my favourite actor

  30. Baby Aphrodite

    Baby Aphrodite

    Dag siden


  31. Adam MacLeod

    Adam MacLeod

    Dag siden

    The only thing Tom Holland needs to go undercover on is my bed.

  32. y/n lifeu

    y/n lifeu

    Dag siden

    He's reactions are adorable

  33. Xttx Uvuv

    Xttx Uvuv

    Dag siden

    My sisters roommate used to date him

  34. Infinity Animations

    Infinity Animations

    Dag siden


  35. Phoebe Reed

    Phoebe Reed

    Dag siden

    I drink tea dahrling ☕💂🇬🇧Freddie Mercury is this you?

  36. MarriedTo RM

    MarriedTo RM

    Dag siden

    2:23 "what makes tom holland so endearing?" *smiles* THAT'S WHAT MAKES TOM SO ENDEARING

  37. Armalee Arman

    Armalee Arman

    Dag siden

    When he said ” I drink tea darling” my God my heart just melt 😭♥️♥️♥️

  38. lindsey dpt

    lindsey dpt

    Dag siden

    I love him so much

  39. Blue Juice owo

    Blue Juice owo

    Dag siden

    Yo tom wOuLd YoU LiKe A cUp oF tEa?

  40. Argo -D

    Argo -D

    Dag siden

    6.9 million views perfectly balanced, as all things should be

  41. Динара Кот

    Динара Кот

    Dag siden

    4:55 Так мило 😻❤❤❤

  42. Littlemiss hlohlo

    Littlemiss hlohlo

    Dag siden

    He’s so fricking adorable Im actually unable to function😭😭😭

  43. cassie_love 1996

    cassie_love 1996

    Dag siden

    I'm jealous because he got a husband alreadyy :

  44. cassie_love 1996

    cassie_love 1996

    Dag siden

    Girls that Tom calls 'Darling' are really lucky :

  45. - Sprit

    - Sprit

    Dag siden

    0:56 They do exist in the same universe as Childish Gambino plays Miles’ uncle, who is to become the prowler, and he talks about having a nephew

  46. Jo Kanowski

    Jo Kanowski

    Dag siden

    I think Caleb McLaughlin would be a great Miles!!!

  47. Noah Dunstone

    Noah Dunstone

    2 dager siden


  48. SimplyLxnelyNvghtsツ_


    2 dager siden

    4:59 I’m jealous too comment on Facebook...I’m jealous too.. *thought I’d end up with Tom..* XD

  49. Meghan Brenner

    Meghan Brenner

    2 dager siden

    Tom wash ur fckn face

  50. Rahilah Salam

    Rahilah Salam

    2 dager siden

    thank the lords he didn't go on Wattpad...that would have been kinda of awkward for all of the authors here..

  51. samie 12

    samie 12

    2 dager siden

    99.99% of comments Tom Holland: I drink tea darling.

  52. I got Bangtan

    I got Bangtan

    2 dager siden

    Im glad he didn’t go on wattpad. It ruined me

  53. Gledisa Golikja

    Gledisa Golikja

    2 dager siden

    TOM: ''Quora,never heard of quora,don't know what that is'' Quora: What makes Tom Holland so endearing? TOM: ''awh..thank you Quora, it's my new favourite website''

  54. TM Gaming Dab

    TM Gaming Dab

    2 dager siden

    who likes the show the impossible its one of my favorite movies and tom Holland is the best

  55. Invader forest

    Invader forest

    2 dager siden

    Tom: I love peter Parker and I love playing him. Sony: aight imma head out.

  56. JC Prince

    JC Prince

    2 dager siden

    There name could be Spiterio or Mansterio :)

  57. Houston Monroe

    Houston Monroe

    2 dager siden

    I'm scared Tom Holland could come to my school

  58. Soma Hazari

    Soma Hazari

    2 dager siden

    I am ania.tom i am your big fan i love you so much

  59. Rachet


    2 dager siden

    Too cute for the world.

  60. Kristen H.

    Kristen H.

    2 dager siden

    God help me I am so in love with this man