Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Trailer (Official)

Watch the official trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, in which a group of unlikely heroes band together on a mission to steal the plans to the Death Star, the Empire’s ultimate weapon of destruction. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story arrives in theaters December 16, 2016.
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  1. Darw¡n 42

    Darw¡n 42

    9 timer siden

    Star Wars episode 3.99

  2. claudette Bruce

    claudette Bruce

    2 dager siden

    In my opinion rogue one is the best underrated star wars film

  3. Freden


    2 dager siden

    The only thing good that came out of Disney getting their hands on Star Wars.

  4. Zahid Shah

    Zahid Shah

    3 dager siden

    Amazing Star Wars movie! May the force be with you all:-)!

  5. Dion N.

    Dion N.

    4 dager siden

    Lol why i didnt know this Episode?

  6. James William

    James William

    22 dager siden

    I really like how this movie giving much debt to the actual war during the pre rebellion. And Darth Vader seems to be untouchable and also intriguing.

  7. Jonas David

    Jonas David

    22 dager siden

    This is the best movie in the first 6 movies in my opinion!!

  8. Vainth


    22 dager siden

    Please make more of these movies to redeem Star Wars

  9. Dreamer Creamer

    Dreamer Creamer

    23 dager siden

    Is this availability on Netflix?

  10. RidingwithSam


    23 dager siden

    By far the best movie after Disney took over...

  11. NoradIII


    23 dager siden

    2020: "This is the way"

  12. NoradIII


    23 dager siden

    best SW part ever

  13. Callum Corcoran

    Callum Corcoran

    23 dager siden

    The best star wars movie since empire

  14. Radya Ichwandiputra

    Radya Ichwandiputra

    23 dager siden

    This is by far the best Star Wars movie that Disney ever produce

  15. Pablo M

    Pablo M

    23 dager siden

    2020 - Box Office 1 billion

  16. QuitoLie


    23 dager siden

    NO jedi, no thanks

  17. RX7821979


    23 dager siden

    Give credit to the director, not Disney

  18. Bossy Rossi

    Bossy Rossi

    23 dager siden

    Am I only that forgot about this movie?

  19. 142MP


    23 dager siden

    This movie is better than the new trilogy.

  20. Vadim Virot

    Vadim Virot

    23 dager siden

    I used to think The Last Jedi was a comedy, but now I realise, it's a tragedy.

  21. Lucid Turtle

    Lucid Turtle

    23 dager siden

    After seeing the rise of skywalker, rogue one is still the best star wars movie Disney had made

  22. J4msless


    23 dager siden

    Me *watches trailer*: 😐 *sees Darth Vader at the end*: 😱😱😲😲

  23. Tommy Benitez

    Tommy Benitez

    24 dager siden

    Still the best Star Wars movie since 1983

  24. ZOTIC


    24 dager siden


  25. Pawel 26

    Pawel 26

    24 dager siden

    This is my fav Disney Star Wars Movie

  26. FcoGabler


    24 dager siden

    I keep this among episode IV V VI as the best ones.

  27. Iman Khan

    Iman Khan

    25 dager siden

    So rogue one takes place before new hope

  28. Golden bee Gaming

    Golden bee Gaming

    25 dager siden

    This is one of the best Star Wars movie I have seen

  29. THS


    25 dager siden

    Gives me the chills every time I hear the Imperial March

  30. Manju S

    Manju S

    25 dager siden

    one of the best movies out there

  31. Nsgolf18


    25 dager siden

    I thought this was one of the worst Star Wars movies

    • Rory Thorns

      Rory Thorns

      25 dager siden


  32. elnegrojoan


    25 dager siden


  33. Ginger


    25 dager siden

    My favorite star wars film in the disney era. Good story, memorable characters for the most part, good main character progression unlike in the new trilogy which is just all over the place and of course it feels like a core star wars film while still being different and not a rehashing of the same old story. The force is strong with that one.

  34. Hisyam Nct

    Hisyam Nct

    26 dager siden

    Rogue one it's the best star wars movie 2016 = 10/10👍

  35. Baby Y0da

    Baby Y0da

    26 dager siden

    Best Star Wars side story that truly captures the original magic of the classic Star Wars movies. Also the end with Vader is very badass

  36. Olivia Carney

    Olivia Carney

    27 dager siden

    The shot of Vader at the end is absolutely genius

  37. Bananaguy 87

    Bananaguy 87

    27 dager siden

    My favorite film of the decade 2010-2019

    • Bananaguy 87

      Bananaguy 87

      27 dager siden

      Coming back on 2029

  38. Seth Draven

    Seth Draven

    27 dager siden

    Rogue One is without a doubt the worst Disney Star Wars Movie

  39. Sid Cännøn

    Sid Cännøn

    28 dager siden

    This movie sucked I couldn’t wait till it was over

  40. DerElendeKanacke


    28 dager siden

    This is not Star Wars, this feels completely like something else, like a boring film.

  41. Jeet Vu

    Jeet Vu

    28 dager siden

    Donnie yen in starwars :)

  42. Buki


    28 dager siden

    1:43 lol i never saw that in the film the Tie fighter there

  43. Azmi Hakam

    Azmi Hakam

    28 dager siden

    This is great movie ans very underrated one. Even if you are not a starwars fan and didnt know anything about starwars lore, you will love it

  44. LordKebab


    28 dager siden

    They need to make alot of Star Wars storys. Maybe one about a Stormtrooper, or one about Obi Wan, or one about Boba Fett. So many different things they can do and they should all be kinda darker and gritty like Rogue One and Solo. Not a SJW kid movie.

    • omori ;

      omori ;

      24 dager siden

      Imagine if this last trilogy was about only Finn, that would have been a lot better than... that...

  45. rosie.


    29 dager siden

    This movie was really good, far better than the trilogy that just finished

  46. Chameleon Jimbo

    Chameleon Jimbo

    29 dager siden

    This is the most Star Wars-y Star Wars

  47. Azzi M

    Azzi M

    29 dager siden

    I always cried when watching this movie. I could feel the pain, the sacrifice from each characters. I can relate to their rebellion spirit from them, wanting to be freed from the tyrant. This sums up how good this movie is.

  48. Rudy G.

    Rudy G.

    29 dager siden

    I need to watch this one

  49. Julio Cesar

    Julio Cesar

    29 dager siden

    The best of new trilogy

  50. Arthur Matos

    Arthur Matos

    29 dager siden

    O filme da franquia que mais gostei

  51. Axolotl Sauce

    Axolotl Sauce

    29 dager siden

    Absolutely great film, truly captures the feel of the original films

  52. Manu Nathan

    Manu Nathan

    29 dager siden

    Suicide Squad

  53. This Account has been deleted

    This Account has been deleted

    29 dager siden

    The only problem with this movie is alot of the characters are boring. But no star wars movie has felt more like the original trilogy since episode 6, best star wars movie since 1983.

  54. Auzz


    29 dager siden

    Disney should've just produced a bunch of films like this one instead of trying to create an incredibly botched, visionless sequel trilogy... just saying

    • minsue kim

      minsue kim

      28 dager siden

      hell yea. They should've just made rogue one, solo, a kenobi movie and ended it there. No pointless 3 episode prologue that adds nothing but contradictions to the original story. GOD, i wish they didn't ruin the original story, duck disney for being greedy.

  55. maria jose contreras morales

    maria jose contreras morales

    29 dager siden

    1:55 *cried* :))❤

  56. Eierjodler


    29 dager siden

    Last good SW Movie. It's been 3 years. Mandalorian is good too but I'm waiting for a well written and engaging SW Movie for the big screen :(

  57. Happymonday


    Måned siden

    Here to cleanse my eyes after Rise of Skywalker

    • omega head

      omega head

      27 dager siden

      @Happymonday yeah, everyone has their own choice, but i like this more than last jedi

    • Happymonday


      27 dager siden

      @omega head It's just fan service honestly, The Last Jedi is a better film overall.

    • MYGOD


      28 dager siden

      @omega head it good compared to what we were set up for as the Last Jedi did. as for a Trilogy we have the prequals and the OT for that...it was good for it only trilogy i'd say Force awakens is better.

    • omega head

      omega head

      28 dager siden

      The rise of skywalker is not that bad, its much more better than the last jedi, and pretty good film for the last movie in star wars saga

  58. Nicholas Stancel

    Nicholas Stancel

    Måned siden

    On par with the original trilogy.

  59. Isak Skogen

    Isak Skogen

    Måned siden

    greatest cgi of all time

  60. Pirated Cheese

    Pirated Cheese

    Måned siden

    I wish Jyn had the tie fighter standoff